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Hi from Missouri

Hi from MissouriWhat can I do to improve my chances of finding Miss Right???...

Ktendicott2590Feb 2015
SOS need suggestions

SOS need suggestionsHey, guys is it good what i mentioned ? what do you think ? you can ask about me, but anything you teach or suggest will be very much appreciat...

Atragek23250Feb 2015
Ive never done this before

Ive never done this before??I want to know if I was personal enough...i dont like sharing too much over the internet....

cybilgrace2880Feb 2015
Is there a real man out there who thinks

Is there a *real* man out there who thinks?Honesty and compassionate are how people describe me and in all honesty, I can say this is true. So, I am looking for a man with...

Pemala2401Feb 2015Feb 2015
Tell if I am missing something

Tell if I am missing somethingHelp to improve it. What am I missing or take. Thanks...

Oceanliner3342Feb 2015Feb 2015
Looking for real relationship here

Looking for real relationship hereHi I am Job Abilo, 22years old I come from Papua New Guinea (PNG) Country in Pacific. My district is Balimo Middly Fly District and I am currently li...

Job_Abilo2920Feb 2015
Looking for real relationship here

Looking for real relationship hereHi I am Job Abilo, 22years old I come from Papua New Guinea (PNG) Country in Pacific. My district is Balimo Middly Fly District and I am currently li...

Job_Abilo1880Feb 2015
Looking for the right one

Looking for the right oneDo you like what you see and read about me? Why?...

JeromeAKAJay3010Feb 2015
ps I love

ps I love.......walks on the moon. I love eating at midnight. I like peting fishes. I have a pet snail. His name is snaly. I keep him in a jar. No...

spaciegrace2990Feb 2015

huh?Ok, what is this one? damn...remind me not click and drink...

AngelMA4143Jun 2014Feb 2015
A man on a mission

A man on a mission.Hello, I am a man on a mission. My true desire is to meet, match and marry. Will our great audience of people on CS please comment on my profile so th...

Riverskipper4343Feb 2015Feb 2015
Look over

Look over!Does my profile explain very understand able? Do u like the pic on the profile? Will add more if wish! Do give me ur thoughts and opinions on such ma...

whitedrew411th3333Aug 2014Feb 2015
new at this

new at thisDid I put enough what's missing please help thanks...

jents663391Feb 2015Feb 2015

helpwhats wrong with my profile please or is it that im to old...

tinkerbell0076567Feb 2015Feb 2015

suggestions?The works please. If something is off or seems messed up I would like to know. Thanks in advance....

XxThatRobGuyxX2670Feb 2015

Appetizerwill i get someone to love?...

DavidsMK3280Feb 2015
Is being curvy an answer

Is being curvy an answer?Of course it is not just about the looks, but, dear friends, tell me how to attract a man who can look beyond the curves. Is there something in my pro...

LaBelleFemme5517Feb 2014Feb 2015

What is wrong?Please let me know what is wrong with my profile; I know its a little bit long, but I do prefer it that way... but maybe thats the problem... and I o...

morganawolf87612Jul 2012Feb 2015
Love consists of freedom

Love consists of freedomAbout me: Love consists of freedom, so, if you love a person, never think yourself as a possessor, but as having given yourself up. If you lose that...

omonoountes4754Feb 2015Feb 2015
basak2380Feb 2015
Mr Not Perfect

Mr Not Perfect...I believe in love marriage.I want a girl for love/ for marriage Who are just like me. Who never do not be angry with me, Be sensitive t...

Abdulmanan03142680Feb 2015
more info

more info?Hello everyone, how much info should I give in my profile?...

Dara04062202Feb 2015Feb 2015

NewbyPretty green on here, any tips would be appreciated....

leTom2641Feb 2015Feb 2015

RelationshipI am Job Abilo 23years old. I am looking for woman age 18-30years. If you want to chat me, do Call/WhatsApp me +67572082633 or email: [email protected]

Job_Abilo2310Feb 2015
Stellaai2530Feb 2015
Do you know me Do I know you

Do you know me? Do I know you?Do you know me? Do I know you? Yes, we know each other indeed. How difficult, if not impossible, it is to find yourself in somebody else's heart an...

omonoountes2540Feb 2015
wrong in me

wrong in me?I am here in search of a 30+ rich and supporting lady who merry me and give me some financial support for starting my own business. Is I am wrong? I...

imgkhlo7862390Feb 2015
Devanshu19952441Feb 2015Feb 2015
Young full of fun

Young & full of fun,If u like what u see say g'day to Me,,...

EddyAdams783070Feb 2015
I dont get it

I don't get it!!I don't get why we all have to put this description of ourselves on the profile! Everyone puts the same thing: "I'm intelligent, funny, honest, devote...

busybody24087Nov 2014Feb 2015
be free

be freeWhat do you want to know? Tell members what kind of advice you're looking for... examples: 'do I sound too arrogant?', 'what do you think of my pictur...

Amidclarkson2461Jan 2015Feb 2015
Seeking Attractive Chubby lady with great legs

Seeking Attractive Chubby lady with great legsWould you women be interested in marriage to someone like me.....

TallBBWLOVER502141Feb 2015Feb 2015
Curious about whats going to happen here

Curious about what's going to happen here.I don't have a special request for the review. Sometimes I think that luck has forgotten me. haha As I'm not the kind of man that hints up on girls,...

Hagiot3220Feb 2015
Im new here

I'm new hereHey guys and girls I'm new to this site, looking to meet new people. Up for a chat any time.:)...

Beckii2870Feb 2015
desperate 55 yr old man

desperate 55 yr old manlooking for a lady who can travel to Coudersport pa and meet me for a good time....

bretzy2400Feb 2015
without love life is boring

without love life is boringthat is true or not tell me ladies...

shahbaz863960Feb 2015
How do i look

How do i look!Hi ladies, just wondering, is my photo ok for my profile or should it be changed and if yes, what should i do....

tommy500gunner3863Nov 2014Feb 2015

I AM WILLING TO MEET YOU DEARESTAll genuine and true guys out there, read my profile and comment please! God bless you all...

Angelicsmile533690Feb 2015
Looking for me right is he out there

Looking for me right is he out thereHey come check out my profile and let me know what u think of my pics...

Vitamin_c4552Jan 2015Feb 2015
Easy going down to earth with good sense of homor

Easy going,down to earth with good sense of homorWould like to meet someone who is easy going, down to earth, with a good sense of humor, and generally fun to spend time with. Someone who knows where...

dukuly323020Feb 2015
Just checking

Just checkingI just put down the truth about myself, just wanted to know if anything is too weird or too much....

Altair8132940Feb 2015
How does my profile sound

How does my profile sound? :)How is my profile in general? Feedback would be dope! <3...

Ignitespark2844Feb 2015Feb 2015
"PLAY NOW: Tic Tac Toe"(meet us in the games)

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