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Wondering what holding up the worlds mirror will bring

Wondering what holding up the worlds mirror will bring?So mainly I find my age is a major factor in online dating, online mind you. Crazy that age 54 is too old for men my own age, what do you all think......

Sandy4real56224May 2015Jun 2015

lonelywala bang pinay dito na pwede maging kaibigan.....

hacker294680Jun 2015
Hi Id like to know your opinion about my pics

Hi.I'd like to know you'r opinion about my pics?which one of my pics is beeter than that? I want to feel you'r vote...

parsa9075812Aug 2010Jun 2015
Review me

Review meWould love some feedback...

germulla124530Jun 2015
i cant send u messege

i cant send u messegeYOU ARE PERFECT...

alexander4120Jun 2015

VERY HARD TO FIND A GUYI thought this is an honest site. I don't mind saying I am few pounds over weight, why do people still judge on the look? I am not looking for a one n...

kitty18115271Jun 2015Jun 2015
tettey0014244May 2015Jun 2015
new ro this

new ro thisjust wondered if anyone got any tips to help improve my profile thanks x...

danny56785912May 2015Jun 2015
any warm loving slim brunette petite women needing love

any warm loving slim brunette petite women needing loveif you think you can handle me the way I can handle you...

lookingforomance4410Jun 2015

sunnypearlwhat do you think of my pictures?::laugh:...

sunnypearl5281May 2015Jun 2015
is there anything wrong with me

is there anything wrong with me ????am i doing the right thing on here. as all i get is scamers maybe it is my photo in the tux ???? please tell me thank you martin.........

cheesy00014604May 2015Jun 2015
Just Do It

Just Do Itso ladies what you think message me...

Diamond1977513770Jun 2015
no reply

no replywhat is wrong with my proflie its just to honest in this site....

deo115343May 2015Jun 2015
nice and awesome Lady waiting to meet new people

nice and awesome Lady waiting to meet new peopleKnow more about you and I will tell you more about me. And we get to know each other...

Eliseah47474May 2015Jun 2015
I like this site

I like this siteI knew this site by chance . I try posting my pictures , my expect on it with curiousity and a little shyness . Give me your opinions about my pictu...

JoannaNgo4141May 2015Jun 2015
Anyone social

Anyone social?Looking for someone who is social and likes to talk about anything....

Danten4492May 2015Jun 2015
I want to know everything

I want to know everythingyou can criticise me, can explain what's good what's bad about me, can even guess if I'm an a**hole...

AlinaBert5136May 2015Jun 2015
Being myself

Being myselfI want to know what people rate my pics? hmmm... (out of 10) ... And with what type of female would you put me with?...

EvertonSpartan4590May 2015


vonshunrose4801May 2015May 2015
Do you remeber me Im still a live

Do you remeber me,I'm still a livewritte me only girl,,,,,,,,,,,,,...

faranhajt5082May 2015May 2015

HelloJust wondering what people think...

50dates8488Apr 2015May 2015
Hey yall I signed up last night Whats wrong with my profile

Hey ya'll I signed up last night. What's wrong with my profile?Maybe I'm not the right zodiac sign or too old/young or whatever. But I'm still looking for the right one for me. Yes I've been honest in what I'm l...

Sub4Master2651May 2015May 2015
how to attract the right guy for me

how to attract the right guy for me?if you have an advice ill gladly accept your helpful critisisms...

AnastasiaRed7375Dec 2013May 2015
Uhm yea Feel free to be be completely honest D

Uhm.. yea? Feel free to be be completely honest :DI'm pretty new to this and I'd love to hear your opinion!...

0BAM04450May 2015
Don Peppe

Don PeppeC'est parfait!!!...

Randy3222921May 2015May 2015

shunHolla back...

vonshunrose4200May 2015
be real

be realBe honest and tell me what u think about my whole profile...

Realguy19804982May 2015May 2015
whats wrong with me

whats wrong with meCan someone tell me what is wrong with my profile ive been here for almost 2 years and i cant find a descent man to call my own. Am i ugly or what......

lovergirl217037May 2015May 2015
Live and Honestly Love is worth more then the world

Live and Honestly.Love is worth more then the world.Likes and so much more to live with good caring as I will meet an honest one women heart to love.***...

HonestyLOVE13580May 2015
Looking for real love

Looking for real love!!Hi! I've been on connecting singles for 6 months, I erased my last profile and I'm giving it a try again! But I've been only contacted by scammers!! P...

Karla_335465May 2015May 2015
Review for me

Review for meHow does my profile look to you?...

DreamBoy454190May 2015
Hi there Any help or interest would be great

Hi there !!! Any help or interest would be great !looking for someone ! ((( THE ONE ))) Something REAL ! Would love any help with my profile ! THANKS...

Looking4mylady5471May 2015May 2015
love in the air

love in the airwhat do you think of my picture?...

tammy82276755Feb 2015May 2015
hi everyone

hi everyonei would like to meet someone...

Elenushka2,42922Nov 2014May 2015
How does my profile look

How does my profile look?Just looking for some advice... which of my pictures is best for a profile picture?...

zeezeebubs4571Jan 2015May 2015
do you like my profile

do you like my profileShould I change my picture, do I seem to boring....

facelove814680May 2015
Do you like my profile

Do you like my profile?Is there anything that I should add?...

AveryOneILove5990May 2015
whats wrong with

whats wrong withWhats wrong with my pics and profile Is there anything i need to change on my profile...

Locious24661May 2015May 2015
maannjani20154120May 2015
What should I change revise

What should I change/revise?Opinions please I don't need negative responses just constructive criticism without cruelty Many thanks...

stepiladi5172May 2015May 2015


rameshchat4190May 2015
is there anything wrong with my profile

is there anything wrong with my profile?Tell me what you think. Honesty is appriciated...

24damon3860May 2015

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