Celtic style

Isn't it great to be in the position to make light of such serious matters...[/color

No other way to live these days celtic or we would be permanently in a depressed state.

So sad about other grandma too and yes dear lady i know i was very lucky

I'm having very bad technical problems at the moment, so before I get disconnected again,
Just so you know, I completely agree handshake

It's all about keeping ones head above water and using humour as a surf board to sail the high tides when about..or so me thinks.

Since my tech wizard is out of town at the moment, without him I maybe left high and dry for awhile ..so till I catch you again, keep good hug wave

RE: Wall of Shame...

If I did, that is something I would not be telling to a married Man blushing

But if I were you, I'd steady on before you find your own face upon the wall of shame scold giggle

Nope that's not him sigh
note I did say cute, not to worry, I'll expose him later...
gotto run joy

RE: who created whom

God played with his universe long before he created us ....
out of boredom and for his amusement, he then created us...JMO very happy

RE: Two days of absolute hell are finally over!

For your families loss sad flower

I've no idea what the competitors system is confused

Is it something that may of given you an idea of what the work load may of been like, before the world became, spoilt dunno

RE: For those of us who would be rich, meet the "Richest man in the World".

Better to be born lucky, than rich ....

Or so I'm told uncertain roll eyes


RE: Wall of Shame...

Because he tried taking me for an eejit very mad
I have a fake cutie to report, but I'm looking for permission first, wouldn't want to go to the trouble, if the wall of shame is for exposing women only?

Celtic style

Unless the devil comes and takes him away....
I'm stuck with him I'm afraid stuck

Other than that, I'm doing just fine, I really am hug
so don't be worrying, concentrate more on getting your energy levels back.
have you had bloods taken since the covid and booster?
perhaps one, if not both of the other have dropped your thyroid levels, perhaps your B16 too.

Very good of your grandson keeping it in the family lol
but all joking aside, my other grandsons granny, was gifted the covid by her son, which unfortunately killed her sad flower

A difficult thing for him to now try live with, likewise your own family had the worst of happened to you, but thankfully, not comfort

Isn't it great to be in the position to make light of such serious matters....

Keep well little lady bouquet


With THIS blog, I'm risking an injury

So's not to forget about Nam and keep him in our thoughts/prayers " bump" very happy

Hopefully Rob, and cheers for the comment wine

RE: Finally! My cranky old bugger gets fixed…I hope

laugh laugh now that's what I call good humor laugh

Happy motoring wave

RE: Haryanvi ragni...

Aren't we all comfort
some, more so than others.

RE: Finally! My cranky old bugger gets fixed…I hope

Is PJ of sentimental value to you conversing

Anyways, don't ever be stuck again when I've a shed full of brooms ...
I can always loan you one, with no flying license needed wink

Celtic style

Shucks Red, I wasn't aware you had covid teddybear
Did you ever get the 2nd booster that time?

Old fashioned remedy, towel over head over basin inhaling steam...
once if not twice a week, who knows it may help comfort

main thing to remember for now is wrap up and keep warm ...
it's going to be an extra cold one this year.

Snuggles, warm and well wishes to you hug

RE: Best Friends Win Million Dollar Lottery and Spread the Wealth in Hometown to Help Others...LOVE THIS

Their kindness. and thoughtfulness, is so heartwarming...

I second that thumbs up wine

Nice read Di wave

RE: residence...

Given it's gotten awfully cold out there, I'd allow the warmest home be the decider snowed in

If the weather can't solve the problem, then which ever of you began the relationship, should be the one to move.
in other words, all for love otherwise don't pursue it heart wings

wave Callio
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Celtic style

rose rose rose rose rose rose

RE: Lindsy and Miclee

Many flowers missing from these meadows of ours roll eyes

Apart from the two mentioned, there is also Bentlee and Swamie also...
even Mr Charming hardly drops in ever, anymore moping

Perhaps there is some truth in life does exists outside of CS after all uncertain lol

A word to the wise

Thank you lady I really apricate your words, more so coming from you hug
what I mean by that, years ago you shared with me a link, it's not important what it was, but I'll never forget it and I'll be thankful for it always... no particular reason for mentioning this now, but I do think there is no harm in one piece of appreciation, being rewarded with another.

To drawing lines wine

RE: Overcoming constraints..

but my their my thoughts on what I make of it just the same.... doh

but there my thoughts on what I make of it hole

RE: Overcoming constraints..

