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"Truth to power m**erf**ker "Fresh off there Tim Horton sugar high I see our Canadian refugees have embarked on their usual rant on OUR President.....I hope the support cats survi...

Drcoctail40818Jan 4Feb 14
He said She said

He said, She said.........He said, She said......... 1. THINGY (thing-ee) n. Female...... Any part under a car's hood. Male..... The strap fastener on a woman's bra....

4MaryB3435Jan 2009Feb 14
A familiar pattern here on the blog page

A familiar pattern here on the blog pageFor those who manage to evade the constant bombardment of caustic shyte flinging, attention whoring, self promotion and the inexhaustable blathering o...

BadlyDrawn42121Jan 17Feb 14

Kamala Harris Polling Poorly Among Unborn BabiesU.S.—In an early poll on the 2020 race, Democratic primary candidate Kamala Harris has shown to poll poorly among one demographic: unborn babies....

Willy34111816Jan 29Feb 14

PELOSI LEARNS THE HARD WAY SHE CAN’T OUT-TRUMP TRUMPPresident Donald Trump canceling the Democrats’ seven-day trip to Europe and the Middle East because they should be in town negotiating an end to the...

Willy34111,14393Jan 18Feb 14
The rock and the hard place a modern microstory about business

The rock and the hard place - a modern microstory about businessThe company I worked for, after beating off many attempts at hostile takeovers in the past, was shocked when several of our opposition, including our...

Elegsabiff24014Feb 10Feb 14
Willy341117712Feb 9Feb 14

Sex or making loveI s there a difference between sex and making love ?...

Abby19632,143116Oct 2016Feb 14

BerrySmoothieI’ve brought you these And in case you don’t like that one, this one is on standby...

MiMiArt267-Feb 13Feb 14
Raising my erection level

Raising my erection levelAs it's valentines day Honest answers please When was the last time you had any kind of s*xual interaction with a member of the opposite or if t...

Onthcrestofawave30224Feb 13Feb 14

Good fun interview by Trevor Noah of Republican Chris ChristieChristie has a new book out, that he is hawking and that is probably why he agreed to the interview. Some interesting statements were made during th...

JimNastics800Feb 13
JimNastics1462Feb 13Feb 13

The Senate will vote on....AOC's green new deal. Brilliant move by the turtle of the US Senate. Now all alt left senators will be on record for how they see this moronic semi ri...

Vierkaesehoch1632Feb 13Feb 13
Track161895Jan 15Feb 13

Demographic ProblemThis video is from 10 years ago. Was the prediction accurate? You be the judge. The decline of fertility rate in Western civilization is dropping f...

Willy341152521Jul 2018Feb 13

Reminded of another....Chap.Satire from The Borowitz Report El Chapo Says He Is Victim of Phony Witch Hunt By Andy Borowitz 10:33 A.M. NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—...

JimNastics910Feb 13

That's LifeSome have probably already heard of him but when hundreds of lives can be saved by one person it bears repeating. Sir Nicholas Winton who organise...

Willy34111191Feb 13Feb 13
let the clowns do their dog and pony show

let the clowns do their dog and pony show.................... let the clowns do their dog and pony show...

jarred1113-Feb 13

"LT. CLINT LORANCE"When You Are In A War Zone...Like In Afghanistan......................One Mistake?.............................. And You Can Be History Real Fast Lt...

namaron1231Feb 12Feb 13
Went way over your head

Went way over your head................... Went way over your head....

jarred1114-Feb 13
Resurection of a Peace Maker

Resurection of a Peace MakerTexas -2017 The old man in Texas I talked to on the phone told me it was his grandfather's. Allegedly his grandfather, a town constable back then,...

Ken_1919516Feb 11Feb 13

Newsweek - hot off the (digital) pressMueller Probe 'Going to Get to Russian Conspiracy,' Former Federal Prosecutor Says By Jason Lemon On 2/12/19 at 2:35 PM Special counsel Robert M...

JimNastics1467Feb 12Feb 13
The last of a dying breed chivalry makes a come b

The last of a dying breed. chivalry makes a come bThis is my first actual blog so please bear with me. This blog is simply to help me and hopefully others to realize one clear truth... I am not alone...

silvertounge4398May 2012Feb 12

One of the greatest movies ever made.I just got done watching it on TV AGAIN, while I was working on cropping photos from today. Terrific actors, wonderful story with many intense ca...

JimNastics1172Feb 12Feb 12
A question for the Irish

A question for the Irish.....One of my favorite Irish groups is The Corrs. One of the tunes played by them (see below) is 'Toss the Feathers'. Do any of the Irish blogger's kno...

Hans47112108Feb 11Feb 12

Lets work together to build friendships, rather than build walls to divide us.Yesterday in The Huffington Post MLK’s Son Criticizes Mike Pence: My Father ‘Was a Bridge Builder, Not A Wall Builder’ Martin Luther King III...

JimNastics63043Jan 22Feb 12
Murdered in America

Murdered in AmericaDid you know any of these women or who they were?

Ken_19124-Feb 12

Oxymoron'sSometimes things just don't make sense! 1. Is it good if a vacuum really sucks? 2. Why is the third hand on the watch called the second hand?...

bcjenny780Feb 12
English is so weird

English is so weirdLimericks by sound, and by spelling - There once was an old man from York who took a fat pig for a walk, when asked "why this was, he said...

Elegsabiff22417Feb 12Feb 12

"THE HANG MAN'S NOOSE""Because Some Young Teen Agers Wrote Garffiti On The Walls About You?.................You Had Them Tortured For Over Forty Days.......When Their Paren...

namaron1758Feb 11Feb 12
Track161212Feb 12Feb 12

"A VERY THIN LINE"Walk Softly My Friend.......................................As If You Were Walking On Egg Shells........................And You Could Not Make A Noise...

namaron960Feb 12

RememberI Remember My Love was here I Remember When She comment I Remember When She reply on my behalf I Remember When She send me Flowers I Remember He...

timotie20411Feb 11Feb 12
Really REALLY honest profile comments

Really REALLY honest profile commentsYou want honest profiles? I found some spotted on websites, pruned out the crudest, sharing twenty of those that made me blink. These were all from p...

Elegsabiff33718Oct 2018Feb 12
Finally it is Happening

Finally it is HappeningDear all, I am pleased to finally be able to say that my fiancee has her Subclass 300 Visa to come and live in my country. I will be flying ou...

Halv077428Nov 2013Feb 12


Unknown2172Feb 2009Feb 12
sweetkitten45984Aug 2012Feb 12
just me

just me.....hello .......

teenameena79112Dec 2015Feb 12
quite an interesting day

quite an interesting dayso check this out, my ex's hoe come to the house, we start talking and she finally understood why i have been so pissed off and hate her, then she tol...

bambiena69824Dec 2013Feb 12
no 2 bullying

no 2 bullying !!The girl you just called fat is bulimic, the boy you said was stupid is dyslectic, the kid you tripped gets abused at home. If you dont know, dont jud...

Townsend5809Jan 2012Feb 12

helloHi there up late can't sleep hmu ladys. I'm just a simple country guy with no drama....

joshinsumrall58011May 2016Feb 12

randomIm awsum and so r u...

jacob205289Nov 2012Feb 12
galrads: "Take Your Breath Away"(meet us in the USA forums)

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