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anyone for a chat here im new

anyone for a chat here im newanyone ready to have a nice chat with me....

gramir724043Feb 201410 mins agoFeb 2014
A Womans HEART

A Woman's HEARTHello Members, i am wondering, as i wish to be the best to her when we meet. Please what is the MAIN thing that gives joy and happiness to a woman...

Ekuachambi1940Aug 201412 mins ago
Hi thanks for being that fresh pair of eyes

Hi, thanks for being that fresh pair of eyesAny opinions and thoughts are welcome....

Elisaa3181Aug 201413 mins agoAug 2014
seth profile

seth profileDo I look too wild?...

enderbean7194913Aug 201113 mins agoDec 2016
Am I too nice

Am I too nice?I've been told I'm too nice by my mates. I don't think so. I have a fairly dark sense of humour and can get pissed off and cranky like any other perso...

dublin_nerd3385Aug 201014 mins agoAug 2010
would u kiss or pass

would u kiss or passjus curious ha...

wayne23121870Apr 201216 mins ago
Hello ladies How arer you doing

Hello ladies. How arer you doingWell hello I was wondering what you ladies liked about my profile on please give any suggestions That may help improve my chances on...

Allen19821811Jan 2917 mins agoFeb 4
How to make friends with people in CS

How to make friends with people in CS?I'm new at C/S. Anything that you can advise me about my profile heading or my picture is helpful to me. Thank in advanced...

mayxanhhcm2654Aug 201218 mins agoAug 2012
What do you think of my Profile

What do you think of my Profile?Just curious, I don't get on the Site much unless I am advised that I have a messege! Let me know please!!!!!! :banan...

Ashes25466Dec 2523 mins agoMay 25

prokofievHow may my profile be improved?...

prokofiev3070May 201023 mins ago

Do you think ilook too childish on my pictures ?i just get a message in my inbox and he said that all my poses are just like teenage on my old face ouch !! thats hurt ......

bambina_bee49213Jan 201226 mins agoJan 2012
In search of my partner

In search of my partner....Dear all, What you all think about my profile ?...

Rekesh1880Dec 201126 mins ago
How do you feel about my prfile

How do you feel about my prfile?I am open to any reviews or criticisms,after all that is what they are yes???...

SWEETAS522620Dec 201127 mins ago
would you consider me

would you consider meLadies what do you think of my profile and how can I improve it!! What you all read are not lies and this is important to me. Because what is the po...

LXANDER0202682571Dec 201127 mins agoDec 2011

Hello!I do not write because I like the picture?...

boris222980Dec 201127 mins ago
Advice wanted

Advice wanted...What do you think of my profile? Which picture should I use as my primary photo? Thanks......

John34053043Dec 201127 mins agoJan 2013
Do you think my profile is ok

Do you think my profile is ok?Mostly; I'm wondering which photo I should use for my default? Also if you have any other tips... was I too wordy, did I...

syco_chic812431Dec 201127 mins agoDec 2011
am looking for real genuine person to whom i can do hangouts and dating stuffs

am looking for real / genuine person to whom i can do hangouts and dating looking for real / genuine person to whom i can do hangouts and dating stuffs....

Sharma19883160Dec 201127 mins ago
No reply yet I am new here

No reply yet I am new hereI haven't got any reply from any girl yet not even for just friendship. I am keeping on emailing but no use....

preciouspp2680Dec 201127 mins ago
Be honest do you like what you see

Be you like what you see???Please tell me your thoughts......

macka6743493Oct 201127 mins agoOct 2011
Review my profile

Review my profileJust wanted to see what others think about my profile. Any suggestions welcome! :D...

benwal912180Aug 201328 mins ago
putting a face pic up later

putting a face pic up laterAnyone want to chat and pass the time...

j17091780Apr 201330 mins ago
do you like my profile

do you like my profilewhat would you like to know about me,...

elena4strawberry7916May 201531 mins agoAug 2015
Live and Honestly Love is worth more then the world

Live and Honestly.Love is worth more then the world.Likes and so much more to live with good caring as I will meet an honest one women heart to love.***...

HonestyLOVE11930May 201533 mins ago
Hi Be honest

Hi, Be honestwhat do you think of my profile how can I improve it?...

rosyposie4302Aug 201534 mins agoAug 2015
are my pix ok

are my pix ok?If so please someone like my profile please...

Emitter60712Sep 201734 mins agoMay 17
Whats up with my profile

Whats up with my profile?Just tell me what youll feel and think...

ak69er20001770Jul 201734 mins ago
Is this just boring

Is this just boring?Which picture should I pick? I don't think I am very good at this...

CalimesaBarb3114Aug 201234 mins agoAug 2012
what would you do if they cheatted

what would you do if they cheatted?What would you do if they cheatted?...

womenpink853354Oct 201535 mins agoOct 2015
Please review my profile

Please review my profile...Please can you tell me if you find something wrong in my profile? I been here by lot of time... not too good results; some visits, few contacts and m...

morganawolf97711Apr 201440 mins agoJan 2015
Help please

Help please...Any openminded and constructive help would be much appreciated if I am able to improve my profile however. I just find honesty is key and I dont think...

Sultain2895Nov 201443 mins agoNov 2014
more phots or not

more phots or notDo I need any more photos of me?...

snowboarder19901670Mar 201245 mins ago
Dear friends if there are beautiful girls who ask you

Dear friends, if there are beautiful girls who ask you.........your e-mail, they are fakes! With your e-mail, they can steal your identity. Be careful!...

Ross19712600Aug 201545 mins ago
Gilbert87873161Nov 201245 mins agoNov 2012
Hello Which of my pictures is the best for my primary photo

Hello! Which of my pictures is the best for my primary photo?Pls advise me about mt pics and my profile...

khangphat0709105552Nov 201551 mins agoDec 2015
Your view honesty is needed

Your view (honesty is needed)hey all im back after a long breaak of this site so im trying to get use to it again and hoping il be lucky this time. I would love to be in a loving...

shaunabaybee4886Feb 201252 mins agoFeb 2012
im not getting responses

im not getting responses.i must need ur help cs members..i wonder what is negative in my profile that im not getting responses.....

wonderfullife863273Apr 201553 mins agoJun 2015
My Singles Profile

My Singles Profile....Just want to get some HONEST feedback on my profile I have posted online, let me know what you think. THX...

Jay1Net3487Mar 201154 mins agoMar 2011
Serious need serious one too

Serious need serious one tooI am seeking for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage with trust. go through my profile and check me out.[/...

Mariadys2041Aug 201556 mins agoAug 2015
what do you think of my picture

what do you think of my pictureall honest answers please...

aquarius1003270Jul 201456 mins ago
Anyone Genuine on here that shall have me

Anyone Genuine on here that shall have me ???Is there anyone who is Genuine on here that shall have me and who is none what a " Time Waster ",..........

Diy6530781May 2957 mins agoMay 29
Can you check my profile

Can you check my profileCan you please let me know if my profile is making people move away?...

Homing3236Nov 201159 mins agoNov 2011
pirategirl: "LOVEEEEEE !"(meet us in the poems)

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