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There is something wrong

There is something wrong!Few years recently I sometime wonder if there is something wrong with myself?! Because I CAN'T fall in love with ANYONE! I fall in love with being...

MimiHN2168May 14May 18
WRITING Know Your Environment

WRITING - Know Your EnvironmentMost authors have the core, the kernel of their idea. It may be the climax of the trilogy - The Federation regains control of the shipping lanes and c...

Grumpywriter20417May 17May 18
How the Narcissist Uses Gossip

How the Narcissist Uses GossipHow the Narcissist Uses Gossip...

jarred1137-May 18
ugly folks will understand

ugly folks will understandAs most of you know, Im single again ..,and its not like I really miss sex, but I love bitching about not getting any yeah once again I started...

Dedovix28526May 17May 17
Ruby throated legal aliens

Ruby throated legal aliens.....should be here any day. When the crab apple red flowers bloom (their favorites), it's not long before they fly in. Weighting in at about a few pennies...

Aaltarboy1325May 17May 17

"RAMBLIN MAN"..("RAMBLE ON")..(106)It Is Of Great Relief For This "Ramblin Man"...To Have The Disticntion... Of Being Able To Come On Line During This Time Frame..............Actually.....

namaron266-May 17May 17
Music to work to

Music to work to?I like to have music in the background when I'm working but I get bored with the usuals. Anyone looked at the music offered for studying? Whale song,...

Elegsabiff68291May 16May 17

DramaIf I could create a program to sort thru profiles and weed out some of the most undesirable ones, I guess it would simply filter for the word "drama"....

chame1eon_again36430May 16May 17
hi everyone

hi everyonei have to say goodbye to cyprus,loved talking to you all,but i know when im beaten,take care all of you its been a blast,dave...

scorpion123452983Dec 2010May 17
The sarcastic dismissive delete blog

The sarcastic/dismissive delete blog.Following the runaway success of the- comments occasionally open blog, as the title suggests here you can expect a dismissive or sarcastic reply and t...

pat8lanips36119May 17May 17


jarred1117-May 17
Track161526May 17May 17
3 main responses

3 main responses. . ..The haters The ones who wait And the procrastinaters As I have no need or interest to hear or read anyone's response or opinion I will sit b...

oldblue54198-May 17
Track161407May 17May 17

LoveDo you miss the word " I love You " in your life ?...

ali11021417May 16May 17
So What You Dont Need Them

So What (You Don't Need ThemSo What (You Don't Need Them...

jarred1111-May 17

Burn!!!!"The time I burned my guitar, it was like a sacrifice. You sacrifice the things you love. I love my guitar." .........Jimi Hendrix..........

posolet140-May 17
Different Types Of People In The World

Different Types Of People In The WorldDifferent Types Of People In The World...

jarred1104-May 17

I AM WHAT I AMI AM WHAT I AM it's a request to all of you?...

jarred1135-May 17
10 Blogs Because

10 Blogs.... Because->Every site that has social intercourse via blogs... has its resident nut-cases. CS has two in particular. One who clearly has a sharp mind and a...

AlanStagg31116May 17May 17
If you hear someone saying mean things behind you back response

If you hear someone saying mean things behind you back ... response ->Oh diddums... but you did respond He took you hook, line & sinker. Your "If you hear someone saying mean things behind you back" blog sa...

AlanStagg24911May 17May 17
Why oh why

Why oh whyWhy ,God why did you make me watch this , Im only human ...weak and sad ,I wasn`t ready for this ,now Im gonna take a cold shower I`ve lost my mind...

Dedovix18610May 16May 17
If a picture is worth a thousand words

If a picture is worth a thousand words......A picture cannot always say everything about a person:. What people say about their self or how they look and say... People express their selves in a...

Candigirl882039May 16May 17
If you hear someone saying mean things behind you back

If you hear someone saying mean things behind you backIf you hear someone saying mean things behind you back don't assume you hearing it wasn't the actual intention. Often it is to get a reaction out of y...

jarred1135-May 17
What is the deal with false memories

What is the deal with "false" memories?......The evidence seems to be that most have them, but oddly, usually only at certain times in life. In quite young years, some appear, and seem to confuse...

Aaltarboy16714May 7May 17
10 blogs

10 blogs...On the first page all by the same person all disallowed comments !!! WTF is the point ?...

oldblue54217-May 16

"UNDERSTANDING MAN"..("REALITY")..(55)One Cannot Spends Ones Life....Trying To Be Happy...When Day After Day..Adding Up In Years....Its The Same Ole Stuff Every Damned Day...Maybe Its Best...

namaron36143May 16May 16

"MAKING IT SOUND SO NICE"Its The Same Idea As Life insurance...Thats What They Call It..Life Insurance...When In Fact..Its Actually "Death Insurance"...But As Mankind Is..He M...

namaron20024May 15May 16
Armed and Dangerous My weapon of defence

Armed and Dangerous,---My weapon of defenceSitting on a chilly but awesome spot at the beach, in my car, windows rolled down The seagulls fluttering around, hoping I had some nibbles to feed t...

Fieryred701808May 16May 16
It might just get us thinking about

It might just get us thinking about.....spirituality. Not being trained formally in physics (astro-, particle-, modern-, quantum-, etc.), just merely a wannabee dilletante, I still know whi...

Aaltarboy16215May 16May 16
Mothers day blah blah blah

Mothers day, blah,blah,blahLike any other day, serve them,serve them, serve them....selfish little monsters. Kids just want to have food and fun. I am grateful for they are...

bloodyawfull22911May 15May 16
Willy34111333May 16May 16
Some People Never Know

Some People Never KnowSome People Never Know Paul McCartney No one else will ever see how much faith you have in me, Only fools would disagree that it's so, Some peo...

jarred186-May 16
If you respect someone too much

If you respect someone too muchIf you respect someone too much your brain will make you try to impress him, did you find yourself one day trying to impress a kid or a mentally ill p...

jarred1189-May 16
Im here to observe

I'm here to observeI am not really here to learn. I'm here to observe not all strangers are bad people but it is better to be safe...

jarred1116-May 16
Track161281May 16May 16
o*al Sex is Good for a Womans Health

o*al Sex is Good for a Woman’s Health!o*al Sex is Good for a Woman’s Health!...

jarred1154-May 16
The Fan zine

The Fan-zineBeethoven is known to have attended the concerts of the Italian guitarist Mauro Giuliani. He was appointed to the court of the Empress Marie Louise N...

posolet112-May 16
Just what is it about yawns and contagious yawning

Just what is it about yawns, and contagious yawning?What are the reasons behind this common human (and animal) behavior? Reading my blogs and posts, of course, will automatically do so, as with other te...

Aaltarboy47744May 15May 16
Art of living

Art of living:Art of living: First of all,dont make friends. if made,dont go close to them. if gone,dont like them. if liked,then plz.. dont leave them. Good N...

jarred186-May 16
Track16990May 16
since when do women find mans butt important

since when do women find man's butt important ?since when do women find man's butt important ?I never thought about that. women checking out man's butt?...

jarred199-May 16

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