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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Loves Design of Mental Intimacy!Articulate Builder Dreams designs goals Bliss!...

Rachael_06221482May 11Jul 24

Desire of a FlowerI wrote this a few years after my wife died back in the late 90's. The words speak for themselves....

lonnieray651Jul 24Jul 24

ADDICTEDADDICTED A feeling so strong it can’t be wrong A love so true that in my heart you belong A need so deep like it’s been there for too long A day s...

Elham2581-Jul 23
Fantasy Poem

FantasyJust current mood........

salamuna2468Apr 21Jul 22
Fissures Poem

FissuresToo fast to live, too young to die.......

candykid2073Jun 11Jul 22
Gritante930Jul 19
Meditation Poem

MeditationPSALM 4:4 Stand in awe, and sin not: Commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah...

PassionateArtist972Jul 13Jul 19

Abby AbbyEmotionally drained...

Abby196338414Jan 10Jul 19
Gritante1030Jul 18

Bengawan SoloI like the Indonasian song with the title "Bengawan Solo" very much.This song is translated into many foreign languages,,so I tried to translate the...

SatoshiOkano540Jul 18
I am your soul Poem

I am your soulWhen you know it's real Like a done deal Nobody can tell you how you feel Something like an encryption A conviction You don't need no subscripti...

Rikco11580Jul 17
Work It Baby Poem

Work It BabyCome on everybody Everywhere Take a seat Take a chair Feel this energy flowing through the air This moment of magnificence bound n compelled...

Rikco11450Jul 17
Simples Poem

SimplesI know my worth From birth Felt like I was cursed Different somehow Always thinking in this now They said I was clever, intelligent And now I...

Rikco11882Jun 29Jul 17
Trusting This Journey Part 3 Poem

Trusting This Journey (Part 3)Everything with its purpose n reason Give thanks that your are breathing And able to be reading These words Thank you...

Rikco111202May 3Jul 17
they sing I string Poem

they sing I stringI could of went on n on with this song but just a few artists to help me along, to share this energy, this friend of me with subtle pokes n prods of e...

Rikco11704Jul 11Jul 17
the unasked question Poem

the unasked questionbaby, hills run dry beneath your velvet sky outside i queue for gas in the rain baby, I don't know how the tale of us will go don't walk aw...

yachtsman_71222Jul 12Jul 16

Open Your DoorSometimes we need to open up Bring out our troubles Could be guilt Something terrible Things you regret Not loving Being bitter Outcast anger...

southmiami4321731Jul 13Jul 16
Meditation Poem

MeditationPSALM 4:4 Stand in awe, and sin not: Commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah...

PassionateArtist981Jul 13Jul 15

The NoteSelf explanatory, I hope, like the note!...

trurorob2,16557Jun 2016Jul 15
the trail Poem

the trailshe looks at me.. some small hotel in some small town.. her dark curls run along the corridor of her pale shoulder.. her words hit home.. " you know,...

yachtsman_71263Jul 13Jul 14
The Center of The Sun Poem

The Center of The SunA thermal eruption of internal emotion... Bask in this white hot fire and ocean... True love unrefined... Substance redesigned... A cosmic expres...

candykid72117Mar 2014Jul 12
Star Trek Pronouncing Danger Poem

Star Trek: Pronouncing Danger!Chekov: “kaptain sensors indicate a wessel approaching”. Kirk: “a what?” Chekov: “it is arming veapons!” Kirk: “what is?” Chekhov: “the we...

DK1001460Jul 12
Tip Toe Through Time Poem

Tip Toe Through Time .........this girl dances with the spirit of the land within her .......... returns home to the small country town where her mum lives ..........

Nuwahri611438Jul 9Jul 12
neat whiskey and untidy women Poem

neat whiskey (and untidy women)drank whiskey from her navel after hours in a bar heard the sound of my breathing through the lungs of your guitar and lightnings just...

yachtsman_71293Jul 8Jul 11
The Weeping Rose Poem

The Weeping RoseAnother seasonal poem.....

cafetwo201062121Oct 2011Jul 10

One Friday night at the trots (old Harold Park)Rapt in attention As the pace car quickens Horses score up behind Like a phalanx Seven off the front And five behind Makes a full field of twelv...

lovecanbereal1,0928Jan 2016Jul 10
I love my Poet Friends Poem

I love my Poet FriendsTo all my poet friends who've read and incouraged my efforts, and special thanks to the Dream Weaver master Andrew who e-mailed me in my first week tr...

cafetwo201088025Jul 2011Jul 9
MissIreland1152Jul 8Jul 9
MissIreland1332Jun 29Jul 9

ISOLATIONIs but the formula for growth. A bookend of recalibration of the response dynamic. If buried treasure is there to be found then the possibilities are...

DK1001480Jul 8
Hither and Tither Poem

Hither and Titherjust some jumbled thoughts...

shadow19501363Jul 4Jul 7

GOD'S ETERNAL LIGHTUpdate: For some reason they removed the picture off of here so cannot show it. But this poem was based on my sister-in-law's Pandemic painting she...

godsprincess2438May 9Jul 6

RESTLESS & LOSTThe feeling ..hard to explain I recognise myself only in name the sense of self merely a shell the only feeling - living in hell The light - end...

Juliette453531Jan 2017Jul 6
the wreck of the catherine anne Poem

the wreck of the catherine annefragments of stories half heard in the inn awoke in me fires stoked by the gin catherine anne moored in secret twilight buckled neath bullion...

yachtsman_776711Jun 23Jul 6

Sunday week at 2pmBit tongue in cheek, but there you have it...

trurorob31911Feb 2Jul 5
guitar Poem

guitarI spent monday just walking through town searchin' for magical timbers of brown I watched tuesday morning arrive like a swan calm at the surf...

yachtsman_73936Jul 1Jul 4

Making love in the rainMaking love in the rain...

Gritante1473Jun 30Jul 3
we endure Poem

we endureI got your picture in my cabin your smiling face is everywhere your ghost is what I sail on through the ocean of your hair and my work it takes me...

yachtsman_729911Apr 20Jul 2

Your LoveYou touch me with your love and care Shower me with loving attention and affection You tell me you don’t care If you have me by your side for one...

marina10007266Jun 27Jul 1

PEACESad reflection of our world...

Happychatty194011Mar 2019Jun 30

TOPLESSFirm full breasts, And the beat I skip As the woman Wades in for a dip. Under a hanky On his rock, Her lover perches, Deep in a book....

Velvetpaws33620Jun 30
Rivers of Life Poem

Rivers of Life.On Face Book I saw a photo of a huge ship travelling along the Thames.....everything changes...or does it....

niah973910Jun 15Jun 29

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