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Bi ploar

Bi ploarI now find I can write again after being banned for some comments I made. I find now that I think I have bi polar as I,m in a down period.Since com...

flyme130316Feb 14Feb 16
bi polar

bi polarI,ve written some more stuff on bi polar in the comments section in my first blog . I,ve done a lot of research on this and some self awareness. An...

flyme1370Feb 15
bi polar

bi polarI,ve written some more stuff on bi polar in the comments section in my first blog . I,ve done a lot of research on this and some self awareness. An...

flyme1250Feb 15
Is loneliness a health epidemic part 2

Is loneliness a health epidemic? part 2It’s a biological signal to ourselves that we need to build stronger social bonds. Professor Cacioppo has spent much of his career documenting the...

Akeldama40660Feb 10
Is loneliness a health epidemic

Is loneliness a health epidemic?Part 1: Is Loneliness a Health Epidemic? By Eric Klinenberg Feb. 9, 2018 Last month, Britain appointed its first “minister for loneliness,”...

Akeldama40660Feb 10
Fat tax a win win situation

Fat tax a win win situationI saw a massive que outside Mac D's today with people panic buying . The drive though had a line 3 blocks long. It seems the government is about to...

plavitrol784Feb 7Feb 7

YupI'm psychologically drained Been put on a happy face more so over the last while as my sister and nephew is staying here now. I always keep a happy f...

Track161635Jan 31Jan 31
Medicating Human Needs

Medicating Human NeedsIf you are depressed and anxious, you are not a machine with malfunctioning parts. You are a human being with unmet needs. The only real way out of...

mollybaby874104Jan 25Jan 30

You Know WhaDepression fking sucks...............................................................................

Track16812Jan 28Jan 28
A good Sh t

A good Sh.t.When one thinks of it, can it get any more an oxymoron? After all, while there are a few uses for the human stuff, as in some aspects of medicine ( di...

Vierkaesehoch930Jan 28
Cancer Seek

Cancer laboratory procedures, based on genomics and protein biochemistry, to screen, with claims of 70% accuracy, for 8 of the most common solid tissu...

Vierkaesehoch1272Jan 19Jan 19

It´s All In The Genes! Is It Really?A little light on Morphogenetics/Epigenetics Genes have always been blamed for our illnesses and susceptibilities - "It´s all in the family!" Th...

daniela77722119Jan 19Jan 19
Killer flu a warning

Killer flu - a warningIn 1918 Spanish flu swept the world, killing an estimated 50 million people. 100 years later, Aussie flu (as it is called except in the US) is kno...

Elegsabiff702107Jan 17Jan 18

AFTER DARK!Officially, my forced labor season ends today; working 18 hours a day, seven days a week, for 45 days. One of those days I met a gentleman of advan...

Huitzilopochtli2292Jan 3Jan 5
You are not alone

You are not aloneYou are not alone. Do not doubt. Do not be afraid. There is love for you. For a long time. Only you often do not see it. Do you often have grief and p...

jarred180-Jan 2
Wi fi

Wi_fiIs it true WiFi router very dangerous for humna health? ???? Is it main reason for blood pressure disease?????????????????????????...

only1life21112Dec 24Dec 24
Opiate addiction problems in the developed world

Opiate addiction problems in the "developed world"...And lack of access to to these helpful agents in much of the rest of the world. BBC report says 10% of the world uses some 90 % of such powerful pain...

Vierkaesehoch1026Dec 7Dec 8
Im getting a new mattress today

I’m getting a new mattress todayI think the old one has bad energy. Don’t want any negativity in the boudoir...

Palmfrond27021Dec 6Dec 6

seemsthere are an awful lot people telling me what to think about this or think about that. Well I am afraid that you will all just have to let me think...

nonsmoker31331Dec 5Dec 6

BestMedicine for Asthma. Two spoons of mustard in half glass of warm water, you may or may not vomit after drinking. But you would not wheeze , use nub...

Annleerose25419Dec 3Dec 4
Absent bloggers

Absent bloggers....From time to time here, we hear of a few folks getting placed in CS jail, usually on a temporary basis. From their blogs it really isn't surprising. B...

