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Mind AWOLWe all, I think, I hope, have that moment of walking into a room, then wondering what we went there for. Or stopping halfway up the stairs and thinkin...

Elegsabiff21533Jan 1713 mins ago

Truck Stop...There's a story in the news about a guy and his guests who decided to build a huge snowman and packed it around a tree stump in the front yard. When...

chatillion4359 hrs ago30 mins ago

I am a lot on the internet with my workI am a lot on the internet with my work and between my work I surf the internet I work with 4 laptops 3 for work 1 for fun when my boss does not come...

jarred111-2 hrs ago

exploitationAre you being exploited if somebody makes a profit from you....from your labor....from your possessions. In the world of Capitalism, is not that wh...

Johnny_Sparton20835Jan 166 hrs ago

The Condo...Seven years ago, I started working for a company that was 40 miles from my home. Nearly all highway miles, I've tolerated bad drivers and never ending...

chatillion43149Dec 218 hrs ago
Bearwoman58412 hrs ago9 hrs ago

Do You know a "Right Fighter" ?A video describing being a "right fighter".Would you rather be happy or right?...

Bearwoman63616 hrs ago9 hrs ago

South Park's Man/bear/pigIt's uncharacteristic, but it seems that Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of South Park, have reversed their stance on a particular topic....

BadlyDrawn663Jan 16Jan 16

Q: What are best Meet up locations?Top of mind would be Park, Church, or quieter setting fast food place.. that if he lives close by if not do you like meet at different location what i...

LuckyDuck201820819Jan 7Jan 16

Want... or need...In the next month or so, I'll be unloading things I no longer use or need. Many of those things on my list are technology oriented where support is n...

chatillion452Jan 15Jan 15
Connecting Singles or Consuming Souls What do you think CS stands for

Connecting Singles or Consuming Souls, What do you think CS stands for?????!!!!!I've over time arrived at what makes sense, yet to many it won't because they are too caught up in the dramatics in play,,,,,,,,,,lol...

Bentlee41231Dec 27Jan 15
Be Careful What You Text For

Be Careful What You Text ForA man received the following text from his neighbour: "I am so sorry Bob. I've been riddled with guilt for so long and I have to confess. I have b...

fiorenza17020Jan 14Jan 15

Become famous - upset people. It's so today.There’s a post on FB doing the rounds – the average Brit pensioner gets £79 a week, the average asylum seeker gets £350 a week, a free car, luxury hou...

Elegsabiff39838Jan 11Jan 13

The universe can fuk with me after breakfast.The universe can fuk with me after breakfast. Watching the sun rise as those two great morning companions caffeine and nicotine get to work juicing...

TokyoRogue913Jan 11Jan 12

You're not in Toto now Kansas.You’re not in Toto now Kansas. It’s kind of troubling and disheartening that so many write their life’s narrative punctuated with fear and forebodi...

TokyoRogue23719Jan 10Jan 11

wrote about this before...increased suicideThis is the 3rd suicide I have heard of in my small community in the last month. Two of the people I better than the other, and the third...

Johnny_Sparton926Jan 11Jan 11

AustraliansAustralians “Are you Australian’? The look that accompanies that question can vary from hopeful excitement to fearful apprehension, I’ve found. We...

TokyoRogue39749Jan 5Jan 9

We all have to survive/tools.Okay. We all have to survive in this world. It would be a little better if you can thrive so as we can create comfort for ourselves down the road....

Johnny_Sparton90664Feb 2018Jan 9

Roll CallKevin Spacey & R Kelly Next on the lists We will see if they will pass the test or fail ....

Annleerose792Jan 9Jan 9

My Sperm Scatter at Light Speed.My Sperm Scatter at Light Speed. The two gentlemens clubs that hang between my legs are normally fun places. But mention the word “children” and th...

TokyoRogue60158Jan 7Jan 9

You can often find me on the corner of Bedlam and Squalor.You can often find me on the corner of Bedlam and Squalor I want an engaging life of unruly peaks and unpredictable troughs. I need challenges and...

