Perfecting the heart!

Love feels good; don't be decieve. Love not a mood; as some believe. Loads of intent; not good enough. Love we pretend, is emotional stuff. Love it's called; something we feel. Thinking that's all; yet not real. Love is charity. Love is kind. Forgiveness and mercy, reaps peace-of mind. Give pure love, put "self" apart; reflecting god's love, perfects the heart!
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Posted: May 2011
About this poem:
Exploring love!

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There are people who work hard every day because of the love they have for their families. I think you captured what love means, good job!head banger applause cheers joy
hello mcradloff, thanks for your compliment!hug
"Give pure love, put "self" apart; reflecting god's love, perfects the heart!" This is so true! This is the essence of love and thank you for showing us love's worth. bouquet
marikia thanks for your appreciation. nice to know that we have shared sentiments! bouquet
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