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What do you do when your doctor tells you you have 2 maybe 3 days to live.I've been a member of CS for over 7 years now. Been blogging on & off most of that time, have made some good friends on here, but seems even some of t...

zmountainman89274Jul 1514 hrs ago

alkaline vs acidicHere in northern ontario we have quite a few dead lakes, the ph of them is on the acidic side of the scale. They are crystal clear right to the bottom...

Bentlee1405Jul 11Jul 13

If you think flossing and brushing is enough...Maybe you think flossing and brushing is enough. Think again. I had some blueberries and yogurt, flossed and brushed. Then... I turned on the Waterp...

chatillion845Jul 7Jul 7
Do You Pay Attention To Your Body You Should

Do You Pay Attention To Your Body? You Should.It started about six years ago. I was having pains in my hips and my lower back and arms. My doctor would give me a prescription for pain. Well that w...

kkimball16611Jul 3Jul 5

LIFE HAS CHANGED, new updateNoticed the new comments and wanted to reply by saying thank you so much for your concern. I have finished all radiation and chemotherapy and just...

wenever42827May 1Jul 3

Garlic... and other thingsLast week, I had ill effects from too much restaurant food, be it MSG or high levels of sodium. To help get over it, I increased my water intake and t...

chatillion592Jul 2Jul 2

CRISPR-Cas9Should it be outlawed or used to edit human DNA Is it ethical and if available would you use it to save a loved one...

Nice2meetyoutoo571Jun 25Jun 25

But for the grace of the Goddesses....there go I... Early morning walks with Bravo---sometimes at sun up. Up ahead, disheveled man in his 50's, staring up a tree. Greetings exchanged, amid...

Vierkaesehoch2048Jun 23Jun 25

Euthanasia or Assisted Suicide - Murder or mercy killing?Where do you stand on Euthanasia or Assisted Suicide? Is it or is it not everybody's right if terminally ill, or with a zero quality of life, to ask t...

ooohmissus27323Jun 20Jun 21
Friday 14th June its World Blood Donor Day

Friday 14th June, it’s World Blood Donor DayI just want to thank every doner On behalf of all my friends and family who have in the past or may in the future require blood or blood products....

Nice2meetyoutoo22611Jun 11Jun 14

Tinitus, have you ever heard such a thing?A nasty illness that sounds like a receiver always trying to tune in. If it's in equal stereo, it's perhaps a non-tumor issue. If it's louder in one e...

Bentlee38042Apr 22Jun 11

Sunscreens - are they safe ????They are applied to the skin. But it turns out that they don't stay there. While the largest organ we have, skin is composed of layers of a semiperm...

JimNastics21824May 8Jun 1

Eat first, then exercise _or_ exercise first then eat...I'm sure there are dozens of websites posting facts about which one is correct... one way or another. As for me, I prefer the order of exercising firs...

chatillion23113Apr 8May 24
How do you tell someone

How do you tell someone....That they are too old to do something My friends elderly parents he's 82 and she's 75 He is in the early to medium stages of dementia and she...

OIdblue20913May 22May 23

Hey kids, guess what time it is?No, it's not Howdy Doody time. It's Mosquito time. Time to break out the Mosquito repellent like "OFF" etc or "Avon Skin So Soft" on any exposed s...

ooby_dooby904May 20May 22

CFM---clinical fetus murder......Alabama and Georgia with their new bans on this deplorable practice are in the deep South. And that was the deranged frantic initial spin of the ueber...

Vierkaesehoch31614May 19May 21

5/16/2019 NOTICE of ABSENCEChecking into psych hospital in morning. It is the only place with resources torest, eat decent, healthy food and the one I hope to go to has decent...

LincolnsCousin1233May 15May 16
stringman1739Apr 23May 11

So called conversion therapy banning...Friendly public health charge... Our US Centers for Communicable Disease Prevention has interesting data on practicing male homosexuals. Life expectancy, all causes, is r...

Vierkaesehoch1800May 9

Gardening for BeginnersI got excited just a bit ago when I read in email that there is a class at the community gardening center that I joined for beginners. I need it. Th...

