here is one that is a bit obscure

What do you think about owls?

There are a lot of weird things I have either heard or seen about them.

Have you every seen the 4th kind movie?
What about Bohemian Grove?
Recently seen a blog referencing a huge owl disappearing, not before changing color and light orbs following.
I have had an owl hit more car and put a huge dent in it?? Didn't think a bird could do something like that.

Any weird owl stories?
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I heard about it on the Joe Rogan podcast; they were discussing the elite and Illuminati at Bohemian Grove. I believe the guest was Alex Jones, and they delved into various conspiracy theories, including one involving an owl. The only owl I know is myself because, although I reside in the Philippines, my work spans different countries, making me a night owl. It's peculiar how I inadvertently sound like a scammer.laugh laugh
Any weird owl stories?

Way, way down on my list of subjects to blog about is what owls look like under those feathers.
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What a facade... right?
yes dani i heard that on rogan too

r u a scammer?

i think u r 12 hours off over there so noon by owl?

do u disappear after posting too?
cute suckers chat
Yeah, I only kip for four hours; you've hit the nail on the head – I'm a dodgy character who enjoys pulling a swift one on folks here to snag their dosh. I just lurk on blogs since I'm not keen on going online and copping weird messages.laugh laugh
what is kip and what is doag?

work and money?

That is a dirty business dani
she logged off??

I think somebody else does that too...

strange world we live in. mumbling
sorry for the aussie slangs , kip - sleep, dosh- money (learn them from hubby)laugh
dani you are forcing me to ask you about how many years you have been married and why are you separated from the loser?


of course, there might be more to follow if you answer
We are besties; he calls every day, and I told him I'm back here, sensing that the air is changing. It's been 12 years since I met him herelaugh

calls you everyday?

What did you do...just tell him you thought about visiting friends and family back home and now you staying permanently...or until someone better comes along?


not sure what is worse...your answer or my gas
It's complicated.laugh
I like the Chinese for 'night owl', ye maozi (night cat), and the words for owl, maotouying (cat head eagle). I too am a yemaozi
Hey, I guess you also speak Chinese. applause applause
Well Dani...there has been a saying that has been developed recently...regarding women.

It is told to a man: "She is not yours, it is just your turn."

The more men realize this, the more they can emotionally prepare for an unexpected shorten future with their wife. In fact, because of that saying, men are now pushing for divorce laws to change here in the states...because marriage is too much of a risk now days for men.
...and here is a little side note for those of you interested in sidenotes:

I just watched a Youtube videos of a Filippino interviewing other Filippino women. Let's put it this way, the women who were being interviewed were talking like Western women.

Just a heads up to anyone thinking that the Eastern culture women are any better than Western culture women.
Hello head eagle. That is interesting.

Maybe that is why I like owls, I like cats. hmmm
Dani...not really your fault.

You are a woman with a woman's nature.

Your nature has been exploited.

Religion has kept us as domesticated creatures......without it, we now act on your instincts and nature.

We have been convinced to turn away from religion.

For right or wrong? dunno

I remember when Arnold Schwarzenegger said his famous OWL line in the Terminator movie.

He said, "Owl be back!"

He isn't bad, but no man is perfect. I told him I was talking to a guy, and oh boy, I didn't expect him to panic and start dropping curse words like Eminem. It's complicated because we're still married, and there's no divorce in the Philippines. I was so in love that I overlooked the potential complications in the future. We met on CS, chatted for two years (without any video calls at that time), got engaged for a year, and the rest is history.cheers cheers
If divorce were to happen, I would be the first one in our bloodline to go through it, and I know my parents wouldn't be very happy. I'm still young, and I can't envision myself being with more than one person in my entire life.Maybe two, but not more than that. People tend to judge you (you know or call you names) if you sleep with others while still being married.I'm still contemplating dating, so I need some timeangel
I was 25 back then, and he was 27. He had been cheated on by women in Australia, so he decided to change the course of his love life. Sometimes, I ask him why he married a Filipina, and he just says, 'What's got to do with your nationality? I only dated you, so I don't know.' Later on, his friends started dating Filipinas after we got married. One friend even asked my husband for help, but we refused because we were afraid he might meet a gold digger. No, they are not losers, as some women might think. They are good-looking young men with high-paying jobs.
That may explain why so many women on CS who are from the Philippines have children and not married.
In this country, the prevalence of such concepts is uncommon, primarily due to the governance led by Catholic priests who staunchly disapprove of them. Despite their lack of acceptance, one can intuitively sense and discern these changes by keenly observing societal shifts.
Perhaps they ended up marrying a cheating or abusive husband, finding themselves stuck in that situation for good. Some may not know how to financially support their kids, leading them to see marrying older foreign men as their best option. As you know, we are domesticated wives, but the evolving new generation is changing, with many not prioritizing kids and marriage and simply stating the facts.
Sorry, this was meant to be my job-related response. I didn't realize I posted it here.
Robert....I think you are right. People just assume he said I'll be back, but heck no. It was Owl. That needs to go on a shirt. or 2. I would buy one. I would also buy one of Chat's Owls on a shirt too. thumbs up ...not the one where he is getting molested though.

I am sick Dani. I think reading your post got me sick.
sorry buddy, get well soon.comfort handshake bouquet
had to put my head under blankets for heat
One thing about owls that fascinates me is how silent they are when hunting at night. Also some owls look as though they are huge and weigh a ton but are in actual fact very light weight.
Hey cheers
Dani...I heard that women what a guy for talking with, they want a guy for this, a guy for that, a guy for the bedroom (or 2+). This is what are keeping marriages down.

Women are being told not to settle...until they get to a point in their life where they have to settle.
Hello Luke...

I'm afraid to give a very long response. In Asia, the average age to get married is 40, weird but true. How are you doing? Just wanted to ask here because I don't message men privately.
Average age of marriage is 40? That sounds a bit high. I think around here is 30 but it used to be much younger.

I am still sick. Thanks for asking. I got a huge weekend planned and I cannot afford to be sick for that. At least I got rid of my chills. Woke up with one hell of a headache though.
Got this client for 10 years, she's a doctor, married another doc. She tied the knot in her early 40s, and bloody hell, after a year, she's regretting it. That's common in Japan and South Korean , but here is like 30 but some don't want to settle down anymore.professor
By removing the social stigmas out of that sort of behavior/thinking/practice...that is what society gets.

Religion created social stigmas.

On an individual level, life that ways is not terrible.

However, when that individual is part of a whole society....the whole society will begin to fail.

Chaos will ensue.
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