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Things that make your skin crawlList the things that make your hair stand on end your skin crawl and are just so so wrong...

Onthcrestofawave32313Sep 15Sep 24

Censure Dianne Feinstein - The Senate cannot let this wrong go unaddressed.Regardless of the fate of Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination, the Senate should censure the ranking Democratic member of the Judiciary Committee, Dianne Fei...

Willy341133629Sep 22Sep 24

Product reviews: love or hate...I wanted to buy a new lawn mower last year. This is not the first time I've purchased a mower and knew what I didn't want. So, I checked online and fo...

chatillion8710Sep 23Sep 23

Anti TrumpThere are so many unpleasant words said to describe about us who are Trump supporters, yet the worse is from that of Hillary Clinton, "basket of deplo...

lindsyjones6,207417May 6Sep 21

The Swill Pit unknown to the good of the world but wallowed in by the Left WingHow do you prepare to defend yourself for s*xual abuse allegations that supposedly happened 36 years ago? If you are a good honorable person you can't...

Willy341130033Sep 17Sep 19

Different roads: Some take longer...I was formulating a blog the other day and wrote on a 'sticky note' the speed or length of different roads in life and not necessarily ones you drive...

chatillion461Sep 19Sep 19

This poor kidThis poor kid doesn't realize he's just burned any chance he had of being on the Supreme Court.

Willy341168927Sep 18Sep 18

Why do liberals hate Donald Trump? I'll tell you why.Why do liberals hate Donald Trump? I'll tell you why. They hate him because he is a deal maker. They hate his family. They hate him because he...

Willy341142937Sep 16Sep 18

Illegal immigrants and our bordersWe have got to do a better job protecting our borders. Too many illegals in this country. They have killed some of our citizens. Some of our elected o...

Willy341121512Aug 23Sep 16

Invisible- - - Sorry, _ you're not invisible Inside your car....

InstincThis860Sep 14

Outdoor Media 101...I do lots of driving in my job and most of it is on the highway. As much as 40% of the billboards are electronic and change advertisements every few s...

chatillion813Sep 12Sep 13

Great job liberals Shame on youI don't mean all liberals, just the boneheads that took their time to hijack yesterday's blog about the tragedies of September 11th. You really sho...

Willy341128925Sep 12Sep 12

9-11-2001/9-11-2012As we remember the tragedy in 2001......... Let us also not forget on September 11, 2012 when US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, USFS officer Sean...

Willy341181874Sep 11Sep 12

Breaking upI don't look forward to this part of a relationship. Yet it is inevitable. When things are not working as planned and or the so called love is going...

lindsyjones51748Aug 20Sep 10

Sex workers shouldn't have equal rights.Or so the unelected left wing Spanish government say, they are horrified a new union for sex workers has snuck in under the radar & are challenging it...

zmountainman56563Sep 2Sep 10

BuzzA real patriot.

Willy341120427Sep 3Sep 5

President Trump Understands America's Economic Power in a Way Others Do NotWho knew MSNBC finally understands Donald Trump's brilliance on the economy?...

Willy3411901Sep 2Sep 2

Not what it seems, or is it ?"A 10-MONTH-old baby girl has died in Spain after her grandfather left her in the back of his car for eight hours" Bit of a roller coaster this art...

zmountainman718108Aug 11Aug 31

Ever call GENIE to get out of the bottle if you made a wish... What would you wish for or say?I think I would say, to him or lose weight, maybe the stuff carried has prevention from coming out of the bottle, to grant any wishes!!...

moonglow331142Aug 27Aug 28

DOES MY PROFILE PIC OFFEND YOU?This is a serious question folks. I got this mail today, which I guess was more or less positive. However.......... *Hey, hi from Alps (holiday...

robbyreal1,582132Aug 11Aug 28
The Virgosign on money

The Virgosign on moneyPresident Trump is in the news again. Or rather President Trump keeps dominating the news. Not climate change, not dying oceans, not human sufferings...

virgosign1012Aug 25Aug 26

Leaving or StayingIn our lives some of us did the best we can to save one's relationship but their is always a reason why things happen... :confused Are we...

ysabeljhen31117Aug 6Aug 26
Willy34111145Aug 24Aug 24

How can you mend a broken heartGood morning fellow bloggers, readers and anyone who wants to read this blog. A good friend of mine suggested this topic as a follow up in the jour...

lindsyjones42546Aug 21Aug 23

What Do You Think Is Going To Be The Outcome Of The Way Things Are Today?1. Humanity will learn to overcome our differences and be able to find real peace. 2. Nationalistic attitudes will rule and everyone will divide an...

