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St Louis Protests

St.Louis ProtestsDuring the weekend some violence broke out during a protest after the Justice Department refused to become involved in the investigation of a former p...

TheAgnostic58108124 hrs ago1 hrs ago
Women many are fake

Women ..many are fakeAmerican women mainly like to play ...they are not looking for what so called a soul mate!! or dream honest man...majority whom I've contacted are not...

betterknowU53543Sep 1823 hrs ago

QuoteI've always enjoyed quotes funny ones and not so funny.I also enjoy poetry and jokes just not dirty ones. I ran across the bottom quote today and...

Bearwoman16223Sep 18Sep 19

Love is just an IllusionIt’s becoming apparent that love is just an illusion. Love is a feeling and not a tangible substance, love is just signals in the brain, the brain sen...

Mapmaker1,180131Sep 17Sep 18
Just a rant

Just a rantFor several days in a row, I've been assigned to a line whose line leader is a fellow Pinay from a different employment broker. To be exact, three ti...

tatami974Sep 15Sep 16
Opinions please

Opinions please...Got woken up early to another wild goose chase... 2am and sounded like all hell had broken loose in the hen house... BUT no it was just old "Red...

oldblue5450133Sep 15Sep 16
Whatever happened

Whatever happened...Whatever happened to buyer beware? Whatever happened to taking responsibility for one's own stupidity? Does anyone ever think they made their own me...

Gypsytramp62650Sep 10Sep 11

JMHOThis site is full of the crazies the misfits and the socially inept The longer you stay the more normal they seem The more normal they seem the...

oldblue541875Sep 8Sep 9
Obviously Always a catch to everything

Obviously Always a catch to everythingA couple years ago I attended a gun and knife show and there was a lady in a booth who was having a drawing and people had to place their name address...

Ccincy650Sep 8
East West

East & WestAfrican is not the real the real burden for western Europe but eastern Europe....

Duromojon803Sep 7Sep 7
Feminism as generally defined

Feminism as generally defined"the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. synonyms: the women's movement, the feminist movement, women's liberation,...

lindsyjones28614Aug 9Sep 7
Karma or Justice

Karma or JusticeIs justice. For the ones going around infringing copyrights. I received a letter from a court in N.Y. There's a lawsuit against Spotify for usi...

Duromojon60-Sep 6
For the ones running CS

For the ones running CSCS why allowing members to see our profiles, to take out from our profiles whatever these members wants to take out while logged out? CS if some...

Duromojon33621Sep 3Sep 5
Where has all the conflict gone

Where has all the conflict goneSince the debacle and witch hunt over the pros and cons of posting a graphic video blog land has reverted to the subliminal state just waiting for a t...

Sparky24v79249Aug 29Sep 3

World Hole DayHoles have been a part of our lives since life began, from humble cave dwellings Man (and women) have embraced these natural or man (or women) made or...

Mapmaker68682Sep 2Sep 3
Is that the true American woman

Is that the true American woman?Hello, Recently many American women visited my profile...some initiated to contact me...sent me a messages...agreed to go ahead with email contact....

betterknowU27911Aug 15Sep 2

MacondoCS has become like kind of Macondo, if you have read the book you know what I'm talking about. Macondo is a damn crazy town deep into Colombia....

Duromojon24632Sep 2Sep 2

The Advantages Of Living In The EUThe European Laws Eighteen months ago my 7-month old Dalmatian pup was attacked in a public area, while on the lead, by a free roaming German Sheph...

daniela77744149Sep 1Sep 2
Liar Liar Pants On Fire

Liar Liar Pants On FireI loved the show House. Are you familiar with it? He plays a doctor who solves unsolvable medical situations. His mantra was, "everybody lies"....

