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for your evaluation

for your evaluationplease let me know you opinion...

nicemanRiyadhnon9941Apr 2016May 2021
im happy to have found this clip of me between a bunch of friends in the 80s

i'm happy to have found this clip of me between a bunch of friends in the 80'sAnother video added...hope its making my profile stand out for better. I'll will try to add a video of me now, but in the picture is me now..only few...

Alexandro107737May 2014Apr 2021
Angel cute baby

Angel cute babyHi. Chat me baby -

Milla56424212Mar 2021Mar 2021
sissnsbb3902Mar 2021Mar 2021
just your neighborhood friendly stranger

just your neighborhood friendly stranger .I'm on this website to make friends internationally both male and female . Im a freelance online writer , trying to become a big shot novelist . Also...

Aceguy1115020Mar 2021
Hi is me

Hi, is meI'm looking for a man want my...

Claribel597401Jan 2021Feb 2021
I never have any lucc on finding love

I never have any lucc on finding loveCan someone help me find my soulmate...

Blue21406582Jun 2019Feb 2021

HonestyHow do I look in my pictures please be honest :)...

LoveSincere233580Feb 2021
Advice for my profile

Advice for my profileI think that I am honest and forthcoming in my profile. I also state that I don’t do wassapp or any other site but CS. Still I get gentlemen who ask f...

Bondadune3931Feb 2021Feb 2021
God willing

God willingMessage me if you are willing to be my lovely woman, I'm single and searching...

HenryJames1234140Feb 2021
Mr Right Where Are You

Mr. Right Where Are You!~Where are u Waldo!? Lolz...

angelic_gurl_851,4515Jul 2015Feb 2021
rihan_khan5783May 2020Jan 2021

foxyhello guys im new so be gentle lol.....

foxygal502,20122May 2016Jan 2021
Too romantic

Too romanticTo be honest, I am tired of being alone, and if I meet a partner, they very quickly begin to demand a lot from me and quickly slip away from any respo...

SuperBlondy3730Jan 2021

WellIn ready for the worst...

Idtapu904500Jan 2021

i would like your comment Please.Hi, ( Smiles ) I'm wondering if my profile is too long. which photo should I use for my profile?? do I need to make changes & what? I would like...

FMMoonshadow1,26310Nov 2017Dec 2020
I have been out of the dating scene for too long Help me sound relevant please

I have been out of the dating scene for too long. Help me sound relevant please.What do you think i could do better in writing my profile. Should I write less? More? I am at a loss, have no idea how to draw my digital presence....

CyberMe8597Jun 2020Dec 2020
New at this stuff

New at this stuffNew at this. Could use some help...

PrettyOddOne6021Dec 2020Dec 2020
Profile text

Profile textIs my profile text too short?...

Zebaztian_gold3810Dec 2020
State YOUR Claim Sista

State YOUR Claim Sista.....Women Are the Best Critique's. Ladies,Be Honest in your Endeavors & Ultimatums while Seeking to Fill the Void your Life Omits, which has you Reading...

515Bayside1613240Dec 2020
what is wrong in my picture

what is wrong in my picture?I am honest enough. Is there any lady to compitate with me. Let us start verbally. Come forward who want to fight with me. I am ready to Fight....

raghu110619714120Dec 2020
I am looking for a sincere woman

I am looking for a sincere woman...I am looking for a sincere woman.... Are there still such women on this site ?...


Helloooo :)I know I'm not that attractive but I know that I'm so cool....

Annamhatesyou3,50927Oct 2016Dec 2020
Is It Enough

Is It Enough?Am I clear enough describing the woman I'd like to meet? Is my main profile picture a good choice? Do I describe myself adequately enough?...

BobbyC74592Dec 2020Dec 2020
Do I really need to add photos

Do I really need to add photos?What do you think? Should I add pics to my profile?...

Valerie_3620Nov 2020
Help me

Help me??Honest opinions only. What would you change and what would you leave alone? Hoping for scam proof, nice guy friendly....

Taralyn7328May 2020Nov 2020

I am here to connect with others that are local to my area, Tampa and surroundings.I am here to have a nice conversation, interchange ideas, learn from other cultures etc. NOT LOOKING FOR A MATCH. I am happy being single and I enjoy...

southmiami43214200Oct 2020
Not easy being lonely

Not easy being lonely.Its hasn't been easy on me and my son for the past three year. Loneliness has struck me so hard. I'm scared of starting a new relationship. I'm too br...

Ckim857378Aug 2020Oct 2020


pamynaka9415Mar 2018Oct 2020
interested in reviews

interested in reviewsyour honesty...

willHagen2620Oct 2020
How did I do

How did I do...I am hoping someone likes my profile. JEH is mine....

PammySue3601,75211Dec 2015Oct 2020
Bela706788Aug 2019Sep 2020
come tell me you want me

come tell me you want mehello greetings with raindrops Its raining and thank god for that . I hate the sun in singapore ,too hot and humid for my taste . Anyway ,over the...

morgen902103980Sep 2020
Looking for hotties lovely and closure women

Looking for hotties , lovely and closure womenLover_66 Iam still witting your response at [email protected] With my love...

lOVER_663930Sep 2020
Would I find a serious relationship

Would I find a serious relationship?Does my profile portray a scammer, or a person here for financial benefits?...

Reailikefredy6704Mar 2020Sep 2020
the boomerang has been thrown but will it come back

the boomerang has been thrown, but will it come back?my profile is out there. it's honest, to a fault. But the silence is deafening. is it my very ordinary photos, of an equally ordinary man? Or am I jus...

irishboomerang4220Aug 2020

FMMoonshadowHello.( Smiles ) M.y name is Florence pleased to meet you. How do my Pictures look & should I delete my lengthly profile?? which photo should I use f...

FMMoonshadow3880Aug 2020
I hope my profile will atrract a decent guy

I hope my profile will atrract a decent guyHi there , please give me some honest feedback, will be very well appreciated...

Mimi02096691Aug 2020Aug 2020
Hi What u honestly think of my profile

Hi.What u honestly think of my profile.?What u think of my pics. and all i said on my profile.?...

Paul975142Oct 2019Aug 2020
How to improve

How to improve?Any words of wisdom are welcomed. What does my profile need?...

lisaofflorida647198Oct 2012Jul 2020
So will this attract a decent enough man

So will this attract a decent enough man?I know online probably isnt the best place to look for anyone decent but you know what I mean lol...

LizB894,76442Feb 2015Jul 2020
I am fantastic but

I am fantastic butI am in quarentine and I want someone to talk to Where is the chat? once I tryed it ,, I got nice chat ... where is it...

bonanata5705Jun 2020Jul 2020

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