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Jewish Mandel bread...Biscotti was mentioned in a previous blog and there's a softer version called Mandel bread. I found these in a Jewish bakery. Made from a loaf that's...

chatillion528Jul 1815 hrs ago

Biscotti...I can (usually) resist cookies and donuts, but the other night in the grocery store they had Biscotti on sale... 2fer1. This style is heavy double bak...

chatillion9410Jul 16Jul 18
Something that made my stomach churn

Something that made my stomach churn.I saw something online today in a For Sale section of a website that turned my stomach.Someone was trying to sell a partial eaten jar of Peanut Butt...

Bearwoman1086Jul 9Jul 10
Blog Prophecy

Blog ProphecyI posted a "blog" and an accompanying video that I considered to be harmless. I suggested that it was something offensive and of a pornographic nature...

BadlyDrawn38634Jun 3Jul 1

Sodium Chloride... and other thingsIt was raining Saturday morning and my plans to get to Miami were delayed. On the way down we stopped in Hollywood to run an important errand and ate...

chatillion1206Jun 30Jul 1

What color....Do you like painting your fingernails?...

M4_Mischief76149Jul 2018Jul 1

The Things We LearnFor years I made my own dog food. After I got the three pound Chi, she just shared my meals so no dog food had to be made. Then when I inherited Luc...

UnFayzed13012Jun 26Jun 26

Our daily bread...I usually select French bread for sandwiches. When it's not available, Cuban style bread is my second choice. Sunday, I tried something different. I'l...

chatillion1033Jun 19Jun 19

English cuisine........sure, we all know how many look down their noses at the prospect. After welsh rarebit and F&C, what is there, really? But look a bit closer, espec...

Vierkaesehoch2266Jun 16Jun 17
different faces

different facesWe as children are told stories such as the tooth fairy , things in the wardrobe and under the bed. And then religion claims we are the only thing wi...

Nice2meetyoutoo1324Jun 14Jun 15

OK, guys you are not going to believe this !Apparently, they are growing on trees ! As advertised on eBay - Presenting the Vietnamese Milk Melons On sale on ebay ! However, be...

JimNastics970Jun 9

Hold on to your seats kiddies...Hold on to your seats kiddies... because MANGO SEASON is just around the bend. Grocery shopping today and mangoes from Central America around $1 each...

chatillion20515May 5Jun 7
BadlyDrawn1536May 30May 31

173 Eggs...I would love to have a job torture testing products to see if they are safe for consumers or if the manufacturer's claims are correct. Some people on...

chatillion1153May 2May 30

PizzaPizza one of my favorite foods. How dare they create them with a Cauliflower crust. I say nope. What say you? Yes - cauliflower Never - cauliflow...

Willy34111111May 7May 7
People can buy dried spirulina from health food stores or online stores Spirulina tablets

People can buy dried spirulina from health food stores or online stores. Spirulina tablets !Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae that people can take as a dietary supplement. People consider spirulina a superfood due to its excellent nutri...

needyoubyfastway642May 3May 3

FatburgerI went to the Fatburger next to the AT&T store because I was hungry and AT&T was down and out and with no internet. Lord help us if there's a blackout...

BadlyDrawn13510Apr 30May 1

Chinese Bitter Melon...My niece graduated from a college of Asian Medicine last year and (in the future) may enroll for the advanced studies in Shanghai China. She was talki...

chatillion23219Apr 28Apr 29

Choke Cherries...As kids, we called them choke cherries because the fruit of this bush so horrible birds and lizards ignore them. You can find them everywhere in South...

chatillion1497Apr 28Apr 29

FEASTING...I looking for good food and make me feasting all weekend long. In Delray Beach tonight and tomorrow. Watchout on Sunday I living in Miami and looking...

chatillion1579Apr 19Apr 21
I love fast food

I love fast foodFrom sea to plate in less than 30 mins Now that's real fast food...

