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jog the mindMy mentor has been encouraging me to exercise, become a lesbian and watch chatterbate. Of the 3 options, exercise is the most palatable. Our nightly...

freehand661427 mins ago3 mins ago
Past Present And Future

Past, Present And FuturePast, Present And Future...

jarred18-17 mins ago
as a child

as a child, i was burdened with a religion. They made up i was born with a sin, only to point to their importance. They never answered my question that i asked...

bloodyawfull85614 hrs ago23 mins ago

Over 24 HoursAnd no sleep .........................................................................

Track1661313 hrs ago8 hrs ago
15 years and now this ungrateful sod

15 years and now this, ungrateful sodI can't believe the change in him since we came to Spain - oh, he's never been what you'd call devoted. There was a lot of open space in this relation...

Elegsabiff862106Sep 1710 hrs ago

The ultimate proof that dreams do come true.......if you work hard enough. Which dream of yous have you realised? Was it a tad anticlimatic or does that happens only to meself? Which you've f...

SimonInMark29527Sep 1918 hrs ago
Life Is Like Riding A Bicycle

Life Is Like Riding A BicycleLife Is Like Riding A Bicycle...

jarred124-Sep 19
Experience The Joy In Life

Experience The Joy In LifeExperience The Joy In Life...

jarred119-Sep 19

foolish heartTo be foolish and allow the heart To speak Or, to listen to the heart and Act I wish I was hard of hearing What makes us blow out the candle...

freehand23511Sep 9Sep 18
My Best Friend

My Best FriendMy Best Friend...

jarred128-Sep 18
If You Want To Understand How A Lion Hunts

If You Want To Understand How A Lion HuntsIf You Want To Understand How A Lion Hunts

jarred128-Sep 18
u can never facts

u can never( factsThe whitest man on earth still have a black shadow. ¦ No mechanic can repair breaking news ¦ No matter how tall you are, you can never see tomorro...

georgie3915526Sep 17Sep 17

warmIt's warm here I turn the fan on and feel the breeze It's an in between day A day that is torn between summer And fall Like ex lovers who refuse...

freehand632Sep 16Sep 16
I Can Is 100 Times More Important Than I Quit

I Can Is 100 Times More Important Than I QuitI Can Is 100 Times More Important Than I Quit

jarred126-Sep 16
Its True That We Dont Know What Weve Got

It’s True That We Don’t Know What We’ve GotIt’s True That We Don’t Know What We’ve Got

jarred128-Sep 16
I was being courteous not flirtatious

I was being courteous,not flirtatiousI was being courteous, not flirtatious. To the girl, I opened the door for yesterday, I did not need you to flick your hair or bat your eyelashes as y...

1r1shmale1146Sep 16Sep 16

acceptanceTo live in the past is tragic. whether good or bad, to be stuck in yesterday creates a pallor on today or tomorrow. what was done to us or what we h...

freehand916Sep 16Sep 16

hatsI move through the masses with a Bag of hats One for this and one for that An occasion cannot escape my Haberdasheries collection Bartender,...

freehand966Sep 15Sep 16
I Am a Happy Self Confidence Person

I Am a Happy, Self Confidence PersonAnd so I don't need to put others down..

Kalpataru65-Sep 16Sep 16

Nice DayThe sun is shining, its warm, and here I am laid back with a headache...

Track16683Sep 15Sep 15
Be Sure To Taste Your Words

Be Sure To Taste Your WordsBe Sure To Taste Your Words...

jarred132-Sep 15
Everything Happens For A Reason

Everything Happens For A ReasonEverything Happens For A Reason [...

jarred131-Sep 15
Forget What Hurt You But Never Forget What It Taught You

Forget What Hurt You But Never Forget What It Taught YouForget What Hurt You But Never Forget What It Taught You

jarred133-Sep 15
Two Things Are Infinite

Two Things Are InfiniteTwo Things Are Infinite [/u...

jarred140-Sep 14
Dont Waste Your Time With Explanations

Don’t Waste Your Time With ExplanationsDon’t Waste Your Time With Explanations [/url...

jarred148-Sep 14
never give up

never give upNever give up on finding love. Soon or later that special person will come in your will find that happiness again....

honeybunny82490Sep 14
love yourself

love yourselfLove yourself before you love others. Thank you Lord for love me...

honeybunny82530Sep 14
Zip it

Zip itIf and when a person deletes my comments because I'm not good enough to step onto their so called precious blogs than nor is it good enough to use me...

itchywitch49820Sep 12Sep 13

The CS Retro and Vintage Art Roadshow-Female bloggers editionThings that some people consider older can be quite valuable and a great investment. Some valuables here are definitely worth looking at and invest...

Mapmaker1,27486Sep 11Sep 13
Always Laugh When You Can It Is Cheap Medicine

Always Laugh When You Can It Is Cheap MedicineAlways Laugh When You Can It Is Cheap Medicine

jarred129-Sep 13
breaking the rule No 7

breaking the rule No 7Do not use your blog for a personal ad. You have a profile for this. no risk no profit...

bloodyawfull33622Sep 12Sep 13

the purposeAfter setting before him, a cup of coffee He asked me, "What is the purpose of having a woman?" I thought a moment and asked him "What is the purpos...

freehand18615Sep 13Sep 13
love making you weaker

love making you weakerI recently heard this in a show I was watching. In a cut-throat world, being in love only makes one weaker. What do you think? It was real...

Johnny_Sparton51462Sep 10Sep 13
Dont Lose Hope

Don’t Lose HopeDon’t Lose Hope...

jarred126-Sep 13

1300 milesI drove 1300 miles My dog in tow Brought a tent and a camp stove Met people along the way Spent money I didn't have For the promise of love I...

freehand54343Sep 12Sep 12
Life Is Your Mirror

Life Is Your MirrorLife Is Your Mirror...

jarred133-Sep 12
You May Know Me Who I Am

You May Know Me Who I AmYou May Know Me Who I Am:...

jarred140-Sep 12
Writing a blog

Writing a blogI have to point here that all people who comment blogs are native english speakers and use often slug as a code. This makes the reading of comments al...

nikos5551,05955May 2016Sep 12
Feeling stupid

Feeling stupidI don't much like this stupid feeling, must be said. I get lost every time I try to drive somewhere. I don't understand a word local people say to me,...

Elegsabiff40635Sep 10Sep 11
We are all innocent until we die

We are all innocent, until we die.We are all innocent, until we die....

jarred148-Sep 11
One Thorn Of Experience

One Thorn Of ExperienceOne Thorn Of Experience...

jarred133-Sep 11
Using sign language

Using sign language.............How fast their minds have to interpet what the speaker is saying. I have always wondered how they deal with names and places. Anyone knows? Jenny...

britishcolumbian510Sep 10
serene56: "Book Club"(meet us in the forums)

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