How can I convince white woman to marry me has a black man

I have tryed very many ways here online to date a white girl, bt I have failed to score ma , goal ,which problem I have in this??
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Why not to try convince black woman marry you??? Why you want marry “white”??? What is wrong with your race women that you seeking different race ?confused
Move to England... that could improve your odds.
True love is colourblind.
Start by posting a d#ck pic

laugh banana laugh
There should be no convincing. Be yourself, attract who is attracted to you. There is nothing wrong with your preference, but let that person be a willing participant. thumbs up
Actually I know what you have to do!!! You get rich and white women run after you!rolling on the floor laughing
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I am man with sm little words bt I believe in actions more than words I wish to find a great full woman who is interested in black men and sm one who is ready to be in real love with me, only serious girl and avoid westing too much time for no gd rea [read more]

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