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a kind of magicBig brand new rented car parked in narrow road. Add Spanish drivers, who are not always wonderful. Mix and stir, and you get a scrape across 2 door pa...

Elegsabiff116209 hrs ago4 hrs ago

Advice to scammersIf you are serious about convincing me that you genuinely are Christine from Manchester, recruit a fluent English speaker as your accomplice....

Harbal30739Apr 14Apr 17

Revenge Or Forgiveness?What Makes You Happier? What is not often addressed is the effect over time. We do sometimes see stories about what it's like coming home from w...

daniela77785293Mar 20Apr 16

kombuchaPut down my first batch yesterday And one tried making this or any other ?...

OIdblue1929Mar 30Apr 9

Inspiration? Thanks, but no thanks...On March 30, blue did a nothing blog about a fermented drink called Kombucha. He mentioned the name, said he put down his first batch and asked if an...

chatillion1638Apr 8Apr 8

Charges dropped against Jussie SmollettHmm, does this equate to "complete and total exoneration"? My reaction to the initial story was to wait and see more info. My reaction to more in...

BadlyDrawn1427Mar 26Apr 4

Taking things just a step further....on the topic of renewing relationships, long seemingly dead. Then there are those we sometimes hear of, whereby one partner is gravely ill, with littl...

Vierkaesehoch1290Mar 31

CoregasmJust got back from an incredible 3 week trip around Ireland. I finished chatting with an old friend on the phone and decided to get back to my exercis...

lshtar1,13388Jul 2018Mar 28

EMOTICON LIBERATION FRONT (ELF) Emoticons For All!I've noticed that some of our bloggers, especially the newer ones, do not use emoticons. Which makes me Emoticon BTW. Some of these poor souls reso...

miclee1,46940Apr 2016Feb 27

I think I figured it outI think that I first have to post and then include pics using the edit feature? I would have asked but I think it's bad blog etiquette and maybe even...

BadlyDrawn1315Feb 19Feb 19

If you're a hypocrite and you know it...clap your hands... Is that thunderous applause I hear? I didn't think so. I see it. I feel it. I know it about myself but I'm seemingly unable...

BadlyDrawn1062Feb 17Feb 17

Profiles, first responses and the big hook........hopefully, none of us on CS will recall the days of real live Vaudeville shows. A pretty wild, often raucus, and very non-forgiving time to be a s...

Vierkaesehoch1545Feb 11Feb 11

my bucket list...I'm thinking of the right tools for the job. Most of the vacuuming is done in my cleaning project, but the fine dust is more than my shop vac can ha...

chatillion17914Feb 8Feb 9

How is it the the awesome infallible....becomes fallible? Somehow can't open in or outmail here. Also, can't read all your wisdom in responses to my rants. I've asked CS to check things. In...

Vierkaesehoch1022Feb 1Feb 1

MotivationGo after what you really love and find a way to make that work for you then you'll be a happy person. ~Tom Petty~...

sandyxsandy910Jan 18

Studio Floor Plan...Testing the upload function to a floor plan I created for Len....

chatillion1397Jan 10Jan 16

Tenants from hell ... suggestions welcomeThis applies in SA but anyone with suggestions within general law, please shout out - Friend of mine bought a house with a cottage which had sitti...

Elegsabiff946-Oct 13Jan 13
How to increase size

How to increase size?Thought I'd find the answer down below so I've just spend the past 20minutes playing about down there thinking hoping I would figure/work it out for m...

itchywitch63821Jun 2018Jan 9

Dots what I see...or don't see. As I scroll up and down the list of members and their blogs, there is a 'dot' indicator showing on the profile photo who is online (gre...

chatillion1817Dec 26Dec 27

CommentsCan we correct typo's on replies on comments ? I make so many lol...

