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Poor, pour, pore...Some people say English is a difficult language to learn. Okay, you're right. I had no choice, it's my native tongue and though I'm learning new words...

chatillion20119Apr 1416 hrs ago

Been journaling for decades......As with the home movies of our twins, and pets, and travels---fun to look back at the entries from time to time. Always describe/record dreams, whe...

Vierkaesehoch1314Apr 18Apr 20

Premillennial Snowflake Julian Assange......and our enlightened USA prison system. Apparently, the Equadorians have had enough. Almost a decade of hospitality, including ceviche and lampadas, an...

Vierkaesehoch2135Apr 11Apr 20

"HangInThere " By( Falicia,s Own Experiences)Not Matter What Life Throughout at You! " Please Hang In There" Yes I Understand Life Is Getting So Hard, for Some People! But We All Are Ne...

falicia1487Apr 14Apr 20
Bentlee400Apr 18

When you hit rock bottom...............Remember, if you can be successful once, you can get back up, dust yourself off, and do it again. You only need to remember one person w...

Willy3411782Apr 15Apr 15

The Sound of SilenceTake a listen to this rendition. I like it. Like someone commented on the official music video.. “Simon and Garfunkel’s version was a warning....

MiMiArt377-Apr 13Apr 15
Bentlee1479Apr 13Apr 13

A Bad NameWBC you give church a bad name. You treat 'Love thy neighbor as thy self' like an old dusty book, that's never been removed from your...

hpylady_26411Mar 11Apr 7

note to self...Find a YouTube video on headlight adjustment Pay three bills tonight Scan some documents for accountant...

chatillion654Apr 3Apr 5

PhilosophyI became interested in philosophy a few years ago and made a casual acquaintance with some of the characters who have played a part in its progression...

Harbal52658Mar 29Apr 1

Dance Is a Great Thing! Why? You May Say? By falicia's Own Opinion)Dance, Will Help You to Forget All Your Problems! It Will Set You Free of All Of Them! " Please at List Try It" "Dance' You Do No Need to Be a...

falicia1266Feb 26Mar 25

The Practice Of Non-Engagement/Non-ReactionWhen we practice non-engagement, we deliberately choose not to take part in battles. particularly those where the grounds of engagement are defined by...

daniela7771,10965Jun 2017Mar 19

WaiataA very, very, VERY old word that is actually two words which has an extensive meaning, the modern pseudo/inaccurate meaning we know it commonly as, is...

tame971316Mar 10Mar 16

"No One Is Perfect" Therefore We Supposed To Make Mistakes!( By falicia's Own Experiences)So Do Not Worry If You Do Make Mistakes! Just Learn from Them! And Try Not To Do Them Again! Do Not Let Any one To Disrespect You, Because You Di...

falicia1967Mar 12Mar 16

Voy a mi bolaMove along please folks unless you can help me with some Spanish colloquialisms because I suspect my leg is being gently pulled ... not going to say w...

Elegsabiff29133Mar 14Mar 15

A tribute to BerryBerry sent me a really nice mail today. She cancelled her account. The toxicity here is just too much. Honestly I don't blame her one bit....

Bentlee66134Mar 2Mar 7

Loud people.It's nice to see people enjoying interactions with each other. I'm working on trying to be more tolerant of loudness, especially in cackling/chortling...

Vierkaesehoch29814Mar 2Mar 6

My Personal Mission StatementI'll do good deeds like changing your tire...and for twenty bucks I'll even tighten the lug nuts. If I find a lost wallet, I promise to drop it in...

BadlyDrawn822Mar 4Mar 5

" Positive" Is The Word! ( By falicia's Own Experiences)Remind Positive No Matter What! I Know Is Not Easy to Say That! Even When Something Horrible Is Happen or has Happen to You! Is Always Something...

falicia1713Mar 4Mar 4
maybe writing about it will help

maybe writing about it will let me get straight to the point. this is my 2nd account and i must admit that it’s not as fun as my 1st experience here. so why the need to make a...

cuddle_me4029Oct 29Mar 4
Biff the bewildered water buffalo

Biff the bewildered water buffaloRember the days when you got cards in everything from bubblegum to tea and even tobacco This is card # 1 In the CS bloggers collectors...

