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I reactivate my account after a long time

I reactivate my account after a long time.If you are interested, review my profile...

JuanAlberto7121May 20161 mins agoMay 2016
First time posting to a personals site be gentle

First time posting to a personals site, be gentle!I've never posted to a personals site before, and had WAY too much on here on my first edit (lucky I had a friend who helped coach me into a complete...

mrwolfie1990Dec 72 mins ago

UpdatedChanged some stuff hope it looks good kind of wandering about the main pic. Profile:...

Ysam13643Aug 20132 mins agoAug 2013
Is there any thing wrong in my profile

Is there any thing wrong in my profile?Submit my profile just to know that ' is there any thing is uncomplete in me profile . Thank's for your good suggestions and comments....

032390193714302Jan 20134 mins agoMar 2014
need a sexy honey wife

need a sexy honey wifeI need a sexcy sexy hot honey please and understant lives situation business maind love family and goodlife deal .if you think u r the one...

joesphmikes5010Oct 20168 mins ago
not sure

not suream i doin rite by adding more fotos.....!!!wat are men really lookin for...

Frosty6899814Sep 201125 mins agoOct 2011
I have been out of the dating scene for too long Help me sound relevant please

I have been out of the dating scene for too long. Help me sound relevant please.What do you think i could do better in writing my profile. Should I write less? More? I am at a loss, have no idea how to draw my digital presence....

CyberMe1925Jun 1329 mins ago13 hrs ago

HelloJust welcome:)...

Aya076048Feb 201432 mins agoMar 2014
For real though

For real thoughDo I look like a creep? Is this site for real? Why are the people in my state never active? I believe if you ask enough questions eventually you get a...

BigA214750Nov 201538 mins ago
What do you think

What do you think?Should i add,subtract or change anything?Are my pics ok?any advice appreciated...

TONIC13550Jul 201039 mins ago
be free

be freeWhat do you want to know? Tell members what kind of advice you're looking for... examples: 'do I sound too arrogant?', 'what do you think of my pictur...

Amidclarkson2791Jan 201540 mins agoFeb 2015

JOHNI am a very caring and loving type of person. I am romantic and would say, even at the risk of sounding immodest that I am a smart young man. I love e...

johnpk2813Aug 201342 mins agoAug 2013

whatdoyouthinkCan I find true love again....

jbarbara71643743Jul 201342 mins agoAug 2013
Not confident about my profile dont know how to right one

Not confident about my profile; don't know how to right one.Not confident in how I look & sound to readers. Do I sound too arrogant?', 'what do you think of my pictures?', 'which of my pictures is the best for...

BearWave4070Jan 201543 mins ago
As a man who is too sensitive I feel as a love beggar here

As a man who is too sensitive ,I feel as a love beggar here.I am already fully disappointed and unhappy here. There are signs of superiority and sometimes arrogance and lack of experience in looking for...

blomma4d4961Aug 201043 mins agoAug 2010
leave comments rate my photo

leave comments, rate my photoi am sure many women like my easter bunny or one of my photos, if so rate them or leave a comment plz. you might get to meet the bunny one day:teddybe...

llasvegascutie3900Aug 201144 mins ago
What do you think of my profile

What do you think of my profile?So, what do you guys think of my profile? Are my tags too crazy? Are my narratives too boring? Should I unleash my hair? Any tips?...

CrystalMethod4054Oct 201647 mins agoOct 2016
what do you think about my profile

what do you think about my profilewhy i am alone in this world. am i ugly am i boaring'do I sound too arrogant?', 'what do you think of my pictures?', 'which of my pictures is the b...

shyam198923350Jan 201748 mins ago
Should I change something on my profile

Should I change something on my profile?was just wondering if I should change my pics or something as I am not really meeting the type of people I would like to meet. Any ideas?...

hillz284733Nov 201256 mins agoJan 2013

Go for it !!!All Criticisms, Hints and Suggestions are most welcome :-) Plus an odd compliment if you wish to g...

darkgael2911Jul 201657 mins agoJul 2016
Any Suggestions

Any SuggestionsAny suggestions or advice would be great, not really getting a lot of views :(...

bobhope4154Oct 201157 mins agoOct 2011
So What do you think

So... What do you think?Come on, lets hear it = )...

