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flashing on blogs- Bloodybrilliant flashed her arse three years ago, but was a newbie and got easily provoked once by Calypso, once by Berry. - Calypso flashed her bo...

bloodyawfull7,116359Oct 312 hrs ago

Allopathic/osteopathic medicines....Sure, they have their places, in the right caring and trusted hands. Especially over the past decades with more knowledge of the immune and inflamat...

Vierkaesehoch483Nov 1318 hrs ago

Winter darkness.....feeling in the northern latitudes, especially with the time changes, seems to get some folks blue. The old timers here call it "cabin fever"; modern ter...

Vierkaesehoch12512Nov 12Nov 13

Ebola....Spreading on the dark continent, once again, in spite of a marginally effective vaccine, which ain't easy to use. Storage/transport issues, and the u...

Vierkaesehoch491Nov 11Nov 11
Dealing With Stress

Dealing With StressAlthough I'd promised myself to do more walking, this morning found me out on my bike again. As it wasn't raining or windy, I chose to hop on my bike...

LadyImp572Nov 3Nov 3
A Long Haul

A Long HaulAs rain becomes our weather forecast du jour, I've traded in my bike for my hiking boots. Not that I'm hiking, per se, just out walking, but they're c...

LadyImp757Nov 1Nov 2

Our Brilliant President Donald J. Trump.....Have to admit, this latest in the long string of well overdue and awesome ideas/accomplishments may be too intelligent even for our dear leader and wi...

Vierkaesehoch18413Oct 31Nov 2

yesI am the lady in red he will be picking up from Auckland airport in his silver BMW, and we will be spending the following month on some of the most be...

bloodyawfull79245Oct 25Oct 27
Ill Miss Sears

I'll Miss SearsI went shopping at the Sears in North Hollywood last week and I'm not sure why. I hadn't shopped at a Sears in years (yes, I know that rhymes) but som...

BadlyDrawn1266Oct 23Oct 24

Old school doctors...It's been a while since I had a doctor older than me. The guy I used to go to for 20 years was a pain sometimes. Every year was a physical that includ...

chatillion826Oct 24Oct 24
Simple way to fight Cancer

Simple way to fight CancerI saw this in my newsfeed today, just thought to share with you guys......

ayoneq18111Oct 21Oct 24

In memory of bloggers who have passed on...I have seen bloggers come and go. The best part was when they found someone and announced they were leaving the site. Some married and continued to sh...

chatillion25215Oct 21Oct 22

You are so.......plastic !Cancer has several causes. One is radiation, including sunlight. It causes crosslinking of molecules, such as proteins, RNA & DNA. However, it is...

JimNastics1162Oct 20Oct 21

what would you do.......... what would you do...

jarred181-Oct 10

whiplash...Sometimes I sneeze so hard I get whiplash! After lunch I decided to get out of the office for a few minutes. Sitting in my car with the temperature a...

chatillion14611Oct 9Oct 9
Irish women SMEARED

Irish women SMEAREDTo be very brief, as in a simple yes or no.... the two hundred and eight Irish women waiting to be notified HAD they already known they had cancer?...

itchywitch46011Apr 30Oct 9

been there, done thatThe love of my life, each one at their time......some for months, some for years. Yes, they were. What is it that i want this time? ...that i did n...

bloodyawfull2498Oct 6Oct 6

bollocks, i.e. nonsenseI don't need a man. I only want one. Then i got a flat tire, the socket is hanging out of the wall, the drain is blocked, the cupboard is heavy and i...

bloodyawfull46130Sep 29Oct 2

TDS Has Reached Epidemic Proportions! Share examples of folks so afflicted, y'all... The poor devils desperately need our understanding & compassion...

miclee18813Sep 26Sep 26

el pajaro..........that's what they called him as arrived in Real. From a hotel parking lot as a refugee, to the best midfielders in the world. I watch footb...

bloodyawfull1,00951Jun 22Sep 24
Getting Used to Retirement

Getting Used to RetirementWell, that was a waste of time and gas this morning. I was up at 5:15am, made my lunch, heated up some soup, filled my thermos, made breakfast and had...

