Speed dating

and that would be THAT speed date over rolling on the floor laughing

Speed dating

Promise me if you find a speed-dating thing in your general area you'll go handshake it's all about people who want to meet people whereas here on CS for eg some have complicated motives for being here. At least in just 5 minutes nobody will (surely?) be asking if you found Jesus, or talking at random for the sake of talking. Oh help maybe some will sit down and launch straight into politics uh oh well you don't tick their name on the list, sorted!

Speed dating

A guy honest enough to say yes, hmm. At least you could watch them wriggle and no no I want a companion for long walks on the beach and sitting in front of the fire and and well okay maybe a quick fumble or two laugh

Trouble is I'm older than you so if I tried that I'd scare them off. Maybe for me the line would be 'do you just want your feet massaged' rolling on the floor laughing

Speed dating

So maybe not your opening line laugh go with I'm a musician, happiest playing my guitar, love animals and handy round the house (are you handy round the house? Women LOVE handy round the house) (if not handy round the house go on a DIY course, lots of women do those because there are so few men handy round the house)

There are single blokes here but some are gay and some are shy and some are rich and afraid of being chased for their money and some are poor and want to see your bank account before they'll commit ... but the point is when you meet someone speed-dating two questions are ticked immediately

Single? yes
Looking? yes


Unless you HAVE to live at home you can also tick another box on some lists, 'ready able and willing to move in' some women do like a man around all the time, they feel incomplete without one even if they don't actually NEED one they prefer one, preferably doting, on tap in case.

Speed dating

Just the first time, though - subsequent dates could last, what, 20 minutes? rolling on the floor laughing

Making an impression, being irresistible in the 5 minutes before the bell pings, no pressure uh oh

Speed dating

Oh, I will, and will report back when / if it ever happens.

I joined an expats club recently and noticed they have a night for solo members, might venture along for that, there could after all be members under 90 years old, although I've yet to see on one under 90 at their backgammon mornings laugh

RE: Shake shake shake

4.8 not such a big deal? but I guess if the earth never moved for someone before ... Taiwan had a monster 7.4 last week and weathered it impressively well, considering.

Spain has - and I did not know this until I looked it up - 30 a year on average, wow roughly every 11 days help the most recent was 7 hours ago. I slept through it ... perhaps if I'd been awake I'd have seen my glass of water ripple and wondered if there was a T-Rex in the area.

In the past 30 days, Spain has had 528 quakes of magnitudes up to 4.5:

1 quake above magnitude 4
7 quakes between magnitude 3 and 4
83 quakes between magnitude 2 and 3
437 quakes below magnitude 2 that people normally don't feel.

So today I learned something.

Speed dating

Voices are super-important to me too - must be said though, I rang a window-cleaner to book his services and OMG his voice was fantastic I couldn't wait for him to pitch up. Put it this way, turned out to have a face absolutely made for radio, once I'd seen him I didn't even find the voice so good any more.

However still think that sounds a good way of meeting. Good voice, good conversation, I would so meet up. The downside is that my own voice - well, put it this way, most marketing calls from real human beings assume I am the man of the house, can't see that being a turn-on lol

As for this speed-dating malarkey, there are lots of women interested, not enough men. At this point the next meet is being pencilled in for mid May and she asked if I could rope in any blokes to help that happen. Well, if all the women are being asked to sign up all the men they personally don't want -


Speed dating

You know FULL WELL what I mean rolling on the floor laughing

Picture it, you've been dating 3 months, and he leaves a note one day in wonky capitals saying 'theirs a dellivery cumming at 11' and you think uhoh -

Speed dating

and 5 minutes ain't long, you're going to want to compare notes ('didja notice number 4 snorts like a pig when he laughs?' or, 'that's odd, he told ME he was the youngest of 3, told you he's an only child, LIAR ALERT.)

