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hmmmwhat is missing from this I am really getting no where...

ShakenHeart2881Feb 2015Feb 2015


Grant1711820Feb 2015
Im new here

I'm new here!Happy Valentine's day to all lovers of freedom, justice, peace, equality and self-determination. Also i think it is unfair to say that everybody from...

Deanjo2470Feb 2015

hiABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRST_VWXYZ. . did i miss anything? ya,i miss U......

remorocks19902311Feb 2015Feb 2015
Are you interested

Are you interested?What do you think of my pictures?...

SEANkc242491Feb 2015Feb 2015
Became good friends with potential date on C S then

Became good friends with potential date on C.S then.......She turns out to be a relentless liar and complete fake, what to do? And how can you tell when sometimes there so convincing?? Meh...

Cheekyg1t4566Jan 2015Feb 2015
What do you think

What do you think?Im just open to any suggestions you have have to say :)...

Cardrabella4867Nov 2014Feb 2015
Would you date me

Would you date me?For ladies only!.....

Sweetxxx0073633Feb 2015Feb 2015

HiHello all!...

CarolinaMontoya2,56326Jul 2013Feb 2015
love me not what for who i am

love me not what for who i amlove has no ban dry...

Davidnicolas1720Feb 2015
allenwilly102581Feb 2015Feb 2015
i want to be on top here

i want to be on top ,herebecause i am the best I love this site and I know everything about anyone....hahahah!ohh...i am a litte .......

emma_20144152Jan 2015Feb 2015
This ought to be interesting LOL

This ought to be interesting LOLPlease feel free to express any and all thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Constructive criticism can be VERY useful. I may not agree with anything you...

Thayne2150Feb 2015
Come check snow ice

Come check snow_icewhat do you advice i amend? hate? Love?...

snow_ice1920Feb 2015
i just want to b reviewed

i just want to b reviewedHello tell me if i need to give more info I'm not that great at trying to giving details about myself also do my pics look ok? Thank ya good day...

paulm653134Jan 2015Feb 2015
I am new here

I am new hereThis is a Tahitian lady who needs your advice about her profile and what do you think of my pictures?...

hine20152770Feb 2015
Who has the right to Judge

Who has the right to Judge?I DO NOT CARE what the world says about beauty. I want to fall head over heels for a woman's mind, heart, and soul. I still believe there are real wom...

Thayne1840Feb 2015
CuntryB0Y853123Jun 2014Feb 2015
Just give a comment even thats a bit painful commen thanks

Just give a comment even that's a bit painful commen ... thanks.Is my profile enough to attract viewer? What do you think of my picture?...

pretttylady3856Feb 2015Feb 2015
fun friends

fun friendsam I too forward in what I am looking for?...

ohio19512460Feb 2015

callmebootsAny ideas on how to get to know new people fairly new to the are...

callmeBoots3996Jan 2014Feb 2015
First time does it look ok

First time does it look ok?Hi, just wondering if i have enough info on my profile. thank you for looking...

geefree2160Feb 2015
allenwilly102410Feb 2015
What do yall think

What do ya'll think?More pics?IDK...

cntrygrl452352Feb 2015Feb 2015
what do you think

what do you thinkdo you think this profile is ok or do you think i'm telling too much...

leezer3030Feb 2015
Brand spanking new on this site could do with some advice

Brand spanking new on this site... could do with some adviceHey all, I've just joined Connecting Singles and am relatively new to the online dating world. I'm basically on here to meet new people beyond my usua...

Legion7772611Feb 2015Feb 2015
Searching a true love

Searching a true love..I want trustful woman could you please find her for me ?......

dnishshanka2000Feb 2015
AnotherHuman2400Feb 2015
wondering what you think

wondering what you thinkim new to the dating site thing and could use a little help or tips. I find lots of woman starting to roll in conversations and when u think your gett...

robsno352980Feb 2015
Like or Dislike

Like or Dislike?Just curious.............

Sweetxxx0073080Feb 2015
What do you think about my profile

What do you think about my profile?Please share any suggestions for my profile. What do you think I can change? What is good and bad about my profile? What should I add/take out of my p...

swanson20182560Feb 2015
New to this

New to thisIs this good???...

jinomylin2C8022310Feb 2015
help on how to get ur profile right

help on how to get ur profile righti m never to dating website, so any suggestion is welcome, what i ve put is to the point n true...

priyaaha1950Feb 2015
Down to earth and tells it like it is

Down to earth and tells it like it is..OK never done this so please be alittle nice lol...I know Im far from perfect and dont claim to be,however,I think I do look like a nice looking lady....

honeyz462772Jan 2015Feb 2015
Just curious

Just curiousI am new to this so any advice would be helpful. Thank you....

lonelydad92560Feb 2015
I need your help with my profile

I need your help with my profileis my profile ok? what's wrong or good with it?...

Yazzan2060Feb 2015
To meet new people

To meet new I need to put more pics...

howie20142570Feb 2015
Im new here

I'm new herePlease what do you guys think of my profile? Is this thing like eBay?...

Deanjo2590Feb 2015
hello world India is not that bad

hello world India is not that badLast 7 days already sent 500 emails & flowers still no reply ???????...

trevis0friend2092Feb 2015Feb 2015
Hello How is everyone

Hello How is everyone?Wishing you all a good time and good luck!...

Peteruben642590Feb 2015
What you think about this one

What you think about this one?What do you think about the pictures? Which is the best for primary? How about my description? About the woman and about me? Is my language suffici...

Therightone4unow1940Feb 2015
do you like it

do you like itDo I need to add more...

knighted19871871Feb 2015Feb 2015
LifeThirst: "Couple"(meet us in the puzzles)

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