Why Poetry?

To feel too much is surely a tragedy;-
To feel not at all is a monstrosity.

Poets are sensitive, (this is a fact);
And that's a statement I won't retract.

So when you click, to read words deferred;
Some previous suffering may have occurred.

It's in the nature of Man, to make his art;-
And in most cases, it's from the heart.

We make our art to tell you something;-
There are times It'll strike as lightning.

So read words here with perception;
Feel the poet's skill and direction.

Thus poets must write to cure past ills;
We swim in words like fish have gills.

And words retained cause indigestion;
So write them down - (just a suggestion).

Some must pray, and some must grovel;-
And some must write in verse forms novel.

For me, I don't believe in much;-
(Though I have the poetic touch).

Metempsychosis of the poet's soul?
(Well, it may at least be possible).

Reincarnation? - mere poets as mystics?
Through the agencies of Quantum Physics?

And if it is true there's nothing after,
Then I will have the final laugh here.

Is Reality as deep as we imagine?
Or is Nature just a fractal pattern?

© lovecanbereal
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2022
About this poem:
Poetry to make you think....

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Comments (6)

southmiami4321online today!
You indeed made me think so much that my lights went off....The Theme of your poem gave me goosebumps....Making a verse is like walking up a ladder to the unknown and descending later to reality. Your perceptions here are so unique, I enjoyed each one. Thanks for sharing LCBR. SM
Thank you, SM, your comments are always appreciated..............bouquet
Very good, very very good!
excellent caught the poet spot on applause applause
Nicely written piece LCBR,
Poetry is a unique way of compacting and expressing or feelings.

Thanks for all the comments. I feel humbled by your high accolades...
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