LadyImp19011Sep 16Sep 17

a dealAs we were shaking hands I was saying - half now, half.... " - half after, no problem ." - he cut me short. ...and i felt asleep like a log....

bloodyawfull2195Sep 9Sep 9

I recently fell all the way upstairsI remember tripping over the first step and then a few bumps and thumps, and the next thing I knew, I was laid out at the top of the stairs, wondering...

Harbal35532Aug 17Sep 8
Thats a Wrap

That's a Wrap!Waking to smokey skies yet again, I decided to head out to another community to ride my bike, hopefully under clear skies. I'm beyond fed up with the...

LadyImp22024Sep 6Sep 7
Soups On

Soup's On!Monday night at the BBQ for the executive for photo club, I indulged in a half cup of coffee. Oh yeah, not a good thing. I got home about 11pm, totall...

LadyImp21823Aug 29Sep 7

UnzippedDon't you love it when you find you can put more into a day? Due to my low iron count, my ability to cram my day full has been severely compromised. I...

LadyImp24224Sep 3Sep 5
Juicy Details

Juicy DetailsYears ago, I'd purchased a juicer and recipe book on juicing. The book included those combinations of fruits and vegetables that would address differe...

LadyImp21317Sep 2Sep 3

InteractingTurns out that communicating with others literally affects our health more than diet, exercise, even our addictions. Seeing my interaction in Spa...

Elegsabiff56145Sep 1Sep 2

the trialdear Mr Kafka I'm facing the second part of the trial soon, based on the charges of being a whore, and a bad mother as such. The X wants to take over...

bloodyawfull72037Jul 20Sep 1

Gardening for BeginnersI got excited just a bit ago when I read in email that there is a class at the community gardening center that I joined for beginners. I need it. Th...

UnFayzed26315Aug 24Aug 27
Addiction Getting a Fix

Addiction! Getting a FixAfter my 45 mile ride last week, I noticed that I've increased my speed and pushed up my bike to a higher gear. Previous to the ride, I was riding at...

LadyImp19617Aug 24Aug 27
Dreaded Phone Calls

Dreaded Phone CallsOne of the most dreaded phone calls you get are from the doctor's office after you've had a battery of tests. Friday I went in to have all my blood wo...

LadyImp26617Aug 21Aug 22

Smoking and its benefitsI am inspired to write this blog because a friend of mine told me that there are indeed known benefits for being a smoker. He said and I quote: It...

lindsyjones1,091118Aug 14Aug 21
Evacuation Alert

Evacuation AlertWaking to the acrid smell of smoke and the *tic*, *tic*, *tic* of the blinds against the window sill, I dreaded what today would bring. The wildfire b...

LadyImp37328Aug 20Aug 21

so let me bragg...with my daughter , too. She is 27 and happy with her job as a floor supervisor in a luxury hotels chain in Germany. She has a high school a...

bloodyawfull64343Aug 19Aug 20
Neighbours from He

Neighbours from He**It's no wonder my blood pressure is high with a-hole noisy neighbours. Last weekend, there was a festival all weekend with pounding bass until 4am Thu...

LadyImp31634Aug 6Aug 19
Cough Hack Spontaneity

*Cough* *Hack* SpontaneityComing home from the doctor's, I'm a bit peeved that all he could do was look at the times my blood pressure was high in the past two weeks, and not a...

LadyImp21814Aug 15Aug 17
andrew cuomo was right america is not such a great country

andrew cuomo was right america is not such a great countrytax plan by trump was analyzed by peterson foundation. it is actually more complex another trump lie. also university of toledo study came out as i ex...

inafunk1050Aug 16
Zucchini Biking and More Zucchini

Zucchini, Biking, and More Zucchini!Today's 'D' day - or better known as the day I return to my doctor for him to give me a physical and check my blood pressure readings. Fortunately, fo...

LadyImp19824Aug 15Aug 15

I can mention 100 things that I should have doneI can mention 100 things that I should have done differently in my previous years but health is something more important.

jarred176-Aug 15
Willy34111591Aug 7Aug 7
Lifes Wake Up Calls

Life's Wake Up CallsAfter 12 long years, I finally have a family doctor. It isn't that I haven't received medical care, I have. I just haven't had a family doctor due to...

LadyImp39947Aug 5Aug 6
"PLAY NOW: Thanksgiving Dinner"(meet us in the games)

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