Music of rain

When I listen to the sounds of rain,
I can hear a music of peace.
It whispers to me as if -
"All will be over again"
I will listen to the music of rain
And its water,
Coming from heaven,
Flow through my hands.
There always comes a sunrise
After any sunset.
Let every destiny be blessed
Just listen to the music of rain
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 14
About this poem:
rainy days again .... makes me moody..i try to find some beauty in this grey days

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Comments (12)

Nice poem.

I enjoy the rainy days if I can stay indoors.
The thunder and lightening with the rain thumping on the window pane, makes for a pleasant indoor relaxation.

Today there is no rain, but we're having a winter freeze, brr. wave
Thank you carlame.. i try to enjoy rainy days choice...and listen to the music of lifewave heart wings
Lovely poem of peaceful stillness Lily,
The raindrops are a great metaphor for hope, and present cloudiness will soon be replaced by brighter days.
Hold on tight Lily, good days are coming !

Mick.wave hug
Many thanks Mick. Hope all is going well with you and your family. Lily teddybear
I enjoyed reading this lovely descriptive poem very much.
I find that listening to rainfall can be therapeutic, love how it can be melodic depending were it lands and refreshing it can be as it clears the air and waters the land and trees etc
wave applause
Thank you Happy for your lovely comment. my idea was to find a music in everything around us as soon as Music is the best healer and magic . Lily heart wings
Gentle poem there Lily, very nicely crafted.
Rain sounds best on a metal roof to me, just when you lie down to sleep wave
godsprincessonline today!
I would prefer the rain right now! 0 degrees and cold cold snow this week! Enjoy your gentle rain dear friend!
From frigid upstate New York State.

Kathy snowglobe snowed in snowman snowman2 teddybear
Thanks ocean for your gentle comment, Lily wave
Thank you dear Kathy for your nice words. I wish I could share our rain with you. Lily kiss teddybear
Sometimes the pitter-patter is all that matters, winter is so cloudy and grey, buy the rain is a promise of spring and life, cleansing and refreshing as it is. groundhog
Thanks for reading and leaving your comment Chris. Yep, desperately awaiting for spring . Lily wave
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