Israel is being attacked at this time

Israel is under attack by Iran. Drones from Iran are on the way at this time against Israel.

Hopefully, Israel will defend themselves against Iran, and eventually put Iran in their much needed place. My country (U.S.A.) needs to stand behind Israel and help Israel defeat Iran's regime.

Pray for Israel and its people.
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I think we may need to pray for the Iranian people...
I searched news ... this was "breaking" FOURTEEN HOURS Ago & Israel expects the "hundreds" of drones to.take "several,hours" to arrive.

What the hell are they using for Drones ... Hot Air Balloons???

Seriously, y'all ... That ChiCom Spy Balloon that took Days to overfly the US was going faster.


Could be good target practis for Israles 75 F35s. drinking
Nevermind the spelloe, Israel has 75 of 'em from what I can gather.
Iron dome maybe come in handy too and all that.
I suppose this will do about as much damage as those drones that hit Kremlin.
The Iranian response appeared to begin at midday on Saturday when IRGC commandos seized an Israeli-linked container ship in the Strait of Hormuz.

13 April 2024
22:58 GMT

More than 100 Iranian drones have been downed outside of Israel by the US and UK, an unnamed Israeli defense official told the country’s Army Radio.
Israel getting punished with ‘Operation Truthful Promise’

Israeli reports say Iran has already fired three waves of drones at Israeli positions, as well as a number of cruise missiles. Footage captured by citizens in Iraq, suggests Iran's famous Shahed-136 drones are among the UAVs launched at the occupied territories.

ABC News has quoted American officials claiming that 400 to 500 drones are currently making their way towards Israel after being launched from Iran's territory.

Before the direct Iranian attack on Israeli targets, Hezbollah initiated a significant rocket barrage targeting the northern areas of occupied Palestine and the Golan Heights.

A cyber attack also plunged vast areas of the occupied territories, including Tel Aviv, into darkness.

Further Information indicates that both the Lebanese group and the Ansarullah movement in Yemen have initiated drone attacks on the occupied territories concurrently with Iranian strikes.
TEHRAN- The Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) has issued a statement announcing the firing of dozens of drones and missiles against targets inside Israel in response to its "numerous crimes" including its air raids on the consular section of the Iranian embassy in Damascus, Syria, on April 1 in which seven Iranian military officers were martyred.

"In response to the numerous crimes of the Zionist regime, including the attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus and the martyrdom of a group of our military commanders and advisors in Syria, the aerospace force of the IRGC targeted specific positions inside the occupied territories by firing dozens of missiles and drones," the statement reads.
“Definitely these insane operations will be the last struggles of the Zionist regime,” Major General Qassem Soleimani said, according to a Twitter account attributed to him.

It came days after Israel said it had launched air raids against Iranian targets near the Syrian capital city of Damascus. The Israeli military claimed its raids had prevented an attack on the Israeli-occupied territories “using killer drones.”

In a statement issued after the Israeli army announced its attack, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the Israeli military for its “major operational effort.”
Soleimani was martyred by US drone in Jan. '20.


"I searched news ... this was "breaking" FOURTEEN HOURS Ago & Israel expects the "hundreds" of drones to.take "several,hours" to arrive.

What the hell are they using for Drones ... Hot Air Balloons???"

Mic maybe they are delivering uber eats on the way ???
uh oh
If the eats are egg salad & delivered to Israel ... by the time they get there, they'll wipe out the country with food poisoning

Your blogs are simple yet thought provoking at the same time.

I don’t attempt political blogs anymore. I can’t debate as good as the men folk but some have said at least you’re trying and we appreciate that.

I don’t know…perhaps I’ll try again one day.
I checked out the drone from the description in rob's comment.

It carries a 110 lb. bomb & splits the atmosphere at a scorching 115 mph.
That's 'bout the top speed of a fighter plane ... in WW ONE.

So israel is essentially dealing with Sopwith Camels carrying a bomb & guidance system.

It's classified as ... get this! ... a LOITERING WEAPON ... Yes! REALLY!!

Maybe Israel can arrest them for Vagrancy.


Those Drones can carry some pretty nasty Gifts that can do some serious damage to certain Infrastructure and other soft targets!
Wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of one of those Things!

Biden vows "ironclad" support for Israel ...

It's understood, of course, that "ironcladiness" is contingent on polling of "River To The Sea" Mohammedans in swing states Michigan & Minnesota.

Iran has no intention of continuing its military operation against Israel, which included massive drone and missile strikes over the weekend, the chief of staff of the Armed Forces, Major General Mohammad Bagheri, has said.

