They Been In Occupation For 65 Years
People Who Been In Palestine! Describe The Conditions !
The Palestinian Living Under As " An Open Concentration Camp"
With Cheek Points, Face Recognition Every Where They Go!
Never Been Have The Right For They Own Water& Electricity!

They Family Members Been Kill Or Putting Them In Jail Without Charges!
Not Knowing When ? If They Ever Will Be Released !
Children Living In Fear On the Constantly Bombardings!
Now The Palestinian People Most Women's And Children's Are Left To Death With Out Food
Water , living In Tents In a Horrible Winter Time!
They Need Help More Then Ever To Stay a Live!
They Deserve To Live Free In They Own Land!
They Are Humans Like You & I!
Over 30 Thousands People Is Been Kill!
Most Of Them Where Womenms & Childrens!
The World Is Been Speak Out For Them!
We Are Hurt To knowing They Are Hurt!
Specially The Poor Children's!
This Is An Emergency!
" PLEASE HELP THEM"!heart beating heart wings bouquet comfort handshake heart1 heart1 hug hug teddybear
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Perhaps your information is biased?

Get rid of Hamas and the fighting will stop.

Attacking Israel will not help to get peace.
What about the people in Yemen, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan (to name a handful of that) the list of countries is shocking, do you care about the violations going on in any of these countries because it’s effing beyond many peoples imaginations.

Human rights being violated on a mass scale for decades and decades, does anyone really give a monkeys blue balls about the systematic conniving deals that take place? It ain just gaza.

Don’t get me started on human trafficking…….

This war has more than one story to tell.

I appreciate your stance and choice of whom you obviously feel strongly about and support. But I myself cannot and will not look at any war with just one eye.wine
The conditions they find themselves in are because of hamas - not Israel.
There are plenty of Palestinians that have work visas and pass into Israel for jobs each day.
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