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The other day, I read in music news that Daryl Hall has filed a lawsuit against his former musical partner John Oates and has asked the judge to issue a temporary restraining order. Documents were sealed and information was sketchy. This morning, more details came forward.

Why Daryl Hall obtained a restraining order against John Oates has been (partly) solved.
It’s now been revealed that Hall is attempting to block his longtime musical partner from selling his share in their joint venture to Primary Wave Music.
Hall is arguing that Oates' plan to sell off his share of a joint venture would violate the terms of a business agreement that Hall & Oates duo had forged.

The judge temporarily blocked the sale while legal proceedings and a previously initiated arbitration continue.

Primary Wave has already owned “significant interest” in Hall and Oates’ song catalog for more than 15 years. In a 2021 interview with Sky News, Hall alluded to disappointment with the sale of his back catalog.

Daryl's statement:
“Oh, in the early days, it got sold off for me and I didn’t get the money,” he said. In the same interview, he advised artists to retain their publishing rights, saying “all you have is that.”


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