The US military in the Middle East intercepted dozens of missiles and drones, fired towards Israel from Iran, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said.

Iran sent at least 185 drones and 36 cruise missiles in response to the Israeli military’s deadly attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, The New York Times wrote citing Israeli officials.

According to the report, the majority of launches were carried out from the territory of Iran, although some drones took off from Iraq and Yemen.

Besides, Iran also fired 110 surface-to-surface missiles.
sure my 2 cents
1. Spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, said on the morning of April 14 that the IDF and allied forces shot down 99% of the missiles fired by Iran at night towards Israel. Military experts note that Israel's complete technological superiority over Iran has been demonstrated.
The vast majority of interceptor missiles were launched from Israel.
Israeli TV channel Kan confirms that minor damage was caused to the Nevatim airbase in the Negev.
Hagari confirmed that Iran fired more than 300 missiles and drones at Israel. 120 ballistic missiles, 35 cruise missiles and 170 drines Shahed 136, the same ones that Russia is using in the war against Ukraine

Israeli TV Channel 12 notes that not a single Iranian drone strike or cruise missile could reach Israel. They were shot down or simply fell in Iraq or Jordan.
2,For information
HESA Shahed 136
Warhead weight 50 kilograms (110 lb)
Engine MD-550 piston engine
Operational range 2,500 km (1,600 mi)
Maximum speed Around 185 km/h (115 mph)
The distance from Tehran to TA is approximately 2000 km
The first alerts were received by Israeli citizens at about 1.30 a.m.
3. a bit of sarcasm
The world community loves dead Jews. After all, shedding tears to the music from the film “Schindler’s List” is considered politically correct and is practiced everywhere.
But living Jews, of course, irritate Western liberals.
They, you see, want to live. And in their own country and without asking anyone. And they behave with the international community as if they have the right to all this. Terrible impudence
Instead of saying “oi vey” and silently scattering around the world or meekly going to further slaughter, doing something nice for European humanism - they, in response to the massacres of their civilians, are starting to eliminate the murderers! And, despite numerous warnings from the world community, they are not going to stop!
“But murderers are people too,” the world cries. Apparently believing that, in fact, they are people, not some kind of kibbutz people... They have wives (several ones), bills (dozens), children, the UN...
And today, after Iran's failed attempt to kill as many Jews as possible, the world is once again extremely concerned about avoiding war. Because Israel can f*ck back, and that’s terrible.
Peace to the world! - say today all people of good will, terribly irritated by the Jews, because of whose stiff-necked behavior gasoline prices are rising.
Hey, global liberal community! Berkeley and Harvard intellectuals, left-wing professors, peace activists, human rights martyrdoms—isn't anything bothering you at the moment? are you all right? I’m just very worried about your heightened conscience. Let me know that everything is in order and nothing will disturb the peaceful sleep of the fighters against Israeli colonialism today.
This is just another step towards more unrest. Israel attack's Iran's Embassy in Syria so Iran responds.

What happens next is anyone's guess but it's scary as hell .The last 12 hours will make a significant difference as to what happens next and it's not looking good . The last thing we need is an all out war and wider conflict.sigh
Let me remind you, Iran is the country that have been sending weapons to the “Palestinians” and also money and that for many years.
I would also like to say: Bad regimes like the Hamas in Gaza, first chosen by elections, then no more voting, since then (2006).
Irans government is not what the people want - votes were 24%

Israel also supported Hamas or have you forgotten that.dunno
tip hat Good info, Sal.

Yea, thanks to Sal for that info and support to her as well,
she has family in Israel.

Looks like those drones would fly hour after hour to get there, at 185km/h.
Sal & Devil ... thumbs up

It's been said the Jews in Israel possess a secret weapon ... The Have Nowhere Else To Go.

A Windsock called Brandon!uh oh
thanks Grand for your supportive words. I had a really terrible night, but now all is okwave
haha sal@devil is not mine favorite)) sal was my mistake when i was too left. and i just cant change my profile name
Israel also possess the other secret weapons and it is better that the world does not force Israel to use ithead banger wave
I’m curious what kind of united diplomatic response to Iran’s brazen attack it will belaugh
I think most people know the Hamas regime does not care about the Palestinian it is tough to be in a situation to support the killing of civilians no matter what side...
Since Iran is not an ally of the west and vise versa...and because the aide victims that were killed by will be interesting who will support who...
I see this as a war between governments...not ordinary folk...
Of course the governments will sell their strategy to their people via propaganda and omitting a few truths...jmo...
"Sal" & "Devil" was directed collectively at the comments of you & devilandangel.

