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Am I a Hoarder

Am I a Hoarder?During a recent conversation I was called a hoarder, I dont agree. A small example of what I have:- 2 fridge freezers, a beer fridge and a chest...

Mapmaker53171Oct 142 hrs ago

Great Day HereIts pissing rain, though its very warm. Flirting with a record high for this date in my province. I also woke up with a ripping foot ache thats left m...

Track161307 hrs ago
CS Men I Ask You

CS Men, I Ask You.Please rate the following female profile on a scale of 1-10. "Gorgeous; intelligent; good-looking;literate; witty; kind; tall; slim; romantic; not...

TokyoRogue47541Dec 7Dec 9
slut cycle

slut cycleIts over and your numb with shock. You get an offer of fun sex, no strings yes please. Its not enough but it helps your broken heart...

girlonaswing32427Dec 7Dec 8

ExpressWhen I was young in my memory, I didn't like to go to shopping alone, or stayed there for a long time just watching around instead of buying, cos the...

July01213814Dec 5Dec 7
a brain explosion with thousands of thoughts a minute

a brain explosion with thousands of thoughts a minute.?Sometimes I feel like the reason I can't sleep well at night is because I turn my brain off during the day while on the internet, so by the time I get...

jarred126-Dec 6

IS IT REAL OR IS IT MEMOREXI remember the shock of the dating scene after my marriage of 18 years ended. I had come out of the 60's Hippie Counter Culture! Dating back then was...

PaulDavidPowers15511Dec 5Dec 6
Black singles only

Black singles onlyThis group was offered to me on FB today as one I might want to join - not sure why, since I'm a member of another racial group altogether, the much o...

Elegsabiff35143Dec 1Dec 6
Youre listening to 1016 on the dial

You’re listening to 10:16 on the dialHere’s an oldie to bring back awkward moments with love. The lyrics are haunting. Where are those old pictures?...

Palmfrond390Dec 5
Should We Have Goals or No Goals

Should We Have Goals.....or, No Goals?"A goal is nothing more than a dream with a deadline". It is common sense that, in order to get somewhere, we have to know where it is that we’re h...

daniela77712919Dec 5Dec 5
freedom and immoral people

freedom and immoral peopleAccording to what I just heard an immoral society cannot live with freedom. Are we as a society going down an immoral path? If so, it will be ti...

Johnny_Sparton45677Dec 3Dec 4
It Always Feels Good

It Always Feels GoodTo have a ME time enjoying the natural beauty on the weekend, far from any office desks and PCs. The one big lake in my City. There used to b...

Kalpataru88-Nov 25Dec 4
Sharia lets woman off for throwing her newborn out a 8 story bldg

Sharia let's woman off for throwing her newborn out a 8 story bldgChicago, goes down the rabbit hole. A 19 year old mother throws her newborn baby out of a 8 story building, head first. For fear of her parents commit...

seaworthy70249Jul 13Dec 2
I Tried Being Normal

I Tried Being NormalI Tried Being http:...

jarred140-Dec 2

What A NightMe and my sis drank 6 bottles of red wine I'm still up on the go, no sleep yet lol. Great night, I needed it....

Track16792Dec 2Dec 2
Pain In The Bum

Pain In The BumLately I got irritated by people who are suffering from pain in their bum. One is a close friend who has scheduled an operation next week, had to go...

Crazyheart3836036Nov 20Dec 1
When you go on holiday

When you go on holidaywish you'd tell me what things are important to you about the place where you stay Do you insist everything be five star, including your own priva...

Elegsabiff47475Nov 30Dec 1
Old Age Believe Me Is A Good And Pleasant Thing

Old Age,Believe Me Is A Good And Pleasant ThingOld Age,Believe Me Is A Good And Pleasant Thing [/u...

jarred138-Dec 1

MemoriesWhen I was at school (only girls) there was a popular "game" between us, you pick a notebook decorated in a very fancy way and write one sentence in e...

