Immortality - Blessing or Curse? Part 2

And maybe some of you are wondering, "Okay, but if that's true, why don't we know about them? Why would they hide?" Here's my answer: Probably over the years, in their desperation to find immortality, they've tried many times to offer themselves to scientists for experiments, hoping that scientists would be able to achieve what neither of the two parties could achieve separately. Namely, 1. Scientists finding immortality, and 2. Adam and Eve finding a way to die. Maybe they thought that if they joined forces, they could make everyone happy. After years and years of experiments, and most likely, torment for the two, they realized that the result was not satisfying for anyone. And then, they realized that they had to give up and continue living their lives, whether it's as a blessing or a curse for them.

As for us, ordinary people, and the question of why we don't know about their existence, I have two possible answers. First, someone who worked on writing the Bible altered the truth. Here, motives can be diverse, and I won't list them all. And second, personally, they will never tell a human, no matter how close they are (if they are family friends or something... I'm sure they've had enough of those in their lives, so they're used to lying). They will never be able to tell anyone, "You know, we're immortal because I'm Adam, and my wife is Eve." That's if they're still together... if not, they might have chosen to live separate lives, forming couples with various people.

But let's get back to the topic... how crazy would that sound to someone, "I'm immortal because I'm Adam, and my wife is Eve"? And if they said that to someone, who in this world would believe them? And if, after some time, they somehow managed to convince someone, who would that be to not recommend that they try what they've already tried - "to offer themselves to scientists for experiments"?

I'll end this lengthy subject here, although I could go on for a few more lines... but since I believe I've taken enough of your time, and I think some of you have thought enough... I can only thank you for your attention and tell you... stop searching for immortality because someone out there may have it and want to get rid of it. peace hug cheers teddybear
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Adam and Eve were cheated out of their immortality by the Devil right Yonik, so how do we know God isn't trying cheat us into believing in Heaven and Hell ?
ok good question but let's not compare God with The devil is a big diference betwen the 2 ...and belive me sir i can guarantee you that Heaven and Hell are more real then people can think ( not going to talk about thow ...) anyway good question ...but the thing is ...who wants to belive in them will do so, who does not will allways find a reason not to matter what i say...but let me tell you this matter what we belive or not belive in ...when we die ...we will go to one of them ...( hear people asking ..." how can i go to hell if i do not belive in that " that is the most stupid question i have ever hear ...hell and heaven are not real only if you belive in it ...and you do not go there or not go there based on whether you belive or not belive .... :)) rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing )
You confuse long life with invulnerability. You should watch 'The Unforgiven' a few times. Some are lucky, some aren't. Ask any Insurance Agent. Statistics are real. The longer one lives the more time they get for bad things to happen. Those who make it to 100+ years without a fatal incident are just lucky. Your imaginary Adam and Eve could try to spend eternity hiding in an underground bunker, but eventually an earthquake (or a build up of CO2 gas would do them in. The Genesis fable never said God made the first humans invulnerable. Indeed Cain's killing Able would be hard if he was also invulnerable. Surely by now your reading of the Kabbalah or the Yazidi texts has taught you that even his Angels are not invulnerable and can die. The War in Heaven killed many of them, both cherubim and Seraphim corpses litter that battlefield. Lights dim and flames can be put out.

In any case the 1/137 rule essentially prohibits anything magical in this Universe and again shows us statistics amd Chaos are the true rulers of everything.
Some ancient beliefs far older than Christianity look at the over all picture a little different Yonik, they look at the Devil and God as included in the big picture that they are only a part of the creation..
If you only have or want to be 1 side of the equation like good, God or the light, then you are trying to be a monopole type of person...
The Devil was God's right hand man. He would lead people into temptation so God could redeem them.
Pretty good act.
If you are worried about a really long life, now that's a problem given how we are and there truly can't be an immortality, in the sense of no death.
However, now that we know time is a dimension we do exist, as we are, forever. No it's not the horror of a forever repeating scenario as in some sci-fi movies. It's only the once but we never goes away.

1. Zarathustra asked Ahura-Mazda: “Ahura-Mazda, Heavenly, Holiest, Creator of the corporeal world, Pure! when a pure man dies, where does his soul dwell during this night?”

2. Then answered Ahura-Mazda: “Near his head it sits itself down, reciting the Gâthâ Ustavaiti, praying happiness for itself: ‘Happiness be to the man who conduces to the happiness of each. May Ahura-Mazda create, ruling after His wish.’ On this night the soul sees as much joyfulness as the whole living world possesses.”

3. “Where does the soul dwell throughout the second night?”

4. Then answered Ahura-Mazda: “Near his head it sits itself,” etc. (as in verse 2).

5. “Where does his soul stay throughout the third night?”

6. Then answered Ahura-Mazda: “Near his head it sits itself,” etc. (as in verse 2).

7. “When the lapse of the third night turns itself to light, then the soul of the pure man goes forward, recollecting itself at the perfume of plants. A wind blows to meet it from the mid-day region, a sweet-scented one, more sweet-scented than the other winds.

