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Pass the blame gameA recent entry about transgenders taking their own lives due to societal letdown. I say if one has the need to change the born functions of self, then...

Bentlee31737Jul 183 hrs ago

Smoking rolliesWhat a tedious, disgusting, smelly and filthy affair known as rolling your own cigarettes is. As all the hippies and poor people do it I decided that...

ekself54071Jul 174 hrs ago

strong - dogs -homelesswriting more of a reminder for i find myself outdoors over doing it// at 69 ..have built cabins have to stay away from heavy lifting and hard...

JTO6501546Jun 284 hrs ago

For a Friend...From a time years ago when the world moved fast and our nights went slow each word that you said illuminated my soul and the closenes...

hpylady_49118 hrs ago16 hrs ago

I Am Having A Birthday Party This YearI haven't had a birthday party since I was 10. I decided this year I need to have a party and inject some fun back into birthdays. Aug 3rd is going to...

Track16878Jul 18Jul 18

The Condo...Seven years ago, I started working for a company that was 40 miles from my home. Nearly all highway miles, I've tolerated bad drivers and never ending...

chatillion1,223100Dec 21Jul 17

Life is Made of Choices...You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months over-analyzing a situation; trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could've, wou...

hpylady_1048Jul 13Jul 13

Such feelings for a strangerSo the 15th of last month my eldest daughter got engaged .... yippee and all that, let the good times begin, what with the planning and finally now,...

itchywitch265-Jul 6Jul 13
best bumper sticker

best bumper stickerSaw this one today Why work when goods will be delivered free to a letter box near you...

Nice2meetyoutoo16621Jul 12Jul 12
Bentlee614Jul 9Jul 9
Bentlee936Jul 8Jul 8
The fire pit child safety screen LATEST PICS

The fire-pit child safety screen LATEST PICSNear where I live they are upgrading a communal area. The old tin roof has been removed and the concrete slab has been extended to twice it's size and...

Hans471131129Jun 24Jul 8
Time for a quickie

Time for a quickie?This is a little something I cooked up and was inspired by ...well, you figure it out. "There goes the neighborhood"...

BadlyDrawn2788Mar 20Jul 7

Success, happiness and your futureIt seems that SOME people are getting overly frustrated, that they are not getting enough attention, or perhaps nookie, and thus, rather than looking...

JimNastics3123Jun 22Jul 7

Discrimination based on p*nis size?Can men be discriminated against by women based on his p*nis size? Also, has feminism made this socially acceptable? Just some thoughts that cros...

Johnny_Sparton700127Jun 29Jul 6

Up the River...Last month, my brother went to Sicily on vacation. He's been to Italy a few times and this was his first trip to the island. He mailed out a bunch of...

chatillion491Jul 6Jul 6
Dont let the old man in Not today

Don't let the old man in. Not today.And if he pushes in anyway, don't let him make himself at home! How old would you be, if you didn't know the day you were born? Some people are bo...

Elegsabiff1,17392Jun 15Jul 6

does it make you automatically right?Being a bitter woman, does that automatically make you right about everything? I will admit, I did do a little bit of city driving by changing into...

Johnny_Sparton903138Mar 28Jul 5

Stages in life.Rearranging the apartments in the Aa mansion, and moved the vintage stereo stuff. Had to rewire speakers. In the past, when splicing wires,used solder...

Vierkaesehoch1500Jun 30

I rarely lose things...but, I've been known to misplace things... for years. The proof is moving and digging through parts of my house that I haven't been through in a whil...

chatillion1066Jun 26Jun 29

My 10 Year Old Nephew Is Writing Computer ProgramsNo joke, he is writing actual programs from code. I ate dirt and ran around with my hand down my pants when I was 10...

Track1615510Jun 24Jun 26

HEY EVERYBODY!!Looks like everyone was busy in blogland today. Issues, issues, let me get you some tissues... I got a late start on my trip to Miami. We stopped for...

chatillion2028Jun 22Jun 24

wrote about this before...increased suicideThis is the 3rd suicide I have heard of in my small community in the last month. Two of the people I better than the other, and the third...

Johnny_Sparton44438Jan 11Jun 17

Dropping out...I say 'dropping out' for lots of things. 98% of my phone usage is via cellphone mostly to other people using cellphones and there are times where thei...

chatillion741Jun 15Jun 15
Californian Living

Californian LivingWell not sure if I want call living and working, Working without pay. Pay once a month via my parents. I really got start making my books or I feel li...

LuckyDuck2018791Jun 14Jun 14

Buying a weight loss program from a fat girl...A generation ago Oprah came out on her season premiere show pulling a red kids wagon filled with fat. It was to demonstrate her determination to lose...

chatillion16611Jun 9Jun 12
Theyll get you in the end

They’ll get you in the endThey say you can lead a horse to water but can’t make it drink. A way round that might be to take the water to the horse and just wait for it to give...

Harbal58862Apr 22Jun 5
Talking to ourselves

Talking to ourselvesMe: I can’t have told you, I had some really good news about (insert topic here) DD: yes you did Me: Oh. You didn’t say anything. DD: I didn’t re...

Elegsabiff20018Jun 4Jun 4

All things made from COTTONI remember the slogan: Cotton, the fabric of our lives. It hasn't died and this morning I see there's a website with that name connected to Cotton Inc...

chatillion1246Jun 1Jun 1
4 months on

4 months onJust dropped back for a quick look And I'm not seeing many new faces or new topics so it seems like here as in my own life nothing changes...

Nice2meetyoutoo1781May 31Jun 1

The most popular game in condo life...I hear sirens again this morning... that reminds me they have lots of amenities at this condo. Games... golf, tennis, 3 swimming pools, shuffleboard,...

chatillion1245May 31May 31

Do you know you?I mean, how could you really? The typical American has an 8 hour a day job and sleeps 8 hours a day. That is 16 hours, leaving 8 hours a day for y...

Johnny_Sparton927103May 23May 30
Bentlee28518May 4May 28

CSThis is a great site, for many valid purposes. Sure, some shortcomings are here, but to me, these don't involve the choices of the discussions. The va...

Vierkaesehoch2323May 27May 28

How Is Your Day Going?My day is going quite nice. I got a new pair of sneakers (finally), a little blue tooth book shelf stereo for quiet times and I decided to invest in a...

Track1628318May 10May 26

Long timeHey I just want to say after long time Hello to my friends here in cs and wish them a nice weekend...

nighty70951May 25May 25

flyingwould you feel at ease on an aircraft knowing that the pilot was a 22 year old ????, why you may ask ,,, well after watching a documentary on budget...

edison32424725May 21May 25
Bentlee12610May 23May 24
Reviews and why we read them

Reviews ... and why we read them ...There's the puff review - this is the best product / hotel / restaurant / book I ever came across while using this fake email address, FIVE STARS...

Elegsabiff248-May 20May 22
General knowledge

General knowledgeOk without the help of me google Name this plant...

OIdblue28510May 18May 19

Now in yet another retirement,surveying possibilities for another gig. Hardly wealthy, but certainly comfortable, and was able to help others in many regards, over the years. So wh...

Vierkaesehoch3002May 14May 15
Death Comes To Us All

Death Comes To Us AllEnjoy life now, we are all here on borrowed time. A close friend of someone dear to me was killed in head-on collision few days ago. A healthy and...

Crazyheart3820010May 7May 8

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