Talking of liar, a joke doing the FB rounds, if a liar's pants really did go on fire, watching the news would be a lot more fun giggle

Speed dating

Even scarier that the mods have asked the political nutters to cut out the politics but by the time they did the loons were pretty much running the nuthouse and ignored them, and most of the sane - or bonkers-but-fun-with-it - had gone. But there are a few non-politicals left wine

Meeting in Spain - yup real meetings. Spain has a LOT of expats because the climate is reliably good, the cost of living better than most other European countries, standard of living much higher. It's also a seriously popular tourist destination, edging the US into 3rd spot, so anyone travelling from inside AND outside Europe gets a holiday and, if it works out, a new friend to show them round? No brainer.

Okay half my tally was bloggers meeting up where 3 lived here within an hour or two drive of Salobreña and 2 were on holiday, and a second trip featured an American blogger and his Malaysian wife, who met on CS, and chose southern Spain for a holiday for the same reason. There were 3 active popular and funny bloggers back then in Spain who have all given up in the face of the humourless dreary blogs which everyone now seems to prefer. Spain is still sunny and still the second most popular holiday destination in the world.

As for the other meets, expats will drive further to meet someone halfway than perhaps the average Joe would. Catch me, when I still lived in Scotland, driving more than half an hour for coffee??? but here it's a chance to see more of my new country, speak English, and if it works out (that giant if) weekends spent back and forth. Got a good buddy here who is in a longterm relationship, 2 years so far, with a woman who lives nearly an hour's drive away, that works out REALLY well for mature couples delighted to have together time but also used to lots of private time and keeping up with their local friends. In fact that's the dream, for many of us. Well, me. I like my down time. They'll end up fulltime together in the long run but for now are both very happy with the deal.

I am NOT a homewrecker. snooty


Speed dating

That's a brilliant idea!

RE: Old Time Superstitions & Charms

I'm surprised* no-one has yet mentioned Saint Anthony although must be said he's not yet managed to find my missing passport but that's one of the most reliable superstitions - incredibly high success rate.

*well, not surprised. Not many cheerfully chatty bloggers around these days.

RE: Old Time Superstitions & Charms

Paranormal is always impossible until you see it and superstitions and charms are scoffed until someone gets a hit.

If you never had a cat it would seem impossible a fat cat could jump from a sitting start onto a kitchen counter. Not paranormal, obviously, just an observation.

I had a recurring ant problem in Scotland, traps everywhere, the air often filled with the chemical stink of spray. A colleague said to me 'ask them to leave'. Feeling something of a tit, I did. They left. wow

Tried it in Spain, explaining in both English and halting Spanish that I couldn't have them around and would have to try to kill them if they didn't go. They left.

Pure coincidence, of course. But coincidentally it has worked 4 times for me in the last, hmm, 8 years. Lucky that.

Speed dating

Haha I've met over a dozen people from CS, male and female, with both friendly or romantic intentions, but that was pre-Trump, happier times when there were lots of single people who wanted to connect other single people. Some are now in good relationships (one couple even via CS!) and some have given up trying to blog or even log in because what's the point and of course some were simply weird.

Bit like my premium bonds - never got a life-changing win, but occasionally a pay-out laugh

Almost scary to think of meeting people in real life without any idea whether they can even, you know, spell? wow

Speed dating

Too far for me to consider going regularly and I think it's monthly anyway but yes good point well made. handshake

Speed dating

Oh I think curious is usually the motivation - I will have to go on my own, the only other single woman I know here is decidedly anti men and I suspect husbands would frown on their wives coming along for a giggle / support rolling on the floor laughing

At this point all moot as the organizer hasn't replied to my email ...

Speed dating

Well, exactly why I blogged about it and didn't just book and go along rolling on the floor laughing

I do know within seconds if I think someone is attractive. I know within minutes whether that first assessment was right or wrong. So in THEORY it is a way of spending literally 5 minutes across a table with a single bloke looking for a single woman, both of us on our best behaviour and trying to impress, before a little bell dings and you speed on to the next encounter. You have a little list and if you liked him, you tick his name. At the end the organizer collects all the lists and where the like is mutual, sends you each other's contact details. Not mutual, oh well.

