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FEASTING...I looking for good food and make me feasting all weekend long. In Delray Beach tonight and tomorrow. Watchout on Sunday I living in Miami and looking...

chatillion1029Apr 1920 hrs ago

I love fast foodFrom sea to plate in less than 30 mins Now that's real fast food...

OIdblue18919Apr 12Apr 13

Kombucha, Kombucha all I can say is Kombucha...Last week, OIdblue did a blog about a drink he brewed called Kombucha. I never heard of it and did some research. In layman's terms, it's a beverage m...

chatillion19111Apr 4Apr 8

Real maple syrup.Tap the tree in front of the Aaltarboy Mansion this time each year. 30 + quarts of sap, boiled down, yield 3-4 liters of the good stuff. We give most...

Vierkaesehoch1816Mar 23Mar 24

Australian Cider Only in Australia mate!!!...

Prometheus1964Mar 23Mar 23

Just got my Bachelors degreeDoes anyone want some soup? ...........

Bnaughty20721Mar 21Mar 22

How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich1. Collect your ingredients. 2. Spread peanut butter evenly onto one slice of bread using a knife. 3. Spread jelly or jam evenly onto the other slic...

Willy341116711Mar 10Mar 10

Were they evil?When Scipio placed Numantia under siege back in 133 BC it eventually fell. Roman soldiers entering the city found a hungry woman cooking her dead chi...

Ken_191113Feb 17Feb 18

Do you help those in dire need?My house help is here today and was in a very down & quiet mood, so I asked her what is wrong, but she said nothing is wrong. I proceeded to give her...

smiley9631230Feb 1

Fruit(less) EndeavourI hardly ever bother with fruit but when I do pick something up at the supermarket it hardly ever encourages me to do it more often. I’ve noticed tha...

Harbal47744Jan 5Jan 7

NespressoMy Nespresso machine finally came For anyone not familiar, its basically an espresso machine you use at home. I just had a cup of glorious wonderful...

Track162117Jan 3Jan 4

OIL...I take issue with oil. Not petroleum based oil or oil/fat derived from animals. My issue is with plant or 'vegetable oil' and that includes nut oils...

chatillion1735Dec 30Dec 30

Duck !!and I mean it... . . Christmas Day and nearly all grocery stores and restaurants were closed. One exception was the Asian Market. We we...

chatillion1344Dec 25Dec 26

Dear Mr. TescoWill you please stop putting sliced potato in your moussaka and replace it with more aubergine? I will gladly pay the few extra pence this will cost...

Harbal39843Dec 15Dec 17

Get a Burger King Whopper for 1 cent....for real.Believe it or not, this is not a joke. The 'catch' is, that you have to order that Whopper within 600 feet of a McDonalds from Burger King's mobile...

JimNastics27025Dec 8Dec 9

The best things in life are freeSome years ago, when I was working as a building labourer, I was parked up in the pickup on the outskirts of the village where we were working, eating...

Harbal59347Dec 2Dec 4

Pizza...One of our new employees asked if there was a pizza shop near the office. Yes, I replied... due west about a mile in a little shopping plaza on the le...

chatillion1647Nov 16Nov 16

Fish head soup...We stopped at the Asian Market yesterday and bought a few things. After a brief conversation with the woman at the meat counter, she went in the back...

chatillion24717Oct 15Nov 5
Is It Soup Yet

Is It Soup Yet?Do you remember the commercial Lipton's put out in the 1970's for their 'instant' soup? I believe it was a little kid that asked the 'Mom' - is it sou...

LadyImp2088Oct 30Oct 31

Yogurt...There must be some scientific explanation as to why I can open a container of yogurt and the top surface is smooth and solid. After taking a scoop or...

chatillion1286Oct 19Oct 19

Junior...I was around 7 years old when my family moved from New York to Miami. Life here was pretty simple. My neighborhood was a place where you didn't always...

chatillion1715Sep 20Sep 21

Chocolate CoinsRemember those mesh bags of chocolate coins we got as kids ? Well, what can I buy with them now ? I might be willing to make an inves...

