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Google released a phone app back in 2010 called Gesture Search. The program reads your contact list and allows you to finger write names to quickly call up people in your list.
To me, it was the most effective dialing app to date. While most hunt for a name, I would swipe the letters of a name and the list would populate.
Need to find someone named Fred? As you begin to swipe F R E any matches would appear. Tap the selection and it would make the call.
I was able to clone that application from phone to phone long after Google stopped supporting it, which was odd that something so useful could be dropped with nothing in the app store to replace it.

A few years ago, I purchased a factory refurbished Samsung phone said to have a new battery. Model Note 10+ it was under heavy use and the battery would get 2 days between charges. Eventually, the performance decreased and it wouldn't get me past noon needing a recharge.
The memory was full (with over 6,000 photos and movies) so I installed a 512mb SD memory and removed lots of photos I didn't need. My phone is used in business and it's amazing when a client describes some design, I can pull up a photo of something previously done. Wall units... got 'em. Aquariums... got 'em.

I was doing random backups in the event the phone was lost or stolen. Seeing how Samsung is now up to S24 in their series, I figured it was time for an upgrade. They weren't offering much for a trade on my old phone, but I didn't think waiting would be more incentive to upgrade.

All photos and movies combined is more than 300 gigabyte so I ordered one with 1 terabyte of memory, enough for many years.

All the Samsung phones come with Smart Switch application to backup, save and clone phones. It can be done wireless over Wi-Fi or with a direct phone-to-phone cable. The cable being a quicker means of transfer.

I spoke to tech support for the best way to switch the SIM card and enter the IMEI identification. He agreed to call Saturday at 7am giving me time Friday night to do the backup. Watching a few YouTube videos detailing the steps, most transfers were between 1 and 2 hours. I started along and within a few minutes it estimated the backup to be more than 4 hours!
I left the phones doing the transfer and went to bed, getting up at 6am to confirm the transfer was successful and all the apps would start to update. The tech called and we changed the SIM. There were some issues with passwords that had to be entered manually, but I got around it. All the visuals transferred so look like my old phone and folders with the same name that were in the phone memory and SD card were merged. Not a bid deal, I need to do some housekeeping in photo storage.

My favorite app was greyed out as it didn't make the transfer. I did some research and it's not able to run on the latest version of Android. I searched the name and found another app said to be similar, but it's function wasn't to my liking.
I'll keep on searching for a suitable replacement.

I'm still going through the phone turning on (and off) settings to suit my needs. Email notification is only a beep. I'm looking for the visual, so I can see without having to 'light up' the screen constantly.

I shot a few movies and more than 50 photos today. I'll download them to see how good the high resolution camera is. I sent one photo to a friend and it was so high-res it sent it as a link. I'm sure there is a way to reduce the size for text messages.

As they (whoever they is) say, when all else fails... read the owner's manual.

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Just dropping by to say how you doing?conversing wave
Sorry, I wasn't able to answer your question about the message limit because the day CS implemented it was the day I left here. I was chatting with a guy from here and decided to take the conversation off-site. I reckon it's 20 messages, but the moment I tried to send messages to fellow bloggers, I couldn't. It said I had already reached my daily limit.
D... it's good to see you back!

Only once did I exceed the daily message limit and I think it's now 10.
Maybe before they offered offered Premium it was more. Not sure of the recent changes.
10? Users must use the daily message wisely then.scold
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