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Smile for me

Smile for meHi I am new hear and the reason is to be here was to give love another chance to win this time , I am easy going relax and true nature lover m...

devrim483390Jan 2016

HiAm new here any lady to hook up with...

Endurancewhite3071Jan 2016Jan 2016
Love is very easy difficult is the heart to be free from narcissus

Love is very easy; difficult is the heart to be free from narcissus...We must know Some of the soul powers which are intention, opinion, freedom, will, memory, memorandum, imagination, option, desire, intellect, meditati...

omonoountes3520Jan 2016

hiwhat do you think of my picture?...

toyleen4981Jan 2016Jan 2016

Confused?????God made us all look different. Would be a boring world otherwise. Why do men want only the barbie doll or model type woman? It should be what's insid...

SweetMemories4402Dec 2015Jan 2016
Which photo of mine do you like most

Which photo of mine do you like most?What do you think of my photo? which of my pics is the best photogenic?...

jhosev3450Jan 2016

sartanaDo you think enough information is provided?what do you think of my profile picture?any suggestions how to make my profile more attractive?....

Sartana3800Jan 2016
tobetwoinlove3570Dec 2015
I want to love you madam

I want to love you, me......

tobetwoinlove3500Dec 2015
am a sexy down to earth Jamaican woman seek a down to earth an honest man to share along term relati

am a sexy down to earth Jamaican woman seek a down to earth an honest man to share along term relatiAm tired of looking an can't seen to anyone who is interested in me what is wrong with my profile an one interested in me feel free to call r email...

shaday5385Feb 2014Dec 2015
Wonderin if still theres men who are true and honest here

Wonderin if still there's men who are true and honest here.most of them iv chatted are not sincere , true and honest. They are fake and most of them just only wanted to play and wants S--!! ??????cant we be ju...

Grazes086275Dec 2015Dec 2015

helpWhat up with my prof I can't talk to anybody...

goodlistner3180Dec 2015
I request everyone to review my profile

I request everyone to review my profileI request all members to review my profile and do let me know what you think. Thanks....

mewarbhargav5292May 2012Dec 2015

THIS IS THE PATH HOW I WANT TO LOVE...About me: Love makes us feel safe and secure, loved and wanted. E.B.B., 1806 - 1861 POEM How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee...

omonoountes4412Dec 2015Dec 2015
rajkolekar4551Dec 2015Dec 2015
Updated Profile

Updated ProfileWould love to get some feel back on my newly updated profile....

Filmnoir673312Dec 2015Dec 2015
whos online

who's online?Hi everyone..I am looking for someone to chat who is honest and kind hearted man.....

AngelVihara5342Oct 2015Dec 2015
Please be kind but honest

Please be kind but, honest...How can I improve my profile? I realize location is a problem. And I am very shy so, don't post or socialize in the forums. Is there any hope for me?...

SpiceAndIce4392Dec 2015Dec 2015
I am new to this

I am new to thisHi ladies can i get some help with my profile thanks...

Edk833900Dec 2015
would appreciate your help

would appreciate your help...would appreciate your help... does anything seem out of place?...

newrob3360Dec 2015
whats missing in my profile

whats missing in my profilePlease review my profile .whats missing.i dont get much requests anymore as wen i first got on the site....

duminiso5448Dec 2015Dec 2015
am i that boreing

am i that boreingwat do men realy want? am i that boring i get viewed but very little comments. can u please let me know were in goin wronge...

fiona2951110Jul 2012Dec 2015

Helloo...I am a new member,,,,,...

mamun017145810483430Dec 2015
only for leadies

only for leadiesHi leadies...

rajeshpawar27493590Dec 2015
Hello Ladiessssss

Hello LadiessssssIm Here Waiting FOr Somene Interesting To Enter INto My Profle And Chat With Me :):)...

SonicMalta3870Dec 2015
Need suggestions

Need suggestionswhat you think about my profile ? need some thing to change in it ? hope hear you soon thanks in advance...

Moon3232323480Dec 2015
Guerilla Marketing at its Finest

Guerilla Marketing at its Finest!I keep getting replies from grandma types (and there's nothing wrong with being grandmotherly!), but I'm looking for someone a little different, as I...

FantasyArtMan6197Oct 2011Dec 2015
Is it bad if i say i dont care about age

Is it bad if i say i dont care about age ?I believe age is just a number and looks never matters if a girl is sweet caring and awesome that is all i need , but do you all think the...

maxero3401Dec 2015Dec 2015
khaleo4730Dec 2015
Love makes us feel safe and secure loved and wanted

Love makes us feel safe and secure, loved and wanted.The immortal words of Elizabeth Barrett Browning echo the sentiments of my heart A Man's Requirements BY ELIZABETH BARRETT BROWNING I Love me Swe...

omonoountes4060Dec 2015


aktar734520Dec 2015


bunny11914190Dec 2015
And then The Elephant Slipped in Cow dung

And then The Elephant Slipped in Cow dung !!Pardon the title.. just to grab your eye .. Review me.. want feedbacks...

bhattarghya4420Dec 2015
Updated Profile

Updated ProfileCarious to know what feelings one gets from reading my profile....

Filmnoir674090Dec 2015
im not having any luck on here what an i doing wrong

im not having any luck on here what an i doing wrongNot looking for a rs just cool positive people but not dating at the moment...

kenyu6236Dec 2015Dec 2015
need a hot woman to date

need a hot woman to datehello there I want to meet a woman who is caring and open minded. if anyone is interested than dont hesitate...

kamenrider703320Dec 2015
Wierd or not

Wierd or not?There are so many questions out there that truly is hard to answer, but from my point of view, gone are the days where love is something that is worke...

GusL894582Dec 2015Dec 2015
waaw no respond

waaw no respondaw how can u meet someone if there is no respond on these site???...

smartgov4170Dec 2015
Hi there

Hi thereHow can I meet someone if I don't have any email responses?...

Siscoba3850Dec 2015
what should i change

what should i change ?Hi I am just wondering whats wrong with my profile as I dont seem to get any mail from anyone,what should i do ? looking for honest answers from the...

kidathart4021Dec 2015Dec 2015
Let me know what you beautiful women think

Let me know what you beautiful women think?Am I going to get some women friends here or not?...

JohnnyCakes3604863Dec 2015Dec 2015
What do you think of my Profile

What do you think of my Profile?I said let me give a try and hear what people think of my profile. Men and Woman :)...

EnjoyYourMoment4032May 2012Dec 2015
jarred1: ": jarred1 Puzzle"(meet us in the puzzles)

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