Track1614810Aug 17Aug 18

What Gives ???Paul Manifort is in solitary confinement for not paying taxes. In New Mexico a judge let 5 Jihadis out on bail after abusing nearly a dozen children w...

Willy3411915Aug 15Aug 15
Willy3411952Aug 13Aug 13

Murder Rate Finally Plateaus In Chicago As Even Murderers Too Scared To Go Out At NightCHICAGO, IL—It looked like good news for Chicago as the skyrocketing murder rate finally started to level off, but the reason for the decline turned o...

Willy341123821Aug 10Aug 13
Cringe Worthy

Cringe WorthyDo you ever read a blog and actually cringe? Maybe even feel the bile rise in your throat? I have read a few....ones where someone, in my mind, is...

Gypsytramp1,09693Aug 10Aug 11
The Virgosign on abortion

The Virgosign on abortion.Let me make my position clear on this - I am not for killing unborn babies. Or living ones for that matter! But I also believe in Truth, Freedom of Ex...

virgosign1618Aug 9Aug 10

Ocasio-Cortez Severely Burned After Accidentally Touching Book On Basic EconomicsNEW YORK, NY—Democratic candidate for Congress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was in the middle of a run-of-the-mill interview—blankly staring at the interv...

Willy34111263Aug 8Aug 9

#QAnonQ Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q #QAnon #QAnon #QAnon #QAnon #QAnon...

seaworthy383-Aug 4Aug 5

Scammers using Google Meet...Usually, every morning I log on and check for new profiles. The settings are photos only and everywhere. On an average day there are 10 new profiles w...

chatillion1843Aug 2Aug 2
The Virgosign on lifes rat race

The Virgosign on life's rat race.One of Aesop's more popular fable is that of the Hare and the Tortoise famous race, in which, the hare being fast and was well ahead of his slow frien...

virgosign700Aug 2

You wouldn't do it to a dog!Nobody in there right mind would starve a dog or cat to death by cutting off it's food supply, but now by law it's fine to do it to a human being...

zmountainman79599Jul 30Aug 1
Rose Apple trees and cats

Rose Apple trees and cats.Noting someone else has a problem with cats watching her Rose Apple tree I can only comment the problem is the tree. Such trees are notorious for att...

Ken_1919011Jul 27Jul 31

Boatload of Africans storm beach in SpainThis is why America needs the borders protected. Sub-Saharan Africans living illegally in Morocco try to get to Europe each year by climbing rows of...

Willy34112179Jul 30Jul 30

Maxine Waters for the Democrat nomination for President 2020Ladies and Gentlemen, The face of the Democrat Party, Maxine Waters. We love you Maxine !!! Don't sh...

Willy341132014Jul 28Jul 29

Evolution, God, Whatever...Have you ever wondered why there is a male and female version of the species? Why not simultaneous hermaphrodites? Take worms, for example. Each w...

mollybaby64763Jul 25Jul 27

The most amazing thing........The most amazing thing to me is all the likes I get from deleted profiles....

Willy34111747Jul 25Jul 26
Booted off the site

Booted off the site..I wonder why some blogs.that are created by real persons are deleted from here and blogs like ..... Hi, Ilooked for the same. See my pic on my pa...

georgie3923612Jul 25Jul 25

Why POLITICAL, CURRENTS EVENTS AND RELIGIOUS BLOGS will never go awayIt doesn't take an iota of intelligence to know why this site is free. What is it to the owners and the mods? Exactly. Think. The more views a...

lindsyjones25613Jul 21Jul 25
poetrybelle: "Guessing game"(meet us in the quizzes)

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