Anyway ... Right you are regarding Not using the Other (not so) Secret Weapons ... please

True that Daphne. It's also about control, but whichever side people land on they never consider the innocents caught up in the middle ,it's all about blame.crying
I doubt Putin cares about his people...the Iranian government or the North Korean government...Kissinger was another one who had no problems with the needless American human casualties of war...the list goes the USA has Sampson (Trump) in their elections once again...siding for fundamentalists who will vote for him to spread their agenda...
Meanwhile...the Ukraine is being ignored...
But they have to chose better leadership, not some same 'ol hamas crap,
until then I don't have an ear to lend. Not one.
Israel been too kind for too many years and here we are.
I hope they nwill NOT allow Hamas to continue after the dust clears.

What do you think gz, do you think Hamas will will represent the ganzians when all this is over with?
I think they will still be in charge yes.

So that is what I think of these "innocent ones":
they have to throw their own leadership!
Over 13,000 children have been killed in Gaza since Oct. 7. They would have no say in their leadership surely.

Whatever the outcome of this terrible tragedy on both sides ,sad to say I very much doubt it will be the last as there is so much dissent in the Middle East from many sides.handshake
Nothing new under the sun ... As we're taught in the book of Ecclesiasties.

Jerusalem is a Very Ancient city and the name predates the entry of the Hebrews into the land.

It was originally U ru sa lim ...generally taken to mean City of Salim or City of PEACE.

This has to be the greatest Historical Sarcasm of All Time for what's Likely the most blood drenched piece of real estate in the known Universe.

sad flower

Nothing new under the sun ... As we're taught in the book of Ecclesiasties.

Jerusalem is a Very Ancient city and the name predates the entry of the Hebrews into the land.

It was originally U ru sa lim ...generally taken to mean City of Salim or City of PEACE.

This has to be the greatest Historical Sarcasm of All Time for what's Likely the most blood drenched piece of real estate in the known Universe.

sad flower

I think it is too easy for someone (the poster to your above comment) to bask in the comfort of his own home and safety (distance) to spout such cavalier remarks in regards to others (women and children and the aged) who are having to live/exist in the hell that they are if they actually have a say in this...
Considering the lack of food and water or other aid that have been reported...I doubt the leaders and their minions involved in this conflict are going without...
So what du you suggest miss?
Where lies the solution here, let us know.

I think a revolt inside the strip could come in very handy here.
If that is impossible cos the citizens of Gaza is too afraid
of their own terrorist sons and fathers, well then let IDF do it for them.
That is what is going on.

By the way how do you feel when I tell you our own heroes of ww2
bombed a 100.000 civilians to death in one single night over Tokyo 1945?
That was fine wasn't it.
"On March 10, 1945, US Army Air Forces dropped nearly 1,700 tons of fire bombs on Tokyo. The attack was an escalation of Allied air raids on Japan during World War II. The attack killed up to 100,000 Japanese people and injured another million, most of them civilians."
How do you propose a starving nation in desperate need of humanitarian aid stand up and fight.Do me a favour.

Past history keeps repeating itself so basically we as humans have learned nothing from 2 World wars followed by many other wars and the war now against Ukraine as well as other parts of the World .

Seems leaders are hell bent on killing others never mind the reasons. Dragging up the past will never mend the future.sigh
The fact that you addressed me as miss tells me quite a bit about yourself...
Most people do not have a matter what side...
The powers that be disregard human life for a greater cause...gaining something of worth...religion for example, is just a ruse and a ploy in justifying conflict/behaviour...I find both political sides problematic...
they have been trying to start ww3 for years, these people that make money off the war machine, anyone taking a side and is not on the side of peace, has fallen into their orchestrated plot.
By one line of reasoning ...
The Best (read: Most Humane) War is the Shortest War.

That means inflicting as much destruction, misery, suffering, and death by All means possible as quickly as possible.

This was expounded 8n the US Civil War by Confederate Stonewall Jackson -
And practiced by Union William Tecumseh Sherman.

"War is cruelty and cannot be refined."
Wm. T. Sherman

He later shortened it to "War is hell."

This approach may have become less Practital since the introduction of thermonuclear warfare.

Since WWII the US has become the Grand Master of INhumane War ...
Doing only enough to prolong the suffering, misery and dying for Decades.

I'm aware that some of Y'all 's results will vary.

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