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Self-Improvement Blogs (390)

Here is a list of Self-Improvement Blogs. A Blog is a journal you may enter about your life, thoughts, interesting experiences, or lessons you've learned. Post an opinion, impart words of wisdom, or talk about something interesting in your day. Update your blog on a regular basis, or just whenever you have something to say. Creating a blog is a good way to share something of yourself with others. Reading blogs is a good way to learn more about others. Click here to post a blog.

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It can’t start the Cox.I agreed earlier on someone else’s blog. Of course I really have no idea what I agreed to because it was limp sided gibberish. So I agreed. I didn’...

Wrinklylove270Jul 12Go to Last Post

My daily quotes ??As we continue to fight on our daily lives. Do not fear of failure, but be terrified of regret. Giving up is the birth of regret?? priceless??...

Periwingkles400Jul 10Go to Last Post

Job interview done!My major interview was today. Yesterdays interview was just a short one, while today was the interview, that will determine if I get the job or not....

Philipsen1499Jun 3Jun 17
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The monkey and me...I saw a blog a few weeks ago that had a YouTube video featuring a public speaker talk about goals and procrastination. Using some visuals, he was the...

chatillion1224May 28Jun 17
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Time to healThis is a peaceful thread so please don't start a riot or use obscene language. As a human being watching the World implode over the incident in Mi...

germanspitz2,483218Jun 10Jun 15
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When you hit rock bottom...............Remember, if you can be successful once, you can get back up, dust yourself off, and do it again. You only need to remember one person w...

Willy341143422Apr 2019Jun 11
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Critical thinkers...and the real racists...... Oh, whats the use? It won't change any minds, and serve only to tick more people off. Even gray old dogs can learn a few...

Vierkaesehoch1553Jun 4Jun 11
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Hold your ownWhen time pulls lives apart, Hold your own. When everything is fluid and when nothing can be known with any certainty, Hold your own. Hold it...

MetaMaus1193Jun 6Jun 7
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HOW DO I FIND THINGS TO MAKE ME HAPPYFirst, by being honest about the things that do make you happy. Most of us lie about what would really make us happy due to what others may think abou...

Pearl7942Jun 7Jun 7
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28 August 2020, a day to mark28 August 2020, a day to mark The family of George Floyd will lead a march on Washington to mark the 57th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s fa...

MetaMaus1838Jun 4Jun 7
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Wait, what's happening?I made a very, very long post on Facebook a while back, where I told people, that I had applied for 400 jobs, without hearing back from 394 of them. F...

Philipsen970Jun 4Go to Last Post
Searching far and wide

Searching far and wideSo here I am talking about looking for the best match but it seems in reality you can't find that real match the reality is that everyone or every th...

JETREX890Jun 3Go to Last Post

Hoarder...I made a sales call to a customer who admits being a hoarder. I shook my head and said I understand. Wanting to know my story, she asked and I said it...

chatillion1363May 22May 27
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Can this superfood smoothie naturally relieve joint pain? have not tried this myself but might be worth a try for those who may joint pain....

stringman25410May 20May 22
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The kaleidoscope of colour which is my life shows the choices I made along the way

The kaleidoscope of colour which is my life, shows the choices I made along the way.Hi to everyone This is my first entry/attempt as a blogger, which makes me a newbie to this. I'm proud of myself for taking this first baby ste...

awholenewworld27621May 2May 3
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Accomplishment...I'm enjoying the freedom of not having a job, but my list of accomplishments seems to have fallen off the face of the earth! Quote me on this: "I'm ge...

chatillion1083Apr 28Apr 28
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Learn something from history already

Learn something from history already!I really wonder what schools teach these days. Talk to high school graduates and they have so little knowledge of the past now. I know even when I was...

Orzzz34926Apr 23Apr 24
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My Covid 19 Blog

My Covid-19 BlogHello lovers! So many blogs about this famous virus so I decided to just post one of my own. March 2, we had our first case here in Jordan gove...

Crazyheart3850948Apr 20Apr 21
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Not on Quarantine

Not on QuarantineHello everyone. Long time no see. Hope you all are doing ok in this world craziness. Please stay healthy and safe all. Anyway, in Riyadh still keep...

missChelli1817Apr 20Apr 20
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Hey EveryoneI been noticing on fb and even here, it seems like the depression levels are up because of the virus thing. Not being able to live normally don't help...

