RE: nothing is free

I've heard the tubers can be a bit toxic and need to be boiled to get the poisons out a bit like Taro roots, i don't know if i will let it grow long enough to have seeds not sure on the life lenth of the plant maybe its a 5 month crop.. dunno

RE: nothing is free

That's why their so tall, can the tops be eaten ?

RE: nothing is free

I just planted that artichoke about a week or so ago into a big pot, i didn't put to much effort into it and don't have to much expectation for it;;; that's the way i roll in my garden.. wave

RE: How's The Weather Where You Are?

Light rain today 20 DC this morning and humid as F, great for the garden though...

RE: nothing is free

Calmness is free all that's required is for you to tap into it, if you can't find calmness you will most likely pay some price..

RE: Life after death

And i'm friends with Lilith the first lady of earth.. wave

RE: Life after death

Is a Great Iron Maiden poster or T shirt Pedro. thumbs up

Somewhere in Time was another Iron maiden great.. head banger

RE: A Jewish man speaks out.

I know you love running your fingers through my hair Conrad, but i'm not gay so stop trying to be a far ken homo and a stalker bro.. laugh

RE: Anxiety?

Good on ya Pedro, battle through it mate..

RE: A Jewish man speaks out.

I see police in England that are crowd control at antiwar protests are asking people to take their masks off so they can be identified basically, i think it's incase protesters start speaking out against the Israeli govts/military actions against Palestinians.. The English police are policing Israeli laws in England it would seem, what laws will the English public let go of or embrace next..

Israel maybe the next country to be reduced to rubble if a real war breaks out there, many countries threatening Israeli military ground invasion if it happens..

Word is Censorship is being pushed very hard in the name of war at the moment, and most likely speaking out against the western systems actions around the world will be frowned upon..

RE: Anxiety?

To much attention and concentration about Anxiety maybe a symptom Pedro..

RE: A Jewish man speaks out.

Hey Bods, Israel is the same as most countries around the world if not the leading example where the public and average person really has no control of their govts actions..
I have seen many Jewish people speaking out against the Israeli govt in Israel, but at same time these people that do speak out are afraid of govt actions that could be taken against..

I see comments about all the millions of dollars in Aid that is sent to Gaza, but how much of that Aid actually gets into Gaza ? the Israeli's could easily block it and take it..

Our govts give us a sense that we have some control over things happening but in reality we control nothing, but our own selves.. sometimes laugh

RE: hold your breath

Haven't really given a good go DL, when i get back into diving over summer is the best time to pull this 1 off..
I hear anyone can hold there breath for up to 3 minutes when trained in oxygenating the body and lowering the heart rate, i only practice it over the summer..

RE: Growing Numbers Of American Volunteers Wounded In Ukraine Treated At US Army Hospital In Germany

I saw a report that Russia had captured a German solder that was part of a Leopard German tank crew, the whole crew were German solders but only 1 solder survived.. may explain Russian animosity towards Germany..

The US Ibram tanks have finally arrived in the Ukraine, i'm sure these will be manned by US solders..

NATO keeps up attacks on Crimea with British shadow missiles, Russia is well aware that it's the British missiles used in these attacks;; also British and US planes have also been accused of being used to coordinate attacks in Crimea...

FEMA is expecting a direct attack on US soil by early nex year, can't wait.. laugh

RE: what caused covid...?

I see India has a new virus called the Nipah virus, it sounds like it's freaking the people of India out a bit and scaring people to run for a new vaccine..

RE: Ardern Urges United Nations To 'Crack Down On Free Speech As A Weapon Of War'

1 of the biggest idiots to come out of NZ is Ardern, it's seems to be a western trend to put these idiots in high positions..

RE: what caused covid...?

Your own fear and will to live can contribute to the problem Pedro..

RE: If Anyone Owes You Money And Is Ducking You

That's one way to get some feed back Track.. laugh

RE: Satellite Swarms

I've heard a nuclear detonation and possibly military electron jamming devices can fry civilian electrons, and the rubbish Chinese electrons doesn't help..

I have seen EMP shield devices for cars, motorhomes and solar power setups, not sure if they make them for homes..

RE: Satellite Swarms

It would be the end of the world for the people that rely on electronic and satellite tech TKK, i do believe military electronics are much stronger than civilian electronics...

Do you have or do you know anyone who has EMP shield devices TKK ?

RE: How happy are you?

As happy as your imagination allows me to be... wave

RE: Those who died … do you have a plan?

Not always Sid, i have many dreams of things that come to me a short time after the dream, normally with a day or 2..

But some maybe dreams of their life after death..

RE: Satellite Swarms

When it comes to watching a satellite Dani you can see our atmosphere passing the satellite like its standing still, which gives scope of how fast the earth and atmosphere are spinning..

I will PM you my description of the lights entry..

RE: Satellite Swarms

No not lately Dani, it's been to cloudy and raining to much here this winter..

I've seen satellites before and they don't move across the sky as fast as this thing did, and the funny thing is it didn't even look that fast but considering the distance it covered it must have been booting it..

RE: Satellite Swarms

I saw something similar Dani about 3 weeks ago, 15 lights all in a line, equally spaced that blink between their movement;;; the most freaky thing i've seen for a while, i don't know if they were satellites because they crossed over half the sky from horizon to horizon in maybe a minute to 2 minutes..

I'm sure i posted what i saw in Tame's blog Dani..

RE: How is God 3 in 1?

I heard you guys in Ireland got some free cash from ATMs Pedro, did you get any ?

RE: How is God 3 in 1?

It can also be viewed as the Good the Evil and a BSer Pedro, that's just my humble opinion... confused

RE: what is worship

Worship is a pointless exercise that has no benefits for the person that's doing the worship DL, it gives great pride to the 1 that's being worshipped...

RE: what will u not do 4 a million dollars ??

Don't really know until it happens WH, it could turn into a 4 million dollar problem if its spent properly..

RE: Tears

Who has tears of blood Pedro ?

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