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Am I over reacting

Am I over-reacting?I have been getting lot of scammers it seems. Is it because I am not a "Well Dressed Man'? And think I am vulnerable, because of maybe being homely?...

AmIhim4U5352Feb 2016Feb 2016

teddywhich of my pics is best for my primary photo?...

aliciah17236612Feb 2016Feb 2016
I dont know what to put in my profile

I don't know what to put in my profileI'm open to suggestions...

CharlesMata164250Feb 2016
Is My Profile Too Boring

Is My Profile Too Boring?What more, or less should I say in order to get more responses? What pictures would be more attractive to add to my profile?...

Just_Me3617003Jan 2014Jan 2014
Havent clicked yet with the right one

Haven't clicked yet with the right one!!!Hi guys! Im very much new on this site just became a member yesterday and still feel maybe something is missing.Haven't received that much responses.....

sam2545065840Feb 2016
Just Want To Know Some General Honest Opinions

Just Want To Know Some General Honest OpinionsJust Want To Know Some General Honest Opinions...

jrdeleon25463Feb 2016Feb 2016
ladyhurt5760Feb 2016
LastStrike1,08817Feb 2016Feb 2016
Nobody contacts me

Nobody contacts me!I hope I have given enough information and nobody contacts me I'm on this site for almost 6 months and I hardly get any emails. Not sure what's wron...

Sanshank27,34476Jul 2012Feb 2016
Like it or not

Like it or not?if you like it, tell me. If not, move on....

kissfancanada3870Feb 2016
Its not as easy as I thought

Its not as easy as I thought.....I thought finding the one who would be real with me would be much easier once i get into online dating... but its just same old bullshit.. Girls ju...

johndvm8209Dec 2015Feb 2016

NEVER BE ALONE AND LONELY....... FOR LIFE IS A PRECIOUS GIFT !!!!Alone and lonely... its a big punishment of life. An open minded & easy going man. Want to meet a soulmate to have fun, love, pleasure, merry, change...

lad_gcc5180Feb 2016
Hello how is your evening

Hello how is your evening?Hello viewer's good day to you all. I I am I don't know if this is the site for me I am not getting any mails I send many but receive none can someone...

Illumio5110Feb 2016
Tell me what do you feel

Tell me what do you feel!All I m asking if that what kind of feel one gets from reading it....

Filmnoir674620Feb 2016
Why cant I find a nice older man

Why can`t I find a nice older man?I get a lot of profile reviews from older guys, but no contact other than a flower or one liner saying "You look great". I write back "thanks" and ne...

smoky3,30743Jun 2009Feb 2016
New to this

New to thisIm new to all this online dating i no am not the best looking guy but loooking for alittle help any ideas of what i should change or do....

Daz78915430Jan 2016
My first time on a dating site ever

My first time on a dating site everSo how does things work in here ?...

DancingTine7183Jan 2016Jan 2016
Hi I need some help with a profile review

Hi. I need some help with a profile reviewHi. I'm Peggy. I'm new here. I could use a little help from online dating veterans. I haven't had any luck since my divorce. What do I remove or add...

VermontVixen73011Jan 2016Jan 2016
Please Review my Profile

Please Review my ProfileI am seeking a Mature Lady who needs control in a relationship and am having a real problem finding same .What am I doing wrong ?...

Grannystoy4870Jan 2016

HELLO ONLINE VIEWERS......So how many of CONNECTING SINGLES....members are lucky to get enough honest mail in your inbox???? love for FIJI......

deo115100Jan 2016
Simply romantic but always true to my word I dont like liars

Simply romantic but always true to my word. I don't like liars.Simply romantic but always true to my word. I don't like liars....

RATNESH025530Jan 2016

smileHope you smiling too!!!!!!...

Charleme5562Jan 2016Jan 2016
does my profile look attractive or should i change

does my profile look attractive or should i changei dont get emails from real people...

cloe8890510Jan 2016Jan 2016
Does this profile say scammers welcome

Does this profile say "scammers welcome"?What can I put in my profile that will attract GENUINE women? How do I stop the deluge of mail from scammers?...

Geriatrix28188Jul 2015Jan 2016
An Asian man loves to marry a white lady

An Asian man loves to marry a white lady!!I am an Asian and I would love to marry a Beautiful European girl .i am rich enough i have business in England, just need mature calm nice and attract...

Ahtsham_Saeed88120Jan 2016Jan 2016

back again!not overly concerned , but interested enough to make changes if need be! if you think I should change photo, or anything speak up!...

quarterhorse1,2548Jun 2009Jan 2016


deo116795Jan 2016Jan 2016
my profile

my profileI'm looking to improve my profile, any suggestions?...

tomcatwarne5471Jan 2016Jan 2016
I would like a general overview of your thoughts

I would like a general overview of your thoughts.As I have said in the title... Feel free to comment on any part of my profile (Try to be kind please, I'm more delicate than I look :) )....

aloeluv5835Jan 2016Jan 2016
Time for some feed back

Time for some feed back...Time for some feed back......

Cullinaire6163Jan 2016Jan 2016

JanetHi my Name is Janet I am seeking men from 30 to 70yrs I have big boobs I am sexy I don't smoke I don't Drink I am a little larger I want relati...

Janet45672,11820Mar 2012Jan 2016
so lonely

so lonelyI hope there is someone here for me...

federol555556000Jan 2016
looking for white girl

looking for white girlhye i am looking for a white girl .if any one get interested do let me know thanks...

Ahtsham_Saeed4980Jan 2016
looks like people are sleeping

looks like people are sleeping !!!!no visits no comments no emails no e mails replies no nothing ....

Ahtsham_Saeed5390Jan 2016
Is this worth a look

Is this worth a look?Simple to the point? or not. Intriguing, or not. Let me know, and be honest please. Thanks, Lman27...

Lman274900Jan 2016
where are u Mr right

where are u Mr rightWhat do u think of my pictures?...

koya945922Jan 2016Jan 2016
Trust Honor Respect and love Values i learned in the Army

Trust, Honor, Respect and love. Values i learned in the Army.Am i asking to much to find some one who can Trust, Honor ,Respect and love me. Ever wonder why people in the military have a life long connection? it...

NYSTRONG5511Jan 2016Jan 2016
Hope theres someone out there for me

Hope there's someone out there for meWhere's all the real ladies at or even a reply or like or message :) would be nice...

Ardz305820Jan 2016


zayb14920Jan 2016
please help to improve my profile

please help to improve my profilehy everyone .i am new and i want your best suggestion to improve my profile .Please help and your help is very important here . thanks...

Ahtsham_Saeed5240Jan 2016

ARE U ALL TAKENBeen looking for a man to love is there something wrong with me...

honeyz469217Sep 2015Jan 2016
Is there something wrong with my profile

Is there something wrong with my profile?I'm wondering if it's my age (almost 40) or my country which cause rejection from men. Or my pictures are pretty bad. I only get a mail once a week an...

azucena20136334Jan 2016Jan 2016

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