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Getting Used to Retirement

Getting Used to RetirementWell, that was a waste of time and gas this morning. I was up at 5:15am, made my lunch, heated up some soup, filled my thermos, made breakfast and had...

LadyImp12511Sep 16Sep 17
a deal

a dealAs we were shaking hands I was saying - half now, half.... " - half after, no problem ." - he cut me short. ...and i felt asleep like a log....

bloodyawfull1555Sep 9Sep 9

I recently fell all the way upstairsI remember tripping over the first step and then a few bumps and thumps, and the next thing I knew, I was laid out at the top of the stairs, wondering...

Harbal31932Aug 17Sep 8
Thats a Wrap

That's a Wrap!Waking to smokey skies yet again, I decided to head out to another community to ride my bike, hopefully under clear skies. I'm beyond fed up with the...

LadyImp15424Sep 6Sep 7
Soups On

Soup's On!Monday night at the BBQ for the executive for photo club, I indulged in a half cup of coffee. Oh yeah, not a good thing. I got home about 11pm, totall...

LadyImp18623Aug 29Sep 7

UnzippedDon't you love it when you find you can put more into a day? Due to my low iron count, my ability to cram my day full has been severely compromised. I...

LadyImp20524Sep 3Sep 5

Press - up CS challengeCan anyone explain in words of one syllable how to upload a vlog I want to issue a challenge to a couple of 60+ bloggers who like to talk the talk...

Onthcrestofawave28918Sep 4Sep 5
Juicy Details

Juicy DetailsYears ago, I'd purchased a juicer and recipe book on juicing. The book included those combinations of fruits and vegetables that would address differe...

LadyImp16917Sep 2Sep 3

InteractingTurns out that communicating with others literally affects our health more than diet, exercise, even our addictions. Seeing my interaction in Spa...

Elegsabiff43345Sep 1Sep 2
the trial

the trialdear Mr Kafka I'm facing the second part of the trial soon, based on the charges of being a whore, and a bad mother as such. The X wants to take over...

bloodyawfull67737Jul 20Sep 1
Gardening for Beginners

Gardening for BeginnersI got excited just a bit ago when I read in email that there is a class at the community gardening center that I joined for beginners. I need it. Th...

UnFayzed21015Aug 24Aug 27
Addiction Getting a Fix

Addiction! Getting a FixAfter my 45 mile ride last week, I noticed that I've increased my speed and pushed up my bike to a higher gear. Previous to the ride, I was riding at...

LadyImp15817Aug 24Aug 27
Dreaded Phone Calls

Dreaded Phone CallsOne of the most dreaded phone calls you get are from the doctor's office after you've had a battery of tests. Friday I went in to have all my blood wo...

LadyImp18917Aug 21Aug 22

Smoking and its benefitsI am inspired to write this blog because a friend of mine told me that there are indeed known benefits for being a smoker. He said and I quote: It...

lindsyjones1,014118Aug 14Aug 21
Evacuation Alert

Evacuation AlertWaking to the acrid smell of smoke and the *tic*, *tic*, *tic* of the blinds against the window sill, I dreaded what today would bring. The wildfire b...

LadyImp26728Aug 20Aug 21
so let me bragg

so let me bragg...with my daughter , too. She is 27 and happy with her job as a floor supervisor in a luxury hotels chain in Germany. She has a high school a...

bloodyawfull58243Aug 19Aug 20
Neighbours from He

Neighbours from He**It's no wonder my blood pressure is high with a-hole noisy neighbours. Last weekend, there was a festival all weekend with pounding bass until 4am Thu...

LadyImp29134Aug 6Aug 19
Cough Hack Spontaneity

*Cough* *Hack* SpontaneityComing home from the doctor's, I'm a bit peeved that all he could do was look at the times my blood pressure was high in the past two weeks, and not a...

LadyImp17914Aug 15Aug 17
andrew cuomo was right america is not such a great country

andrew cuomo was right america is not such a great countrytax plan by trump was analyzed by peterson foundation. it is actually more complex another trump lie. also university of toledo study came out as i ex...

inafunk750Aug 16
Zucchini Biking and More Zucchini

Zucchini, Biking, and More Zucchini!Today's 'D' day - or better known as the day I return to my doctor for him to give me a physical and check my blood pressure readings. Fortunately, fo...

