According to new research on foods supposed to be for vegans, one third of these products was found to contain animal by products, such as milk and eggs. Apparently it is very difficult to find vegan foods that are 100% without some form of animal by product.
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Unless a person is allergic, or intolerant, to dairy products, it doesn't really matter, if you don't know it.
It's often in the head.

For example, I am vegetarian, not vegan, and I don't buy products containing meat or fish.

However, if I am not 100% sure, it's not the end of the world. dunno
If some ingredients are labelled, the ingredients of them can slip under the radar, for EG: spices, flavors, artificial additives etc. The art of reading labels has NOW become LEGAL and ILLEGAL territory! Reading between the lines of the legal/illegal jargon is now a way of life!

If anyone thinks otherwise, then enjoy your sulphite and nitrite sandwich. sigh
True! Reading labels has now become an ART!

We end up being paranoid. roll eyes
Or, we stop eating altogether!
People get obsessed with veganism, so they would feel upset if they discovered their particular food was contaminated with animal by products.
I am a vegetarian so I don't rule out low fat cheese. But once you embark on plant based drinks and food, it's difficult to return to my former eating habits.
I am not vegan or vegetarian but prefer not to consume meat as I disagree with some of the practices associated with it...

I buy free range eggs and what is labeled "humane" practices but I understand that this is a leap of faith sort to I know for sure that the chickens are raised humanely or what these providers deem humane?...the language used on labeling can mean something this just another marketing strategy?...
The tricky part is when you have allergies related to foods...and processed foods are not easy to distinguish what it contains...

It's complicated...
@Caffair..... are you?

if you are reading this...
i think.... you should
come back. handshake

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