Election Interference aka Hush Money Trial...

Depending on who you listen to, Trump says it's election interference by Biden and the Democratic Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Okay... some will believe that story and form that opinion.

Another opinion is paying off a porn star to hush an affair (while married) so as not to adversely affect his status in an election, making it (reverse) election interference.

Since the money was misuse of campaign funds that sent Michael Cohen, his personal attorney to prison, his CFO Allen Weisselberg to jail, it would seem logical for Trump who okayed the transaction to be found guilty as well.

As a side issue: Pending with the Supreme court is a decision of immunity that Trump claims he has. This happened prior to him becoming president. Kinda of a stretch on the Constitution and law.

Anyway, today starts jury selection for the court case for the hush money trial... TAX DAY in America.
Befitting for a man who claims not having to pay taxes and knowing more than the IRS when it comes to tax loopholes.

The Hush Money Trial...
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Already in violation of a gag order...

Last week, Trump used his Truth Social platform to call two important witnesses -- his former lawyer Michael Cohen and the adult film actor Stormy Daniels — “two sleaze bags who have, with their lies and misrepresentations, cost our Country dearly!”

Hi mate. I'm not so read up on this case but I just wonder
is it provend he had sex with her?
This was supposed to have happened ca a year into his marriage with Melania
from what I could just google myself to.

Yea nobody cares about who paid this or how it was taxed.
It's the juicy details people are after.
And the prosecuters knew this darn well.

If I remember correctly Justice Cavanough was also
somehow only being checked after just when they needed bad publicity the most.
Coinicidence, hardly.

That one was fake, is this one fake as well Chat?
Nothing will convince you of ANY wrongdoing when it comes to Trump.

You wouldn't be convinced if Stormy kept a used condom and it had Trump's DNA on it, so why bother exchanging any facts or views?
Why would you pay ANY money to a woman for so called" hush money "if you had nothing to hide.dunno
It looks like Trump is feeling it...in court...lol...biting his lip as they peel over his verbal spews on social media when he had a gag order in place...
I have no qualms with what Trump does extramarital affairs and such...as long as he is not forcing himself on women and abiding by the law...paying someone off and getting a NDA in place reeks of Weinstein behaviour but in reality his lawyers screwed it up...
From The Intercept Voices article...Trump broke the law for no reason...he could have paid off Stormy without legal troubles...
Trump should have been fine with slightly different paperwork. “If Trump had paid Daniels using personal funds or campaign funds,” said Fischer, “and properly reported the transaction on FEC reports, then legally he would have been in the clear.”

Here is a video clip about you know who...
"Why would you pay ANY money to a woman for so called" hush money "if you had nothing to hide."

Since she cashed the check and didn't hush, shouldn't T-Rump sue for breach of contract? A wildly stupid notion -- unless the game is The Stall.
Hardly the point as he is adamant there was no affair so why pay her money,and according to her he was supposed to sign the agreement but didn't so guess it wasn't valid.

Who actually cares to be honest, Guess there is a lot more that we and possibly his wife are unaware of.
Many non-disclosure agreements are illegal and void when they attempt to limit reporting of crime.

As Trump is suspected of illegally paying off with misappropriated funds, any NDA is void in this specific case.
I could explaing you that but it would not go through.
Judge Juan Merchan's grew some cojónes today by issuing a warning to Donald Trump:

MERCHAN: If you disrupt the proceedings, you can be excluded from the courtroom and committed to jail based on your conduct and the trial will continue on in your absence…do you understand?

TRUMP: “I do.”

MERCHAN: If you do not show up there will be an arrest...do you understand?

TRUMP: "I do."

From what I understand Stormy did have to pay...wow
But this has grown into a bigger burger due to the way Trump tried to hid it...not just for Melania but to hid it from the public so he could be elected...
From what I understand...if he was transparent about it in the paperwork (as in paid it through his own money) and Stormy to not talk about it...it would have been legit... wine
So it seems that Trump has an Achilles heel...laugh
Oh go on , I and others would love to hear your explanation.grin
Interesting how drawn he looked before going into the court house.
Yes...he looked quite dower...not as lively in his speech outside of court...less animated and a tad worried...but still managed to talk some BS anyway...the Achilles heel that keeps on giving...laugh
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