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What do u classify as boring ?I cannot handle being bored....

Snookums3326137Sep 19Sep 20

Kissdon't ever, never, never, ever, let a fire ant kiss your pole....

Duromojon451Sep 16Sep 16

Cheerleaders ate my PonyEver since I was knee high to a zebra I had always dreamed of owning a pony, a pony of my very own. I scrimped and saved for many decades working 7 jo...

Mapmaker38034Sep 8Sep 10
Chocolate 101

Chocolate 101I love making chocolate confections. There is something about the glistening smoothness and dark rich color that brings all of my senses alive....

Gypsytramp30748Aug 30Aug 31
attention attention

attention, attentionscarrrry xxxxxxx...

bloodybrilliant30912Aug 27Aug 28

Just had a hot steamy dateI saw her across the room, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her, she came closer, I could smell her scent, I smiled, she seemed to smile back, my heart...

Mapmaker38836Aug 21Aug 22

McDonald'sIf you take your children to McDonald, especially if you order a “Happy Meal” for them. You should be held unaccountable for child abuse. The box and...

NewYorkcitylove103-Aug 8
Organic Give me spots on my apples

Organic. Give me spots on my apples.....but leave me the birds and the bees. Joni M. Never met a drunken looser tie she didn't want to jump on. Who really believes that the stuff the trust f...

Aaltarboy1677Jul 30Aug 1
Todays the day

Today's the day.It's rainy and windy and yes I know it's only July, but I'm going to bake my Christmas cakes. Yes plural, I've nine to do, well it was nine until I w...

emmy123116Jul 29Jul 29
Verdulagas Or keeping Moms memory

Verdulagas. Or keeping Mom's memory!When I first moved to my little apartment in Bullhead City I was amazed by the fauna. I wrote a blog on it. But I did not mention "verdulagas". The En...

Ed19411326Jul 27Jul 28
Youre Going To Die Anyway

You're Going To Die Anyway.My friend stop eating all flesh. Only veggies and fruits, nuts. He says, 'yes, am feeling so darn strong and healthy'. I don't need to see the d...

Unika_411866Jul 22Jul 27
My cooking

My cooking....Women have been known to fall on their knees, and propose marriage, after tasting some of my dishes. From the simple, to the annoyingly French, what a...

Aaltarboy1272Jul 3Jul 4

foodI feel that foreign food is not quite my taste. Thai food tastes me the most I miss Thai food I miss thai dessert Think about thai food Think of au...

Gracejuntima28013Jun 27Jul 2
A lazy Sunday afternoon

A lazy Sunday afternoonWhat do we do ? I could go over to the Jazz cafe there is always live music there. Or cook for the this week ? Go over to my dauther? co...

FLYJAMES14511May 14May 14
Who else watches Man v food and diners and drives

Who else watches Man v food and diners and drives,..............?Food is so unhealthy but comfort food I love,................You Yanks eat badly lol but I love it too,..............

Unknown17712May 6May 7
GRUMP TIME Ice Cream Conspiracy

GRUMP TIME - Ice Cream ConspiracyI can buy two litres of ice cream from my supermarket for the same price as a small dessert bowl with ice cream, a drizzle of sauce and a few sprinkle...

Grumpywriter40652Apr 25Apr 25
Happy Easter Egg Day

Happy Easter Egg DayAlthough Cadburys has ruined it for me, have you tasted the creme egg lately?...

Unknown23327Apr 16Apr 16

Anyone Trying to lose weight ? read this...You're fed up, if like me, you gave up ciggies, and piled on weight, went to weightwatchers, slimmingworld, worked out, ran, walk everywhere [I still...

goldengloss26023Apr 9Apr 9
That dearest spot women love more than their very lives

That dearest spot women love more than their very lives....since the 90's, in my limited but shocked experience, it must be good to invest in companies selling razors. I bet it's a generational thing. Certainl...

Aaltarboy1837Apr 1Apr 1
Gray Monday

Gray MondayGreetings to all, Where is every one on this gray and wet day..Anyone home ??? There was a raido story The perfect storm in Africa South Su...

FLYJAMES1467Mar 20Mar 20

TO ALL THE FATSOS IN THE WORLDto become thin no need of excercuse just drink GREEN COFFEE BEANS THIS IS FOR LADIES AND GENTS!!!!...

duncansantan29818Mar 18Mar 19

MmmmmmmGreasy bacon is so good...

