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Im not getting that many responses

I'm not getting that many responses..Why I'm not getting any responses?? Can u help me?...

davidholtjr2083Jun 20142 mins agoJun 2014
Hi there

Hi thereLooking to get your reviews. Hope to one day meet that special someone....

Sherifftnt1750Jun 20173 mins ago
Have I wrote it wrong

Have I wrote it wrong,?Because all I get are scammers...

Stephen7712270Nov 20123 mins ago

HelloJust welcome:)...

Aya075408Feb 20143 mins agoMar 2014
Havent clicked yet with the right one

Haven't clicked yet with the right one!!!Hi guys! Im very much new on this site just became a member yesterday and still feel maybe something is missing.Haven't received that much responses.....

sam2545063910Feb 20164 mins ago

HO HUM...This site is really boring... I think I am giving up on the online dating have been on here over 2 yrs and no luck, same men, same lines.. The men you...

musclvr112732Apr 20134 mins agoApr 2013
Here we go

Here we go !Ok ppl.. Since CS gives a good opportunity to get your profile reviewed, i thought of giving a shot. I have put my honest thoughts into words here and...

cheerful_sanjo2500May 20145 mins ago
hi every one

hi every oneAm new here.. advice are welcome in my profile and what do you think in my pictures? Rate it please.. thank's.[color=green...

12345abcd2041Apr 20146 mins agoApr 2014
Hello what do u think about my profile

Hello what do u think about my profileWhat do u think about my photos...

Ireen756404Mar 20148 mins agoMay 2014
Im in serious need of help

I'm in serious need of helpI there something wrong with me or is there no one who wants to talk to me. Check my profile and if there is anything you suggest I fix, I will not ge...

Princeman773475May 20169 mins agoMay 2016

hihi i am an Indian any one there for marriage ,a simple and honest girl...

jomcy1232830Dec 20139 mins ago
kiransoohotdear2670Nov 201410 mins ago

photoWhat do ladies think .about my photo...

austinobrien1911Aug 201610 mins agoAug 2016
With teeth chattering gonna bite the bullet and ask for a review

With teeth chattering, gonna bite the bullet and ask for a reviewMy perception of myself is likely different than another's perception of myself, so am curious about what you all may think I should chuck, change or...

immanuelle92322Sep 201312 mins agoNov 2013
Option 1 like me Option 2 if you dont like me give me good feedback

Option 1: "like" me Option 2: if you don't "like" me, give me good feedbackif I'm perfect for you, write to me, if I'm not perfect for you, still write to me and tell me what I'm doing wrong...

UriahXG2090Nov 201113 mins ago
Whats the Matter With Me

What's the Matter With Me?Tonight, I was getting depressed in looking at My Profile. When I went to see how my photos were rated. To be honest with you, I almost cried. I do...

worshipper1,19134Dec 200914 mins agoDec 2009

HelpI am looking for someone local but seem to get a lot of international friends.Can i do something to make that more clear?...

Sherri201320132081Mar 201414 mins agoMar 2014
You are looking for a princess

You are looking for a princess?I'm not, I'm not perfect and I don't consider attractive. No, it is not low self-esteem is just that I gave up thinking that so...

selcheva3780Nov 201514 mins ago
Prefer reviews by women for obvious reasons

Prefer reviews by women ...for obvious reasonsI know I live in a small town ...but I am not getting much noticed here...tell me why please my profile...

Falcontite790Aug 1916 mins ago
what is it with todays generation

what is it with todays generation??my profile is attracting the wrong sort of guy!! where are all the genuine, stable nd witty guys gone or are my goals to high nowadays lookin for a ge...

busababe813978Jul 201319 mins agoJul 2013

UpdatedChanged some stuff hope it looks good kind of wandering about the main pic. Profile:...

Ysam12593Aug 201319 mins agoAug 2013
Mind reviewing my Profile

Mind reviewing my ProfileHi, I am new here, any thoughts about what I should change?...

LonelyNkc5004Jun 201619 mins agoJul 2016
Um a cool friendly funny peasant boy

Um a cool friendly funny peasant boy ??Um working...lives in Colombo..Sri Lanka...I would like to make new friends...from all over the world......

danushzero1410Dec 201719 mins ago
Should I really be here

Should I really be here?Maybe I'm yet to find my way around here but it seems I'm too young to be here, maybe I should come back when I'm 35 or something... Please tell me wh...

Kenido1870Nov 201620 mins ago

smile??You have to love me for me.i don't change maybe a bit dafter.xxsmile lifes short enjoy n rate me xdnt be shy....

timcrackerbimson1741Oct 201621 mins agoOct 2016
Will you date me

Will you date me?Will you date me?...

Thisismecoming4091Feb 201621 mins agoFeb 2016
I can help your Profile just ask me

I can help your Profile, just ask meHello evreyone. Please leave me a note about my profile. I need to know what you all think of me. Its an honest Profile of me. I will respond to your...

rogerparris54311Sep 201326 mins agoOct 2013
what will i change its ok to help me

what will i change ,its ok to help meif you help it would be great,cos i am not doing so well...

finbar403552Nov 200926 mins agoNov 2009
testing the water

testing the waterwell the choice is here to be reviewed so thought why not, be gentle lol...

dilligafx4261May 201327 mins agoMay 2013
what is the most important thing in life

what is the most important thing in lifeis it love,,,,maybe sex,,,,some sport,somebody is a music,what is it,,,,,,,...

faranhajt2500Oct 201428 mins ago
Faith hope and Love

Faith, hope and LoveAm I to sincere and I committing an error? Is the faith I impart to others is a waist of time? And finally do you have what it takes to challenge life...

Thunder_Angel620Jul 3129 mins ago
where is prince charming

where is prince charming?I'm single for a year right now or even longer. Why does it seem to be so hard to meet someone?...

Bibi234361May 201429 mins agoMay 2014
any suggestions

any suggestions?take a look......

aScottishGuy821,01224Aug 201130 mins agoSep 2011
Am I too old

Am I too oldHi all seeking your reviews about me what you feel please suggest either I should be here for your consideration or have to left the......

Charanjit19612651Mar 732 mins agoMar 9
Any tips for me

Any tips for me....It´s really hard to describe yourself and i don´t know if I´ve done a good job in my profile because it seems like i get nothing but scammers.....:fru...

jamesjoyce957714Oct 201034 mins agoNov 2010
Looking for friendship

Looking for friendshipCan some tell me how I can improve my profile?...

justafunfriend3682May 201434 mins agoMay 2014
need a faithful man with his head on his shoulders

need a faithful man with his head on his shoulderswhat would you rate me as? would you consider talking to me?...

kenzieleann257105May 201634 mins agoJun 2016
Fathi_M840Oct 201737 mins ago
Hiya I would like to know what if I need to add more

Hiya! I would like to know what if I need to add more.I am interested in some feed back. Anything constructive would be nice. Thanks...

twig584220Nov 201537 mins ago

tigervar5Peace and happiness...

tigervar2141Jan 201439 mins agoJan 2014
good luck everyone

good luck everyonejust wanted to say hi to everyone out there and good luck on your searches for happiness...

medallion2390Dec 201640 mins ago
lonely and looking for my Miss BBW

lonely and looking for my Miss BBWhello what can i do to get that best friends that want to get to know me and i her someone that i can maybe text or call i work and im on disable just...

carlthrower2660Jul 201541 mins ago
One2note: "Holiday season"(meet us in the forums)

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