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HonestyC'mon now when you see my profile''what's your thought like?...

Heartlezz54911Sep 20166 mins agoSep 2016

FaithfullmanHi iam a mature fully faithfull man i am a nice car driver i am a homework man i am not but my heart is want good friendship with an...

Ajaykumar992361Nov 20136 mins agoNov 2013
only lookin for friendship at least

only lookin' for friendship (at least)..?ok maybe I don't fit to be a match, but what's wrong with friendship? I've put out a number of friend requests, and I can't even get a response on tha...

SoBlue3385Mar 20139 mins agoMar 2013
happy man looking for a positive lady to have a family with

happy man looking for a positive lady to have a family withIs distance really a hindrance to relationships?...

cyoukas1015416May 201620 mins agoJul 2016
What u are thinking about my profile let me know

What u are thinking about my profile,let me know.U can give me feedback,when i most change things...

Romantic24103312Feb 201321 mins agoApr 2013
Would like your reply

Would like your reply..What do you think about my pictures?..which do you think is the best one so I can change it to my profile pic.. [size...

SecondToNoOne5748Feb 201322 mins agoFeb 2013

helloHey, I just joined this site and I wanted to know what people thought of my profile. You can comment on which ever part of my profile you like. I gues...

MRoN5123012Mar 201422 mins agoMar 2014
New to this looking for advice

New to this looking for adviceJust an American girl looking to find someone internationally not sure how to do that...

Smiles4miles275425Feb 201423 mins agoMar 2014
When where and who will be the love of my life Is my other half still living Are you perfect one

When, where, and who will be the love of my life? Is my other half still living? Are you perfect oneI had search other sites for the woman of my dreams and even in my home land but to no avail. I guess maybe they are not for me! I will continue to lo...

BROKENSTAN3180Oct 201024 mins ago
any genuine women in my area

any genuine women in my area ?perhaps im on the wrong site....

justmeuk014320Apr 201526 mins ago
Ill admit it could use some help

I'll admit, it could use some helpI'd like to improve my profile, just not sure where to go with it....

solbane3141Oct 201628 mins agoFeb 2017
u look for a friend indeed

u look for a friend indeed?i am searching for a true friend . i nee a woman for longtermfriendshipo and love. to let her taste the love and let me do too. do you think we can be...

miniiaku4199Oct 200930 mins agoNov 2009
is their any men out their that are serious about a commitment

is their any men out their,,, that are serious about a commitment???seems to me,,, their isnt many men out their today:( maybe iam 2 old:( been on different sites,,, and cant find any body?:( can someone please help!!!...

jk0000453315Jul 201430 mins agoJul 2014
Please tell me what you think

Please tell me what you think :)Dear Reader, Firstly I must thank you to have taken the time to read my request and hopefully my profile I don't think I have got my profile do...

Craxoid4013Oct 201333 mins agoOct 2013
maannjani20152710May 201533 mins ago
not having any luck period

not having any luck periodI know I am not the sexiest guy you can find but, I have a big huge heart and I am great with kids, yet nothing. What am I doing wrong?...

shaun30333553Oct 201638 mins agoOct 2016
whats your opinion

whats your opinionDo you think I will find real love?...

IamTariq77790Oct 1039 mins ago
Am i that ugly p

Am i that ugly? :pwhats wrong with my profile or me cause i hardly ever get any mail am i asking for too much am i bieng picky WHAT???...

FlaireKeys5048Jul 201446 mins agoAug 2014

Why do I not get looked at???Let me know how I screwed up, please? I seem to only get those I have asked not to bother contacting me due to their age. How do I fix this ?[color=...

playnicelywithme1390Aug 2747 mins ago

MeJust looking for friends...

Lucylu842211Jun 201349 mins agoJun 2013

Hello :-)Hi everyone. I thought I'd give this a try....

redxfox3500Feb 201451 mins ago
hey there

hey thereim looking for an honest caring woman who can show me as much love as i show them,i get no reply's tho,is there something wrong with my profile...

avhir2561Mar 201454 mins agoMar 2014

wellthought i would give it a try, listening to your comments please females only what to do to get more responses?????[/...

Takeitslow4192Jan 201354 mins agoJan 2013
do I look as lame as I feel ha ha

do I look as lame as I feel ? ha haHi !! let me know what I can change to get more attention ?please ?oh ya ha ha your ugly and have a big nose !!! ha ha give it to me ! be honest ! ha...

Openeyed2953Feb 201259 mins agoFeb 2012

Hellowaiting to someone for the best friend...

kangarubedi13352Dec 20131 hrs agoDec 2013
not attracting the right person

not attracting the right person?Hi there... I'm not sure how I come across in my profile.. Too much information? No personality? Id be interested in hearing some constructive criti...

corkyknocking6489Aug 20141 hrs agoOct 2014
How do you feel

How do you feel?Just would love to know the various responses?...

Filmnoir672841Jun 20161 hrs agoJul 2016
Looking for Friendship

Looking for Friendshipliving in Riyadh Saudi Arabia looking for Friendship...

Tetomb3681Nov 20151 hrs agoNov 2015
Care to waste your time reviewing my profile

Care to waste your time reviewing my profile?Came on here in search of a girlfriend,no luck yet. No one else apart from the Jamaicans care to reply and none of the chats last for more than a coup...

Mrinal122581May 20141 hrs agoMay 2014
hello ladies

hello ladiesdo i sound too arrgant can you tell me what you think of my profile...

shaq322482722Jul 20111 hrs agoJun 2012

UPDATINGi just change my profile pic and my profile stuff...

vanillaz3711Nov 20101 hrs agoNov 2010
What do you think of my picture

What do you think of my picture?New to this. Just like to know if my pictures are ok. Ladys just some advice! thanks....

John34053677Dec 20101 hrs agoOct 2011
Still alone

Still aloneWhen is it a good time to start dating again? been single for over a year and have always had long relationships....

Takeitslow4854Jul 20131 hrs agoJul 2013

Primary photoWhich of my pictures is the best for my primary photos?...

Minka111172Nov 21 hrs agoNov 14
new love

new loveMake it real is the way that I feel Though my lips can't scream out these words I can't decide to make up your mind Even if I knew it bef...

sexy248man3750Jun 20101 hrs ago
looking for her

looking for herI am looking for her smoothing Beautiful and nice sweetie and sexy lol...

redblue253330Jan 20151 hrs ago
still waiting again

still waiting.... again?i was happily in love with you, 5 years of waiting and finally we decided to get married and got engaged, unfortunately u got a cancer. few months bef...

ekatot83133Feb 20131 hrs agoDec 2013
Too much

Too muchDo people think I got too much about me in my profile?...

benny863311Jun 20101 hrs agoJun 2010
Just curious

Just curiousI'd like to have mine reviewed to see if I am attracting the right kind of women. Hopefully, most aren't clicking based on my pic....

SpiritWolf782640Oct 20161 hrs ago
2nd opinion

2nd opinioni need to know from a lady point of view where it gets her attention and where it does not ... and which pics is your fav any other suggestions...

morgen902102881Mar 20151 hrs agoMar 2015
Fear ur Lord

Fear ur LordAm plz with u like my picture...

Aeshway800Sep 192 hrs ago
Honest loyal caring faithful and kind

Honest, loyal, caring, faithful, and kind.Just tell me if my profile is the type of person you want....

Shy3577Leeeee2441Jun 20172 hrs agoAug 2017

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