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Sticky Rice...In the 1950's, It was a big issue in America to service rice that didn't stick. I remember TV commercials about housewives making the perfect bowl of...

chatillion560Jun 2Go to Last Post

Barbecue on a Sunday...On Wednesday, it was my suggestion that the guys in the model helicopter group have a barbecue this holiday weekend. The new canopy was installed two...

chatillion530May 29Go to Last Post

Food association...I'm pretty consistent about what spices or toppings I apply to my foods. I associate tomatoes as a vegetable and would only add salt to them. Actuall...

chatillion520May 22Go to Last Post

Covfefe Report... Covert & amended with Iron - & .irony. 1. A G E . | . advanced glycation End- product. 2. Hydrogenated oil. 3. Acrylamide. 4. Sugar 5. . glyph...

Agentbob21314Apr 1May 19
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Mache Bhate Bangali

Mache Bhate BangaliWe , as Bengali , always say , "Mache Bhate Bangali" , Meaning , "Fish Curry with Rice , is the Most Essential part of our daily Meal" . Here I...

Tanzila124-Apr 19Apr 19
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Enough of the food for now

Enough of the food for now!Easter, at least in my family, is centered around food. Every year around Easter, we all gather for the annual Easter lunch. That was a lot of Eas...

Philipsen1180Apr 8Go to Last Post
New Monster Energy flavor is

New Monster Energy flavor is..First, let me tell you the name of the Monster Energy. It's called Ultra Gold, and it's sugar free. It contains taurine, ginseng, caffeine, vitamin b...

Philipsen34713Mar 12Apr 2
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Mrs. Gurnett...I was looking for something to snack on this afternoon and found a bag of oranges in the refrigerator. My protocol is to thin cut the peel leaving muc...

chatillion1522Mar 30Mar 31
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Making something new

Making something newI didn't know what to make for dinner tonight, so I grabbed my frying pan, and went looking in my fridge. I found some diced beef, a carrot, which I s...

Philipsen2528Feb 13Mar 20
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The Howdy Doody plate...In 1947, Howdy Doody was born. Actually created is the correct word, because Howdy Doody is a puppet (marionette) who appeared in a Western themed chi...

chatillion1120Mar 14Go to Last Post
Track165111Oct 2015Mar 8
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As a child the smell of lamb fat, grilled lamb chopsand Sunday lamb roasts are strong memories. Grilled and served with salad or vegetables. I would wait for the knuckle on a Sunday. Yet now the smel...

FargoFan26811Feb 23Feb 28
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The death of Mr. Chen...When I started working in Boca Raton, my coworkers would frequent a Chinese restaurant named Hunan Palace. Through the years it must have been owned b...

chatillion1130Feb 26Go to Last Post

Experimenting with Pancakes...Aunt Jemima 'died' in 2021 and the pancake mix was rebranded Pearl Milling Company. I've been using the product for more than a generation. Typically...

chatillion2286Feb 20Feb 20
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Manzanos are $2 a pound now...Whenever I go to the Asian market I try to get some bananas from Thailand. They are short 'finger size' and have a thin skin. Typically, it's best to...

chatillion1201Feb 8Feb 8
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False advertising thats what it is

False advertising, that's what it is..I bought some chicken wings last Saturday, because the packing said "extra spicy".. I made some for dinner tonight, and I was excited. "Extra spicy...

Philipsen2856Jan 25Jan 27
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Who ordered 1 cheeseburger 1 order of french fries and a large Pepsi

Who ordered 1 cheeseburger, 1 order of french fries, and a large Pepsi ?During the college basketball game between Loyola Chicago and Duquesne, an Uber Eats food delivery guy casually walked on the court in the middle of t...

Willy34111893Jan 26Jan 26
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Would you dare eat this

Would you dare eat this ?‘Tastes Just Like Real Meat’ – Beetleburgers to Hit Mass Production to Help Feed the World. Eat bugs and live in a pod. The global...

Willy34113038Jan 16Jan 21
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Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...I'm inclined to say that's BS. Every recipe I've seen said to bake them. The local farmers market usually has chestnuts and the batch I got had some...

chatillion2486Jan 15Jan 16
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My favourite online cook - Poh's Kitchen: Poh Ling YeowHer laugh is crazy, but you don't get to see it in this youtube. She cooks Nyonya fried rice here....

