"China is deliberately allowing the export of devices that turn handguns into machine pistols

as it seeks to destabilize the US with street warfare, says explosive new book"

* China 'foments division by putting weapon-enhancing' devices on the streets
* That is the conclusion of Peter Schweizer's new book 'Blood Money'
* Law enforcement agencies are reporting a surge in 'auto sear' or 'Glock switches'

By Rob Crilly, Senior U.S. Political Reporter For Dailymail.Com In Washington, D.C.
08:08 EDT 26 Feb 2024 , updated 08:08 EDT 26 Feb 2024

jaw drop

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I've noticed an unusually high number of local news reports of use of full.auto weapons in the past few months,.and heard a national news report a couple weeks ago of large numbers of the "Glock Switches" coming across the US Southern Border.

Basic info on the Glock Switch -

The quarter sized gizmos don't even need to be smuggled in -
With a 3D printer, they can be cranked out for about $20/copy.

Long story short - A $20 pocket sized gizmo converts one's Glock into the near-equivalent of a WWII German Schmeiser sub machine-gun.

Should the US again experience something like the '20 George Floyd riots -
We might expect an escalation by an order of magnitude.

Pleasant Dreams, Y'all.

Simple solution, just get rid of all guns in the US.

Weapon aficionados say that guns are not dangerous, regardless of how many bullets they can fire, it is the person using the weapon that is dangerous.
1 ... Simple, yes ... Realistic, MUCH Less So.:

2 ... Agreed handshake ... The most dangerous part of Any gun is the nut behind the trigger.

Note that law enforcement is seeing a surge in the full auto weapons.

It may be presumed the "$20 Glock to Uzi" conversion gizmos are being procured by nuts who should Not be behind a trigger.

As per firepower- More enables More bullets in Less time.

A muzzle loader vs machine gun being an Extreme (and Obvious) example.

Your bias against China is shining through your post, why find them guilty rather than the actual gun manufacturers?

Anyone with a 3D printer can produce the gadget, hence the large amount being found. I found the printing details on a US 3D printing website, how many do you want?

100 gets 3% discount plus shipping.
The author of the book cited in the OP raises the issue of the ChiComs producing Glock Switches to create violence in US streets.

Your beef should be directed at said Author.

I'll not respond to comments intended to troll this blog down stupid rabbit holes.

I could think of other countries that will take advantage of that market...there is not much we cannot do...thanks to the information we can obtain on the internet...
I rather sell bullet proof amour, rape whistles and bear spray... wine
dancing dog

Daphne -

The Glock Switch was patented in the 1990s and intended for use by military organizations.

Bad actors (e.g. ChiComs) producing the gizmos for nefarious purposes and 3D printing changed that.

As you imply ... There's no putting the genie back in the bottle ... sad

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