Track161994Apr 6Apr 7
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Sheeee-zammmm!This separate paragraph...... writing business..... really isn't so bad.... after all! I don't understand why no one ever brought it to my...

Vierkaesehoch49223Apr 3Apr 5
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I'm gone...Sometimes you have to do what you have to do... That said, I've had enough of this place. I'm gone! Besides, I was up at 5am and did a marathon o...

chatillion34211Mar 31Apr 2
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Science, government, policy, statism, populism-right and LEFT, truth...........Bravo and I were walking into the government offices of this little ocean hamlet, VERY ham. On our way to pay confiscatory taxes---money on its w...

Vierkaesehoch2346Mar 27Mar 27
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One door closes.....another opens, with all the worldwide qvetsching about novid 19, all the gloom and doom, I boldly ask, what about the PLUS sides of this latest pander demic...

Vierkaesehoch23916Mar 18Mar 20
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True love riddle now explained 20 03 19

True love... (riddle now explained 20-03-19)Is like you being drunk as a skunk and me waking you up when you just fell asleep an hour ago. Hungover and angry as hell. True love is like the bo...

tame971693Mar 19Mar 19
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A game you can play at homeSome of you are cooped up at home, unable to roam the streets, like you 'normally' do. Sure, some make fun of the ineptness of the president....

JimNastics993Mar 17Mar 17
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Life Is Short

Life Is ShortI work at a cancer center. I can’t say too much about it because it’s a HIPAA violation but in the midst of making fun of people super worried about C...

Mermaidhair1712Mar 11Mar 11
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What Is A Blog

What Is A Blog?According to Google ( that dirty b...), a blog is a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is...

BadlyDrawn31914Mar 3Mar 4
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Help!Seeing that there are so many experts in all fields on the blogs , Im hoping for someone to solve a small problem for me. The underwater helicopt...

Lukeon1693Feb 29Mar 1
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Just how NEUROTIC can a guy get?.......Sigmund Freud was way off on most things. But he had a few things to say worth listening to. One was p*nis ENVY, present, to varying degrees, in e...

Vierkaesehoch33014Feb 27Feb 28
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Sexy legMy leg got a make over.

Willy34112139Feb 27Feb 28
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Id love to

I'd love to...Change the world.

BadlyDrawn147-Feb 14Go to Last Post

Aging GracefullyInspiration for Taking charge of my life and age gracefully was given to me by a female blogger. She wrote : “Instead of trying to find ways to cop...

bhaywardt2909Jan 22Feb 2
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Up the river...If you've seen any old mobster movies (especially centered in New York City) you may have heard the idiom "Up the River" that was reference to someone...

chatillion1567Jan 30Jan 31
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The Origin of The Cat with 9 lives

The Origin of "The Cat with 9 lives"The Story goes, that there is a lion in Heaven who guards the 9 gates in which We enter through. So, since there are 9 gates they needed 9 lions to g...

tame971020Jan 30Go to Last Post

Resolutions...Making you all proud?......Mz Know it All.........So there we were, all in one of our Tuesday morning groups, without any loud laughers in the cafe. Really nice company, a dozen folks, all ages,...

Vierkaesehoch2512Jan 14Jan 28
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Willy, our patriotic friend.........I really thought I had reached a limit, in having the lovely little lady creatures here on our awesome CS grit teeth at me, any more than I've alr...

Vierkaesehoch1926Jan 26Jan 26
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Learning to cook from Gordon Ramsay, Guy Fieri, Akis Petretzikis and an Italian grandmother!Regarding my last blog, where I was accepting defeat, I today decided to start learning how to cook. That means taking free cooking classes, from Gord...

Philipsen1631Jan 12Jan 25
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Yearly sanity trip to Portugal.........not merely due to such dreadful Maine winter weather. And more than just having to put up with such a crazy US POTUS. ( Even though I applaud some...

Vierkaesehoch26311Jan 21Jan 23
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Chimera...Wikipedia The term "chimera" has come to describe any mythical or fictional creature with parts taken from various animals, to describe anything comp...

snookums3213329Jan 18Jan 19
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spitting in public...Now that's a habit that I've never picked up. It's amazing I see it quite often especially from women!...

chatillion30224Jan 9Jan 16
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People laughing way too loudly........again and a gain, in a public venue, while I'm trying to work on writing and Portuguese. One of my pet peeves, for which I've had more than one NY...

Vierkaesehoch2159Jan 13Jan 14
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