UnFayzed42721Aug 2018May 5
The Bob Beck Protocol is a potent alternative cancer and HIV also Alzheimer treatment

The Bob Beck Protocol is a potent alternative cancer and HIV also Alzheimer treatmentRules for using the Bob Beck Protocol Generally speaking, it is best not to add anything new to your current cancer treatment when first starting the...

needyoubyfastway13910May 1May 3

Majine thisA third of the calendar gone already !...

manuman71247Apr 30May 1

LIFE HAS CHANGED, new updateHello everyone, it has been 4 months since I have been going through with my illness. I have had 3 radiation treatments on my brain, and have had 33...

wenever34823Mar 15May 1
My Dr said

My Dr said...I have to cut down my coffee intake to one cup a day I'll show him...

OIdblue27012Apr 16Apr 21

SUMMER'S NEARLY HERE, Don't Sunburn To A Crisp, orA Fish Tale Of Acquired Sunburn Immunity. The subject of sunburn came up on gg's "Ireland's Not A Garbage Can" blog. (It's not as off topic a...

miclee65535May 2018Apr 21

Bonebridge !No, this is not about the bridge connecting two people during sex. Instead, it is about a new procedure to help those with hearing challenges. T...

JimNastics952Apr 10Apr 10

SwitchelKombucha is so old hat Switchel is where it's at Ingredients: 2 cups mineral or filtered water ¼ cup raw, organic apple cider vinegar ¼ cup...

OIdblue1295Apr 8Apr 8

We are getting older, with many of the changes.......Just saw my neurologist and ophthalmologist. Tiny peripheral neuropathy on a right foot toe area and slight balance issues, for former, (demon alcohol...

Vierkaesehoch2052Apr 7Apr 7

The evolution of s*xual activities in committed loving relationships......In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are rules for frequency of s*xual activity based on age. There are suggested frequencies of such, by ten year...

Vierkaesehoch1430Apr 6

Tooth extractionLots of people have fear of dentist So where does this come from Many have bad experiences from early days Nowadays seems that dentists are a lo...

munsterdreamer1849Mar 25Apr 5

My yearly physical examination...Yeah, it was time. Different doctor who unlike the others, this one had me in the exam room for nearly a hour. Blood pressure is under control. We dis...

chatillion23118Mar 30Apr 5
My fall

My fallMarch 2 of this month I fell inside of a Walmart store and broke my right hip and spent some time in a Rehab program.As of today I'm finally at home...

Bearwoman30240Mar 26Mar 27

The winter and my nipplesYep you read that right, for the first month or so the cold gets them really sore and sensitive, I'm sure others deal with the same. Any suggestions f...

Bentlee48940Nov 2018Mar 24

Full syndrome---VERY full.....Trump derangement.....During some of my career, got to work with severely afflicted mental health clients. Some of the saddest, albeit most delightful...

Vierkaesehoch1970Mar 24

Hal Atosis...Some people don't realize they have bad breath. I try to keep a good distance from one of the salesmen I deal with as his breath is strong enough to...

chatillion1266Mar 22Mar 23
I have been a

I have been atrained First Responder and I have rendered First Aid to/at car accidents, stabbings and gun shots, dog bite victims and kids who fell out of trees no...

Ken_1923713Mar 7Mar 10
Willy34111143Mar 8Mar 9
Service Animals 2

Service Animals 2I'm unable to rely on my sense of smell which Is unfortunate since I'm simultaneously suffering from a gastrointestinal disorder. The severity of said...

BadlyDrawn28420Feb 23Feb 26

What is holding you Back in Life?Lots of people will tell you things that will put the blame squarely on someone else's shoulders. Accept the blame yourself, and admit it to yourself,...

smiley9631688Feb 25Feb 26
On your bike

On your bike!UK slang. a rude way of telling someone to go away: "Can you lend me some money?" "On your bike, mate!" Well to be honest I think this has been tak...

Onthcrestofawave26715Feb 11Feb 20

Competency for World Leader RolesShould world leader candidates be evaluated for neurological and psychiatric competency?...

jac_the_gripper995105Feb 16Feb 17

Abortionist: I Cut Unborn Babies’ Cords So They Can’t ScreamEvery now and then, abortionists will admit publicly to the horrifying reality of what they do to unborn babies. On Sunday, Leah Torres, a Utah abo...

Willy34111726Feb 14Feb 15

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