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hi lads

hi ladsis feeling good how long should i chat with a fella before i decide to meet !!! always worrys me some men are expecting one...

2012baby4573Apr 2012just nowApr 2012

HelpCan anyone tell me why old men like 60 -75 are like me and messaging me, I mean I feel bad that there interested in something they can't have. I feel...

destinebykerk1,28922Mar 20143 mins agoApr 2014
Hi I am New

Hi I am NewI am new to this website so please message me rules and am looking bad or not please also tell and fastly review my Profile and approve my profile als...

Rohit335680May 43 mins ago
I finally uploaded some new photos

I finally uploaded some new photosLet me know what you guys think....

Leocadio4715May 20123 mins agoMay 2012
I would to see how can you think about my profile

I would to can you think about my profile?you can write whatever you want to say or what do you have sny comment and review....Thanks !...

mtkk714791Dec 20115 mins agoDec 2011
what more could i do for women to contact me

what more could i do for women to contact me?I am 100% real ladies, no lies, no cheats, and I know what it takes for a healthy relationship, so why no takers?...

theodinn4701May 20125 mins agoMay 2012
Hello good mens please check my picture do i looks boring

Hello good mens!, please check my picture, do i looks boring?I've been search online since my divorced 4 yrs. But no luck yet. I will love to meet local good mens. But everytime i meet as person,they like me, b...

sweetheart69688223Apr 201322 mins agoMar 2016
Hi Everybody

Hi EverybodyAny nice ladies want to have a look at my profile, and leave me a wee message Paul x...

CheekyCockney15192Nov 201323 mins agoNov 2013
what does my profile need

what does my profile need?Could you please tell me how can i improove my profile,photos,etc thanx...

limassolman116285Feb 201123 mins agoFeb 2011
Hi is my profile picture ok

Hi, is my profile picture ok?Could you tell me which picture is best to use as my main pic... Please rate which one I should use. Thanks...

John34054842Jan 201324 mins agoJan 2013
Any help will be appreciated

Any help will be appreciatedI am open to any suggestions. I am not sure what women want to know in a profile. Please advise....

Fixingme5264Sep 201426 mins agoSep 2014
Whats wrong with this world and the dating scene

What's wrong with this world and the dating sceneWhy is it that dating has gotten so hard too connect with someone? Can someone explain why there is so many robots that's destroying the dating scene...

Meat2live44072Nov 202128 mins agoFeb 2022
Not getting anywhere Any suggestions Anyone

Not getting anywhere.....Any suggestions.....Anyone!Is it me? essay?....what I do not get it....? newbe on this site ....but I would love ....any criticism or if any positive thoughts .........

Flmale551,03521Mar 201332 mins agoApr 2013
wHy sHoulD i leaVe smoKinG

wHy sHoulD i leaVe smoKinG?Cegarette is a best companion of man. why? To smoke or not to smoke: I can make of either a life...

sefbcn15125May 201232 mins agoJun 2012
Is there anything my profile is lacking Let me know

Is there anything my profile is lacking? Let me know.I have met with one lady on here so far, but I don' t get as many responses to emails as I would like. What do I need to attract more interest from...

joey9871,31731Apr 201432 mins agoJun 2014
Review my profile and give me a honest feedback

Review my profile and give me a honest feedback.........Well what do you think about my profile...... Its just for my information........

markylionel4421Jun 201434 mins agoJun 2014
What do you think of my profile

What do you think of my profileHello everyone, i am new to the online dating arena and would love to receive some feedback on my profile. I value other's opinions and hope to get...

camesha5528May 201735 mins agoJul 2017
Help me with my profile

Help me with my profile.I'd like an honest critique of my profile, do I need more in it, are my pictures good? Basically let me know if it's eye catching or a turn off....

will424703503Nov 200935 mins agoNov 2009
Help my heart be full of love theres nothing more important

Help my heart be full of love...there's nothing more important.Can't change who I am but maybe missing something I haven't thought of...

prizeinside5166Apr 201235 mins agoApr 2012
Any suggestions on how to improve my profile

Any suggestions on how to improve my profile??And also my photos???Any thoughts. Thanks....

