This is about a former first lady. Her name was mentioned in a current blog and why she's still in a marriage with Donald. I can think of a few reasons and from tabloid comments I read, there's a mountain of gossip about the woman. What's true and what's false may be difficult to prove either way.

She was a fashion model, did some risky nudes and few F-F photos. Photos on the internet. Undisputed.
Mentioned in a few places, she was an escort. Mentioned in other places, she was a callgirl. T/F not confirmed.

She met Donald at a party where he was to meet someone else and focused on her. At the time, he was married to Marla Maples. Undisputed.
It's believed she's had plastic surgery. T/F not confirmed.

Several times I read comments her visa was in jeopardy and her marriage to Donald fixed that including her citizenship. I also read he arranged her parents travel to the United States and 'fast-tracked' their citizenship. T/F not confirmed.

So... what's in it for her?
Lavish lifestyle, gave him a handsome son. True.
There's talk about a prenup agreement and recent renegotiation. Ohh.. tough one.
Has that been confirmed?

Either way... what ever happens to their marriage, she walks away standing tall as it's my opinion, she is doing a great job to ride the tide in something she didn't expect to be so connected in.
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It's all about the politics as usual chatillion. It would never present a good image for bible thumping Trump if she was to divorce him.Just imagine all that dirty laundry being made public. The press would have a field day.grin
Trump may think Melania is essential to win...essential as in get elected to get out of his current problems (not all) meaning to pardon himself...
I doubt Melania's past is problematic for most but Trump should stop blabbing... laugh
Lots of stories unconfirmed but I have to say he did it to himself with his verbosity...
People are more inclined to dig/seek out information on his personal/business affairs...imo...
She actually has a form of separation and only comes out if/when needed.

Possibly women voters would take heed (there is trouble) if she announced a divorce.
Kiss of death to an election?
He's got worse problems than a marriage right now.
I would have to research if any American presidents took office without a spouse.

Embedded image from another site

Until death (or divorce) do us part...
James Buchanan was the only single President and Reagan was the only one to get divorced but long before he became President.

Trump has 2 divorces behind him.
I am not sure if people care about divorce per say but if Melania walks kinda tells us she had enough of the his behaviour...she is only human...
I can see her leaving in the future but I think she is probably thinking about her kid right now...
True that Daphne. However I think Trump has reached a desperate state of affairs and is possibly dependent on her for the female votes .

As for her son ,guess there would be a hell of a tug of war and who knows just what has been said behind the scenes.dunno
Agreed, I believe in her world, nothing is pressing.

It's not like she will be evicted and have to setup in a 2 bedroom house near the bad side of town.

I'm not sure how long secret service will be available should Trump lose the 2024 election.
It's doubtful that would be an issue.
I think he is going to college soon enough...and I am sure he is taken care of least that was what was talked about along with Melania's new pre-nup...
I doubt if Trump has a close relationship in comparison to his mother though...or her parents...
Divorce can be upsetting for kids no matter what age...
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