Russian pleads not guilty to Russian collusion

According to local communist blogger every one charged by the FBI is guilty , so goes without saying this Russian is guilty .

the worm has turned .
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Dolan must be the next to be arrested , he's probably looking over his shoulder now . Old friends turning up for a visit with nail guns .
Speaking In The Third Person Again?

Let's Go epirb!.. laugh

Considering The Damage He Did, Trump Hugely Benefited Russia! Durham’s Investigation Is Totally Irrelevant!

Trump and his minions spent 4 years hollowing out government agencies, putting the nation at risk. His pathological lies and the January 6th Insurrection did more damage to our democracy than anything since the Civil War.

Because of Trump's lies since the election, and changes put in place by republican lackeys, there's now huge doubt about future election integrity. We have entered a doomsday era of politics where election losers can claim, with absolutely no evidence, that they won and were victims of conspiracies they perpetuate.

Efforts to paint Trump as the victim of Christopher Steele, or Hillary Clinton, is not likely to change any minds outside the right-wing bubble. Most Americans know that the Steele investigation was begun by Republicans. Durham’s indictment is a hail Mary, a bunch of words that mean nothing!
Heard it all before Jack . There will be more arrests , now that Durham can see the political growth in conservatism seen in the last elections he will work a little harder . Likewise the DNC can see it would be harder to shut down Durham and survive the mid-term election 2022 . Those facing election owe the Clintons nothing and would rather see the end of them if its makes their political life easier . And that goes for the Biden's as well , already Gabbard has had a bit to say about the left and celebrated Youngkin's win , there will be others saying the same behind the scenes .
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