Track161656Mar 13Mar 13

VacanciesI have recently started a business and I have some vacancies in Diffrent countries specialy in European countries , if anybody is intrested and need a...

ali11036322Feb 23Feb 26

Butter, a miracle substance.Most people simply use butter on bread or to bake things, but it is a wonderful miracle cure. • It cures medical issues ranging from dry lips to Co...

Mapmaker80185Feb 24Feb 24

How to cook Rats and MiceWith the abundant Rat and Mouse blogs of late I thought I would share some of my favorite recipes for cooking them. Bandwagon Mouse Ingredients:-...

Mapmaker1,288106Feb 10Feb 11
Mmmmmmm Yummy

Mmmmmmm Yummy!Big feed of fried cod fish. Mmmmmmmmm The following errors occurred: [Blog Detail] must contain at least 50 characters, you entered 4...

Track1623920Jan 30Jan 31
Too Much Bacon

Too Much BaconYes its true, you can have too much of a good thing. I had some bacon last night before going to bed and I may have over done it. Been awake half the...

Track162289Jan 13Jan 13
Last Christmas

Last ChristmasI gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away. This year, to save me from tears, I'll give one to someone special. Here's a song...

pat8lanips3556Dec 2016Dec 2016
A mystery scary

A mystery....scary!A few days ago I buy a loaf of bread. I think this has been the first loaf of bread I bought in a few months. Okay, that has nothing to do with t...

Johnny_Sparton38333Dec 2016Dec 2016
what type of tea do you drink

what type of tea do you drink?Growing up here in the states Coffee was always the norm in my home it still is but we also had what they call sweet tea in the south basically it is...

ShakenHeart38630Oct 2016Oct 2016
Death A Transition Into Harvest

Death. A Transition Into HarvestOn this and other planetary farms across the great expanses of the Universe. Nothing goes to waste We and all other species were created and grow...

LoveRanger522470Oct 2016
It is October AND they are back

It is October AND they are backor emerging from hiding, depending on your perspective.. I was thinking of them this morning, and bemoaning the fact that I hadn't seen any this ye...

Ken_1936612Oct 2016Oct 2016
2 vine harvest

2 vine harvestSo I have 4 Butternut squash vines here this year. Today I decided enough leaves had faded back on two of them to go ahead and harvest the yield from...

Ken_1944617Oct 2016Oct 2016
hmm good food

hmm good foodhmm good food

jarred1206-Oct 2016
Why are steakhouse meals so big

Why are steakhouse meals so big?I'm eating on company expenses so decided to push the boat out and have a mixed grill and a pud yum No chance. I couldn't even finish my grill, .if...

Elegsabiff1,25089Sep 2016Sep 2016
Is something stupid or funny La Tomatina

Is something stupid ? or funny ?? La TomatinaLa Tomatina - is a festival that is held in the Valencian town of Buñol, a town located in the East of Spain 30 km / 19 miles from the Mediterranean,...

Unknown2847Aug 2016Aug 2016
Why we love Deer

Why we love DeerThis is a Butternut Squash from my veggie patch. This type of squash is called a winter squash. That is because, unlike summer squash such as the zu...

Ken_1954527Aug 2016Aug 2016
Summer perfection

Summer perfectionAt long last, they are finally beginning to turn red.....

Ken_1963013Aug 2016Aug 2016
Better Fresher Food

Better Fresher FoodOn Sunday after worship food awaits me at First Unitarian Universalist Church, on Tuesday and Thursdays at LifePittsburgh and at a Subway when I have...

bookworm5702690Jun 2016
ah your own personal stomach pump

ah! your own personal stomach pump.....A new weight loss device offers a novel approach to cutting calories: draining them from the stomach before they are fully digested. The AspireAssi...

sands8855535Jun 2016Jun 2016
To our vegetarian members

To our vegetarian membersI found this today and expect you all to find benefit in it. First for those eating meat..

Ken_193997Jun 2016Jun 2016
Organic foods

Organic foodsI try buy them most of the time.. but when bought in a super market theres no guarantee they are My eggs, i always buy organic but this is my s...

itchywitch96161Jun 2016Jun 2016

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