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Junque...Little by little I've been downsizing to buy a condo or move into a rented apartment close to my job and rent out my house to offset the expenses....

chatillion837Sep 2114 hrs ago
donmartinez53530Sep 21

My Spider DiaryYou always come across the occasional spider in any building and I get my fair share of them. I don’t dislike spiders, even though I have a mild aver...

Harbal20027Sep 21Sep 21

How an atheist cured himselfDavid, now Dr David Woods tells us his incredible journey from atheism to Christianity. He was a true psychotic that only his words could describe. I...

seaworthy1,36281Sep 16Sep 21
Words are poison arrows

Words are poison arrows............ Words are poison arrows

jarred145-Sep 21

How does this reflect on me?I’ve been looking for a small, square, wall mirror for my bathroom ever since I moved into this flat two years ago, but haven’t been able to find a re...

Harbal40052Sep 20Sep 21

Crazy youthI admit to doing some crazy stuff in my teens from car and train surfing in climbing the outside of a 5 story building. Why At the time I as m...

Onthcrestofawave742Sep 21Sep 21

According to the Book of ProverbsThere’s a storm in my teacup where there should be only tea In my works there is a spanner where a spanner shouldn’t be My ointment has a fly in...

Harbal14613Sep 19Sep 19

Kitten RescueAfter coming home yesterday morning, opting not to sit in the pouring rain at the market, I edited some photos and puttered around the house as the ra...

LadyImp14015Sep 17Sep 19

The New RoomI made the music/smoke/toke room a little more functional today. Moved some crap and got the computer next to where I stand to play so I have much eas...

Track16763Sep 12Sep 12

RegretsMy you know who lays in a coma tonight and I can't go ... because you know why. If i don't go I'll regret it and if I do, I'll regret that too....

itchywitch60836Aug 26Sep 8

PARIS, GAY PARIS - My Home TownI often hear and read about this beautiful city and some even have ambitions about spending their honeymoon there as it is the fabled glittering city...

daniela77725629Aug 25Sep 8

"They say such nice things about people at funeralsthat it makes me sad I'm going to miss mine by just a few days" (Garrison Keillor) Ok, a lot will depend how or when you kick the bucket. Be drunk...

Elegsabiff76595Sep 5Sep 7
Loneliness Vs Being Alone

Loneliness Vs. Being AloneWhen the feeling of loneliness becomes stronger than wanting to be alone.......what do you do then?...

Cwizzy6537142Sep 5Sep 6

OMGI was thinking how much better life is these days compared with when I was younger. Things that used to be mildly pleasing are now awesome , and thi...

Harbal74064Sep 3Sep 4
Free Ways To Spend Your Day Off

Free Ways To Spend Your Day OffWoke up late here, having my coffee. It's my 3rd day off and don't have much to complain. My errands are almost complete, kid at school, parrot fed...

Crazyheart3821315Sep 3Sep 3

If... Raise your hand!I've always had to work hard to get things to go right, but things that go wrong can happen in a heartbeat. Sometimes you have to keep your stride, ig...

chatillion1116Aug 31Sep 2
Those who genuinely do their best should never regret it

Those who genuinely do their best should never regret itThose who genuinely do their best should never regret it...

jarred144-Sep 2
Why does everyone only look at appearance

Why does everyone only look at appearance?Why does everyone only look at appearance? Maybe there is something very beautiful inside. That is often the case, so people please look more ofte...

jarred158-Sep 2

alic or alicetagalong was an old school hood friend no matter what i did or where i went alic would always be 3 steps behind seems he wanted to be exactly like me...

Onthcrestofawave38125Aug 27Aug 29
Every person is born naked

Every person is born naked.Every person is born naked. And every man is going to die. Every person is equal in that. But in between the big difference. Depending on which li...

jarred156-Aug 28

Anyone else awake?Lying in bed with the van door open drinking coffee and roaming the smartphone for anyone else awake. Nearly 9 am in Spain. I seem to have the world...

Elegsabiff2,688241Sep 2017Aug 27
The 10 rules of being human

The 10 rules of being human.The 10 rules of being human......... 1. At your birth you will receive a body that you can find or hate. However, the only thing you can be certain a...

jarred161-Aug 27
respected nation

respected nationi would like say the people of those community who dont respect their selves . they cant respect for other . now days there is an exhibition is going...

atifshz651Aug 27Aug 27
Take The Train To Nowhere

Take The Train To NowhereTake The Train To Nowhere.......... ..........

jarred152-Aug 26

Healing The World WithinImagine that you could change anything on earth... What would your world be like if anything were possible? Would you end hunger in Africa? Stop th...

daniela77748052Aug 20Aug 25
Deep within you is a wise friend who shows you the path

Deep within you is a wise friend who shows you the path.Deep within you is a wise friend who shows you the path. ............

jarred174-Aug 24
why do people irritate each other

why do people irritate each other?.......... Because everyone demands a certain space. Space is limited. Everyone has their own territory. Animals have their own territory and peopl...

jarred163-Aug 24
You have no idea how you spend your time

You have no idea how you spend your timeYou have no idea how you spend your time............ If you are like most people, then you fill your evenings mainly with entertainment . For exampl...

jarred169-Aug 24

FEARWhats your biggest one at the moment? Mine is Pope Francis will be assassinated in Ireland That's mine .... whats yours???...

itchywitch34935Aug 18Aug 23
What makes one person stupid and the other intelligent

What makes one person stupid and the other intelligent?What makes one person stupid and the other intelligent?.............. I know clever heads, but to stick a bicycle tire, they have to call for...

jarred153-Aug 23
Your life does not last forever

Your life does not last foreverYour life does not last forever So you have to amuse Do that please What it does not last long Even you are 50, 90 years enjoy...

jarred151-Aug 23
No man is intelligent enough

'No man is intelligent enoughNo man is intelligent enough to understand his own stupidity'...

jarred158-Aug 22
The Virgosign on the mobile phone

The Virgosign on the mobile phone.Does anybody clearly remember life before the mobile phone? The mobile revolution started in the mid to late 80s. It was a bulky contraption looking c...

virgosign1225Aug 19Aug 21
The only people I take seriously are real people

The only people I take seriously are 'real peopleThe only people I take seriously are 'real people.................

jarred161-Aug 21


jarred164-Aug 21
nighty7015810Aug 18Aug 20
The Virgosign on peeing in public

The Virgosign on peeing in publicParis 2018! Men can now whip it out and have a public pee. All legal and above board. This goes to show that nothing is a no go area any more. With...

virgosign23117Aug 14Aug 19

Pull your pants up...Guys, when you are in public, pull your pants up. Maybe it's a fashion statement with you and your friends, but there is a lack of respect to the res...

chatillion1367Aug 17Aug 18

Points to ponder #666Why do the ones making the most noise usually have the least to say Why can people be struck dumb but only born stupid Why do people fear wol...

Onthcrestofawave1274Aug 18Aug 18
thank you for your attention

thank you for your attentionthank you for your attention

jarred197-Aug 17

Abortion V's the death penaltySo I'm listening to the radio a debate concerning the death penalty, the presenter mentions we Irish could never have a referendum concerning the matt...

itchywitch25111Aug 15Aug 17

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