RE: One Belt and Road Initiative growing stronger

I'm sure there will be a little friction between BRICS countries all the time but that's all part of over coming differences, as long as China and India can keep their military might in their pants it's nothing to worry about..
Military drills are just flexing their might, actual war like what Yemen is in is the real deal...

A great move from China to help out Hungary in such mild manner, this move is better than putting military close to the EU or the US thumbs up bowing such a helpful and passive move..

RE: The Verdict

I don't take any of the US presidents seriously it's the rest of the muppets in their government that really make their votes count,,
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RE: The Verdict

I see many of the American truckers are voting in Trumps favour by boycotting deliveries to and from New York, that's a pretty big verdict in it's self i believe..

RE: One Belt and Road Initiative growing stronger

Fresh from the innovation tube i see China is going to help Hungary out economically in trade and possibly in military, this comes from the EUs treatment of Hungary with Hungary not supporting the Ukraine war..
The EU has frozen some of Hungary's funds within the EU banking system and most likely sanctioned trying to twist Hungary's arm, this has to a big threat to the EU with China extending a helping hand to Hungary..

The EU wouldn't be able to handle any countries leaving the EU block, the EU would most likely crumble if 1 country left..

RE: One Belt and Road Initiative growing stronger

The super rich people of western now realize they control the western system but the BRICS system is another story, the rich families of the western system know they can't control the BRICS system so they are now threatening the world with war in many places...

The rich western people are finding it hard to drum up war with any country, Iran won't bite back against Israeli attacks but Egypt is making noises about war with Israel..

It seems that the western powers have bitten more than they can chew around the world, and don't have enough humans and resources to provoke any wars in Africa cheering

I see there is a bit of support for Yemen amounts the BRICS nations, i did see that the Houthis said they won't attack Chinese and Russian ships in the Red sea..

RE: One Belt and Road Initiative growing stronger

Big protests still going on in the Congo against ECOWAS and western security for not stopping M23 Rwanda rebels from invading eastern Congo and displacing 1 million people, the western powers show more interest and support for the M23 Rwanda rebels to destabilize the Congo rather than support the Congolese economy and people... The Congo is waking up..

Liberia bans all exports of unprocessed rubber to punish western sanctioned put in place by the US. management of natural resources to optimize the Liberian economy and not foreign interests are the main goals of the Liberian govt..

ECOWAS calls emergency meeting to coats Burkina Mali Niger back into the Ecowas trade block, and with elections delayed until later in the year in Senegal the Ecowas trade block is starting to panic on behalf of the European masters;;; Senegal is also looking into ways it can immune itself/govt from external influences/corruption..
The IMF and World Bank are making predictions/threats about the possible direction for Burkina Mali and Niger economies now they have left the Ecowas trade block, it seems these western banks are showing concern about losing control of big resourced Africa..

RE: One Belt and Road Initiative growing stronger

Burkina Mali and Niger ignored the African union summit to concentrate on developing the common currency for their countries, but these countries and few others have been suspended from the African union..
The African union is much like the EU trade block of nations and like the EU wants to keep exploiting African countries resources, the African union central bank also contributes to the rip off of African countries by sending African countries financial transactions all around the western financial world for the western system to take their cut from the transactions..

Financial independence resource control and security are the main issues for Burkina Mali and Niger, another thing that's brought up is the way western and middle eastern countries immune themselves from external interference from other countries;;; this is a major problem for many countries and i'm sure the African countries will work out how combat foreign interference, Burkina has given the example of how to deal with big companies the western financial sector most be next on their hit list...

RE: Has anyone seen Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with President Vladimir Putin?

Tucker quoted Oscar Wilde's famous 1 liner, If your vote actually counted they wouldn't let you do it..

RE: One Belt and Road Initiative growing stronger

I was watching a Tucker show and he's sayin the US govt are ready to pass a bill for another $40 billion for the Ukraine, maybe Israel is being abandon in a way by the US dunno that would leave the UK to step up for Israel..

The Tucker show was a doozy absolutely rippin into the US govt over spending more in the Ukraine over 6 months, than the US govt spent in year on home crisis in the US;; Way more doh

RE: Has anyone seen Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with President Vladimir Putin?

The Best Tucker quote i've heard so far, Disagree and your Disinformation.. laugh
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RE: mandate thieves in pakistan

Nice little update on the Pakistan political situation Wheel thumbs up I've been hearing that it's US influence that's keeping the Khan party out ?

