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A meeting with Giant Aloe Vera Plants, their Components and Health Benefits.It has been raining and raining and raining for weeks. A half an hour walk at least during these rainy weeks that seemed endless was just impossibl...

Stargazer11152160Apr 182 mins ago
About Inner Voices and Self Sabotage

About Inner Voices and Self SabotageMost of us treat love like an external force. It’s something that happens to us, strikes us like an arrow, or overcomes us like a storm, our inner voi...

Crunia23834Apr 2014 hrs ago
Captain Kirk isnt dead

Captain Kirk isn't deadBill Shatner is a little annoyed to have had his death announced on a Facebook link. This social media thing is getting out of hand. However his s...

Elegsabiff37231Mar 2221 hrs ago
This is what Batman did to me

This is what Batman did to me....Look at the flippin state of my hair! I´ll never get a girlfriend like this!...

Bnaughty36138Apr 19Apr 20

tomatoeTomorrow is a good day to plant tomatoes, says the moon calendar. I could not wait, for i was feeling the need to post a blog about my veggie queen. L...

bloodyawfull25422Apr 18Apr 20

DEATHYesterday tissue to dry eyes had blood. Tody woke with blood just above sock. drove 11 miles to ER so foot nto amputated due to diabete. Hurry home 1...

LincolnsCousin1618Apr 14Apr 17
Waking to floppy is disturbing

Waking to floppy is disturbingEver wake in the morning only to find a certain part of you is harder to rise and shine??? so you lift it up as if to fix what ever back into place,...

itchywitch34943Apr 15Apr 15

"get a life" blog cliche" I have a better life comparing to yours. I'm always busy. I post the most interesting topics and I take part in a constructive debate. You, .......

bloodyawfull40914Mar 31Apr 10

Wenever sweety,.... I pay my bills. Would you please log off....

bloodyawfull47021Apr 6Apr 8
Why is depression so depressing part one

Why is depression so depressing? part...oneI know I am not alone when asking a question as simple as this… yet the answer is not quite easily rendered. I have often stated and will continue to...

TattoedMonk1874Apr 5Apr 5
Why is depression so depressing part two

Why is depression so depressing? part...twoFor everyone out there who has these conditions and those who don’t… please remember it does not make you less of person or even an outcast… you are w...

TattoedMonk450Apr 5

miss Magpie.....and a few grudges ......inspired by another blog. Since I've been told: "Bloodyawful NEVER put your ugly self on any of my blogs ever again...

bloodyawfull1821Apr 4Apr 5

Trip To Thailand To Find a girlfriend that can cook for meshe needs to be arround 23 until 67 she needs to be good at cooking and she needs to clean my house i will pay the ticket to my country every month...

jarred1105-Apr 1
How do you get from A to a B

How do you get from A to a B ?I have car but by my choice I like walk or bicycle when I doing do people ask why I do that is my car broke To be active Fit Smell clean air whi...

ribabezvode1849Mar 31Apr 1

SEX AND LONGEVITYSex is the origin of humanity but it's not essentially designed for procreation but recreation and business. From medicine, Viagra, Cialis, etc.; men...

JoyCrest85027Dec 2015Apr 1
This news might mean a LOT to some folk in the future

This news might mean a LOT to some folk in the future.Scientists discover new family of promising silver-based anti-cancer drugs. UJ discovers silver-based, anti-cancer drug that is cheaper and less to...

Lukeon13312Mar 28Mar 29

CrownMy dentist said I need a crown today, at last, someone understands me!...

Bnaughty23118Mar 27Mar 28
Being Healthy by WATER in Ayurveda

Being Healthy by WATER in AyurvedaWater is the first requirement of our body. There are 4 rules of drinking water in Ayurveda. 1. Always drink warm water (37 C warm). Warm = body t...

Mr_Amor27325Mar 23Mar 24
Colon Cancer

Colon CancerHi All I have written a blog abour Cancers year long struggle with me Yes uve read it wrighr Beacuse I put it up to Cancer So if ud like to read t...

thedub12341365Mar 23Mar 23

meeeeeeeeeeeEverything i post on line is for attention. Otherwise, i would be chatting this in private only, but with those whom I'm getting on so well online, I'...

bloodyawfull47323Mar 9Mar 12
Mental health medications

Mental "health" medications....Just saw the film "A Beautiful Mind", which had great acting and directing, but fell a little short on the medical consultant input. Before the increa...