1_SPCTR24819Dec 5Dec 18

Too much paper down the pipe...The house I'm living in was built 70 years ago and fitted with a septic tank about 10 feet from the back of the house. The city did an upgrade connect...

chatillion21613Nov 22Nov 23

Rubber...Rubber is a flexible latex product produced from the juice of a rubber tree. In varied process, it's mixed with other chemicals to create different pr...

chatillion1286Nov 18Nov 18

Emotional Baggage or Life Experiences?Emotional Baggage are negative emotions that we should try not to carry over onto the next relationship, whereas experiences are memories, things that...

daniela7771,18372Apr 2017Nov 13

Blog '#173' -The Face In The Explosion.I b'lieve it's just to the left of the center of the explosion...kinda like the profile of an alien looking up and to the right. Does anyone else s...

miclee1695Nov 6Nov 7

Fork it over, Fork it under...I had an uncle who used his fork with the tines curved down. He was a fast eater and always seemed to take another bite of food before he was finished...

chatillion19412Oct 25Oct 27


Unknown1651Oct 25Oct 25
stringman1080Oct 21
Advice wanted I want to be a tramp or hobo

Advice wanted:- I want to be a tramp or hoboDue to circumstances that were probably under my control I have decided to become a man of the streets. There is a difference between tramp and hob...

Mapmaker96587Sep 24Oct 12

Comparing the mangle to a glove filled with porridgeHandshakes fascinate me. I think mine is ok, but then I would. Some offer just the fingers, or the vrot (rotting) banana. Some seize a hand as if ring...

Elegsabiff57774Sep 30Oct 3
to find

to findIS there a mature man that is interested in a mature women that can keep up with the 35 yr old young women,,,ok may be not with a goddess body......

heavenlystars1,08335Aug 2016Sep 10

Looking for help with Outlook.comMy Outlook mailbox recently gave itself an upgrade and seems to have lost my email address in the process. Now when I try to sign in it comes up with...

Elegsabiff491-Aug 26Aug 26

First impression.Written out of boredom. I tried to read my mail since I am bored stuck at home for two long days. I don't pay attention to younger people. I c...

usha12339617Aug 2018Aug 2018

The Problems With ReadingDuring my teacher training courses (Teaching of English as a Foreign Language) in Germany, we were taught how to make students aware of the different...

daniela77743745Aug 2018Aug 2018

WaitingI've got approx an hour to wait and nothing to read. An hour is too short for some things and too long for others. Ways of filling time? (Othe...

Elegsabiff34434Aug 2018Aug 2018
E mail

E-mailWe keep an eye on our inbox all day long, because imagine that you miss an email....

jarred1133-Aug 2018
The Art of Getting What You Want

The Art of Getting What You WantSome people could be considered by others like experts in this type of "Art" Let`s share about it... How to use confidence and technique to get what...

single_again4u22610Aug 2018Aug 2018
How To Easily Lucid Dream Tonight Best Guide Of 2018 Beginners Best Practices Common Problems

How To Easily Lucid Dream Tonight! (Best Guide Of 2018) Beginners, Best Practices, Common Problems(Best Guide Of 2018) Beginners, Best Practices, Common Problems By practice...make it a habit...don't try it too hard...relaxed. The first scientifi...

iotaoo1464Jul 2018Jul 2018

Coming up with ideasI moved from one city 100 miles south to another city about two months ago. I actually moved to the town of my birth on the gulf of Mexico coast line...

UnFayzed2296Jul 2018Jul 2018

Tired of the same boring blogs every day ?Some people want to control what you see. Strange isn't it ? They don't want you to see newer blogs, especially if there's something that doesn't...

JimNastics56430Jul 2018Jul 2018
Practical illustration

Practical illustration...Struggling with the concepts of class members in object oriented programming languages, asked my daughter for explaining with the help of an example o...

iotaoo2412Jul 2018Jul 2018

Dealing with daily stressHow to cope with life pressures how to stay stress free...

Trucker162378Jun 2018Jun 2018
Interior decor advice

Interior decor adviceApart from the lamps, I plan to copy the below to a T.... but since there is no staircase in view, I have to go with my own thoughts when matching up...

itchywitch71339Jun 2018Jun 2018
4MaryB: "friendship is like a rose "(meet us in the ecards)

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