Construction boots...

I wore construction boots when I was a project manager, as a good part of my day was on jobsites. It's a requirement by OSHA to wear thick sole, steel toe shoes when in a construction environment.
Job change and the boots were put aside.
Yesterday, I had an appointment to measure a new project that is in the 'framing stage' where all the partitions are going up, prior to electrical and plumbing. Lots of sheet metal, pipes, air conditioning grills on the floor as tradesmen went about their business.

This is the right time to spot errors in layout and make corrections to the shop drawings that the factory builds from. We need all the time to fabricate so the product is ready when the contractor is requesting delivery.

The screws used to hold the metal studs have sharp points needed to pierce sheet metal and the framing crew don't pick up any that fall to the floor. I was on the job for a few hours and had to pull screws from the bottom of my boots a few times.

That was the easy part as I had the boots on for 5 hours and couldn't wait to get home to remove them. They were killing my feet yesterday afternoon and I felt pain this morning when I got up!
I'm back in soft shoes today and getting into my normal routine... maybe with some aspirin for breakfast.
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