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Are people who live in Warm Countries happier

Are people who live in Warm Countries happier?This Blog is not about God, Religion, not Bitching, pointing the finger or giving out about C.S. Blog land. I have read that people who live close t...

goldengloss37843Sep 194 hrs ago
the watch

the watchShe met him, while behind The jewelry counter He selected a watch And she watched him as He picked one out He extended his hand He had a very ni...

freehand1176Sep 17Sep 17
Lucid Dreams

Lucid DreamsI wonder if anyone here had what they call "lucid dreams". This is when you wake up in the middle of your dreams but connected to the dream reality wi...

arpito25738Sep 15Sep 17
some people better left

some people better leftsome people are better left in cyber. honestly, once the 2 meet, the fantasy is broken and one is left alone, again. keep it cyber. have something...

freehand31134Sep 14Sep 15
Sleep fear of sleep and Autism

Sleep fear of sleep, and Autism!In relation to Autism, Sleep is not a secure place. Sleep is a place where only darkness haunts me alive, paralyzed like a vegetable state. Sleep is a...

Charliesangels221295Sep 15Sep 15
New evidence on causes of depression

New evidence on causes of depressionI just came across this article on depression. I recall recently a blog, I believe by AA discussing such. Not having any experience in this field, I t...

seaworthy1244Sep 10Sep 11

WARNING FOR THE UNDEADI have just attended my own wake! Walking into the coffee bar this afternoon the entire bar stared at me, I thought I had shit on my shirt or somet...

Mapmaker20721Sep 10Sep 11
online dating is a good way for people to never meet

online dating is a good way for people to never meetoutside of almost noone meets on free sites. moving is difficult everything is difficult. i thought having money and looks would help-it do...

inafunk881Sep 10Sep 10
Ccincy565Sep 10Sep 10
Well its time for more surgery

Well, it's time for more surgery!!I had a colonoscopy done about 2 weeks ago and the doctor found a polyp that looks more like a button. Because it's so weirdly shaped he couldn't snip...

Ed194156842Aug 9Sep 10
verbal diarrhea

verbal diarrhea...a serious disease which, once it has control of a person, causes them to spew forth incoherent babble from the bowels of the voicebox. Often extrem...

bloodyawfull2487Sep 9Sep 9
Medications in Psychiatry

Medications in Psychiatry...So much is not widely known about these agents. Back in the 50's, when we could do little more than lock patients up on back wards of 2,000 resident s...

Aaltarboy631Sep 8Sep 9
Signs and symptoms of depression

Signs and symptoms of depression...sure, many are familiar with the more striking ones. Sleep and appetite changes, lack of concentration/energy, mood down, increased anger (esp. in kid...

Aaltarboy40240Sep 5Sep 8
eeejay1383Sep 4Sep 5
My Tao TOday

My Tao TOdayThe clouds above us join and separate The breeze in the courtyard leaves and returns Life is like that ,so why not relax? Who can stop us from cel...

FLYJAMES613Sep 3Sep 3
I died last night

I died last nightThis is not a joke. While my spirit has carried on to inform you of what happened, I was shot 3 times last night and died. Last night I was organ...

JimNastics22017Sep 2Sep 2
So I get to the Hospital having Fasted for 48hours and

So I get to the Hospital having Fasted for 48hours and....Well, I was dizzy and weak, felt dehydrated having spent 3 days on a 60% fast and 24hours on a full fast. I rang the Ward where I was to have my lit...

goldengloss19121Aug 28Aug 29

approachWhatever the title and in spite of diversity, in their our private space, people we all do act alike. You made me believe, if i was a queen, i would...

bloodyawfull52732Aug 16Aug 29
Having a Colonoscopy tommorow

Having a Colonoscopy tommorowNot a great Blog, I have had the most dreadful pain in my stomach for some time. Having had a stomach XRAY I have been sent for a colonoscopy by a sp...

goldengloss37239Aug 27Aug 28
Back To The Shit Again

Back To The Shit AgainTomorrow I got a doc appointment to get referred to a shrink. Then its going to be months of coming off one medication and on to another, countless vi...

