If you were the leader of a country's elected government and you were in a situation where thousands of migrants were crossing a stretch of water to gain access to your country without any legal processing and possibly including criminals and potential terrorists. If this situation had existed for many months and resulted in the migrants receiving board and lodging in 4 star hotels, and even adapting disused army camps to house the people. If the estimated total waiting processing was around
150 000 and rising, and the cost to the taxpayers was in the millions. Would you be a bit annoyed?
That's the situation in the UK and despite the prime minister promising to stop the boat crossings, nothing has happened.
The simple solution is to pick up the people in the English channel and return them to the French coast from where they departed and having paid people smugglers for the journey.
Too simple, but presumably the PM doesn't wish to upset the French President.
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That is the same problem in the USA.
We spend 1.5 Billion dollars for this illegal crossing.

They get free housing, free food, free medical/dental, free money, now the employers are hiring them and leave out the American citizens.

Yeah for America. devil frustrated
Another 1000 migrants crossed the channel over last week. Smugglers who organise it must make a load of money. And we use life boats to pick them up to bring to England.
Sunak promised to stop the boats. No success yet. In fact, more crossing.
This is a global problem and Britain has the advantage of distance-filter compared with Greece Italy Spain France. There seems to be no humane solution. Australia has the advantage of being an island continent, but they too have stuffed up with inhumane refugee policies. I have no answer, but compassion surely is the right way.
The French riots could easily spread through Europe and into the UK if the govts push the people to hard Crown, its a matter of how much crap are the public are going to put up with from there governments..

Refugees in your part of the world has been a problem due to the western wars that have been waged for the last 20 odd years Crown, cause the problem now we wait for a solution...
This situation is a reflection of what some feel is police discrimination resulting in the death of a member of their community...
People fleeing their countries due to war or human rights issues is a different matter in my opinion...
Many of the people fleeing to the UK have been from Albania where there is no war or human rights issues. They are mainly young single males wishing to improve their financial options. The Ukrainian refugees have been welcomed sympathetically and live with British families. They didn't arrive via people smugglers. Hong Kong people have been offered migration places too due to their oppression by Chinese regime. The rest of the immigrants is a mixture of those who have passed through Europe and chosen UK maybe because of a knowledge of English language or they feel there are more opportunities here.
The rule regarding refugees or asylum seekers is to make your claim in the first country that you escape to, and then be processed. If you were desperate you would be happy to escape to any other democratic country. But many of the current migrants are avoiding the system and for financial gain reasons are selecting their preference and crossing many countries, in some cases, and paying the people smugglers to provide transport. In the case of UK, most crossings are made in motorized dinghies.
That's the problem with the political parties here. The labour opposition won't be any stronger. Starmer is weak and changes his mind every few minutes. What has been required for a long time is a party that holds the views of the majority and shows strength and decisive action and not be afraid of the minority groups who oppose any action that prevents illegal migration.
£500,000 has apparently now been set aside to reserve beds in hotels for any new migrants. Places particularly near the south east coast of England have difficulty offering holiday makers accommodation due to migrant occupation. Despite the situation, the home secretary and PM state that they are doing all they can to deal with the problem.
doh dunno confused
£500,000 per day.
The unrest protests and riots in many western European countries is about the high standard living being dropped to a lower level, weather the French people see and feel it more than other countries dunno

The high living standard for western system countries can't continue with the way the US keeps printing money and running up debt, it can be blamed on migrants, refugees or police brutality but the real problem is debt and devaluing currencies...
The problem is that these 150k still need to get processed somewhere.

If i was the French president i would let them go to England on an agreed day.
It is a bit stupid to keep them on French soil if they don't want to be there and want to leave.
Explain them the procedures and get the caravan moving.
But you'll need to handle like 1000 a day to get it done in a year.

The housing, almost all hotels are 4 stars. Tents don't improve the safety.

The European solution seems to be to ship them more East to Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and more.

In my opinion, we need to be able to say no.
Do a DNA test, hold them accountable for charges if they are not in danger,
Any criminal activity or lying at the border will be an instant decline.
And ban people from entering for a decennia in case of certain breaches.
Plus send people back home or the nearest safe airport + taxi fare.

And make coming to Europe a more temporary thing.
Put yourself in someone else’s shoes,
Likewise Oxy roll eyes
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