OIdblue22919Apr 12Apr 13

Kombucha, Kombucha all I can say is Kombucha...Last week, OIdblue did a blog about a drink he brewed called Kombucha. I never heard of it and did some research. In layman's terms, it's a beverage m...

chatillion23111Apr 4Apr 8

Real maple syrup.Tap the tree in front of the Aaltarboy Mansion this time each year. 30 + quarts of sap, boiled down, yield 3-4 liters of the good stuff. We give most...

Vierkaesehoch1986Mar 23Mar 24

Just got my Bachelors degreeDoes anyone want some soup? ...........

Bnaughty23521Mar 21Mar 22

How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich1. Collect your ingredients. 2. Spread peanut butter evenly onto one slice of bread using a knife. 3. Spread jelly or jam evenly onto the other slic...

Willy341120911Mar 10Mar 10
Were they evil

Were they evil?When Scipio placed Numantia under siege back in 133 BC it eventually fell. Roman soldiers entering the city found a hungry woman cooking her dead chi...

Ken_191433Feb 17Feb 18

Do you help those in dire need?My house help is here today and was in a very down & quiet mood, so I asked her what is wrong, but she said nothing is wrong. I proceeded to give her...

smiley9631490Feb 1
Fruitless Endeavour

Fruit(less) EndeavourI hardly ever bother with fruit but when I do pick something up at the supermarket it hardly ever encourages me to do it more often. I’ve noticed tha...

Harbal56544Jan 5Jan 7

NespressoMy Nespresso machine finally came For anyone not familiar, its basically an espresso machine you use at home. I just had a cup of glorious wonderful...

Track162837Jan 3Jan 4

OIL...I take issue with oil. Not petroleum based oil or oil/fat derived from animals. My issue is with plant or 'vegetable oil' and that includes nut oils...

chatillion2265Dec 30Dec 30

Duck !!and I mean it... . . Christmas Day and nearly all grocery stores and restaurants were closed. One exception was the Asian Market. We we...

chatillion1664Dec 25Dec 26
Dear Mr Tesco

Dear Mr. TescoWill you please stop putting sliced potato in your moussaka and replace it with more aubergine? I will gladly pay the few extra pence this will cost...

Harbal48443Dec 15Dec 17

Get a Burger King Whopper for 1 cent....for real.Believe it or not, this is not a joke. The 'catch' is, that you have to order that Whopper within 600 feet of a McDonalds from Burger King's mobile...

JimNastics29325Dec 8Dec 9
The best things in life are free

The best things in life are freeSome years ago, when I was working as a building labourer, I was parked up in the pickup on the outskirts of the village where we were working, eating...

Harbal68647Dec 2Dec 4

Pizza...One of our new employees asked if there was a pizza shop near the office. Yes, I replied... due west about a mile in a little shopping plaza on the le...

chatillion1987Nov 2018Nov 2018

Fish head soup...We stopped at the Asian Market yesterday and bought a few things. After a brief conversation with the woman at the meat counter, she went in the back...

chatillion27117Oct 2018Nov 2018
Is It Soup Yet

Is It Soup Yet?Do you remember the commercial Lipton's put out in the 1970's for their 'instant' soup? I believe it was a little kid that asked the 'Mom' - is it sou...

LadyImp2938Oct 2018Oct 2018

Yogurt...There must be some scientific explanation as to why I can open a container of yogurt and the top surface is smooth and solid. After taking a scoop or...

chatillion1576Oct 2018Oct 2018

Junior...I was around 7 years old when my family moved from New York to Miami. Life here was pretty simple. My neighborhood was a place where you didn't always...

chatillion2185Sep 2018Sep 2018

Chocolate CoinsRemember those mesh bags of chocolate coins we got as kids ? Well, what can I buy with them now ? I might be willing to make an inves...

JimNastics32617Sep 2018Sep 2018
Banner Days

Banner DaysEver have one of those days where you're really busy and eating seems to be something you cram in on your way to somewhere else? Well, I have lots of...

LadyImp1710Sep 2018
Waste Not Want Not

Waste Not - Want NotI often wonder if we change as we age, or we just find our true core values and follow those instead of trying to please others? I was brought up as a...

LadyImp30814Sep 2018Sep 2018

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