Reuters: "US Oil Reserves Sent Overseas (ChiComs!*) As Gasoline Prices Stay High"

WH Press Secretary Dodges questions of oil from the US Strategic Reserve being sent overseas - perhaps to China -
Also on questions of the POTUS lying that he knew Nothing of his son Hunter's dealings -

* " (ChiComs!) " did not appear in the Reuters article - It was inserted later in the blog when the OP responded to a request from a commenter to provide evidence of SPR oil having been sent to China & it was discovered that such shipments Had Been Reported.

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To Fargo for promptng the clarification.
- Mick

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As long as President Disaster is running things, you can expect more anti-American chicanery from this blithering fool.

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There's GOTTA Be an Article Of Impeachment in there SomeWhere ...
If Nothing Else - That AnyOne could be So Damned STUPID To Even RUN for POTUS -
While hauling a TrainLoad of Political Liability Baggage like Hunter.

doh Good Grief, Y'all!!!

I wouldn't clap too much. An economist on TV this morning said the soft lessening in gas pricing is a direct result of the economy softening.
I'm ok with that. handshake
7/7/22 || Biden Administration Guts US Petroleum Reserve - Sells Oil To ChiComs

Won't be happening , McConnell has said so . If there are enough Trumpanista's elected to the senate and McConnell feels the warmth he may change his mind ,but can't see McConnell coming under pressure till class of 2024 takes their seats . McConnell is the log jam .
Ten Percent For The Big Guy!mumbling
Yes, during the Trump administration gas was so low and he said we have oil reserves that will last longer than most countries.
Probably MSM sensationalism...

My bet is that this is pretty much an everyday contract deal, where product is traded into an area of supply deficit. Said amount of product (oil) to be returned to the USA, along with interest.

Someone needed some oil and has borrowed it from the USA and will pay an interest premium for doing so.

Everyday business... so what's the big deal?

Not from the Strategic Oilreserve!scold
let's see, a brainless idiot put in the white house to help kill the country at a faster rate, started by his party in 2020.

it's not every day business when the nations energy independence was cut on day one.

it's bringing the citizens as low as they can while still making back door deals at our further expense.

he even threatened small businesses. maybe they took that holiday tax break with gasoline.

people should read up on how our reserves are stocked. oil companies can barter and trade, as well as borrow in oil. almost like currency. one true area that used to not cost the tax payers much of anything except for the storage.

we're not screwed enough yet. our reserves haven't been depleted to low enough levels. in case of emergency, pound sand. or maybe, in case of emergency, small incursion okay ----->>here!. they can come in through the border.
Yes... if the release was strategic. I know stupid decisions are sometimes made, but do you think this particular loan of some reserve oil was made for a proper and legitimate strategy reason... I do. There's no evidence that any of this oil went to the Chinese Communists.

If you connect the dots... and keep up to date with world events, you can figure out exactly where this oil went... and why.

Depleting the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve by 40? to a level Not Seen since '84 - Thirty-Eight Years Ago!! - and sending said oil overseas (and Reportedly to the ChiComs) is NOT EVEN CLOSE to bein' an "everyday contract deal".
Not sure of my figures, but I read somewhere that a cap of between $30 and $60 per barrel, is going to be put in Russian oil. dunno confused

If that's true gas will become affordable again.cheering
Give me the evidence that this oil has gone to Chinese Communists please...
I've read your link, which pretty well says what the reserve was structured for...

"The skyrocketing prices and disruptions from sanctions are exactly the situation the Strategic Petroleum Reserve was designed to combat, according to the Energy Department. The reserves were created after Arab-Israeli War caused an oil crisis in the 1970s".

Now you have a Russia - Ukraine war... exactly why the reserves were created. Connect the dots you dolt :(

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I have,now you do too please!comfort
you're reaching!
Some here may be flirting with Jail Time.

Just Sayin'.

The president is going to do everything in his power?? Yeah to run the USA into the mountain side uh oh
And just how is Biden going to cap Russian oil ? nerd nerd this I want to see .
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Time to cool off...laugh
Care to join me in the shower?

very happy
Ha ha...laugh

Good sense of
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As per ...
Did I mention Any Names? ... MMmmm??

As has Trump, more so in fact. but the truth is never your strong point is it?

From what I understand oil prices would be $15 a barrel more had the Biden administration not sold off oil internationally.
Biting the hand that feeds you is never a good ideadoh
Got any Evidence to Support that?

Like what I provided 'gazer when he questioned whether Beijing Joe was selling Oil from the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve to ChiCom Interests with which his Scandal-Plagued Son has had dealings?

Or are we Delineating Alternate History by reading Blu-Anon® Brand Owl Entrails?


Makes total sense to sell china cheap oil , they have been threatening war since Biden took over . Come's from the guide book of how to lose a war .
Good God!!! You think a US President sells barrels of oil and pockets the payment? Now I know you are as fake as your videos.

When you start to talk sensibly we can have a discussion.
I think this will interest you Mic

Oil emergency reserves released by IEA member countries

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing another assertion of yours!
apparently the purpose of a Strategic Oilreserve totally escapes you!
I'll interpret that piece of nonsense to mean, "Nope - I got Nothin' but Owl Guts."

Stabilizing World Petroleum Prices does serve Some Strategic Purpose.

Which begs the question(s) -
How much of the Stabilizing is Required due to the Russo-Ukraine War?
Or to the US under Ol' Joe's Administration Intentionally Abandoning its position as a Major Energy Exporter to become an Energy Importer?
And Blaming the Need to tap petroleum reserves on the War?

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