Cachuchi55488Nov 30Dec 1
America the land of opportunity and freedom

America, the land of opportunity and freedomInternationally, the USA is regarded as a land of so many things. Most of them are not so good. Depending upon where you live and how you live, it d...

lindsyjones39944Nov 26Nov 30
Americans are friendly and not hateful

Americans are friendly and not hateful.Your perception is a reflection of who you are. We're all capable of love as well as hate. I hate terrorism and I wish peace reigns....

lindsyjones57057Nov 28Nov 30
Transgender raped jailed with men instead of women

Transgender raped: jailed with men instead of womenPITTSBURGH — A transgender woman was physically and sexually assaulted during stays at a Pennsylvania jail, because staff refused to place her with fe...

lindsyjones41343Nov 7Nov 30
Better days

Better daysBetter days is what we all want, "well I need better days," where I am in a good job, a great family and wonderful home to go to everyday. Its not ea...

Syndilee4360Nov 29
Who wants to play

Who wants to play?Let the games begin. Go beyond your self imposed CS boundaries and.......

TokyoRogue1799Nov 29Nov 29
No pressure

No pressureIn UK and now in Spain, I can buy my groceries at an automated teller, with one human employee monitoring about 12 machines I can draw cash at an ATM...

Elegsabiff47466Nov 26Nov 27
Want to live to a ripe old age

Want to live to a ripe old age?become a US president! George HW Bush 93 and counting Ronald Reagon was over 93 Gerald Ford was over 93 Jimmy Carter is over 93

Elegsabiff23439Nov 27Nov 27
Bad days

Bad daysIts a bad thing when your not working and you have bills to pay and a whole lot of responsibilities to take care of, trying to get a job ain't as easy...

Syndilee41317Nov 27Nov 27
any tips

any tips?On how to unblock a c*ck blocker? My stupid, drunk, and ....well, drunk to the point of not even know where he is at friend c*ck blocked me twice...

Johnny_Sparton973143Nov 6Nov 27
I would love to live in a world

I would love to live in a worldWhere we found as much justification if not more for compassion, as we do for war. Where we valued ...... more than we do ........ Please...

nonsmoker1,177120Jul 26Nov 26
The Meaning Of Life From A Crazy Person

The Meaning Of Life From A 'Crazy Person'The Truth From Someone Most People Would Judge As Being Crazy Or Mentally Insane.. Some Of The Strangest People Are Some Of The Smartest....

jarred147-Nov 25
The joy of hermitage

The joy of hermitage.These last few days I've been completely obsessed with further learning of the Indonesian language, devoting every waking moment to it and not leaving...

TokyoRogue1575Nov 24Nov 25

Depressing NightCan't get to sleep, someone tell me a story (or send me something inappropriate)....

Track161054Nov 25Nov 25
A Wish When We Are Exhausted

A Wish When We Are Exhausted..I had a verrry looong meeting today, from 9:00AM till around 5:15PM. I just got back home about an hour ago.. very exhaused, hungry and sleepy.. I too...

Kalpataru1174Nov 24Nov 24
Damn Works

Damn Works!I have mostly abandoned her since works took more of my time. But she still "dedicates" her life to me....

Kalpataru20018Nov 22Nov 23
s*xual Harassment

s*xual HarassmentI heard, in Michigan, business owners need to take s*xual harassment classes. The same person who told me that also said, if you tell somebody they l...

Johnny_Sparton43948Nov 22Nov 23
Feed the monster or what

Feed the monster or what?What are your thoughts and opinions on these online p*dophile hunters? Fake profiles where young women pretend to be young 13year old girls to draw...

itchywitch96576Nov 20Nov 22
now what do men want

now what do men want?Should she be more understanding of our imperfect qualities. Should she accept that we may not have the biggest c*ck in the world? Should she be...

Johnny_Sparton833111Nov 16Nov 20
Penny for your thoughts

Penny for your thoughts?I Made a man happy this week .... and because I did, he looked at me in a way no man has ever looked at me before.... and because of that look, I ha...

itchywitch40011Nov 16Nov 20
Bad Boy

Bad BoyBad Boy...

jarred143-Nov 19

What A BlastBeen on a booze fest last couple of days lol. Got wasted and never slept last night, its 4:40 am here now after drinking all night tonight and I feel...

Track16711Nov 19Nov 19
Do women feel entitled to be the center of a mans life

Do women feel entitled to be the center of a man's life?Well, I a getting the impression that if women give the honor to a man in talking with him, that she feels that she should be treated as the center of...

Johnny_Sparton922108Nov 14Nov 16
was just out for

was just out fora walk with my dog, what a calm and unusually mild night for this time of year The beach was empty. Not even the sporadic solitary fishermen who h...

nonsmoker24325Nov 14Nov 15

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