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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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Tech rant Poem

Tech rantTiring of the IT change onslaught...

Oceanzest582Nov 16Nov 16

My Dream from Rachael_0622After much effort I DEEPLY fell in love here Learned a lot Right now his gray light and green light r off What does that mean no circle? Just hi...

Rachael_06225247Oct 2019Nov 16
Float Away Poem

Float AwayLost love, dead marriage, loathing her husband and pretends to love him for that night and drinks herself to sleep until she floats away. Grasping at...

Crystaltopaz631Nov 13Nov 15
The Soft Beauty Of Love Poem

The Soft Beauty Of LoveLove can be such a gentle beauty....

weemick196071711Jul 2016Nov 15
Privacy Poem

PrivacyLooking for a private moment in a world that is obviously out of control with tracking you!...

Crystaltopaz592Nov 13Nov 14
Loves Bright Sunset Poem

Love's Bright SunsetBeing with your lady s the bright sunset flares, beautiful feelings....

weemick19607818Jul 2016Nov 14

HellThis one I wrote was 10-20-2019. There is meaning for this song; but, meaningless now. All and all, this can be viewed at different aspects. Past, pre...

DiggableHippy49732Nov 13Nov 14

What will time tell us, do you have the answer?The moon just went behind the clouds To hide its face and cry The sun's pain splashes beautiful auroras Our lakes and rivers give out their heated...

southmiami4321882Nov 5Nov 13
Eternal Breath Poem

Eternal Breath.This poem was written 38 years ago after my Love had died In the States. I would have taken her eternal breath Into me and she would have dwelt within...

weemick19601,63134Aug 2014Nov 13
Before The Gates Of Alahsar 2 Poem

Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 2This is the second write in my ancient tale, "Before The Gates Of Alahsar."...

weemick1960370Nov 13
Celestial Realm Captains Poem

Celestial Realm Captainsjust trying to be ironic .. but not always successful (((...

salamuna17710Nov 7Nov 13
Pepperoni logic Poem

Pepperoni logicPlaying with Steely Dan's Pretzel Logic, a classic.....

Oceanzest965Nov 9Nov 13
Before The Gates Of Alahsar 1 Poem

Before The Gates Of Alahsar - 1Before The Gates Of Alahsar - Original Version "Before The Gates Of Alahsar." (Bardic Style) (Original Short Version) (Part-1) Sweet A...

weemick19602272Jul 2019Nov 12

FAITH AS A SHIELDHaving received God protection, in the face of death......

angel9999992311Oct 2014Nov 12
Conscience Poem

ConscienceJust as I ponder on my thoughts I feel uneasy to comprehend For life itself is a struggle People say only the fittest will survive Am I one of the...

angel99999531Nov 11Nov 11

GeraldineI remember, when I was about five, being bullied, I remember, Geraldine, like a saviour, came to save me, I was about five, she was only about eight,,...

optimisticme670Nov 10
S e c r e t l y Celebrating Scorpio Season Poem

S e c r e t l y, Celebrating Scorpio SeasonI literally JUST wrote it like 40 minutes ago. This dude has been haunting my thoughts and my being ever since I awoke this morning....

SEEKINGinger450Nov 10
Wasted Years Poem

Wasted YearsThis is a reflection of keeping yourself pure for someone for six years and then they moved on....

Nitza712Nov 9Nov 10

Stone WallPosted: May 2016 About this poem: Spring in the New England woods...

Yankee4you1182Nov 8Nov 9
Im a quiet man Poem

~I'm a quiet man~What say you to this!I believe most people will shy away from a reply here, because of being afraid to speak out against what's in front of them. So i...

Bentlee1,04917Mar 2015Nov 9

Chitter-ChatterLast of New England’s fall days. Leaves have almost completely dropped and the sun is now low in the sky....

Yankee4you721Nov 8Nov 9

Antivax RatsAntivax Stupidity!...

lovecanbereal28513Oct 20Nov 8
Peace Poem

PeaceContemplation time - Poem by Sara Teasdale 1884 - 1933 "Sara Teasdale was an American lyric poet. She was born Sarah Trevor Teasdale in St. Louis, Mi...

Oceanzest590Nov 8
Tapestry Poem

TapestryThis is my poem and it is to explain how life twists and turns. I’m relaxed with a coffee as I write this original work....

Angel2065783Nov 8Nov 8

Pay your wayits life as we know it jim....

optimisticme872Nov 7Nov 8

AwakeningRemember WHAT you are....

optimisticme740Nov 7

FlatIf flat earth is where it’s at And round globes are actually flat Contemplating that and this Upon the heavenly stars we wish Those luminous b...

BlissfulRaven1142Nov 1Nov 7
Whiplash Soup Poem

Whiplash SoupDada ramble...

Oceanzest1025Nov 5Nov 7
Eating Thanksgiving Food Poem

Eating Thanksgiving FoodI am getting a turkey and a ham at work in about a week, I'll have to save the wishbone. I know that neither Indian or native american is the proper...

mcradloff873Nov 6Nov 7

YvonneShe saved me!...

optimisticme1152Nov 6Nov 7

Treasure Chest.Funny poems are fashionable here at the moment. This one I wrote years ago. Hope it doesn't offend....

Mizzy41457Oct 24Nov 6
godsprincess45710Oct 2018Nov 6

Upstairs hung an abstract carpetThings lost regretted and resented....

FargoFan1033Nov 4Nov 5

RaindropsPersonal reflections in the gloom of a rainy day....

BlissfulRaven771Nov 4Nov 5

She rang and saidA day, a shock, a memory....

FargoFan570Nov 5
Love inkind Poem

Love inkindsomething nice for an afternoon...

Oceanzest660Nov 3

RestoreCountless are the pebbles In the shoreline As stars are in the sky Where to end the count? Our vision reaches out to infinity We keep on wander...

southmiami4321620Nov 3
optimisticme1112Nov 2Nov 3

Like a shadowShe came unto me like a shadow offering terms of endearment testing me like some experiment Her beauty was immeasurable Her thoughts pleasurabl...

Ninurta1264Nov 1Nov 3

Buyer BewareA word to the wise in this arena not everyone or everything is as they appear. Romance scams seem to be on the rise...

Ninurta761Nov 3Nov 3
The Day Before Halloween Poem

The Day Before HalloweenI went to main street in Platteville and wrote this as the trick or treaters were getting their candy. The Hulk, a goblin, and a cheerleader just wen...

mcradloff1124Oct 30Nov 2
Softly Poem

Softlymore lyrics...

Oceanzest1063Oct 29Nov 2

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