Vierkaesehoch700Mar 11
Learn Salsa Is Good for Build Friendships It will Keep You Fit and Healthy

Learn Salsa Is Good for Build Friendships It will Keep You Fit and Healthy"Attention Men" Salsa will Help You to Loose Your Extra Weight and forget all your Problems at Work or at Home! Not Matter If you Never Dance in Y...

falicia1656Feb 25Mar 10

Bi ploarI now find I can write again after being banned for some comments I made. I find now that I think I have bi polar as I,m in a down period.Since com...

flyme138817Feb 14Feb 22

perfect momentyour breath behind my ear your heartbeat against my spine our fingers entangled oh mine oh mine oh mine We could've got so high..... not gone me...

bloodyawfull1,13557Feb 18Feb 21

bi polarI,ve written some more stuff on bi polar in the comments section in my first blog . I,ve done a lot of research on this and some self awareness. An...

flyme1910Feb 15

bi polarI,ve written some more stuff on bi polar in the comments section in my first blog . I,ve done a lot of research on this and some self awareness. An...

flyme1680Feb 15
Is loneliness a health epidemic part 2

Is loneliness a health epidemic? part 2It’s a biological signal to ourselves that we need to build stronger social bonds. Professor Cacioppo has spent much of his career documenting the...

Akeldama40900Feb 10
Is loneliness a health epidemic

Is loneliness a health epidemic?Part 1: Is Loneliness a Health Epidemic? By Eric Klinenberg Feb. 9, 2018 Last month, Britain appointed its first “minister for loneliness,”...

Akeldama40950Feb 10

YupI'm psychologically drained Been put on a happy face more so over the last while as my sister and nephew is staying here now. I always keep a happy f...

Track162805Jan 31Jan 31
Medicating Human Needs

Medicating Human NeedsIf you are depressed and anxious, you are not a machine with malfunctioning parts. You are a human being with unmet needs. The only real way out of...

mollybaby972104Jan 25Jan 30

You Know WhaDepression fking sucks...............................................................................

Track161012Jan 28Jan 28
A good Sh t

A good Sh.t.When one thinks of it, can it get any more an oxymoron? After all, while there are a few uses for the human stuff, as in some aspects of medicine ( di...

Vierkaesehoch1190Jan 28
Cancer Seek

Cancer laboratory procedures, based on genomics and protein biochemistry, to screen, with claims of 70% accuracy, for 8 of the most common solid tissu...

Vierkaesehoch1812Jan 19Jan 19
Its All In The Genes Is It Really

It´s All In The Genes! Is It Really?A little light on Morphogenetics/Epigenetics Genes have always been blamed for our illnesses and susceptibilities - "It´s all in the family!" Th...

daniela77735819Jan 19Jan 19
Killer flu a warning

Killer flu - a warningIn 1918 Spanish flu swept the world, killing an estimated 50 million people. 100 years later, Aussie flu (as it is called except in the US) is kno...

Elegsabiff76253Jan 17Jan 18

AFTER DARK!Officially, my forced labor season ends today; working 18 hours a day, seven days a week, for 45 days. One of those days I met a gentleman of advan...

Huitzilopochtli2492Jan 3Jan 5

You are not aloneYou are not alone. Do not doubt. Do not be afraid. There is love for you. For a long time. Only you often do not see it. Do you often have grief and p...

jarred1101-Jan 2

Wi_fiIs it true WiFi router very dangerous for humna health? ???? Is it main reason for blood pressure disease?????????????????????????...

only1life22612Dec 24Dec 24
Opiate addiction problems in the developed world

Opiate addiction problems in the "developed world"...And lack of access to to these helpful agents in much of the rest of the world. BBC report says 10% of the world uses some 90 % of such powerful pain...

Vierkaesehoch1266Dec 7Dec 8
Im getting a new mattress today

I’m getting a new mattress todayI think the old one has bad energy. Don’t want any negativity in the boudoir...

Palmfrond28421Dec 6Dec 6

seemsthere are an awful lot people telling me what to think about this or think about that. Well I am afraid that you will all just have to let me think...

nonsmoker35731Dec 5Dec 6

BestMedicine for Asthma. Two spoons of mustard in half glass of warm water, you may or may not vomit after drinking. But you would not wheeze , use nub...

Annleerose27119Dec 3Dec 4
ali110: "Business and forums"(meet us in the forums)

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