Track161094Aug 16Aug 16
right now

right, nowAs you know, I started my new job today. While searching for a job, it reminded me of finding "Mr. Right" vs "Mr. Now" and relationships. When I was...

freehand17412Aug 14Aug 15
Mental health

Mental healthMental health is a topic we collectively need to take more seriously. We can't just write everyone off as crazy. No one asks to be depressed. Show emp...

NewYorkcitylove76-Aug 11

Have You Ever...Have you noticed that, in this age of information and disinformation, you can find an article, video, statistic, "scientific review", chart, or blog t...

Gypsytramp39839Aug 8Aug 9

My Homemade Kefir - I´m Finally Making My Own!What is Kefir? It is a cultured beverage that originates from Russia. It is a fermented, enzyme-rich food resembling yogurt filled with friendly ba...

daniela77764212Jul 26Aug 5

HOW TO LOOSE WEIGHT AND HAVE FUN! STEP BY STEP (Based on my own experience)I did loose !7 Kilos in 3 months! I can Not Warranty that it will happen to you too ! But you have to give it a try! You have nothing to loose...

Balicia27212Aug 3Aug 4

RedShe walks among us As if we are trees With miles under foot and Gentle words spoken in the language Of the wildlife, she conjures In her kitchen,...

freehand1208Aug 4Aug 4
Organ donors right to choose

Organ donor's right to chooseAs everyone has the right to choose to be a donor What is your opinion of the donors right to choose who gets the donated organ Would you want yo...

oldblue541,11287Jul 21Jul 31

A GLOMMY GLOW"Suddenly running with the herd you discover that the great creators of wisdom and beauty did not turn their backs on life but built their admirable w...

Huitzilopochtli982Jul 27Jul 27

Building A Strong Immune SystemWhen our immune system is working efficiently, it deals with the problem before it gets out of hand. However, the immune system is weakened and att...

daniela77761373Jun 29Jul 25
And now for something

And now for something ...a little bit different...

nonsmoker38536Jul 22Jul 24
Govt Healthcare

Gov't HealthcareThis is what happens when the Liberal left have too much power over one baby named Charle. "Right here is the problem with government run healthcare....

seaworthy71958Jul 3Jul 24

To Tattoo Or Not To Tattoo?Now is the tourist season, everybody walking around scantily dressed, proudly exposing their tattoos (women in particular), for which they have no dou...

daniela777688-Jul 22Jul 23
the lost

the lostRecently, with the weather being so nice and my backyard finally done, I have been wanting to ride my bike around town. There's nothing like cruising...

freehand1467Jul 22Jul 22
good bye my love

good bye, my loveYes, it's true. I can think of one person who will be happy that I say good bye to my trusty friend, the only one who assisted with my anxiety for th...

freehand33532Jul 20Jul 21
Snoring help

Snoring - helpMost person in a relationship are convinced that it is just the other one who snores. You know how it goes. You poke the other one and they will roll...

Elegsabiff49454Jul 9Jul 13

ishtarShe walked casually, gazing As if she was alone on the sand She adjusted her shades and with Ringed fingers, combed her hair Exposing lips recent...

freehand2089Jul 11Jul 11
Launching Hope

Launching HopeHi, guys, I want to send a global message of hope, friendship and peace. Will my CS friends help me? Message me or comment here and I will message you...

1r1shmale17113Jul 8Jul 9
The stupidity of smoking

The stupidity of smokingI'm not a smoker so if you are, you may not want to listen to me, but listening to me may be the smartest thing you ever did. If you smoke, there is...

ooby_dooby47930Jul 3Jul 6

It´s All In Our Genes, Or What?Morphogenetics/Epigenetics Genes have always been blamed for our illnesses and susceptibilities ( it´s in the family). That is of course true, to s...

daniela77732930Jul 4Jul 5
Its not a mental illness its a mental disorder

It's not a mental illness, it's a mental disorder.?So people fake being ill?Rule Rule number one of the internet: anything you read online is potentially false/fake.?...

jarred196-Jul 5
storm windows

storm windowsWhen things seem impossibly dark, the memory of after past storm's clear skies keep me looking for the blue. Over time, I have learned methods to cop...

freehand1554Jul 2Jul 2

GENITAL MUTILATION.Why is it considered not acceptable for women to be circumcised, yet male babies still go through a similar experience and they have no choice in the...

CROWNAFFAIR35637Jun 30Jul 1
"PLAY NOW: Fish Balls"(meet us in the games)

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