RE: say no to second Brexit vote

I think there will be another vote to vote down remain or there will be a Brexit in name only .Suggest you tell that Quisling of an MP that you are on first name terms with that he can kiss you arse at the Royal show , you'll be voting National Front .

RE: Why Do People Contact You When Your Profile Clearly Says Not Looking?

its not what you say but how you say it , scammers seemingly comprehend what I mean . Funny enough they seem to skip around my profile mostly , it's why I don't think there are that many scammers , just that they have many profiles and keep renewing them and remember who not to try it on with .

RE: Brexit is a running farce under the tories & May is an Arse so Get her OUT NOW or leave her IN

Don't deal , tell . Deals are for the weak . Quisling's make deals .

RE: How Do I Get an Apartment?

Could be a rough end to Pelosi's career by the looks , she thinks she has the numbers so do her opponents . Makes me feel warm all over watching the left eat each other .

RE: Trump aide Ricardel forced out after showdown with first lady

Can't see why not , she's sleeping with the most powerful man in the world , should be some fringe benefits .

RE: New Acting Attorney General to Oversee Mueller Probe

Wishful thinking , Comey was very liberal dishing out immunity , he had the authority to do it so it counts . Whitaker's appointment has been given the green light by the DOJ . Whether he is the right man can be gauged by the response of the DNC , obviously there has been no self immolation from that crowd yet so he can be seen as a softy .

RE: Jim acosta - guilty or not guilty of putting his hands on a woman

If ever there has been a thread to expose hypocrisy , even with video evidence a few minds peddle a political line to cover abuse , what a sick bunch the left have become .

RE: Jim acosta - guilty or not guilty of putting his hands on a woman

I see your head is not just to keep your ears apart but also a mount for you big mouth .Pity its full of shite .

RE: Jim acosta - guilty or not guilty of putting his hands on a woman


RE: Are women over 40 really having a hard time finding a partner on dating site?

Fec the fitness wrap and dying my hair , as a 40 year old it was my peak work fitness level , becoming a grey haired slob was something to look forward to .

RE: Jim acosta - guilty or not guilty of putting his hands on a woman

he did , talk of a fake clip is crap , I have a pretty good idea of what you would have done to him .

RE: Jim acosta - guilty or not guilty of putting his hands on a woman

One thing Riz ,Acosta's feet would not be touching the ground if he had tried that crap in China , or his earlier display not long after Trump was elected . And I don't mean that as some slight against the Chinese . Another thing the west should adopt from China , the way they help muslims get over themselves .

RE: Jim acosta - guilty or not guilty of putting his hands on a woman

Any one defending Acosta is a maggot . Assault charges should be brought against Acosta , and may yet be , probably why the cur has not apologized as he would not want to admit he did anything wrong .

RE: Background importance in relationships...

Any body overlooking , rejecting you is unlucky or plain ignorant . One thing I have learnt to never project just where I am as far as social status , which means wealth , is . Not here , but in my district where I live . I keep my cards hidden .

RE: Have a dose of Fruit Loops

there was a time and that would have been certain , I miss the good old days , when men were men , dames were dames , and nutters were locked up

RE: Have a dose of Fruit Loops

its called mental health issues or at least used to be .

RE: New Acting Attorney General to Oversee Mueller Probe

He will have to hurry to get a full time AG , I don't think a "temp" can sign up a new justice . Looks like the matter could be pressing with Ginsberg on a slippery slope

Of course she could be pulling a sicky because she does not want to meet the Trump's later in the week to "offer" her resignation .

RE: New Acting Attorney General to Oversee Mueller Probe

Sessions is as useless as tits on a bull , if Sessions had any ethics he would have not taken the job because he could not do it .

RE: Trump sends troops to stop the Caravan

don't be drawn Merc , mods will sort this .

RE: Where would I find you at a party?

around the card table in some fart filled room bragging about the the animals we have hunted , all of them apart from one getting bigger and the pigs meaner than Leroy Brown . uh oh uh oh uh oh , ani't nobody I know around here got a boar jaw bigger than tusks 210 mm tip to tip , fluffy little jaw speaks for its self sitting on my wall .

RE: Ultra Orthodox Jews Protest New Israeli Draft Laws

If it was Ben -Gurion who allowed them off the hook it was a mistake , equality of sacrifice is important . It is shameful to have one group protected by the death of others . They scream they will not take part in violence yet they are violent when it suits them , bastards are no different to religious groups the world over .


Air speed indicator was not working on inbound flight , person on US no fly list on out bound flight .


shove your spastic leftwing logic


Bit early to get accurate news from there, Fox News had a correspondent from London talking to their US based one's about the crash , what would he know from there .

RE: Walkaway

DNC have real need to fear #walkaway , losing 2 out of one hundred voters is a big deal . There is only ever 4-5% that change a government , purblind from both sides don't change there vote and cancel each other out and are never affected by policy or their politician's . Trump standing on a street corner shooting voters is the same as Hillary collapsing on a street ,purblind don't see it . The time and energy spent pouring scorn on this movement shows just how seriously the DNC take it , GOP rubbing there hands shows the same thing .

RE: Big and beautiful, Bag o' Bones - what's your tag?

Bit like that around here , my seven work dogs have a wide age difference , can be rather exciting going after them when they bolt chasing pigs , never know just how it's going to end .


you could be getting paranoid , plans crash from there regularly without much reason , this one had 20 government officials on it , enough reason on its own

RE: Right-wing conservative insanity

The US has had the DNC and in particular the black caucus members incite violence for two years , mass shooting of conservatives at a thanks giving music gathering , an attack on GOP politicians practicing sport , countless attacks on conservatives minding their own business and the list goes on , don't expect conservatives to take this crap forever . If the rotten left want trouble it will come their way soon enough .

RE: Two girls took knives to school planned to cut up 15 kids, drinlk their blood, then kill themselves

Little girls are so catty these days blues


I've listened to what she said a couple of times , more to do with low ratings for the show and using it as the excuse rather than the reason to fire her .

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