Vierkaesehoch36015Dec 2Dec 4
Regular Sex Is Good For You

Regular Sex Is Good For YouBeing one of the rare pleasures in life that is not yet taxed by government, we often overlook all the other advantages of regular sex. Quite apart fr...

Catfoot52970Nov 28Nov 29

DO NOT EAT THOSE BABY CARROTS IN BAGS, EVER!DO NOT EAT THOSE BABY CARROTS IN BAGS, EVER! Did You Know?: The small cocktail (baby) carrots you buy in plastic bags are made using the larger crook...

NewYorkcitylove181-Nov 17
Vitamin B17 Laetrile

Vitamin B17 (Laetrile)Vitamin B17 (Laetrile) which is found mostly in Apricot fruit seeds can eliminate Cancer due to the compound "Hydrogen Cyanide" that's toxic to the ca...

NewYorkcitylove85-Nov 17
Epigenetics as in traumata

Epigenetics as in traumata....First it was suck it up. Move on. Get over it. Then slowly we learned that if not addressed properly, unresolved issues as sequellae to trauma (war, r...

Aaltarboy14713Nov 12Nov 14
Undiagnosed illneses

Undiagnosed illneses......Millions world wide---tens of thousands in the EU and USA alone. After extensive medical and laboratory investigations, having seen many competent nur...

Aaltarboy22410Oct 13Nov 11
New kinda naked

New kinda nakedWell now that I have your attention.. I'll get straight to the boring part.. A couple of days ago I had to take a medical exam for insurance....

IncubusBaig54861Nov 10Nov 11
Man Flu Its Real

Man Flu- Its RealI have had severe man flu for a couple of days, I was relieved to have actually woken up today. My will is up to date and the house keys have been le...

Mapmaker43650Oct 29Oct 30

undecidedWould you ask her out for date, All my rules in my head say no but my heart says yes...

1r1shmale26116Sep 29Oct 29


jarred185-Oct 28
Breakthrough in medical technology re vegetative patients

Breakthrough in medical technology re vegetative patientsVegetative-state patient responds to therapy By Michelle Roberts Health editor, BBC News online A man in France has regained some degree of...

lindsyjones1759Sep 27Oct 18

stupidityTrump is going to cut medical aid to the elderly - wants to save money. It is okay to spend 1 million to fly him and whomever on Air Force One t...

studecar42126Oct 13Oct 17
I hope everyone is safe now

I hope everyone is safe nowThe storm has passed, The real story tho is on our streets. Today between 11 am and 7 pm. I helped out the outreach program with Inner City Helping Ho...

1r1shmale1341Oct 16Oct 16

Scammed.....Bank check no good. Was cautious so no loss to me, but really feel violated. Working with authorities to see if we can catch the crumbs. Feeling is t...

Aaltarboy1500Oct 14

Strokeswhen a person suffers one, why does it matter what part of the head suffered the stroke? as in .. the front, side or back?...

itchywitch32011Oct 9Oct 10
LVNV murderer

LVNV murderer.....No using his name as he would like us all to do so. Every one is scrambling to find explanatory dirt on this crumb, focusing on Mental Health. Dead en...

Aaltarboy1472Oct 8Oct 9

How Can Laughter Change Someone´s LifeIt is said that Laughter is the best Medicine...Laughter is a powerful antidote to stress, pain, and conflict.. The ability to laugh easily and fr...

daniela7773,22145Oct 6Oct 8
Fruit Of The Spirit

Fruit Of The SpiritFruit Of The Spirit...

jarred177-Oct 7
Choice Is Yours

Choice Is Yours……..Choice Is Yours……..

jarred194-Oct 4

circleThe circle is full With two ends that have finally Met And it is a clear bubble floating By the ending of two What was initiated So many yea...

freehand29812Sep 26Sep 26
online dating is a good way for people to never meet

online dating is a good way for people to never meetoutside of almost noone meets on free sites. moving is difficult everything is difficult. i thought having money and looks would help-it do...

inafunk2607Sep 10Sep 21
Are people who live in Warm Countries happier

Are people who live in Warm Countries happier?This Blog is not about God, Religion, not Bitching, pointing the finger or giving out about C.S. Blog land. I have read that people who live close t...

goldengloss51643Sep 19Sep 20
MasterMarsch: "In-My-Reality quiz"(meet us in the quizzes)

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