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Peace in our time

Peace in our time?Will we ever have an enduring peace on the blogs? Ever since I can remember there had always been some tussling going on somewhere. If they were fight...

BeaPatient100510 hrs ago6 hrs ago
Real Or Not Real Its a funny world And Getting Funnier

Real Or Not Real? It´s a funny world - And Getting Funnier!!!Following the blog below - and a previous one about Artificial Intelligence bloggers - scanning through recent blogs, I think it is definitely here no...

daniela77756855Feb 7Mar 20

LearningWhy do we hesitate when we need to submite a negative opinion about something? Why do we find "stressful" to say: you are talking BS for this and th...

Crunia343-Mar 15Mar 18
When Youre In Love With A Beautiful Woman

When You’re In Love With A Beautiful Woman.The other day I read a blog about the perils of marrying a pretty woman. I’m not going to mention names because I’m not sure if I’m allowed to read hi...

Catfoot69979Mar 15Mar 17
From the Office of a Resident of the United States of America

From the Office of a Resident of the United States of AmericaI will not rewrite what is written and has been read worldwide. However only a few hundred read my words. I think they a VIP and must get notice whe...

LincolnsCousin630Mar 16
Friends Acquaintances

Friends & AcquaintancesA friend can be anybody who is not an enemy, therefore even an unknown person in another country, whom you have never heard of can be deemed a friend,...

Catfoot48863Mar 12Mar 13
Unjust and cruel

Unjust and cruelPelosi slams California ICE raid as 'unjust and cruel,' amid outcry over mayor's tipoff to immigrants By Adam Shaw | Fox News Three hours ago...

lindsyjones19822Mar 7Mar 9
High Heels

High HeelsMy first blog here was about shoes, red shoes...not a secret, I love shoes. When it comes about heels I wear the extremes, flat or high, yeap... It...

Crunia341-Mar 7Mar 9

THE CAROUSEL......Here in our blogging community it has been observed that, as in real life, people play 3 roles of the disempowerment triangle. - Some, on occasions...

daniela77781551Oct 2016Mar 8
Comments here please Thank you

Comments here please.Thank you.Considering: 1) We are all mature and educated people, the very best of our houses. 2) Opinion can be endured as long as truth is free to dissect...

Crunia730-Feb 26Mar 2
A Minute Of Your Time

A Minute Of Your Time?Can you give me a minute of your time? Of course not, you cannot save, give away, receive or spend time; it is just a figure of speech. And yet, there...

Catfoot36341Mar 2Mar 2
I can feel a good one coming on

I can feel a good one coming on.I'm beginning to feel the need to vent and not hold back. I need some time to prepare. In the mean time I need to relax a little. Enjoy the video....

Miwagi1082Feb 28Feb 28
I Dont Think I was Rude

I Don't Think I was RudeIt happened about seven houses from home. The man saw me coming and moved to his garden wall as I returned from my regular morning walk. I cursed at m...

Catfoot92197Feb 26Feb 28
Be Strong See the truth see the present and look into the future

Be Strong, See the truth, see the present and look into the futureWomen don’t realise how privileged they are? They have the ability to sustain a life form in their bodies, give birth to that life form and many can b...

LeeCharming224-Feb 24Feb 26
A Non Chocolate Whitmans Sampler

A Non-Chocolate Whitman's Sampler...A Non-Chocolate Whitman's Sampler... With Valentine’s day right around the corner, this is my less fattening Whitman's sampler contribution to the...

TUPLDRF19912Feb 12Feb 26
Dangerous Words

Dangerous WordsEvery now and again I produce a blog that is completely misunderstood because of an innocent word or phrase appearing somewhere in the blog. I’m talki...

Catfoot69266Feb 18Feb 23
Drama Drama Drama

Drama Drama DramaI love a little drama, but it has to be entertaining. Been away from this place for a few months and within a short time of giving my opinion on a...

Gypsytramp1,472103Feb 21Feb 23
Levels of crazy

Levels of crazy...From crazy in a funny charming way... To crazy I should be heavily sedated and under 24 hour suicide watch... Who decides your level on the craz...

plavitrol71253Feb 20Feb 22
You Call It Justice

You Call It Justice?I find it disturbing that people can call it justice when a human is killed and mutilated by a wild animal and yet when a human kills another human th...

Catfoot82781Feb 16Feb 18
Nothing to read here

Nothing to read hereNothing!! Since there is nothing of interest You are left with nothing!!...

Akeldama401371Feb 15Feb 16
Some People

Some People!I’m very even tempered; always the same. When somebody or something pissed me off, I don’t take it out on the next person and I cannot understand why...

