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duncansantan230Sep 19
I was told

I was get a life, those who told me that are still here. like him....

Duromojon12612Sep 18Sep 18
Some busness gouging water and gas this is discussing just al low as looters

Some busness gouging water and gas, this is discussing just al low as lootersBusiness A $99 case of bottled water? Texas stores accused of price-gouging in wake of Harvey. The state attorney general’s office has received 68...

britishcolumbian16824Aug 30Sep 15

freeyour beloved freehand abandoned her ten year old daughter to see me, a heroin addict (at the time and she knew it) I told her I lived with my mother...

eeejay3,651168Sep 7Sep 10

tornado..I am asking anyone who can clarify this for me.. Can you please do so.. Was there a tornado I. Tulsa Oklahoma over this weekend? Please anyone...

georgie3925833Aug 28Aug 31
Organized charities

Organized charities.....over the years, there have been reports of shamelessly high (20 to 35%), administrative costs of the money these take in from generous, caring donors...

Aaltarboy934Aug 31Aug 31
i didnt want to say anything

i didn't want to say anythinguntil i knew for sure. i just got back from my new job! i sell furniture in a department store. it's somewhat visually stimulating and satisfies my...

freehand30227Aug 14Aug 15
30 meter white pine dying

30+ meter white pine dying,leaning precariously toward the Aa palace, and in coastal high winds, dropped large dead branches, which meant a new front roof. Blessing in disguise,...

Aaltarboy11511Aug 11Aug 11
Watch Out World

Watch Out WorldI haven't written a blog in a long while and have barely been on CS to comment. My computer went on the fritz a few months ago. I loathe typing on my...

Gypsytramp27316Aug 1Aug 2
The rental unit

The rental unit......Twins away fattening up the pocketbooks of the too many administrators in higher education. So why not use that private extra space,...hell, when I bu...

Aaltarboy15313Jul 20Jul 20
Queen Elizabeth

Queen ElizabethThank you Queen Elizabeth for speaking out on the mayor of London! Hopefully the British government will support you! God save the Queen!...

Gentlejim28713Jun 12Jun 12
Willy341122013May 19May 20
Protectionist policies versus the free market economy

Protectionist policies versus the free market economy.Do you think its appropriate for Governments to intervene or protect State-run enterprises by the introduction of extra tarrifs and taxes on imported...

pat8lanips117-May 8
Feeling Like Stupid

Feeling Like StupidHaving a little stressful day err night here at work. One of our warehouse manager notified me that the carrier of our shipment lost two of our pa...

Crazyheart3825814Apr 19Apr 20
And You Wonder Why Trump Won

And You Wonder Why Trump WonSeattle employees ask for REDUCED hours so that "jacked-up" minimum wage won't cost them subsidized housing: Gee, who could have seen this coming? No...

Willy341129428Mar 31Apr 1

Demediatorization.Bougt a house, and wondered why so many "workers" were somehow in the pipeline, taking cuts from YOUR dough? Not just estate agents and bank. inspecto...

Aaltarboy1182Mar 23Mar 23
The Petro dollar explained

The Petro-dollar explainedThe Petro-dollar explained...

jarred1218-Jan 21
Whats so bad about Russia

Whats so bad about Russia ?Since WW11 there has been propaganda about communism, why ? what if a country wants to be communists. We have no right to push democracy on to a...

Unknown39422Jan 14Jan 16

CuddlesI just saw an article about a woman who makes $80 per hour for cuddling. I could do that job. I would have to add an additional fee for cuddling fol...

Gypsytramp1,622151Dec 2016Dec 2016

ZindagiI don't like zindagi, it always gets caught in my teeth....

pat8lanips3099Dec 2016Dec 2016
Change Your Life Orgone Energy

Change Your Life - Orgone Energyhallo how are? My name is Miro am Macedonian. sorry for my english,ill try to explain. Im telling this cuz most of the people are full with not im...

