Christmas wish!

I need some love; off-spring of christmas. What passes for love, is really a mask! My starving heart yearns; it needs genuine stuff. Now, you must learn, "saying," isn't good enough. Hear my heart cry:- oh! love me indeed! Love please come by, that's all i plead. Much like the sunshine; you lift the heart. One-of-a-kind, love, "how great thou arth". Don't need more presents; non of those "things". They are the "pretends"; they lack the "feelings". Yes you-"love me"; i crave your heart. And it's all free, that's the best part. Gifts please! no more; be excused dear santa! Goodbye shop, farewell store. True love is better!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2011
About this poem:
i mean what i say! give me some love.

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Yankee4youonline today!
That's says it all.....great write....
again thanks yank!
again thanks yank!
Super my friend,but sadly i have'nt been home here in Trinidad for of wishes to you in your part of Trinidad.Ring in the new yearyay
happy new years to you poetnumber1!
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