Freaky Story

I got to tell is just too freaky not to tell.

Okay, on Monday, my dad and I go to the Chinese restaurant to eat. As we pay, as usual, they give us 2 fortune cookies.

I never open those things. I usually just put them in my car and they get thrown away.

Last night, Tuesday. I had this weird that woke me up in which I could not go back to sleep. I have not had one of these types of dreams in years. Somebody shot me in the face with a shotgun. I never had a dream like that.

Anyway, today...I am out visiting family. I went to my car for some reason and as I was in my car, I decided to grab the fortune cookies. I gave one to my brother and I opened the other.

I never told my brother nothing about anything. He reads the fortune I gave himself...and he insists that fortune is mine. I am curious, so I go over and grab it from him and it reads, "your dream is going to come true."

....freaked the shit out of me. laugh
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Did you tell him about the dream yet?

Don't be surprised if someone takes out life insurance on you. rolling on the floor laughing
Yes...I freaked out. laugh
Stay away from windows and lock your
That is freaky to say the least...but I am sure the fortune cookie is just that...a fortunate event that is about to happen...perhaps you are fortunate because you dodged death!!!laugh
Have a good
I hope you people don't actually believe a fortune cookie could seal or predict your future? The fact that you dreamt your face got shot off is out there! I once dreamt I could fly. I didn't jump off a cliff the next day!
Did you jolt awake when your face was shot off? I once knew I was dreaming so I jumped off a cliff and woke up before I hit the ground.
Heyy Johnnyyy,

You say it freaked the sh*t out of you?
Well then, next time a lady you date should say, "oh, you're so full of sh*t!"

You just tell her, "No, not anymore. The other day I freaked the sh*t out of me, so I'm okay and regular now."

I know a lady who finally got her chance to go out with a guy she had had a crush on for a long long time.

They went to a Chinese Restaurant. Just after the meal, she read her fortune cookie paper inside, and it read, "Confusions say "You will get scr*wed tonight."

Oh, she got all giggly and smiles and rosy on the face. Just then, her date excused himself to go to the restroom.

When he never came back, she ended up having to pay for the dinner bill.
Afterwards, she thought, "That darn cookie was right. I did get scr*wed. Scr*wed having to pay the bill. Darn it!"

And so the moral of this story is "you can't lose for winning." or something like that.
Perhaps you're going to get something you've being wanting and when/if you do...
its going to blow up in your face confused dunno

As for how your brother knew...
he knows he's the realistic one and you, you're the dreamer happy place lol

After being shot in the face... did you die in your dream?

wave Johny
Hello Daphne,

That is my thought as well, it is just a fortune cookie. It was just the nature of the dream and the timing of opening the cookie. laugh

By the way, I have been making sure my doors are locked. rolling on the floor laughing

Hello W&B,

No, I have never really took a fortune cookie's predictions too seriously. As mentioned with Daphne, it was just the strange nature of the dream and the timing of reading the cookie that was freaky.

Happy you did not attempt to fly the next day laugh ....but I did have a dream I could fly once to, I remember it was fun. :)

Hello MMH,

I have only had 1 dream where I jolted awake....this recent dream was not that one.

The jolted awake one was freaky too.

I was good friends with one of my school teachers. When I moved away after finishing school, one night I had a dream that jolted me straight up in bed...I woke up very concerned over my friend the teacher. The very next morning I found out he passed away that night. That was freaky too.

Thanks for reminding me that some of my dreams actually did relate to real life events. moping


Hello Robert....nice to see you again and you are still around.

Hmmm, did the woman on your date get screwed, or was it you by leaving Robert? laugh

If you are interested Robert in making yourself more regular, just let me know. I think I can come up with some other ways, other than scaring it out of you. laugh

Hello CW,

Maybe you are right...about something wanted blowing up in my face. Dreams use symbolism to convey a message.

No, I did not die. I did wake up a few minutes after being shot.

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