LadyImp16524Aug 15Aug 15

I can mention 100 things that I should have doneI can mention 100 things that I should have done differently in my previous years but health is something more important.

jarred148-Aug 15
Willy34111371Aug 7Aug 7
Lifes Wake Up Calls

Life's Wake Up CallsAfter 12 long years, I finally have a family doctor. It isn't that I haven't received medical care, I have. I just haven't had a family doctor due to...

LadyImp34547Aug 5Aug 6

When 12 marmots have to be crushed................... When 12 marmots have to be crushed to save one child with cancer, I drive whistling over them.

jarred176-Aug 1

zits that come outta nowhere...I came out of an appointment, got in my car and felt an itch on my earlobe. Scratching was the first instinct. Unfortunately, it was a pimple in the m...

chatillion1272Jul 23Jul 31
hot hot hot

hot hot hotJust been in bath for the second time today, dare after 30 seconds, hoping for rain so I can cool down...

phjep1181Jul 25Jul 25

SUGAR...When I was young, sugar was my friend. Cane sugar to be exact. I could eat sugar all I wanted. As I got older, I found my favorite drink no longer had...

chatillion1526Jul 23Jul 24

Man Boobs?Yeah, I've got em... and they're bigger than my wife's boobs. Maybe I should join a gym and do some weights to make them smaller. Or... I could chea...

chatillion1565Jul 22Jul 22

New Technique for fighting brain cancerAdmittedly, having done cancer research, this news article in Scientific American is likely more interesting to me, than most of you, unless you know...

JimNastics1331Jul 18Jul 18

Men and women....Pain tolerance....Among the many differences we discuss here, some evidence shows women can take more pain than us Macho men. Certainly wouldn't want to have a 10 pound...

Vierkaesehoch1090Jul 18
el pajaro

el pajaro..........that's what they called him as arrived in Real. From a hotel parking lot as a refugee, to the best midfielders in the world. I watch footb...

bloodyawfull85750Jun 22Jul 17
life and after

life and afterwhen you go to the next life ..if there is one ..and you have not been. to bad you will be ok ..and if you have been bad and still alive ..make up for...

Unknown23226Jul 14Jul 15

Women and men.....doctors....After the US civil war, few records tell of lady physicians are found. Just after the First World War, women (and some fellas) opened the first medica...

Vierkaesehoch21510Jun 15Jul 14

Cesarian sections vs. natural births........Reading this doggie home health tome, mostly for knowing Bravo better, and seeing the differences betwen species out of curiosity. Next will read a ca...

Vierkaesehoch1853Jul 9Jul 10

lifeif you can piss and crap ..when you wake up. that's a good start ...t,m dillonger...

Unknown1111Jul 7Jul 7

Men and women....... Between the sheets....Or on the grass, sand or kitchen counter..... Young or older. I've always, at every stage of life, prefered the maturity and knowledge of older women....

Vierkaesehoch1683Jul 2Jul 2

When the voicesIn your head become out of control... You have to decide to: Write a blog about an unnamed person and to add to the mystery disallow comments...

Onthcrestofawave27611Jun 28Jun 30

The endApparently, just before the World ends, we are all going to get sucked off. Stringman kept quiet about that....

Harbal56048Jun 5Jun 28
stupid woman

stupid woman....i told myself in the mirror, the morning after. No condom and no pill, just the sheer lust. ....and the ovulation days when the nature does it's w...

bloodyawfull1,15474May 30Jun 28

Women and men......Human aromas......Some better than others, no? But maybe our scents that we don't seem to perceive (like pheromones) are behind so called, "love at first site". And muc...

Vierkaesehoch1857Jun 24Jun 24

Women and men....Game addictive disorder.....WHO now has a category of disorder listed for people addicted to computer games. Seems that many more males than females are "affected". Personally, w...

Vierkaesehoch18110Jun 18Jun 21

Men and women....Pregnancy.....They have us beaten thumbs down, fellas. Unless, of course, one considers male representation in almost everything else of value. But I digress. Truly...

Vierkaesehoch1622Jun 16Jun 17
"PLAY NOW: Make 15"(meet us in the games)

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