RE: One Belt and Road Initiative growing stronger

Nigeria is worried about Burkina, Mali and Niger leaving the ECOWAS block i don't know why if they are joining BRICS, the Brits and French wouldn't like Nigeria's decision to join BRICS it would go fully against their system..

The NZ high court ruled that the covid vaccine mandates were unlawful, i'm not sure what can really be done about now;; the vaccine companies have gone bust the politicians that pushed it are out, maybe they can go the WHO for false info and bugger all vaccine testing before unleashing them on the general public.. dunno

RE: One Belt and Road Initiative growing stronger

China is getting a bit pissed with US green berets training Taiwanese troops on the Penghu and Kinmen islands, the Kinmen islands are only 6 miles from China's coast...

Russia is showing concern about the EU and US suggesting using Russia's frozen assets and funds in their banks to fund the Ukraine, i thought the Russian govt may have written off those frozen assets and funds with much of them being owned by Russian businesses..
It most be all a part of calling out the western powers for almost breaking the international laws and rules that the western system created, the EU is still making big noises about using Russian frozen assets and funds i hope the EU know what their pushing..

RE: One Belt and Road Initiative growing stronger

Right on Rob, the western players still want play on a lop sided field doh their gonna have to pull their undies up and play fair...

RE: One Belt and Road Initiative growing stronger

One of the big problems the African countries are finding is in the banking system, African countries are being ripped when buying imports..
Even if African countries are buying imports from their neigbours their financial transactions still travel the worlds banks and banking system, where all of these financial institutions take their little cut losing a lot of money for African countries..
Burkina, Mali and Niger are still making noises about a common currency for their countries, maybe they can setup a bank/currency of their own that doesn't involve the Rothschilds..
Syria have a good handle on their national banks not sure about Iran and Cuba, the countries that don't take on the western financial system get attacked..

RE: One Belt and Road Initiative growing stronger

The innovation check tube explained the China EU spat pretty good, it's seems that the EU is threatening China with sanctions on a suggestion that China could be aiding Russia in it's tech and weapons development;;;
The EU says it would sanction China for supporting the Ukraine war through a third party (Russia), China isn't happy about the sanctioning because of ties to the Third party;;;
I'm sure there are more examples of countries dealing with war party nations, maybe Israel the UK and US could be an example..

The EU sanctioning China and China will most likely respond with sanctions of their own on the EU, will have a high chance of munting the EUs economy i'm sure China can survive a little economic storm...

RE: One Belt and Road Initiative growing stronger

George Galloway is stirring up the UK politics pot at the moment he's a running candidate in the Rochdale bi election, the Green and Labour candidates for Rochdale have pulled out..
There seem to be a few UK politicians getting in hot water over antisemitic comments and some of them support Israel, Galloway was pointing out how UK politicians have to back Israel up at any cost and it's basically putting the UK politicians between a rock and a hard place..

The Israel issue is a touchy 1 for the time big money laundering governments of the world, the countries at heart of the money system are basically backing Israel no matter what they do;;; these aren't govts of the people they are govts for rich, lets hope Galloway can make a change in UK politics..

RE: One Belt and Road Initiative growing stronger

The NZ governor general hasn't stepped in on any stupid NZ govt policy, the NZ GG is probably payed by the NZ govt doh so their hands are tied..

The UK govt King Charles and most likely the the Anglo church are all brought and controlled by that rich prick Jacob Rothschild, the UK is a fraud for Rothschild..

When the shit hits the fan it's the people that occupy the land that really possess it, those rich pricks will have to pull a Gaza slaughter everywhere to possess the land..

RE: One Belt and Road Initiative growing stronger

How did the church of England get some control in Aussie doh that's a joke, it's like the religious crap that Netanyahu uses to slaughter..

We still get the same pricks in the NZ govt that waste money by reversing everything the previous put in place, X amount of dollars was given to district counsels to sort their water out now Luxon pulled the pin on it that money has been lost.. and Luxon said that money most likely won't be recovered..

RE: One Belt and Road Initiative growing stronger

Colony and commonwealth seem like the same thing to me Rob, the commonwealth thing sounds like a type of stitch up..
And what of Kenya Rob with it being a kingdom and all, surely they can get out from under the UK thumb ?
King Charles has been told to piss off and not come back from a few African countries now, it's a good indication of the awakening of the average people that really Occupy the earth;; these rich pricks think they own the world but they only own/occupy that little bubble that they all live in..