JimNastics26617Sep 9Sep 10
Banner Days

Banner DaysEver have one of those days where you're really busy and eating seems to be something you cram in on your way to somewhere else? Well, I have lots of...

LadyImp1330Sep 7
Waste Not Want Not

Waste Not - Want NotI often wonder if we change as we age, or we just find our true core values and follow those instead of trying to please others? I was brought up as a...

LadyImp24514Sep 5Sep 6

Wipe that mole off your face...Sometimes it's not so easy considering the same word has different meanings. If a guy has a birth defect (as in a dark round often raised mark on h...

chatillion31411Aug 26Aug 27

Fat tastes good...I have to say that fat tastes good. Foods that are high in fat always taste good. Fat & salt... Mmmmmm.... steak. Fat & sugar Mmmmmmm... cheesecake....

chatillion2259Aug 22Aug 24

Fried Ginger...Most of my meals are cooked with thin slices of ginger. I'm okay with powdered ginger, but my wife insists on cooking with fresh ginger and that's muc...

chatillion21014Aug 23Aug 23

EGGSPERT...I'm a few miles from Johnson & Wales University. It's been called 'the cooking college' because they specialize in careers in the food service industr...

chatillion1944Aug 2018Aug 2018

The art of hand pulled noodles...I came across some YouTube videos of noodles made by hand. Two different styles were featured in the same video. One is a Chinese man who pulls them b...

chatillion1877Aug 2018Aug 2018

The end of another MANGO SEASON...I have a mango tree in my back yard that is older than me. Every year we get lots of tasty mangoes, so many that I have to give most away. The tre...

chatillion81957Jul 2018Aug 2018

Cooking BaconIn case you forgot how to cook bacon, one brand offers instructions.

Willy34111854Aug 2018Aug 2018
How Does Your Garden Grow

How Does Your Garden Grow?As temperatures soar here, I find myself diligently watering the front and back gardens morning and night. The one downfall of having all those huge s...

LadyImp42420Jul 2018Aug 2018
I Scream You Scream

I Scream, You Scream...We all scream for ice cream. Remember that? I think it was a commercial, way back when. One of my favourite foods in the summer time is ice cream. In...

LadyImp35137Aug 2018Aug 2018

USDA...The United States Department of Agriculture is the agency who inspects meat processing plants and sees to it they maintain health standards. Every we...

chatillion1815Aug 2018Aug 2018

Food Allergies...For me it's peanuts. I like them but they don't like me. I don't recall any peanut allergy as a kid, but in the last 20 years or so, I break out in h...

chatillion1775Aug 2018Aug 2018

Tofu...I'm a picky eater. I know what I like and I know what I dislike. If I had to make a list, Tofu would be near the top of the list of foods to avoid....

chatillion1905Aug 2018Aug 2018

Healthy Eating ShockI normally try to eat healthy. It has been feeling good lately to save all my veggie matter to take to the community garden, then it dawned on me to...

UnFayzed34023Aug 2018Aug 2018

There's no I in......I saw a recent advertisement for Jim Beam bourbon that states "There's no I in bourbon". For some odd reason, I had to laugh. While alphab...

JimNastics1300Aug 2018

chatillion's watermelon knife...Summer is here and it's watermelon season. If you like watermelon but you have trouble cutting it into pieces, an way to easily do this is to try my c...

chatillion1391Aug 2018Aug 2018

Odd Food CombosWhat foods do you mix together that you love but other people think it's terrible? For me it's chicken and chocolate pudding. It happened about a mont...

Willy341150221Mar 2018Jul 2018
The First of the Season

The First of the SeasonMmm mmmmm! I don't know about anywhere else, but corn on the cob is a 'thing' here. Every year, we wait impatiently for those first ears of corn to ri...

LadyImp22715Jul 2018Jul 2018

OlivesSo, we all have experienced that situation, where you're lying in bed thinking about this and that. World politics, pretty girls, our workplaces... An...

pat8lanips51624May 2018Jul 2018
LIV22: "Let's see..."(meet us in the quizzes)

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