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:banger:do your best ^^...

SKYblue151751Oct 20125 mins agoOct 2012
Ladies what are the good and bad things about my profile

Ladies what are the good and bad things about my profileHi can you all read my profile please I welcome all your comments as I stated the rights and wrongs all welcome . By the way ladies I am not...

LXANDER0202682410Apr 20126 mins ago
want more friends

want more friendsI want many friends, i want to know difference language difference culture, any one can help to me make me a friend? if you think u r good to me send...

binodb421701Jun 20139 mins agoJul 2013
How can my profile be improved

How can my profile be improved?Why do you think that I rarely get any e-mail or "flowers?" What could I be doing wrong? I have scoured th...

prokofiev99411May 200911 mins agoOct 2010

hihi iam looking gf...

microsoft111450Jan 2114 mins ago
JodiRFike5323Feb 201626 mins agoMar 2016
Man was born free but every where innchains

Man was born free but every where innchainsMy profile picture is to come but trust me I am hot,teal hot...

Melanie772730Sep 201532 mins ago
I just want to know what people think

I just want to know what people thinkI'm not getting much attention, despite i am doing some searching and sending myself. Thus I just would like to know what people think. Thanks...

fabsie3777Feb 201035 mins agoFeb 2010
Thoughts for me

Thoughts for me.....!!! :)Is my profile perfect or errors ?...

manu102022Feb 1435 mins agoMar 18
leaning on life lessons

leaning on life lessons.How do you rate my profile?...

kashae2130Dec 201437 mins ago
Serious Relationship

Serious RelationshipIs there something wrong with me or is there no one who wants to talk to me. Please review my profile and advised any updates....

sandsun2812May 201638 mins agoMay 2016
wat u thk can u joind me

wat u thk......can u joind mem not searching a boy or lady to hve sme adault chat m respect girls m want a good partner whch hve a good heart acc to me dont judge...

mesta1350Apr 201744 mins ago
Hello Im new here HMU

Hello I'm new here HMULook at my profile and tell me what you think...

Tyarcher881800Jul 201646 mins ago
Dose my profile make you think me a sadist

Dose my profile make you think me a ‘sadist’?Just give your opinion about any matter if you think you need to point out (Women only)...

LifeThirst8852Aug 201146 mins agoNov 2014
mr get it done

mr get it donewhat u think of me jst be honest...

Siphamandla4171Feb 201651 mins agoMar 2016
Need Help

Need Help!!!!Any suggestion about my profile ? pls guide me to get a real life partner for a true honest life ? i have every thing but my life is so alone...

zee992821Jul 201552 mins agoJul 2015

unbelievableIn almost one year,I have had some experience in this interesting site. I have met only losers or fat men ,or stupid men ,or poor men or old men or sc...

emma_201483428Jan 201555 mins agoJan 2015

Hellowill i find someone to be happy with?...

rich142k5201 hrs ago1 hrs ago
been here forever

been here foreverI am also starting to sing the "what's wrong with me" song....I know there are a few items I need to update on my profile but before I do so (like hob...

felixis991,04619May 20111 hrs agoJun 2013
Requestiong an honest profile review please

Requestiong an honest profile review pleaseHi everyone, I would appreciate some general comments and any constructive criticism of my profile please. Ladies, have I included enough information...

tranquillo19612022Jul 20141 hrs agoJul 2014
Real life

Real lifeIf you knew me in real life. If I lived on your street, worked in the same place as you or whatever, what would you do, would you talk to me, avoid me...

XxEllie1989xx3092Oct 20121 hrs agoNov 2012
what do you think

what do you think?What do you think about my profile? Your opinion will be appreciated whether positive or negative. Thanks...

emmajestung4594Jan 20161 hrs agoApr 2016
Be Honest with me

Be Honest with me..............I am back on here after a long absence, so what do you think of my profile? Will I get replie's do you think? Any serious advice would be very much ap...

cherish493693Jan 20121 hrs agoJan 2012
why cant i find my love

why cant i find my love?am i that bad or ugly of a guy that i cant find my true love?...

loneranger352793May 20141 hrs agoMay 2014


farout12341872Aug 20161 hrs agoAug 2016
Tell me what you think

Tell me what you think...Be Nice! Why do I only seem to attract the scammers???? I truly want to meet a nice guy what can I do to make my profile more appealing??.... Thanks!...

mocha1015067Oct 20111 hrs agoOct 2014
Soooo interesting So much fun reading it all

Soooo interesting!! So much fun reading it all.Hectic, some of these reviews are quite revealing. Let's start with look at my profile, what do you think? To all the guys, I'm sorry, I know you woul...

manvanveraf3637May 20121 hrs agoMay 2012
living in vietnam looking for cool gals

living in vietnam, looking for cool gals..hi there !! i am looking for cool gals to hang out, any one open minded?? i live in saigon.....

leo39392320Apr 20112 hrs ago
Review me

Review meI'm not sure just say something...

dawnelle2865Jan 20132 hrs agoJan 2013
What you think

What you thinkWhy is this so difficult?...

Charlesslade3010Jun 20152 hrs ago
Serioulsy Just one view and ill call it a day

Serioulsy... Just one view and i'll call it a daywho is adventerous? who has the personality to speak to me don't be scared.. Just cause i'm from africa lol I hold a GB passport too...

switch_662441Mar 20142 hrs agoMar 2014
what is wrong with it

what is wrong with it?In this picture I have just came in from the back road to the house I use to drive tracor-trailors for a living this picture was taken in the winter-...

loansomedavid2500Apr 20132 hrs ago
Girls if you find me interesting email me

Girls,if you find me interesting email me!Do I need to upload more?...

piyu1231901Aug 20162 hrs agoOct 2016
attraction towards older women

attraction towards older women.Why i get attracted towards older women? Is there any such who would like to be in my touch?...

manish23y2200Aug 20162 hrs ago
Would u date me

Would u date me??Do I look/sound like a lost cause?...

AmericanGuy918419Feb 20162 hrs agoFeb 4
Badbull2632Jul 20142 hrs agoJul 2014
Any scorpion ladies around

Any scorpion ladies aroundAny Scorpion ladies interested in pieces man ?...

TahirF2702Jun 20162 hrs agoAug 2016
what do you think

what do you thinkdo you think this profile is ok or do you think i'm telling too much...

leezer2930Feb 20152 hrs ago
guys der who are interested light me in my profile

guys der who are interested light me in my profileBeing simply and kind, I welcome every kind of advice given to me. You free to rate me ok...

hatibu1970Oct 20143 hrs ago
what should i change

what should i change?should i change my pic, info, maybe my face?...

irishrebel7540214May 20113 hrs agoMay 2011
Am I too old

Am I too oldHi all seeking your reviews about me what you feel please suggest either I should be here for your consideration or have to left the......

Charanjit1961731Mar 73 hrs agoMar 9
Hi Nice to meet you

Hi! Nice to meet you!I'm looking for a partner. Do you contact me?...

Duyuyen3123Feb 20153 hrs agoMar 2015

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