Catfoot977106Feb 11Feb 14
The Singer Or The Song

The Singer? Or The Song?Over a period of time it has been my observation that some people´s topics are recycled by others – either on the blogs or forums – and, in some cases...

daniela77747653Feb 12Feb 13
Hearing the red beet of a different drummer

Hearing the red “beet” of a different drummerI will share with you a very small piece that I wrote in December and subsequently emailed to friends & family as a kind of 2018 Happy New Year's card...

TUPLDRF26330Feb 7Feb 7
A frog on a pond

A frog on a pondOnce a frog was loitering around on a pad within the grandness of a pond. He was comfortable on his pad while surveying the vastness of the pond aroun...

Akeldama4015310Feb 5Feb 6
A higher rate or more overtime

A higher rate or more overtimeMonths ago a new job broker came in the factory where I work. The factory has 20 lines and 16 of them were under my job broker. Two were allotted to t...

tatami17012Feb 3Feb 5
Private Correspondence

Private CorrespondenceFew things I keep as fiery as my independence, my privacy and my freedom to speach. It´s all related to respect and ...hell! I just do not leave a sin...

Crunia422-Feb 3Feb 4
Tired Being Used

Tired Being Used?So often we hear people complaining about being used but is that not what people do? People use each other. I don’t just mean sexually; well that...

Catfoot56051Jan 22Feb 3
DEADLY SELFIES Are They Worth Dying for

DEADLY SELFIES! Are They Worth Dying for?.....Most of us know that being a selfie hog can make you vain and kill your image but, apparently, it can also kill you literally. Some people would...

daniela7771,26366May 2016Feb 1
Neruda Part 3 of 3

Neruda / Part 3 of 3I´m on my way back to write poetry again. Thinking about it at´s a start .... -I´ve co-published a small book nobody bought years ago-....

Crunia326-Jan 31Jan 31

WriterA well-known gentleman of our locality asked me what I am doing. I replied to him: ‘I am a writer’. When I said that he burst out laughing. A friend o...

psiberite882Jan 28Jan 28
Five Years Today

Five Years TodayYep, five years and it feels like yesterday when I first stumbled across Connecting Singles after googling for “Connecting Terminals for Single Wires”...

Catfoot53063Jan 23Jan 24
Sour Grapes

Sour GrapesI think I had much more than my fair share of bad mouthing here on CS. It is so regular that I have grown accustomed to it and I feel neglected when i...

Catfoot1,06283Jan 20Jan 21
plavitrol62744Jan 18Jan 21
Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dissociative Identity DisorderWhat a fancy name for a split personality! It is something we see a lot of here on CS; each with its own age, race, nationality, gender etc. Just like...

Catfoot831111Jan 18Jan 20
Vacant Position Idiot Required

Vacant Position: Idiot RequiredSometimes I forget that I’m an Idiot and from time to time I need the services of another Idiot to remind me that I’m an Idiot. One such Idiot di...

Catfoot57245Jan 11Jan 13
Be Yourself

Be YourselfIt is so easy to spin a yarn to impress somebody but it always backfires. If it requires a lie to be the person that somebody wants you to be, it is d...

Catfoot925151Jan 8Jan 8
What Are Your NY Resolutions

What Are Your NY Resolutions???Mine is to stick to the newly-created Sunday Assembly like the one in Pittsburgh, PA. Another is to focus hard on liberal religion like Unitarian-Univ...

Unitarian2211607Dec 31Jan 1

THE WORLD IS NOT FOR SALEA long list for Haley and Trump will cut off aid to those who defied his blatant bullying. In a way, I think it's good for American tax payer...

Crazyheart381,03375Dec 21Dec 23
Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Beyond Reasonable DoubtAll over the world innocent people occasionally end up in jail; even in the USA. That has to be so because most states in the US (about 29) have set g...

Catfoot66171Dec 20Dec 22
The time has come and long overdue

The time has come and long overdue.......I joined here back in Oct 29,2010 and over time I got to know some nice people and enjoyed myself here. I said that I wasn't allowing anyone to ch...

Ccincy109-Dec 21
These ladies told the truth

These ladies told the truth!Glad someone is speaking truth!

Jada_Bella27110Dec 20Dec 20
What feeds us the most

What feeds us the most?Many have their perceptions and ideas of what feeds them emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Yet, by simple observation we see so many here see...

Akeldama4028114Nov 25Dec 16
pedro27: "the stigma from gambling"(meet us in the forums)

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