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Breaking News . Dirtbag arch rival of Trump says he will win GOP nomination in a landslide

When the garbage say he's going to win the grubs better pay attention . There has been a lot of bad...
46623Oct 7

Time for Boris Johnson to reassert the United Kingdom as the rightful leader of the free world

Johnson could very easy make sure Poland's Russian built fighters could be given to Ukraine and depl...
38326Mar 9

Battle of Mariupol is over . Putin does not want his rapists sent home in sacks , pity .

KYIV, April 21 (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin on Thursday ordered the Russian military to canc...
21412Apr 21

Thought I'd find myself a meme maker .

Then I found this guy , a walking talking meme maker
3323Mar 2021

The Pope won't be complaining , too busy with child abuse I guess

Australian Nazis storm church to check mask rules . Even the German Nazis respected german churches...
1854Feb 7

Could Biden be going to say sorry in the pending SOTU mutter .

He must be the sorriest leader the US will ever see . Every pointer social , economic and foreign af...
34534Mar 1

NZ politicians jammed against a pile of their own bulldust

NZ has short sharp lockdowns when covid first started . It had little effect on our economy . We got...
41021Feb 16

Four down , six to go

The bald pig is pulling the pin . Good to see the rubbish is thinning out ....
34713Sep 2021

Nothing to see here , keep moving .

Mainstream media will not cover absolute fact about last US presidential elections Even more Vot...
21610Feb 11

Expect mass casualty event from Tonga

Tonga volcano eruption sounded loud here yesterday , louder than one close to here that rattled wind...
42121Jan 15

So tell me again how catching covid gives a victim natural immunity , I like to laugh

Thousands of covid victims re infected with Omicron ,
34426Jan 20

Kinzinger not standing

Good riddance to bad rubbish . Two down eight to go .
2462Oct 29

Matt Gaetz , whats going on

Nothing more than a communist shake down much the same as the lefts darl Abernathy's one . Gaetz's f...
1881Nov 16

this is good

2807Dec 6

Biden is Succeeding at helping the USA citizens long term

future of living in grinding poverty , inflation reaching record levels , drug deaths up 37 % , abor...
2338Nov 28

Biden killing spree

Looks like Biden is setting up another leftist killing spree with measles . Last time there was a de...
2062Nov 13

Russian pleads not guilty to Russian collusion

According to local communist blogger every one charged by the FBI is guilty , so goes without saying...
2143Nov 10

Another one arrested for the Russia scam .

Local commy grubs dinned out on the scam for years . Nothing more than a pack of liar's . Disappoint...
51136Nov 4

Explosive Breaking news .

Good time to have a trial , in the spring before the midterm election...
2485Oct 26

Who is the actual leader of the free world

On Wednesday, he concluded remarks in honor of labor unions by saying he was "supposed to stop and w...
89460Sep 2021

Russian hoax slowly unwinding

More trouble for the Clinton campaign with Durham working his way ever closer to the mongrels in spi...
2394Sep 30

Well well well so Joe's a tax cheat to

Is there no vice too vile for the Biden's to be involved in Drugs Prostitution Election Fraud...
35816Sep 24

Biden has impeachment articals filed against him

He's safe for now but with the mid-terms on the way he will be facing a GOP House and Senate soon en...
33819Sep 2021

Ashli Babbit's birthday today

Peaceful pro...
2175Oct 11

Biden threatens world

Biden threatens the world with comment US is to have a female President soon , this can only be the...
55022Aug 2021

There are reasons why the left want abortion on demand , Never worked for Biden .

37424Sep 2021

Now the US has a real mental case in the Whitehouse the left are silent

Good Ole Washington Post do their very best to discredit the messenger but ignore the message h...
55829Jun 2021

The organ grinders monkey

Caught out again with another lie . Goes without saying the communist media have nothing to say...
43813Sep 2021

Crackpot lies about getting job offer from logging company .

No wonder he gets his mike cut as soon as he's stopped reading off the tele prompter . Maybe hes was...
1991Sep 2021


Attack referred to by Robo on Cripto's blog was an islamic attack
41217Sep 2021

Well that was a waste of time and money

Afghanistan close to falling to the Taliban now . US and UK , possibly Canadian troops going in to c...
1,492117Aug 2021

No traction because the options are worse

Last month Jackson, who served...
32713Jul 2021

Big day out in Texas

Susan Wright has received Trumps endorsement so should win . If she does it will be of no consequenc...
2579Jul 2021

Must grind some gears

Trump still gets security briefings , this must butt hurt the leftist grubs ....
1835Jun 2021


Now it appears it worked and on the worst of cases ....
61038Jun 2021

Not the first

3557May 2021

The truth about what happened in the Capitiol protest

Woman murdered by police officer unarmed and no threat to the killer or anybody else ....
53025May 2021

One down , two to go

Get lost Liz , The Gaffa has a job for you licking commy boots...
46024May 2021

No money back guarantee

US tax payers taken for suckers again .
37813May 2021

green new deal

Folks just gota learn to walk to get around ...go the great Gaffa...
39116May 2021

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