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A quick question to the Americans

A quick question to the AmericansI've had such a mad crazy day and running round all evening like a headless chicken .. Haven't had time to drop in till now, but I'm not sure if I'm t...

itchywitch32927Feb 232 hrs ago
Reflections Of My life

Reflections Of My lifeI have done a lot of thinking of late. Thinking about what might have been, what could have been, what has been and what has not been. For some things...

Catfoot56688Feb 223 hrs ago
How Do We Define Poverty

How Do We Define Poverty?I have recently read a description of indigenous people as living in “poverty”. So.... what is that poverty that we´re talking about? Do they ha...

daniela7774236512 hrs ago5 hrs ago
Jealousy what is it good for

Jealousy - what is it good for?Even animals get jealous - for attention, or competing for the same thing - and Nature doesn't build in pointless emotions, so what is jealousy good f...

Elegsabiff943120Feb 236 hrs ago
America the Great haha NOT

America the Great.........haha.........NOTAmerica was pretty great once.... .....the Indians roaming the plains..(now in settlements, addicted to drugs and alcohol...)....the glamour of Hollyw...

Jazz532,693181Feb 227 hrs ago

Why do the rich flaunt their riches?Is it a need to compensate for something missing in their life? For example, we have hundreds of beautiful homes in the Myrtle Beach, SC. area, well o...

liveasyluvhard84913 hrs ago13 hrs ago

Now Get Your BumOut of your bed! Maybe because I often had to spend my weekend at work.. too often I guess, I feel like I am missing something at the moment. I am b...

Kalpataru14418Feb 2313 hrs ago
this site

this siteI,ve been on this site since aug 2016. I am single and am over 65 . After contacting a lot of ladies .I now have been talking to a lady she,s over 6...

flyme145937Feb 20Feb 23

Dying wishes.We all know about dying wishes, how they must be strictly followed and are sacrosanct. It is against all the laws of nature and various belief systems...

pat8lanips64662Jan 26Feb 22

We all have to survive/tools.Okay. We all have to survive in this world. It would be a little better if you can thrive so as we can create comfort for ourselves down the road....

Johnny_Sparton40959Feb 18Feb 20

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Improve your lifeThe first thing you need to do if you want to progress in life is to know what your purpose is. You will find your purpose in the date of birth. exa...

muzzena991Feb 16Feb 17
Should We Have Goals or No Goals

Should We Have Goals.....or, No Goals?"A goal is nothing more than a dream with a deadline". It is common sense that, in order to get somewhere, we have to know where it is that we’re h...

daniela77720821Dec 5Feb 16
When Shits Happen

When Shits Happen...they happen at the same day! Woke up late today, went to pay my electric bills. There was a long line, had my turn. I handed over my invoice which...

Crazyheart3822333Feb 15Feb 15
What Are You Doing Here

What Are You Doing Here?Yes, you! I'm serious. Tired of looking?Tired of making others think you live a perfect life? Why create such a bubble in the first place? Do me a fav...

TheRevenant70-Feb 15
Valentine without love

Valentine without love!Again there is Valentine, passing in my life without love and has been same since 10 yrs.. tired of falling in love alone, tired of getting hurt, tire...

wonderfullife861599Feb 14Feb 14

I'm Having A Great DayWhat do you know, a single guy having a great day on Valentines day I don't know if it was the sunshine, I don't know if it was the pets, I don't...

Track16510Feb 14

Benefit of The Doubt..“Why did you give that someone your WA number in the first place?” I was asked. Hmm.. That was a tough and easy question to answer. You see, when...

Kalpataru83-Feb 14

So Its Here AgainI guess tomorrow is the big bad Valentines we all been hearing so much about. Maybe I'm just bitter but if you need a holiday to show someone you love...

Track161116Feb 13Feb 13

just something stupid I noticedMany things we build today are in the image of our bodies. The two things that caught my attention are buildings and cars. All three have frames....

Johnny_Sparton19319Feb 12Feb 13
Pure Simple

Pure & SimpleI dreamt about my days in college last night ...I had a poster in my room with this quote. Those days were good, no rush and that feeling I had so...

