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What do you think of my profile

What do you think of my profile?What do you think of my picture?...

Brown19575753Mar 2014just nowMar 2014
tell me something about me

tell me something about meSimple look and thinking trust on every one...

sam98583611Jan 20156 mins agoJan 2015

here4funandmeetuAny advice on improving my profile? Would like to hear from female reviewers, thank you....

here4funandmeetu3170Sep 20167 mins ago
Loving life

Loving lifeTell me what you think :) Happy to meet new friends and hopefully that special someone....

d_lyle4941Apr 20157 mins agoApr 2015
New photos Come have a peek xx

New photos / Come have a peek xxHey from me and to you a good day, Be wickedly cruel and rate my new pics Lovely jubbely Ta Waz...

rockrabbit6139Feb 20129 mins agoMar 2012
rokyta85115Nov 201310 mins agoDec 2013
new over here

new over here...what do you people think of me?...

nick01464894Nov 201210 mins agoNov 2012
You must be located in one of the following areas to contact

You must be located in one of the following areas to contact,,,You must be located in one of the following areas to contact,,, i dont know why i see this note most times that i tried to...

shadi19865592Jul 201510 mins agoJul 2015
Hello everyone I could use a review Thanks

Hello everyone, I could use a review. Thanks.I'm not sure how it looks to others. Just want to see what people think. Have a good one....

Bonez19714032Jul 201410 mins agoJul 2014

hi!welcome to my profile...

Miodrag1323490Mar 201414 mins ago
Review my profile

Review my profile...Im intrigued......

charlala5775Jul 201817 mins agoSep 2018
I a new member please rate me

I a new member - please rate meI am new to online dating and is hoping for the best. Please give me your honest opinion of my profile. Thanks in advance....

NickxWally3826Jan 201417 mins agoJan 2014
what can i do better

what can i do better?just want to know what people think of it, I took my time writing it......

skyscanner5004471Jul 201524 mins agoJul 2015
Too Straight Forward

Too Straight ForwardIs my profile to straight forward? If so that is quite ironic considering how kinky I am lol...

IWantYouWantTo3050Mar 201427 mins ago
Nobody contacts me Why

Nobody contacts me. Why?Based on my profile page and picture, why do u think I'm not getting any messages from guys? I get a few emails but nothing to talk about. What do u...

sugarapplee9609May 201527 mins agoMar 2017
why why why

why why why!!!!!!!!!!??????????What i do i am here from 3 days...

Maher86Ko3850Sep 201129 mins ago

heywhat do people think of my profile and pictures?...

aoghan874010Jul 201232 mins ago

hihi i search a beautiful partner for my life....

bhatianaresh3320Dec 201133 mins ago
review my profile

review my profileis there any single women here in Arizona area? is that the reason why I haven't really found anyone?...

espanol19644601Jan 201436 mins agoJan 2014
is there anybody out there

is there anybody out thereIm a good ozi bloke looking for friends is there anything im doing wrong im a big boy give me your worst please...

markpeters13830Nov 201242 mins ago
blip402650Dec 201245 mins ago
over view of Reesie Pie

over view of Reesie PieWhat do you think of my pix and description of myself? Tell me what changes you think I should make...

Reesie_Pie75110Oct 201746 mins agoMar 2018

What's wrong with my profile? Is my pic yuck?should i put a better primary pic on my profile?...

rockstar685826Aug 201046 mins agoDec 2010

JUST WANNA KNOW WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT MY PROFILE. :positive and negative reviews are welcome. Thanks in advance....

filipina8858513Feb 201446 mins agoFeb 2014
i am new in Stockholm some assistance please

i am new in Stockholm,some assistance please...i am from kenya and need someone to show me around,a woman to be precise......

franklavi3310Aug 201449 mins ago
were a bored ladies s for chat

were a bored ladies 's for chatwell come on get chatting i am bored ladies help...

richiebigboy4640Jan 201350 mins ago

can i get a girl friend here?nothing special just want to know that can i get girl friend here,...

Smiles_afr95119Mar 201256 mins agoJun 2014
ozeekiran5121Jun 20161 hrs agoAug 2016
Hows my profile

Hows my profile?I would like to gain new insightss on what others think of my profile. How appealing is my profile? Do you think id get any success with how it is now...

hereeyeam2310Jan 20131 hrs ago
im new

im new:)come have a look! ;)...

ash314005Apr 20111 hrs agoJun 2011
hey i m in riyadh

hey i m in riyadh....if u single want frndsp n more then just email me i m here for u........

nayan_chy13140Mar 20141 hrs ago
hey you whant to make love with me you had to be my wuonderful man

hey you whant to make love with me you had to be my wuonderful manThis feeling is like a wonderful sting. I want this feeling to hold me captive. I wouldn't give this up, not even for all four seasons to be spring....

saralotoya3711Jun 20121 hrs agoJun 2012
Whats the odds for a Soul like myself should stop wasting my time on here

Whats the odds for a Soul like myself, should stop wasting my time on here?Way express myself is from my heart and yet the length can be for most females on here a snooze....

Filmnoir674032Jul 20151 hrs agoJul 2015
I am Mr Cool

I am Mr.CoolLooking fr a beautiful girl...

haris_7895646Feb 20101 hrs agoMay 2010
what is wrong in my picture

what is wrong in my picture?I am honest enough. Is there any lady to compitate with me. Let us start verbally. Come forward who want to fight with me. I am ready to Fight....

raghu110619713420Dec 20201 hrs ago
Need Help

Need Help!!!!Any suggestion about my profile ? pls guide me to get a real life partner for a true honest life ? i have every thing but my life is so alone...

zee995201Jul 20151 hrs agoJul 2015
I m here for a week but i can t i m

I m here for a week but i can t i mHi What do u think of my picture? too nice? Can u tell me , how i can send an im? Thanks for ur help...

dolphin6489012Dec 20112 hrs agoDec 2011
what do you think of my profile

what do you think of my profileHolistically in all aspects what is your opinion both good and constructive criticisms are welcome....

Sueana4564Nov 20172 hrs agoJan 2018
Never Judge the book from the cover

Never Judge the book from the cover.Hey what do you think of my Primary photo? can some good heart tell me please?. Thank you....

lone3233330Apr 20172 hrs ago
do you like it

do you like itDo I need to add more...

knighted19872561Feb 20152 hrs agoFeb 2015
Is my profile effective

Is my profile effective?Does my profile attract mature,loving males? What can I do to improve it? I would like honest opinions but please,be courteous when commenting....

nicolette898511Mar 20122 hrs agoApr 2012

What about my photosHello yall, im new here and just in curious to know about my pics, comments from matures woman welcome!! :)...

hugeqalbi1290Oct 302 hrs ago

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