What could possibly go wrong ... uh oh rolling on the floor laughing

The best-looking bloke in the room could be ticked on every list and not tick a single woman there. His loss. You could have a brilliant 5 minutes laughing, convinced you've made a hit, and - nothing. The bloke who told me about it probably ticked every woman just for being single and available. The first woman who ticked back said on their first date he was scruffy and hadn't spruced up enough for their date. The second said she had family coming to stay for six weeks so they wouldn't be able to meet again, and good luck with his search. The third has so far cancelled every plan they've set up (four!) so am I expecting Cupid hovering over the table, arrows lined up? No!

But - you know - like the lottery, never going to win if you don't even buy a ticket even though the odds are millions to one -


And you are so right about seeing what a man is like when he loses. Hmmmm maybe make it a backgammon game rather than just 5 minutes of talking ...

RE: Is the real truth being hidden?

Challenge accepted. You were outright wrong in calling FOMO an emotion, and one felt only by women. professor

Just to clarify, then - fear of missing out is literally the lurking feeling other people are having more fun than you are. It is not really even an emotion. It is most certainly not limited to females. Friends having a dinner party, you weren't invited because you don't have a partner? Damn, wish I had someone special so I could be invited along to such things. Oh hello FOMO. Colleague at work is invited onto a project even though you have as much experience in that area. There's no added pay, no obvious benefits bar a bit of a profile boost, he / she has only added to their workload but you wonder why them not you. Oh hello FOMO.

"I enjoy learning and becoming a better human" is because you know you are missing out on what some others manage to achieve. You blog about things you don't understand in the hope someone will magically clarify it all. THAT IS FOMO, and every single one of us, male, female, young, old, at work or at play, has the occasional lurking feeling we don't understand something. It is NORMAL and HUMAN and NON-GENDER. .

I have no idea whether that makes you a better human but I do hope you enjoyed learning what it actually means. If I should ever on one of your future blogs write just FOMO grin, read back what you have written ...

RE: Is the real truth being hidden?

FOMO is what every single blog you have ever written, pretty much, is about. You never stop fretting about missing out rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Is the real truth being hidden?

If a woman knows a guy is a bit bigger it is, no denying, a factor in attraction. Not the main factor. But a factor. The worst question either partner ever has to ask is "is it in". rolling on the floor laughing

10 inch tonkers, though, are you serious? No thanks. Women may be briefly titillated by the idea of a once-off with a freak dong - especially the kind of women who would talk about such things on TV, by the way - but nobody would want to be long-term with a guy who could usually only run the flag halfway up the post before starting to feel a bit faint. Takes a LOT to inflate the larger tonker. Takes a LOT to get a woman ready to take one. Half the time, when it has settled into a longer term relationship, the guy passes out and the woman falls asleep and their sex life is not a fraction as fun as other couples.

Women can say this until they are blue in the face, you guys don't listen. It isn't what you've got, it is how you use it. MEN are obsessed with size. A bigger man is confident because he IS a bigger man and knows other men are envious. Women go for confidence and so yup may be attracted - but by the confidence, not the size. If it turns out he can't use the thing worth a damn, so all he is offering is a blunt weapon to be worked around - that is not appealing. And he's back on the market. And you guys say enviously that he gets a lot of action.

Ask yourself if your female friends would date a guy whose knuckles hung to his knees because he was bigger than average? Bet they wouldn't. Size matters more to men than to women. WEIRD.
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Speed dating

But I don't want to meet teenage mormons? confused

(thank you urban dictionary rolling on the floor laughing teen mormons say if you put your middle foot in but don't move, it isn't sex, just soaking - the jump man, (or humper?) is the one wanting the soaking)
(just to save anyone else looking it up)

Speed dating

That sounds quite fun! So you're saying give it a go ...

Speed dating

Nope, not through a website, through a local group on Facebook which I wouldn't have heard about as it isn't my local area, but word is spreading.