Crunia16312Feb 12Feb 13
Aging Gracefully

Aging GracefullyI think the most difficult part of aging is admitting to it. Before that you live in denial and sometimes make a spectacle of yourself trying to prete...

Catfoot96282Jan 4Feb 12
The aging process

The aging processTheir is one thing for sure ,in life we all die ,,if we are lucky we go though being old ,,what we like to call wise,,but no one wants to hear your wi...

jasmine5733119Feb 7Feb 11
A power feed at last

A power feed at lastIt has been awhile since I blogged. No big changes in my social life. No earh shattering news pertaining to me. I am pleased that the new, pri...

Ken_19862Feb 11Feb 11

BrightnessSing with me P.S. I love her...

Crunia85-Feb 10

The Hot Coil ChallengePeople are really doing this

Track161101Feb 7Feb 7

Better Not To Provoke..Humans are animals, might even be the worst ones, so I was told.. So we, humans can be very sweet caring loving blah blah.. to whomever we choose, and...

Kalpataru356-Jan 28Feb 1
Lunar eclipse first time in 152 years

Lunar eclipse first time in 152 years.Watch live as a super moon, blue moon, and lunar eclipse happen together for the first time in 152 years. There are a lot of information regarding thi...

ramailogarula932Jan 31Jan 31
Mens Diminishing Worth

Men's Diminishing WorthI was brought up in a tradition and belief that man is my superior, provider and protector. I have to give my all to a man, honor and serve him, s...

Crazyheart3884891Jan 30Jan 31
Look At My Beautiful Lawn

Look At My Beautiful LawnWith the current drought in the Western Cape we only have water until April 12, 2018. Water restrictions are in force and we may not water our gardens...

Catfoot765125Jan 29Jan 31
Stargazer11127539Jan 30Jan 30
The societies of today

The societies of today....The society of today's world seems to be a mess, mother's cry while the father's living a stressful life. It is disgraceful as children mock you to yo...

Buddy4you18815Jan 30Jan 30
Betrayed by whom

Betrayed by whomIf your male friend was trying to romance you decided to f*ck your friends brains out whilst you were trying to make your mind up and if she later sai...

itchywitch660-Jan 28Jan 29
My me time

My me timeMachining a new wood forend for an 1876 Martini Henry artillery carbine to replace a rotted forend on an MH carbine from the Royal Arsenal of Nepal is...

Ken_191195Jan 28Jan 29

How can you appreciate?How can you appreciate the opposite sex if you have had sex with countless numerous people? Sex loses its meaning? Marriages will not last? Does...

Johnny_Sparton1,104116Jan 21Jan 27
Dosh you know collecting the readies

Dosh - you know - collecting the readiesI want to be coining it, rolling in filthy lucre, getting more bang out of every buck, turning a pretty penny, minting it, saving for a rainy day, mak...

Elegsabiff54888Jan 23Jan 25

heelsA heavenly weekend without children. Enjoying the solitude,the fire and the silence. Wearing my heels in nude round the house. Love their clip-clop,...

bloodyawfull76440Jan 14Jan 20
What is the point of living if we are going to die and not remember anything

What is the point of living if we are going to die and not remember anything?What is the point of living if we are going to die and not remember anything?...

jarred169-Jan 15

how some things workJust got off the phone with a friend of mine. He was talking to me about how some of corporate America works. He told me to Google about how only 10...

Johnny_Sparton19918Jan 12Jan 12

Manchester.With all the cold weather and such, wouldn't it be nice if the Government gave all the pregnant women in Manchester an extra pack of fags with their r...

pat8lanips2155Jan 8Jan 12

YOUNG PEOPLE TODAY.....WHY MOST OF THEM ARE too tall tattooed freaks crazy sex fiends dress like morons mumble all the time can’t drive worth crap func...

Browser4202318Jan 11Jan 11
Therefore I am

Therefore I amThe original* is philosophical not specific, I know that, borrowing the words not the thoughts for this blog. If I think I am happy, I am surely h...

Elegsabiff41043Jan 7Jan 11
To Me

To MeIt is indeed a mystery as to why it happens for some of us . You could dress,converse , very good in bed , keep house, cook because the way to a man"...

Annleerose42916Dec 14Jan 11
Solarra: "Butterfly"(meet us in the puzzles)

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