Hey Johny, a few seconds into your link did you see a past blogger helping himself to pop corn?
take a peep and tell me if you see who I see roll eyes

Watched a few minutes into it but, listening to him was making me rather dizzy...
was he not going round in circles saying the same thing, but explaining different with each round dunno

The way I see it, we are but a socket with our own source/amount of energy ....
but an adapter, gives us double/triple strength, which is manageable until the extension gets plugged into us ... and we all know what happens when we overload a socket.
Is like so not but with the mind? like so with with our planet?

Perhaps I'm gone way off track, but my their my thoughts on what I make of it just the same.

A word to the wise

Seldom, very very seldom I ever trust anyone here, so rather then just being cautious alone I now know, unless you're willing to discuss something on the blogs, don't risk saying anything behind the screens... having said that I won't allow this matter to take from the trust I have in others.

Would you believe I've just gone to the freezer only to find I'm actually out of ice cream ....
so tah kindly, I gladly take that one from you very happy

And for you Kalp bouquet
thank you and do have a blooming good weekend yourself.

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A word to the wise

Too easy it is to get wires crossed here, and it bothers me when I see it happening between two genuine bloggers, not just because its on my watch, but because they're among my favorite few, but rather then drag out the matter and wishing it to end, I just want to say thank you to both Merlot & Luke for coming to my aid and supporting me as they did.

Given I've recently become aware secrets cannot only be burdens, but they can result in putting people in awkward positions also as well, and since I've maybe done that to a small few here, I think its time I free them from such, and explain NOT what this blog is all about but WHY.

But before I do, a word to fluffy buns first.....
If and when anyone speaks about me and it is not to my liking, I will speak up and defend myself, and just so you know, it will take far more then removed comments to stop me... If I choose to ignore them, that is MY decision also.

Apart from my sweet beloved friend Redex, I confided in no one about my cancer teddybear
but since it came to be in remission, I did a very small few with those I thought I could trust. When I come in here and see one of those few openly discussing on the blogs among others what I told him in private...
" she has got a lot on her plate at the moment " .. along with she's undateable & etc...
well you can only imagine how it felt being in my shoes worrying, might he come out discussing my health next... plus its impossible not to wonder if he's like this in public what must he be telling others behind the screens.

It was never my intention to bring this to the blogs, I also know the moment I post this, I'll regret it but at this given time, I feel I have no choice .... simple as, end of.

RE: The Elephant In The Room

Morning Dani, heading out the door here but just to say I think the Galway man he's looking for maybe that blogger SNOW chap, NoSnow or something like that, if it is, then I knew you and he were once friends. Reasons I directed him here to you was maybe you could help him out with his searching.

Gotto go have a nice day

RE: She's just a friend......

And obviously I'm not either, otherwise I wouldn't still be here lol
so maybe perhaps its best, you direct your questions to a real expert.

Going to bed here, So I'll have to catch up with you and your blog again.

G'night Enig wave


RE: She's just a friend......

For some, its easier to point the finger then turn it to themselves.

Letting go is never easy, but I completely agree... otherwise you'll destroy yourself.

RE: Overcoming constraints..

I'll have to get back to this one again...

Sorry but I need a little more time to overcome your, questioning confused dunno

wave Johny

RE: She's just a friend......

Other than " it is sad when some women compete with each other for the same man"....
the rest of what you said is complete and utter rubbish.

It's women's fault for allowing disrespect doh

Other Women encourage men to do wrong doh

For a woman, what's with blaming women for the wrong things men do confused

Perhaps if husbands/wives done a better job trying to hold onto their spouses, their other half won't stray.
As couples we owe it to ourselves, each to the other... its our responsibility, not strangers.

RE: She's just a friend......

wave Track
I find it very sad to read such a good relationship could go belly up on the grounds of depression, having said that, its understandable why also... difficulties are on both ends.

Have not read all comments here but I'd like to think love & depression these days, are more successful with all the help aid put in place?

RE: Today's been awful.

Then sleep well and hopefully the bed bugs won't bite ...
bad enough you've had a bad day, but to end it on a bad note also,
just wouldn't be right comfort lol


A word to the wise

Cheers for that Tiger wine
but insults, comments & etc, like water off a ducks back at this stage.

But when you hear and see people talking among others in public what you said to them in private, can be worrying what next they might say .. or who's telling who what, behind screens.

Sometimes quick exits are necessary, if you know what I mean wave
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A word to the wise

If that's a compliment, then thank you Luke hug
but I'm not all you've cracked me up to be, but if all is better than nothing...
I'll be your warrior anytime bowing wink

As for the other matter...
some chaps just mailed me to a ball challenge, I could be wrong, but me thinks that may have something to do with what you said here laugh

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