LionPeace2568Dec 2016Dec 2016
I have been

I have beenbrooding over the Idea of "corporate person-hood" or "Legal personality" Very modern day Frankenstein's genesis indeed. and truly created in the I...

nonsmoker4689Dec 2016Dec 2016
Las Vegas Winter 2017

Las Vegas Winter 2017I'm not sure if I will get some good feedback to post this subject here but I'm planning to visit Las Vegas furniture trade show in Jan. Is there a...

MimiHN2491Nov 2016Nov 2016
found this vid

found this vidits worth a watch. Interesting stuff ....

nonsmoker3426Nov 2016Nov 2016
the reluctant Uber driver

the reluctant Uber driverI am writing this, because, I may have to resort to this position if I'm not able to find any other employment opportunity. She prepared her vehicl...

freehand3715Nov 2016Nov 2016
posssible collapse of credit in usa

posssible collapse of credit in usai've just watch a announcement speech from a ceo of Bill Bonner,that has stated this country(usa) is heading for a bad systemic shock,statin...

stefon643777Oct 2016Oct 2016
All Andalusian dwellers

All Andalusian dwellers.....pretty much smitten with the place. But to many fooking Brits... Might buy myself a place there.. How hard is it to get by without speaking the l...

Unknown32116Sep 2016Sep 2016

Next......and the next banned deleted blog will be ?...

Unknown57421Sep 2016Sep 2016
Massage boy please

Massage boy please...couple of hours a week! I think if we be honest here about what & who we are looking for, we will find our match faster!! I work hard, earn not...

aisha0054526Sep 2016Sep 2016
I am thinking

I am thinkingOf selling my 1998 model NEC video cassette recorder. It is Y2K compliant and can be connected to the stereo system with a cable. But on the other han...

pat8lanips34615Sep 2016Sep 2016
If you cant stand the heat

If you can't stand the heatGet out of the kitchen... Seems that saying is true...

itchywitch1,10652Sep 2016Sep 2016

workmateshave you ever in situation with some of your workmates where you have to tell them about same thing over and over again about how and why things shoul...

fallen_wolf43116Aug 2016Aug 2016
there is a

there is abitterness in my coffee this morning ! should I artificially sweeten things up or continue drinking until I have become dispassionate to the unfortu...

nonsmoker40827Aug 2016Aug 2016
Please guide me to quit my job

Please guide me to quit my jobI joined my job in semi government in chemical fertilizer factory in 1st september. 1986 my 51th yr start from 5th may 2016.Wife in job good job. 2 ki...

rapppl3945Aug 2016Aug 2016
Is there a new way to market stuff

Is there a new way to market stuff?Oh I know my timing sucks, the weekend and all, I should have asked when you all had your business brains on. Still, those who haven't disconnected th...

Elegsabiff72667Aug 2016Aug 2016
Imported Goods controversy

Imported Goods controversyThere is still much controversy about whether or not cheaper imported goods are of quite the same quality as the ones made here in the USA or once mad...

Ken_193577Jul 2016Jul 2016
Quote of the day

Quote of the day!Times Quote of the day - > priceless Quote of the day by Dianne > Feinstein......Dianne > Feinstein: "All vets are mentally > ill in some way and...

Gentlejim3715Jul 2016Jul 2016
1st Interview Passed

1st Interview Passed2nd one will be in next 2 weeks. Happy with the progress but confused with my job directions... Looking at myself and some women around i guess...

LastStrike62718Jul 2016Jul 2016

SMUGGLINGOld joke - I hate people who take drugs. Like Customs officials. Smuggling is bad, smuggling affects the economy of your country, it's a naughty t...

Elegsabiff76048Jul 2016Jul 2016
Test Passed

Test PassedGood morning new day after the storm with this non-defeatable beauty Finally after nearly 1 hour battling against the storm, i saved the roses...

LastStrike5489Jul 2016Jul 2016
SOS Advise Please

SOS Advise PleaseI thought i sent the wrong forms 3 times and they would not select me but I've just receive a call from the embassy for coming and doing a test tomorr...

LastStrike60729Jun 2016Jun 2016
Another Bless

Another BlessThe headmaster surprisingly asked to take photos with me and out of sudden she offered to present to me a "lipstick flower" basket and the reason she...

LastStrike455-May 2016

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