I saw some shorts that in the Democratic Republic of Congo protests have broken out, and the protesters burnt the British and French embassies down..
Chad and Senegal are looking like their going kick the western security forces out and eventually hammer down on the rip off western companies, all the African countries can see what's going on and their joining the coup band wagon..

RE: One Belt and Road Initiative growing stronger

Good to see China's involvement in Kenya Rob thumbs up the Brits will most likely get ousted from the Kenyan kingdom..

It give the UK more time to fix their mess in Palestine, and renegotiate the Balfour agreement with the Rothschilds that created the state of Israel;;; and possibly get the money monkey off their back so they don't back slaughter..

RE: I'm not trying to cross any line

Hey Yonik, don't worry about crossing any lines mate..
Not one person is guaranteed their full time in this life, all we can do is live life to the fullest and treat others the way we would like to be treated..
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RE: One Belt and Road Initiative growing stronger

I see the Dutch fishermen have now joined the farmer protests against silly EU policies.. thumbs up

And Kenya is demanding reparations from the UK for the exploitation of their resources and people for God knows how long, i can see the Brits getting kicked out of Kenya in the near future.. applause

RE: Little 6 Year Old Palestinian Girl Hind Amada

Israel has been attacking Rafah for a few days now according to news reports GS..

The EU UK US and Israel are acting like 4 old people that are very close to the end of their lives and they know this, so they are trying to destroy as much of what's been built around the world before their system dies..

The EU isn't fully backing the slaughter in Gaza but they are still imposing western sanction on not only Russia but now China as well, which is a self destructive thing to do for the EU economy..

The US is endangering it's own people by not securing the Texas border but the people of Texas have sorted that out, there has been word that Biden is a national security threat to the US..

The UK is stupid for backing Israel in any sort of way after Israel took matters into their own hands and started the slaughter in Gaza..

RE: Little 6 Year Old Palestinian Girl Hind Amada

The aid has to get into Gaza GS, the Israeli's have full control of what goes into Gaza and their not letting the aid in...
These Aid packages are really just a media stun pulled by the big nations to look the part, until we see UK/US soldiers actually taking Aid into Gaza it's all a deep fake claim..

RE: Is anyone else ready for the USA’s current three-year Nightmare to be over?

The US freedoms started being taken away some time ago i believe, when the US government started privatizing everything into unipolar companies and driving small business out..
Not even US car manufactures can afford to run their companies in the US any more, gone are the days of having local garage and mechanic in your small towns...

It's happening in every western country, everything being privatized into 1 big company or another...

RE: Little 6 Year Old Palestinian Girl Hind Amada

It's Terrorism what's going in Israel there's no other way to describe it, the Israeli's call it self defense but that excuse has worn out now surely...

The Israeli settler violence towards Palestinian's in the West Bank is Terrorism as well, but there is more and more video coming out exposing the way the Israeli people treat Palestinian's...
Something has to give and the UK/US backers of the slaughter are starting to panic now, with pressure mounting on them from all angles...

RE: "Nigeria: Muslims murder 24 Christians, force the closure of 10 churches, 500 Christians flee"

All religious excuses need to be put aside when its comes the slaughter of any people, Netanyahu is killing to keep himself out of jail;;; some of Netanyahu's religious quotes were used against in the ICJ courts not only him but a few other Israeli parliament ministers quotes as well..

Why don't you tell us what the Koran says Conrad ?

RE: "Nigeria: Muslims murder 24 Christians, force the closure of 10 churches, 500 Christians flee"

The usual mess that comes with over proud Religion practices Sdar, Netanyahu's Religious play book reads as;;; And all the nations of the world shall rise up against Israel and make war with Gods chosen people blah blah blah...
To many Religious nut jobs in the world that are trying to bring their prophetic stories into the now.. doh

RE: Has anyone seen Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with President Vladimir Putin?

You may as well be afraid of your own shadow Sdar, Putin gave a lot of info in the interview..

I have only watched the part about question of the Nord stream pipeline, Putin points out there are a couple of Russian gas pipelines that access Europe;; i thought the Euro people may have interest in these pipelines that EU govts refuse to turn on, maybe the price of gas isn't high enough yet for Euro people to be concerned..

There are 2 Russian gas pipelines that run through the Ukraine, why hasn't the Ukraine military sabotaged these pipelines yet ?
It sounds like the Ukraine is holding off sabotage on these pipelines because they are holding the EU and it's countries to ransom for Russian gas, but the EU countries govts are trying to stay on the side of the US by imposing the western sanction.. dunno fac knows who's the one that's playing silly buggers with this vital product..

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