FargoFan1400Jan 9Go to Last Post

The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival aka Mooncake Festival...China is 13 hours ahead of the East coast USA and their festival started on the 10th. My plans Saturday were to go to Miami and shop at the huge Chine...

chatillion3027Sep 2022Jan 2
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Pomegranate...My dad used to work in a grocery store when I was a kid and sometimes bring home Pomegranates. I have no idea how much they cost then, but now they ar...

chatillion2097Jan 1Jan 2
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McBob Amends method of Edumacations. Time Warp } 1792 .} .sum where in France drawing all resolutions & reports, keep constantly in view that the Limits of the law [ Constitutio...

Agentbob1451Dec 28Dec 28
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Brazilian Steakhouse...The company holiday luncheon yesterday was at famous Brazilian Steakhouse. It's the first time I was there and should I need to recommend a nice place...

chatillion1613Dec 24Dec 24
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Natural Cuisine

Natural Cuisine !If your kitchen would've been that much spectacular , then no wonder , meals prepared there would be masterclass (with a natural flavour) as well !!...

Tanzila167-Dec 22Go to Last Post

Aries85Hello if you want to explore food of indore then i am sharing here a link..

Aries851550Dec 3Go to Last Post

I eat too fast...I eat too fast, but I'm not the fastest. I used to work with a guy who could put down a Burger King Whopper, large French fries and a large drink in l...

chatillion1680Nov 14Go to Last Post

Mondel Loaf...The Jewish holidays mark the season for Mondel Loaf. Basically, it's a soft version of the Italian Biscotti. I was at the bakery of the farmer's marke...

chatillion2423Oct 16Oct 17
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Sushi Buffet...I had lunch at a famous Japanese Sushi Buffet today. It doesn't matter that they have small plates as it's an 'all you can eat' restaurant. So I had 3...

chatillion2885Oct 2022Oct 2022
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Ciabatta...For a few years now my preference in baked bread and rolls has been Ciabatta. More expensive than standard bread products, I didn't have an answer of...

chatillion43918Aug 2022Sep 2022
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TT Restaurant Week is in full swing

T&T Restaurant Week is in full swing...Our Annual Restaurant Week event began last Friday and will end on Oct 2nd (that's more than a 'week'). As I may have mentioned in one of my earlier...

Didi72846Sep 2022Sep 2022
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Mooncakes are gross

Mooncakes are grossI bought a mooncake two weeks ago , I visited a Chinese bakery and saw them wrapped up with a sign $9. The woman told me they only make them once a y...

Unknown3485Sep 2022Sep 2022
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Tipping your glass to pour...In the 1960's my family moved from New York to Florida. While looking for a house, we stayed in motel on Miami Beach. It was there my parents stuck up...

chatillion3347Aug 2022Aug 2022
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More Olive Oil...I wrote a blog in March about a concern for purchasing a 3-liter can of pure olive oil. The concern was 'how many years would it take to consume 3-li...

chatillion36311Aug 2022Aug 2022
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NEW BBQ Reeses Sandwich

NEW BBQ Reese’s SandwichPeanut Butter Cups, Pulled Pork, Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce + BACON What say you?...

Willy34111923Aug 2022Aug 2022
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The myth of MSG!Have you heard people insisting that MSG is allergenic? Demanding there be no MSG in their food, particularly in Chinese restaurants? Seen restauran...

FargoFan4197Oct 2021Aug 2022
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I had told myself not to spend any more money

I had told myself not to spend any more money..While I am unemployed, I am on government benefits. That means limited spending on things that aren't bills. I make a HUGE batch of a certain dish (th...

Philipsen43320Apr 2022Aug 2022
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Glyphosate avoid any food associated with this weed killer

Glyphosate, avoid any food associated with this weed killer Avoid foods that are associated with cancer weed killers. I recommend "certified organ...

lindsyjones3246Aug 2022Aug 2022
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Chop Chop... RotiIn America, serving chicken usually has it cut in parts, severed at the joints. Drumsticks, wings, thighs. It has always been thus. Ask Colonel Sander...

chatillion4137Jul 2022Aug 2022
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Lunch...I was bird watching one day and see they gathered to do lunch. It appeared they were having sushi!...

chatillion1900Jul 2022Jul 2022
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Something about that $4.99 Costco Chicken...Costco is famous for the price of their rotisserie chicken. How can to be so cheap? Someone went into their processing facility and filmed what goes...

chatillion2735Jul 2022Jul 2022
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chocotized...News today that 2 employees of the Mars Wrigley factory in Pennsylvania fell into the chocolate tank and emergency crews had to cut a hole in the side...

chatillion1740Jun 2022Go to Last Post

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