Gypsytramp24728Aug 31Aug 31
Whats wrong of the poor man

What's wrong of the poor man ?For me I'm 100% a truthful person...extremely sincerely...Those ethics doesn't match majority of people's moods !! As many people they don't like th...

betterknowU1132Aug 30Aug 30
Damned if you do

Damned if you do...First of all I must admit, I can't kill even a cockroach. I love animals too. But I don't think I will be good in rearing them. I know my reality with...

usha12374846Aug 27Aug 28
a bloggers blog

a blogger's blogAround nine thousand years ago, if you're whatever faith your ancestors grabbed thin air spoke that probably "what the f*ck just happened" even tho...

eeejay1123Aug 28Aug 28

BraggartsI was reading about people who are affected by braggarts and expressing their disdainful taste about it, here's what I can say: leave them be, they'...

lindsyjones35729Aug 23Aug 25
This guy said

This guy said...god put me there to save this woman life. at the same time a 3years young girl was smashed by a pick truck. 2 different news I watched on local...

Duromojon640Aug 24
Yet another gender blog

Yet another gender blogI, as well of all of you, have noticed the amount of blogs of late about gender differences/gender-blaming, gender-bashing and even some gender-loving...

mollybaby1,380127Aug 16Aug 18
silly thoughts

silly waiting my call at gynecologist Suppose you never saw one. Let's say a middle aged one. ...and one day you find it in your fishing net. I be...

bloodyawfull35021Aug 14Aug 15

NegationDoing the wrong things but, wanting to get the right result(s). I have come to believe in a principle that one can make progress in error. But, this i...

Paololuv933Aug 6Aug 6
Looks like we got another preacher

Looks like we got another preacherI guess I can add him to blogs I don't even open. Oh well....

ooby_dooby52439Jul 31Aug 4
If this is true

If this is true....'Eyes are the windows to the soul.' It means, mostly, people can see through someone else by eye contact in seven seconds.... It would explain why...

oldblue5429832Aug 2Aug 3

PaoloerikEven demons fall in love. Love is just everything!...

Paololuv1123Aug 2Aug 2
Pittsburgh Police Mounted Unit

Pittsburgh Police Mounted Unit!Saddle up, partner! The mounties have returned to downtown Pittsburgh and deployment to other sections of the city if requested by police zone command...

Magnet580740Jul 30

All those beautiful faces.......gone!!Well it seems to be a trend that many or our beautiful female bloggers have decided it's time to not show their face I've thought the blogs wer...

robbyreal41330Jul 27Jul 28
Viewing a Profile by Accident

Viewing a Profile by Accident..I hated it when that happened. And it happened quite often. Sometimes when reading blog comments. I tried to scroll down the screen to read more, bu...

Kalpataru287-Jul 21Jul 25
ali11050322Jul 9Jul 25
If I said you had a beautiful body

If I said you had a beautiful body..Would you hold it against me? Any native (and good non-native) English speakers will know that sentence can be read in two different ways, with d...

mollybaby1,09990Jul 11Jul 23

KIDS SELLING LEMONADE!Overseas in G.B. the authorities ordered a 5-year old girl to cease and desist from "selling lemonade" and then fined her $150. I s that outrageous or...

Magnet5805665Jul 21Jul 21

Fly Me To The Moon - Something To PonderMany songs have been written about the moon (Dancing in the Moonlight, Moon Shadow, Moondance and many others...) The Moon is considered to be roma...

daniela77727836Jul 19Jul 19
Ladies man

Ladies man.Back when I was eighteen and in my final years of high school, I had a lot of female friends. Let's be honest, I enjoyed their company. For some stran...

Gingercat1983851Jul 11Jul 11
Ode to the fallen

Ode to the fallen...Autumn winds blow over us The many now become the few... Like leaves turning colours We fall one by one Returning to dust The cycle of life Eve...

oldblue5430311Jul 8Jul 9
Does the expression DUMB BLONDE have any truth

Does the expression "DUMB BLONDE" have any truth?Apart from the likely characters on this site, has anyone experienced events to substantiate the saying?...

CROWNAFFAIR26316Jul 3Jul 4
The Americans

The AmericansA Canadian's thoughts on Americans. Originally voiced by Gordon Sinclair, this speech is a heartfelt delivery by the late Byron MacGregor who was a...

Willy34111001Jul 4Jul 4

reality- state of things as they are, rather than as they are imagined to be (Cambridge dictionary) Hmm... ,but everything starts in my mind. A frien...

bloodyawfull38820Jun 29Jul 1
jeffrey0928: "Tired of being single"(meet us in the forums)

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