The sky is falling... The sky is falling...

On Monday, April 8th, there will be a narrow path total eclipse that will skirt diagonally from part of Mexico, across America into Canada. The longest duration of this eclipse is about FOUR MINUTES and TWENTY EIGHT SECONDS, so if you are planning to travel across the country to be in the path to view this event, my best guess is you should already have arrived at a hotel, unpacked your viewing glasses and having dinner.

Tomorrow could be a hectic day as Arkansas Governor, Sarah Huckabee has declared a state of emergency ahead of the eclipse. She's released $100,000 from the Response and Recovery Fund to help commercial carriers transport essentials to customers in the state during the eclipse.

The state emergency will remain in effect until April 10.

Many of the comments that I've read think that Huckabee over reacted, maybe referencing the Chicken Little / Henny Penny fable where the sky is falling.

Sara, it's just like night-time but, only 4 minutes in duration. Call off the National Guard, there's no need for the villagers to huddle in caves like they did a thousand years ago!

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My brother in Dayton, Ohio is in the path of the eclipse. They are ready with glasses and he said most of the state has suspended activities so everyone gets a chance to see it.

Expecting as many as 50,000 to watch this event, I said it's about the same as an outdoor rock concert!

I live in the path and we have no cloud cover today.
I expect to look out and see at least 20 people in my yard.
Hopefully they won't bring there lawn chairs....
then they expect refreshments
I calculate that was about 30 minutes ago and you got the tail end of a full eclipse. Was it impressive?
2:00 p.m. central it was AWESOME!!!

My neighbors 8 kids standing in a row on the side walk with there little glasses on.
When we got the full eclipse 5 of them ran in the house, the little ones..probably thought they missed bed
"their little glasses"
holy crap hit my brain. rolling on the floor laughing
I travelled and I had a good time communing with others.

It got dark which caused the night lights to come on.
It was a great experience. WOW.
I heard on the news one airline booked an 'eclipse flight' that chased the phenomenon allowing travelers to take photos and witness it in several locations.
Okay... who got married during the eclipse?
As expected, the best view was in the South around Texas and Arkansas.

Follow this link and you will see children who were delighted to be part of 'eclipse fever' that they will remember for the rest of their lives!

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After The Eclipse Have We Missed The Rapture?!

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The feeling the rest of the world has when all the self-righteous, religious fundamentalists disappear off the face of the earth at the same time.

"Holy shit, it's the Rapture! They're all gone! Let's party."

by D-Dubb October 18, 2013

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and some Morons probably calling in that they can't see too well!
I live in Dallas...right in the path. But having seen several of them over the years, I wasn't much interested in this one. Laid down on the sofa and after a few minutes realized the room was totally dark... like 10pm dark. As it began to lighten some, I stepped out on the south facing front door and there was this strange image on the concrete. It was shadows of the that freaked me out!! I have no explanation... so if you do... go ahead.
Fly to Australia 2028 & witness our eclipse
Napping during an eclipse?
My question is: "Having viewed an eclipse, did you think Fido's life significantly changed?"

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