I was talking to a bloke online who said he'd been to both, I slightly got the impression he'd ticked 'like' on every woman there haha. Two women 'liked' him back at the first, three at the second, and the deal was the organizer then gave them each other's email addresses to go on from there. He did say all four leads (one woman had been at both, they 'liked' each other both times) fizzled out but as he's one of those who pushes too far too fast, maybe that's why they fizzled out? Even a 5 minute date won't filter those out. But I'm tempted. So many expats in Spain wondering how the hell to meet people as places like POF are, of course, predominantly Spanish. You can put I AM ENGLISH as your profile name and will still get swamped in Spanish messages, lol. This is a little more - focused.

Speed dating

Does sound like a meetup, and I'm told the Irish contingent of CS had a few of those - I heard good things about them but yup, doesn't really rock my boat! Although I think better organised, profile nametags and all

Speed dating

Still plucking up the courage but if I go, I'll report back! laugh

RE: Do you know anything ?

Maybe the trick is to write down, now, any story you ever heard about your family which at the time made you suddenly realize they hadn't always been stodgy and "older". Those were always the stories I liked, even if the person was already dead and gone, even if I never met them, they were family. May not be your grandparents grandparents but one day they'll be somebody's ...

RE: So where's THE DUKE

Oh okay I just posted on Chat's blog then went looking for the accuser he mentioned, well, those two do have a history of animosity. sigh

Hey, Itchy! wave Yup, I want Luke back too, I don't agree with him on US politics but much much MUCH rather have political blogs banned (I'm sure the mods asked people to quit the political blogs already) than bloggers! US politics has pretty much destroyed what used to be fun reading, every blog on the foul topic either punching or poking or needling or bellowing. This is not a political site! Go find political sites!! rolling on the floor laughing

And give us Luke back. If there's a petition, tell me where to sign -
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RE: False accusations...

I read this blog without logging in but as I hadn't commented on anything in a couple of days I couldn't see my own name on anything to check whether I had been deleted or not uh oh laugh

Not sure who you're talking about but did notice Luke quoted in the comments, and had already noticed he had gone off-air, Hope he's taking a break, either by choice or a short CS jail break, and hope to see him back again.. I've said before and will say again I don't go a bundle on the political blogs FROM ANYONE because of the aggressive reactions they cause but I've always read and enjoyed his other blogs and his comments over the years. To quote another blog, you get back what you put in, with Luke. If you are aggressive, expect aggression, but the same goes with debate, with considered opinions, with humour. He's an honest straightforward WYSIWYG* and hell they are rare here and to be valued, not poked at or fought with.

Also don't know who has accused you of ridding the blogs of members but hey, you've blogged quite often about reporting fake profiles and them vanishing so - if you want a reputation of policing CS, you have to expect you will be accused when others vanish? You are obviously in with the mods. nerd but I do believe you stick to fake profiles rather than frequent bloggers.

I HAVE reported a few blogs which I thought crossed even the CS line, where almost anything goes. Sometimes the blog vanished, usually not, although a couple of the more offensive comments might. Once or twice the profile vanished, at least for a short time, but in those cases there would have been many complaints. I'd like to think so, anyway - the thought one person could obliterate another's established longterm profile on one complaint is not a comfortable one.

*Everyone knows this marketing term, right? But in case - What You See Is What You Get

RE: Auntie D and Al

Ah, antidepressants for 3 years (work-related stress) - they don't seem to make much difference at the time (everything grey, no black or white) but breaking the habit was horrific - it's like you are expected to be on them for life, nobody warns you when you are put on them how violent the effects (for up to a month) are when you stop. Wake-up call of note and I would never go there again, there are better ways of handling stress!! That was, count on fingers, 12 years ago so yup, I piss clean. I drink occasionally, enjoy the slight buzz, don't enjoy brain getting silly. I do know a few ex-pats who drink a lot and segue from subdued to merry to manic to maudlin and self-obsessed, wake up the next day, repeat.

But I am addicted to smoking so there's no smug.here. sigh

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