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Heard the song before

But didnt remember the bands name and have never seen the video
610Jan 12

Would you agree to this ?

In a medical first, doctors transplanted a pig heart into a patient in a last-ditch effort to save h...
1617Jan 10

Its getting serious now

2537Jan 9

Mens fashion of 2022

Hopefully this won't catch on Like the 3 wheeled car And cameltoe shoes
1091Jan 2

Watching the sun set on 2021

Last day of 2021 Let's hope 2022 is better in every way...
1624Dec 31

Happy Modraniht everyone

We the keepers of the old ways wish everyone regardless of your race,religion, or creed a happy holi...
2317Dec 24

Only 5 blogs

Apart from mine in the last 24 hours ,two of which are from the same compulsive blogger. My predi...
169-Dec 12

Christmas countdown

Or should it be Christmas lockdown 15 sleeps until Santa visits If he and his reindeer ar...
1343Dec 9

Pen pals

When I was at school one of my teachers set up a pen pal club ,gave every child a name and address f...
1742Dec 6


1381Dec 1


Omicron as it has been named is the next reason why the world will continue to be locked down I...
2209Nov 26

Hey mac...

Re your blog : Hey, Y'all - I Just Got Deleted & Banned From This Blog ... Tell me how its pos...
33410Nov 26

Well worth 8 minutes of your life

Take the time to watch this video if you care at all about saving...
1211Nov 24

One for the young at heart

Now let's see how long before my tame troll stumbles in to take a...
1012Nov 21

The who

Today I watched the fall 15 men Dressed in white Second strip not black of old National anthem...
166-Nov 20

skilful deception

... or slight of hand Anyone have or want to put forward any conspiracy theories as to what the C...
1865Oct 26

Bigger and faster

Back in the old days we used the term old wives tails, when we heard a story that was a mix of truth...
1372Nov 12

The weird of why

Have you ever wondered the why behind the action of people. If you have a question that you want...
2453Oct 31

Bahhh ram ewe

Have you ever arrived somewhere and wondered how you got there? Scientists believe they may have...
1151Oct 29


Or even stranger How many hogsheads in a butt ?...
1452Oct 28

Small prick x 2

How about a blog where the community here reports if they have had covid. If they have been vacci...
46319Oct 11


Had my first vacation shot today So I'm either 50% safe from the virus Or 50% more likely to d...
1781Sep 9

Just another drop in the ocean

Another blow to our environment Another by-product of the corona crisis
1711Sep 6

Second time unlucky

First Katrina and now Ida On the anniversary on Katrina,s visit Seems Ida is set to drop in...
2043Aug 29

2 4 1

I feel like I'm living in two Stephen King books simultaneously: "Under the dome" And "The...
1231Aug 27

Final destination

When the world finally opens up again where would you like to visit if cost was not an issue. I m...
32714Aug 24

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