Onthcrestofawave29621Feb 24Feb 25

Wishfull Thinking or Proof?Dreams are very funny stuff: Some people believe that they are a prediction of the future, warning, wishes come true, as long as they just behave or...

smiley96334337Feb 13Feb 23

A familiar pattern here on the blog pageFor those who manage to evade the constant bombardment of caustic shyte flinging, attention whoring, self promotion and the inexhaustable blathering o...

BadlyDrawn37821Jan 17Feb 14

Building a country girlCountry life is cool. She has been learning that. Her BF and I had her starting out with various types of .380s (Colts, PPKs etc), but I figur...

Ken_191,20745Oct 2015Feb 6

je t'aimeHow much do most of us want to hear these words said to us? What will you do, to achieve this?...

smiley96328728Feb 4Feb 6

Just a Thought...Complaining about a problem without posing a solution, is called whining. ~Theodore Roosevelt...

hpylady_22511Feb 3Feb 6

Why Do We Cling To Our Stories?This is a follow up to my previous blog (Perpetual Victims) We cling to our stories because we derive some benefit from them, even when they also...

daniela77783765Oct 2017Feb 5

"What You Must Do To Find Dates!" ( By falicia's Own Experiences)" Please Work On Your Self's Before You Look For Dates" So OftenI See Men Looking For Dates " In a So Bad Shape" And I am Sure Is Happen With Woman...

falicia1606Jan 29Jan 29

Earth is flat really???I heard this somewhere I give you some links to find out your no longer Links: <- it explains it better...

LuckyDuck20181417Jan 23Jan 24

"Please" Be Nice to Your Self! ( By falicia s Own Experiences)We Always Focus on Every One Else! But We Forget Our Self! We Are Important! People Need as!! "So Be Nice to Your Self" "Start Today" "Find a Bi...

falicia2515Sep 26Jan 13
any architects in the house

any architects in the house?Hey, i'm constructing a studio (for temp accomodations) in a workspace behind my house. So i'm now getting at the point of ordering the bathroom +...

Len0552547Jan 9Jan 13

DREAMS.....OK, dozens of posts, fora and blogs on the topic. But getting a little technical, how about recalling them? Variables here. How vivid they might be. H...

Vierkaesehoch1675Jan 11Jan 12

In/DivisibleWe all believe that we are unique, and yes you are unique, in that no-one will find another you anywhere on earth, but what about your offspring, are...

smiley9632377Dec 30Jan 1
I choose for question 2

I choose for question 2can internet get us crazy or do you fool yourself here I choose for question 2 …….. I come here every year every time I log in I think which...

jarred171-Dec 28
Nobody can replace your place

Nobody can replace your place............ Nobody can replace your place...

jarred1101-Dec 14
happy birthday jarred

happy birthday jarred.......... happy birthday jarred...

jarred1112-Dec 13
Welcoming intro

Welcoming introWelcoming intro...

jarred177-Dec 13
On the journey for a new start

On the journey for a new startWell, I just moved far away from friends and family this year in October, and so far, things are moving but kinda at a rocky start. However, I'm learn...

troyfun30882Dec 9Dec 9
Self Delusion

Self DelusionHow self-delusional do you think you are? It is said that everyone thinks they are a good driver and have a good sense of humor. I’ve seen peopl...

Gypsytramp1,57789Mar 2018Dec 5
The quality of our life

The quality of our life.................. The quality of our life is a result of the decisions we've made...

jarred196-Nov 27

ForwardThe last time i was here in this blog more than 2 yrs i think and a lot of things happened in my life....but what i learned was happiness doesnt come...

cattaleya2739Nov 25Nov 26
Track16: "My Latest Obsession"(meet us in the blogs)

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