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It's pretty unmistakeable who the liar is....

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If the Biden lion is drawn like a skinny old man, why isn't the Trump lion old, obese and with poor posture...on your Truth King blog?

Why is the Biden lion drawn with defeated body language even though he's the one in office (regardless of how anyone thinks he got there) and why is the Trump lion drawn with the body language of success given he's been losing left, right and centre up to now...on your Truth King blog?

Why has the Trump cartoon not got captions blaming Biden, Fauci, Engoron, Engoron's clerk, James, both Kaplan's, Carroll, Jones, etc...on your Truth King blog?

confused ... idea ... It's you, Gal.
Joe Biden on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
3:44 min

Yesh, well, if I am a liar you are the queen bloviator of cs blogs and forums. roll eyes
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