Cappuchino4507Oct 200936 mins agoNov 2009
do you like my profile

do you like my profileShould I change my picture, do I seem to boring....

facelove815230May 201539 mins ago

darkhorsesoul searching...

darkhorse5556407Oct 201339 mins agoNov 2013
hii D

hii :Dhi my name is Cindy ^_^ and i need new friend to hit up ..why ? because i love making new friends and i was wondering who would want to...

cncndygrl77011May 201339 mins agoDec 2013

TsDanielle86I let the reviews speak for themselves....

MsDanielle861,2420Oct 201540 mins ago
am looking for real genuine person to whom i can do hangouts and dating stuffs

am looking for real / genuine person to whom i can do hangouts and dating looking for real / genuine person to whom i can do hangouts and dating stuffs....

Sharma19884830Dec 201140 mins ago
new over here

new over here...what do you people think of me?...

nick01466034Nov 201240 mins agoNov 2012
Looking for Family oriented Girl women single single mom divorce must be faithfull

Looking for Family oriented Girl/women single / single mom /divorce must be faithfullHello Everyone I am male 27yrs single never married ! looking for a true honest and faithful girl / lady to love and live w...

supercexer2491Apr 201341 mins agoApr 2013
Am i that ugly p

Am i that ugly? :pwhats wrong with my profile or me cause i hardly ever get any mail am i asking for too much am i bieng picky WHAT???...

FlaireKeys7828Jul 201441 mins agoAug 2014
Let me know whatcha think

Let me know whatcha think??Give it to me straight...opinions welcomed....

la_dolce_vita836883Dec 201342 mins agoJan 2014

woofjust want an honest and true comment thanks...

DJdons5502Oct 201550 mins agoOct 2015

HiTell me what you think need help...

Chuck19614501Jun 201653 mins agoJun 2016
I have Much Honesty but im jobless have no Money its my weak point

I have Much Honesty ... but im jobless ... have no Money its my weak pointI Want to Be Honest Faithfull .. also will Accpet any girl with kids or no kids from 20 to 35 ... but have no chance...

supercexer3426Mar 201353 mins agoMar 2013
Cant seem to figure it out

Can't seem to figure it out.I just can't seem to figure out what people want. They say honesty but that is obviously not the case. Could someone please give me a little help here...

candio6438May 200954 mins agoNov 2009
I re wrote my profile what do you think better

I re-wrote my profile, what do you think betterI re-wrote my profile, what do you think better, after listening to my C.S friends...

rockrabbit5105Jun 201255 mins agoJun 2012
let me know wat u thnk

let me know wat u thnka general overview will do...b candid...

colzito2120Dec 201356 mins ago
what do you think about me

what do you think about me?Thats my simple question...

sexymotherfucr3790Apr 201556 mins ago
whatcha think

whatcha think?Please just give me your opinion....

SweetMichelle7146244Jun 201259 mins agoJun 2012
New here

New here.Hey y'all. I'm new here obviously and just looking for advice. Which picture is better for my primary?...

Disabledgirl19945983Aug 20151 hrs agoAug 2015

NewbyPretty green on here, any tips would be appreciated....

leTom3581Feb 20151 hrs agoFeb 2015
chadsquad3720Feb 20131 hrs ago
Could you please review my profile and give me your honest feedback

Could you please review my profile and give me your honest feedback?Do you think it deserves some reply from a tall beautiful educated lady?...

adonisangelis5307Nov 20121 hrs agoNov 2012
Any genuine ladies in the u k

Any genuine ladies in the u.k?Didnt think it would be this tricky to find someone genuine.Everything is genuine yet still getting messages from overseas,which are a waste of time.S...

dazza436013Jul 20151 hrs agoJul 2015

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