RE: The question relates not to who loves me....its really about who hates me.

Not sure about this one Iotaoo, would the amount of people doing one or the other have affect on the mass of either ? maybe dunno

RE: If poo wasn't water soluble...

I did hear of a guy in Africa making his our fuel from some crap but i don't think it was human crap..


I see the point of a good start to your day CW and i guess taking a look on CS could start your day off on wrong note..

Yes Dani did PM me telling me she was leaving this site, and she did give me her email address to stay in contact but the procrastinator i am i haven't got around to messaging her by email yet..

Live Aid Concert..

More news in the wind about Zelensky selling weapons on the blackmarket to Grand, Turkey has been the main buyer of the aid weapons..

Live Aid Concert..

There's a few countries waiting to join the BRICS block Luke, they wait for the collapse of the US and western system..

RE: If poo wasn't water soluble...

Has anyone worked how to turn it into fuel for our cars yet Chat ?

RE: Why such anti Christian hatred on the forums?

Maybe the anti Christian vibe comes about from the western leaders anti Christian vibe, Russia is orthodox Christian and are hated by many on CS.. dunno


I was referring to peoples moods and attitudes when on CS CW, have a bad day you may bring your bad onto CS have a good day you may bring you good onto CS..

Do you come onto CS in the mornings CW ? do you notice any difference between being on CS in the morning to be on here at night ?

Live Aid Concert..

More wrong moves by western leaders, Biden/US say no cease fire in the Ukraine because the US/NATO/EU are funding the war..
While China try to broker a peace deal between the Russia and the Ukraine, the western leaders sabotage every thing that BRICS nations try to build..

Biden is in Saudi Arabia now probably trying sabotage the Iran Saudi relationship..
On the Saudi Yemen war front its nearly a year since the Saudi's last bombed Yemen with air strikes, lets hope Biden doesn't disturb the peace there..

How's the US going, the nation maybe a bit dividing if Trump has been arrested;; maybe another American civil war..

Israel is another country that's having problems with its govt and has division, Israeli people have been protesting since January;;

RE: Life Goals

The cats goal must be to be normal and get the hell out of that baby carrier Track..

Live Aid Concert..

How many years have the American people been trying to get some control over their govt PC ?
With the US dollar in such a mess and the buying power of it nearly dead, the effect of this is starting to impact all other countries on the western system..

When the buying power goes from the money of any system, it must be time to stop listening to govts that backs up the money/system;;

I hear a couple of US banks are in trouble again, and most like will be the US people that save those banks..
The US FED bank is up shit creek again and could devalue the US dollar more with some more printing of monopoly money..


How your day has gone affects your mood, had a good day good mood carries on;; bad day bad mood carries on with you until you break it with sleep...

As many have said it piss take, its a boredom breaker, a distraction from the shit on TV is what CS is to them..

It easy to see the attention addicts on CS, their comment rage almost every hour..

RE: Depressing and Judgmental.

Picking up Depression from events outside of your own life is a Disease, maybe its time to put the mouse down and live/enjoy your own life..
It's amazing what some time away from your devices does..

Live Aid Concert..

US govt Aid isn't a good representation of what the US people want, i'm sure the US people would rather the see US govt throw money at their own country rather give it away to cause war and harm..

The media is a big problem when it comes to getting the full facts about any situation, and should pay some consequence for misinfo;; many on CS are trying to be misinfo Narks laugh but it easy to see the countries that are being mis informed..

RE: International Criminal Court issues arrest warrant for Putin

Any more is enough to choke a fargon elephant Conrad, even you don't believe in the ICC..

RE: A bloody lot, the Tudors!

I've got the Tudors series on dvd Farg's, he was a bloody nutter that Henry..

RE: International Criminal Court issues arrest warrant for Putin

Even in China Willy ?

RE: International Criminal Court issues arrest warrant for Putin

There has been word of this Willy, so who's going to be the policeman that attempts to arrest Putin maybe NATO or an EU policeman ?

Russia has been up for war crimes before but the US didn't want be a witness in the case, because it would bring attention to the US war crimes probably in the same place as the Russia crimes..

Live Aid Concert..

Yep had a couple of drinks with my brother Friday night Tiger..
The US govt throws aid around like its going out of fashion, the US gave the Ukraine a 4.1 billion dollar aid package last year;; and Israel had a big moan about it because thats a bit more than the US gives Israel annually, surely Israel isn't struggling that badly ?
Let the monkey fend for itself is what the US needs to do..

Live Aid Concert..

Government Aid must be a different beast to most other aid, is Govt Aid a tax right off for that govt ?

And conditions that can be attached to Govt Aid can be a foot in the door into any country;;
NZ Govt Aid ends up with our small island neigbours which is great to look after our less fortunate neighbours, one of the small French islands was hammered by 2 cyclones back to back i'd like to think NZ sent govt aid there..

Any idea where your govt aid is going ?

RE: Foggy sunrise...

That's only considered dew here Farg's, fog is less than 20 meters visibility to NZers..

RE: Foggy sunrise...

Yes i do hear that some of the new electric motors put out more power than fuel motors Chat, that's a very short flight time out of the battery;;

Live Aid Concert..

cheers good excuse for a drink later..

RE: What I don't like about been single

Bring on CW, we haven't locked horns for a while laugh just kidding CW wave

Live Aid Concert..

Listening to the radio this morning i found out its St Patricks day today here in NZ, the radio told some of the celebrations happening around the world..
It's a pretty big thing worldwide St Patties day i think people like a good drink with a possible punch up in the mix, then the radio played The Irish Rover Unicorn song thumbs up

RE: Foggy sunrise...

Great info Chat thumbs up your helicopter electric powered ?

RE: Foggy sunrise...

Nice pic Chat, foggy mornings here for the last 2 weeks and probably for another 2 months..

I must ask if model helicopter flies any different in the cooler morning as to the heat of the day ?

Live Aid Concert..

It was the Wembley concert that i heard about, there are more Aid concerts Tiger ?

The covid vibe has died down here but you still see the odd person wearing a mask, i think people are more aware about the spread of illness after covid and wear masks if they have a cold or flu..

RE: New Monster Energy flavor is..

Peach is another flavor i don't like in drink it has an air of vomit about it in drinks, Peaches i love eating the fruit...

Live Aid Concert..

Tiger I want some on the ground feedback from the UK about this Aid concert, so whats the general vibe surrounding the gig...

And do you think it will be a masked up gig, whats the covid vibe there..

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