SuperMario864153Aug 20121 hrs agoAug 2012
Opinions please

Opinions pleaseShould I add more or delete some, any advice is appreciated. Thanks!...

sweetlyours5906Jun 20151 hrs agoJun 2015
Why cant I find a nice older man

Why can`t I find a nice older man?I get a lot of profile reviews from older guys, but no contact other than a flower or one liner saying "You look great". I write back "thanks" and ne...

smoky3,17643Jun 20091 hrs agoFeb 2016
think who i am

think who i amdo you like mine pics and do you see me attractive and if you feel there anything you likely want me to know, you can let me know...

markdoc123505May 20141 hrs agoMay 2014

AM I CONSIDERD A GOOD CATCHI would like to know if i come on to strong. I would also like to know if indeed.some men are intimidated by attractive women, or sucssessful. Indepen...

lovinglady146278Nov 20131 hrs agoJan 2014
hi opinions wanted

hi,opinions this picture ok...

John34053222Jun 20121 hrs agoJun 2012
Um a cool friendly funny peasant boy

Um a cool friendly funny peasant boy ??Um working...lives in Colombo..Sri Lanka...I would like to make new friends...from all over the world......

danushzero8250Dec 20171 hrs ago
how is my profile pic

how is my profile pic ?'what do you think of my picture? rate please ;)...

tay934392Oct 20151 hrs agoOct 2015
your impression of meam i a Dbag

your impression of me?am i a Dbag?basically i would like to know what your presumptions are by looking at my profile and how i could change it to meet people online easier... because h...

InnocentSam3922Jan 20141 hrs agoJan 2014
I am fantastic but

I am fantastic butI am in quarentine and I want someone to talk to Where is the chat? once I tryed it ,, I got nice chat ... where is it...

bonanata2175Jun 71 hrs agoJul 5
We look but we dont speak

We look but we don't speak.I realize it's out of people's comfort zones to put themselves out there, take a risk, be bold and make the first move. But shouldn't it be easier to...

aaamnd5008Jul 20121 hrs agoJul 2012


aterk4720Apr 20101 hrs ago
Its All About Me

It's All About MeI am 51 and over weight. I care only about myself. I start out putting the women I am with first and foremost but after about two months I turn it aro...

teddybear493463Jan 20151 hrs agoJan 2015
The Teradactyl has landed

The Teradactyl has landed!!Be ruthless in your opinion of my profile, give it to me with both barrels!...

Axelteradactyl2430Nov 20161 hrs ago

friendshiphello everyone i want a true and nice friend.............

Kamran3463650Mar 20131 hrs ago
Im not getting that many responses

I'm not getting that many responses..Why I'm not getting any responses?? Can u help me?...

davidholtjr3033Jun 20142 hrs agoJun 2014
Take a look

Take a lookYou might like what you see message me I'm always down for a conversation o...

Loverboy21593870Mar 20142 hrs ago
whats it all about

what's it all aboutI'm just reviewing the situation ya gotta pick a pocket or two :-):-):-)...

thewolfcrys2850Aug 20152 hrs ago
just me

just mehy just like some views on pics and profile , and stuff , honest ones please ladys , which pics are you drawn to ? x cheers and what do you think of p...

farout12345230Nov 20152 hrs ago
look no more the champ is here

look no more the champ is hereWhat needs to improve? Any Suggestions?...

zamba2g2161Mar 20142 hrs agoMar 2014
hottrod69er ladies only

hottrod69er ladies onlyhey ladies if u could take a few minutes and review my profile and give some feed back that would reaily be great.thankyou ....

debrouse3471Jan 20122 hrs agoJan 2012

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