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Welcome to the CS Poet's Corner. Below is a list of Poems written by members. Read poetry, post your own poems or comments. Poems on these pages are copyrighted © by the authors who entered them. Click here to post a poem.

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borderline Poem

borderlinePark was the head officer on the border crossing between North and South Korea. He had a problem. Two weeks ago a woman, let's call her lin, pitche...

walRU1892Sep 2019Nov 2019
Always with gratitude Poem

Always with gratitudeThrough it all give thanks Gratitude eases n helps understand lifes stresses...

Rikco111240Nov 2019

Walking in My ShoesJust try to walk in different shoes. In garment that isn't yours. To bear same heavy suitcase of deprivation everyday. Fact is indisputable. Don'...

AutumnChild2090Nov 2019
The wild garden Poem

The wild gardenThe wild garden is like the soul of a woman - mysterious and wild Here grow the most beautiful roses - but be careful, if you break them they hurt...

Bellis181804Nov 2019Nov 2019
My babe Poem

My babeTouch of words ignites the senses and promises they give hope for the next day. Waiting is no longer a void and distance barrier not to beat...

makatka1936Nov 2019Nov 2019
She Poem

SheTo Eve...

Dementia1731Nov 2019Nov 2019
Rain Poem

RainI sank my face in heavy rain seeking relief. I thought it would be easier when will wash away my desires I wanted to wash my longing remove all...

makatka1631Nov 2019Nov 2019
The enchanted forests Poem

The enchanted forestsSometimes fairytales feel real...

yaspark2668Nov 2019Nov 2019

Autumn's LullabyAutumn is my favorite season. With all accompanying beauty that carries and brings with first fallen leaf and misty morning. Thank you nature on man...

AutumnChild1934Nov 2019Nov 2019
My Way Poem

My WayI always felt the lust flowing thru my veins Talking in my head sometimes driving me insane It's the power of the road that seems to take hold...

Happygolucky4u1,15518May 2014Nov 2019
A dream in black colors Poem

A dream in black colorsDream medicine for the soul oblivion. Dream colorful fairy tale, with a happy ending. Dream cyclical phase REM. Dream desire and realism et...

makatka1140Nov 2019
WILLIAM WINTER 1792 Last man to hang in Northumberland Poem

WILLIAM WINTER 1792 Last man to hang in NorthumberlandThe gibbet is still there for all to see, the two ladies with him were hung in Newcastle...

EXRED2063Aug 2019Nov 2019

SacrificesDedicated to my parents. Volim vas do beskraja i dalje od toga,najdrazi moji......

AutumnChild1972Nov 2019Nov 2019
On the open seas there beneath always there Poem

On the open seas there beneath always thereDemon of the world Havoc you cause Life expelled You float You lurk Your the intruder Man's greed Thier creation Alway seen discarded In...

wayne341764Sep 2019Nov 2019
Six sides Poem

Six sidesSlams the door Heavy the hinges grinds that Drewls within the stench of odours of others that have been before Light flickers Heavy bangs n...

wayne341520Nov 2019
Believe Poem

BelieveI found this poem in a playbill from a High School production without an author's name; I loved it! I believe in myself and I hope to succeed as an e...

Glorria107453905Feb 2017Nov 2019
Lets Not Wait Poem

Let's Not WaitIs there really any good reason to hold back and not love another human being that makes any sense at all? :)...

Yankee4you64012Apr 2013Nov 2019
Dutch November Poem

Dutch NovemberJust a day from a long endless Dutch autumn...

salamuna24512Nov 2019Nov 2019
She Smiles Upon My Face Poem

She Smiles Upon My FaceImaginary dreams of an ever eternal place...

Yankee4you1942Nov 2019Nov 2019

Good Companies To Work For?Work is what you make it they say. I blame myself for not planning my life better so the good jobs were more plentiful. I hope your work history was...

mcradloff1531Nov 2019Nov 2019

Men & women veryyyy differentMen women Communication affected By school forming them...

Rachael_06222456Nov 2019Nov 2019

HIP HOPthe poem is self explanatory its time for hip hop to go back down to where there father lies LUCIFER...

WILDANDREADY2149Nov 2019Nov 2019

EmotionsI'm up, I'm down, I'm trying not to frown, feel like I’m falling, Don't let me hit the ground. I cry, I sigh, Don’t know why. I laugh, Don’t...

Abby196377020Sep 2019Nov 2019
the wild road Poem

the wild roadHearts? yes be they a bell still dimly all a chime though faint and pure it sleeps a'rest neath the fraying canvass of time yet what...

walRU3403Oct 2019Nov 2019
Bonfire Poem

BonfireAll the emotions felt staring into a beach fire....

Yankee4you1730Nov 2019
Rowing Away to Love Poem

Rowing Away to LoveWritten from the perspective of an unfulfilled dream about love....

Yankee4you2768Nov 2019Nov 2019

ON THE TELEPHONE WITH YOUthis may be getting a more added to it and slightly rearranged, but for now I'm done...

ManicCC1634Nov 2019Nov 2019

Heart of the SeaThe heart of the sea is a mother's heart She is the great ancestral mother of all life on the planet Deep within the dark mysterious waters of her w...

socrates441,13420Oct 2013Nov 2019

ElegyI still search for you my unforgotten childish bird. Miss you so much,like I miss endlessly my priceless childhood. Remains will stay as trophies fr...

AutumnChild3069May 2019Nov 2019

PiecesI have my own pieces of life. They live here underneath my skin. Precious gems of one fragile and steadfast existence at the same time....

AutumnChild3127May 2019Nov 2019

Love Dancin' MuchLove music Miss the good ole' days much...

Rachael_06221140Nov 2019

Men Drought or FloodMen and world earth times More later maybe edit...

Rachael_06221620Nov 2019
my Pimlico girl Poem

my Pimlico girlI love my Pimlico girl and she loves me. I saw her beside the Regent’s Canal, haloed by early morning sunbeams, a modern day Madonna, reading...

Amairgin1764Nov 2019Nov 2019

Christmas for 9 plusGenerous loving kind teamwork...

Rachael_06221471Nov 2019Nov 2019
Wonder Poem

WonderI wrote this , when I was about 30 yr's old. I was disappointed with the school systems of America. The way student's were being conditioned to be bet...

LKNG4LTR1502Nov 2019Nov 2019
the face of god Poem

the face of godI took a walk in ancient clothes across your face, a mile and as I tired I took a rest in the corner of your smile my crops slept in barren fiel...

walRU1932Oct 2019Nov 2019
Just another Poem

Just another.Started it along time ago. finished just now on here. wanted to put it to rest in my mind....

LKNG4LTR1191Nov 2019Nov 2019
Mother of Pearl Cloud Poem

Mother-of-Pearl CloudA rare and unusual rolling 'wave-like' cloud formation is a mother-of-pearl cloud....

Yankee4you7656May 2014Nov 2019

AsphyxiaAsphyxia-condition of many complex,afflicted mental suffocations that tragedies can bring. This would be my definition of depicted term settled into...

AutumnChild2050Nov 2019

Loving HomesMy homes in Michigan And Alaska Mom and I did the tree and gifts and everybody pitched in The present pile around the tree was Great! The aroma...

Rachael_06221250Nov 2019

Love Burning HotBanter divine Joyvial Laughter Excitement...

Rachael_06221670Nov 2019
Rachael_06221200Nov 2019

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