TokyoRogue1268Jan 9Jan 9

profilesim just wondering can a person here have more then one profile going at the same time with different user names of course??? on the last dating site i...

itchywitch6,673129Aug 2010Jan 9

My JamI’ve few friends. At one point in my life I found the company of others to be extraordinarily taxing. So much so, I would have to mentally ready mysel...

TokyoRogue47544Jan 5Jan 8

Hi, Big Brother, didja see what I just did ...My bank in Spain will shortly have the technology to produce the details of a payment – not just that I bought at a supermarket, but the copy of the s...

Elegsabiff40543Jan 2Jan 8
We Dont All Love Summer Yanno

We Don't All Love Summer Yanno!If I said I loved summer, somewhere on this site, or on my profile... : I lied!(Hi Etherna ) More than likely I was trying to inject or convey som...

BerrySmoothie94554Jan 5Jan 8
Maria Marcela

Maria MarcelaA fallen Angle..... or so that's how she seemed to me, and if anyone remembers her or her most previous blog will know I've chosen my description of...

itchywitch3,49427Jun 8Jan 8

Wake Me Up:::AviciiBefore I created this blog I had no prior knowledge that Avicii had passed on April 20,2018.So sorry. This song is about an optimistic person...

Bearwoman972Jan 7Jan 7

TrainmenI remember standing by the train tracks as a little girl, counting the box cars as they chugged by, waiting to cross to the park and beach on the othe...

LadyImp12320Jan 5Jan 6
Bearwoman11015Jan 6Jan 6

Young kids nowadayscan identify any number of corporate logos cannot identify leaves from trees in their own garden Of course their future progress will depend m...

Elegsabiff75397Jan 4Jan 6
Gotta ask

Gotta askBut by any chance does anyone here think I owe them an apology???...

itchywitch62920Jun 5Jan 6

Employed but homeless in the US: The 'working poor' who can't afford to rentEmployed but homeless in the US: The 'working poor' who can't afford to rent...………....

jarred163-Jan 5

Downright Balmy TodayIt is 2 degrees C here. That is really warm for this time of year. Its snowing but not heavy, tomorrow there is actually some rain in the forecast whi...

Track16400Jan 5

Blizzard WarningI just seen the forecast for my area and we are going to get a dump of snow. For anyone unsure, a blizzard means heavy snow and high winds thats susta...

Track1614313Jan 1Jan 2

Happy 2019? How unpatriotic!If we were happy with what we had, why would we want change? Why would we need more? I saw an article ticking readers off for wishing people a happy n...

Elegsabiff32934Dec 30Jan 2

Work Ethic...Lots of choices, but hear me out on this... Work hard all year and relax on the last day. Be a go-getter and start off the new year running. _o...

chatillion998Jan 1Jan 1

The "SS connecting singles"Had no destination No cargo Free passage to hundreds of lost souls Never sailed Nothing happened Except people constantly join the voyage but no...

Onthcrestofawave40913Dec 27Dec 30

can quality children parenting exist in single households?I would argue in so many ways it cannot. ....even if the single parent was home 24/7 to provide a parental figure in the child's life when it was...

Johnny_Sparton46878Dec 29Dec 30

How many of your gifts / decorations were made in China?On Dec 23rd one of my Chinese pupils did his internet class on the move in a Beijing supermarket with Jingle Bells playing audibly in the background (...

Elegsabiff21330Dec 27Dec 28

I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and25 years ago, thereabouts, my friend and her husband – I’ll call them Mary and John - and their 2 kids (14 and 12) were watching TV in their house in...

Elegsabiff27720Dec 26Dec 26

From svelt and sexy, to lay around slob. I got my Xmas pants on.It’s started. Returning from recent travels a couple of weeks ago my BMI was dead sexy after walking miles a day, eating a predominantly plant based d...

TokyoRogue17910Dec 22Dec 22

Shortest day ...Struggling to squeeze in breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, supper and a small cup of hot cocoa before bed. #ShortestDay...

Elegsabiff27623Dec 21Dec 22
ali110: "Finding Love"(meet us in the forums)

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