Auntie D and Al

You may be casually acquainted with, or have an intimate relationship with 1 or both.

They seem at first to be nice and help you through your day in handling stress etc.

A casual visitor alone or often together.

But soon you become more dependent and start to not only want them ,but I'm fact need them.

I'm talking about antidepressants and alcohol

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

I piss clean but how many here can admit they can sigh

Interesting to know how many here are "clean"
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I live on a tropical island, surrounded by coconut and papaya trees, I overlook a turquoise blue sea and a white sand beach, I have no need for any stimulants or alcohol.

Having said that, there are many ex-pats here who cannot miss a day without beer and or rum, I feel sorry for them.
Hi riz
Thanks for the comment.

Last time I broached this subject I got shot down by the users and alcohol dependent here

Ah, antidepressants for 3 years (work-related stress) - they don't seem to make much difference at the time (everything grey, no black or white) but breaking the habit was horrific - it's like you are expected to be on them for life, nobody warns you when you are put on them how violent the effects (for up to a month) are when you stop. Wake-up call of note and I would never go there again, there are better ways of handling stress!! That was, count on fingers, 12 years ago so yup, I piss clean. I drink occasionally, enjoy the slight buzz, don't enjoy brain getting silly. I do know a few ex-pats who drink a lot and segue from subdued to merry to manic to maudlin and self-obsessed, wake up the next day, repeat.

But I am addicted to smoking so there's no sigh
Sorry biff I till can't get used to you new profile name
I enjoy a social beer or two, but it has raised eyebrows here that most guys around the bar drink two or even three bottles of San Miguel beer to my one bottle. I’ve been accused of being a cheapskate but I regularly buy a round, it’s all water off a ducks back to me, life is too short to get stressed over what others people think.

My real friends all know me and never comment!
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