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I posted my first video on facebook last week
It was my brother and sister on Christmas day around 1965
I don't know for sure, just guessing at their ages
We had some old reel to reel filmstrips coverted to vhs in 2000
I converted them to dvd just last week
Then I converted them to digital this week
I put off getting the cell phone till the beginning of this month
Now I have my dad spilling my brother out in a red wagon
My family hanging out with their 1965 cars
And my last pic was of me laughing at a TV show around 1973
The pics I saw at the craft fair were different
They were hand drawn pictures of animals like deer and cardinals on real leaves
I didn't buy any
But I did buy a brownie
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 24
About this poem:
The pics in National Geographic are among my favorite, a magazine I've had coming since 1986.

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yay applause
southmiami4321online today!
Old pictures come around to give us so good memories. Glad you are enjoying them. SM
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