Take care of your home and your family

Take care of your home and your family

Taking care of your home and your family means more than what meets the eye at first glance. If we look at things broadly, they can be different... Firstly, we each have more homes than we realize... These are as follows, from small to large... 1 The house where you live and shelter yourself daily, either alone or with your family, 2 the house called a city, either your birthplace or the city you currently reside in, because just like in your home, you live in a city... (and I'll get back to this with another perspective) 3 the city called Country, and of course 4 the house called Earth, or the planet where we all live, which is everyone's home. Now... if at home you can take care of the cleanliness of your dwelling and respect or love the members of your household, whoever they may be... be it your mother, sister, father, brother, cousin, etc. Why couldn't we do the same in the other "homes" we live in? Because (as I said, I'm coming back...) if we think a bit, there's not much difference between house 1 and any other of the three... just as in house 1, (the house where we each live), there lives a mother, or a sister, or a brother, or whatever it may be, he/she, just as they live in the other houses called city, country, planet, only many more. We should understand that mother, father, sister, brother, etc., are yours, for you, but someone else's for others... but the same goes for others... if you say "I don't care about someone else's family," most likely the same will be said by others about your family and about you... because just like someone else, for you, is a He/She, you, for someone else, are a He/She, or Another, another... so if we want respect, we need to learn to give respect. We need to learn to be united as a family, because we are a family, whether we're a family living in the same house, city, country, or on the same planet... we are a family... we need to learn to care, and take care not only of the house we live in, but also of the city, country, and planet we live in/on... And just as in the individual or personal home, we can throw garbage in a trash can, not wherever we feel like it, like in the hallway, on the floor in the living room, bathroom, kitchen, etc... only in the trash can, we can do the same in the city, just as at home we can have common sense, we can also have it in the city. Just as at home we can appreciate the person who cleans the house, we can also appreciate the people who clean house 2 called the city or any of the houses we have (which I mentioned earlier...) Thank you for your attention, and I hope I've expressed myself clearly enough for you to understand what I want to say. Change comes with us, with each of us, but it has to start somewhere...cheers peace teddybear
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