9. “In that wind there comes to meet him his own law in the figure of a maiden, one beautiful, shining, with shining arms; one powerful, well-grown, slender, with large breasts, praiseworthy body; one noble, with brilliant face, one of fifteen years, as fair in her growth as the fairest creatures.

10. “Then to her (the maiden) speaks the soul of the pure man, asking: ‘What maiden art thou whom I have seen here as the fairest of maidens in body?’

11. “Then replies to him his own law: ‘I am, O youth, thy good thoughts, words, and works, thy good law, thine own law of thine own body—which would be in reference to thee like in greatness, goodness, and beauty, sweet-smelling, victorious, harmless, as thou appearest to me.

12. “ ‘Thou art like me, O well-speaking, well-thinking, well-acting youth, devoted to the good law, so in greatness, goodness, and beauty as I appear to thee.

14. “ ‘Thou hast made the pleasant yet more pleasant to me, the fair yet fairer, the desirable yet more desirable, that sitting in a high place, sitting in a yet higher place, in these Paradises Humata, Hûkhta, Hvarsta (Paradises). . . .

15. “ ‘The soul of the pure man goes the first step and arrives in (the Paradise) Humata; the soul of the pure man takes the second step and arrives at (the Paradise) Hûkhta; it goes the third step and arrives at (the Paradise) Hvarsta; the soul of the pure man takes the fourth step and arrives at the Eternal Lights.’ ”

19. Zarathustra asked Ahura-Mazda: “Ahura-Mazda, Heavenly, Holiest, Creator of the corporeal world, Pure! when a wicked one dies, where does the soul dwell throughout this night?”

20. Then answered Ahura-Mazda, “There, O pure Zarathustra, near the head it runs about whilst it utters the prayer Ké mánm, etc., ‘Which land shall I praise, whither shall I go praying, O Ahura-Mazda?’ In this night the soul sees as much displeasing as the whole living world.

25. “When the lapse of the third night approaches towards light, O pure Zarathustra, then goes the soul of the wicked man to the impure place, recollecting itself continually by the stench. To it comes a wind blowing from the North Region, an evil-smelling one, more evil-smelling than other winds.

26. “When the soul of the wicked man receives this wind into the nose, it goes (saying), ‘Whence comes this wind which I smell with the nose as the most evil-smelling wind?’

33. “The fourth step takes the soul of the wicked man and it arrives at the darknesses without beginning.”
If Selassie were alive, that would make him 129 years old today, but for Rastas, since they believe him to be divine, that's totally in the realm of possibility. Religion Facts reports that while Rastafarians don't believe in an afterlife in the sense of souls going to heaven or hell, like in some Judeo-Christian teachings, they instead believe that true Rastas are immortal and they will return to Zion (Ethiopia) in their bodily forms to carry on their existence in peace and freedom from oppression in a concept called "everliving."

Rastafarians also accept the idea of reincarnation, according to the BBC, because they hold that life is unending for those who live the Rasta life. Rasta's main focus is on life on earth, not in an afterlife. They view Jamaica, a land where they were taken to and enslaved, as hell, and because of Garvey's teachings, the homeland of Africa is viewed as heaven. It's a primary aspect of Rastafarian ideology that salvation can and should be found on Earth, according to the New World Encyclopedia.

According to Re: Online, Rastafarians call death "transitioning" because they believe that it's simply the consciousness moving to a new body, which also feeds into their belief that they are the Israelites reincarnated, or the chosen people. Because they eschew the idea of death so much, they do not have specific death rituals or funerals, per the BBC.
At the time of death, demonic ego centered souls may be destined to suffer great agonies, and pain, in the dark underworld of Narak. A soul, fortunate enough to achieve grace, overcomes ego by meditating on God. In Sikhism, the focus meditation is to remember the divine En-lightener by calling out the name “Waheguru”, either silently or aloud. Such a soul may attain liberation from the cycle of reincarnation.

The emancipated soul experiences salvation in Sachkhand, the realm of truth, it exists eternally as an entity of radiant light. Bhagat Trilochan, an author of Guru Granth Sahib scripture writes on the subject of afterlife, that at the time of death the final thought determine how one reincarnates. The soul takes birth in accordance with that which the mind last remembers. Those who dwell on thoughts of riches, or worries about wealth are born again as serpents and snakes.

Those who dwell on thoughts of carnal relations are born into brothels. Those who remember their sons and daughters are born as a pig to become a sow birthing a dozen or more piglets with each pregnancy. Those who dwell on thoughts of their home houses or mansions, take the form of a ghostly goblin type specter haunting houses remembered.
(Verses from Sikh holy scriptures regarding)

Those whose final thoughts are of the divine, merge eternally with the Lord of the Universe to dwell forever in the abode of radiant light.

“Ant kaal jo lachhamee simarai aisee chintaa meh jae marai

At the final moment, whom so ever remembers wealth, and dies with such thoughts.
Sarap jon val val aoutarai

is reincarnated as the serpent species over and over again.

O sister, do not ever forget the Name of the Universal Lord.

Ant kaal jo istree simarai aisee chintaa meh jae marai

At the final moment, whom so ever remembers relations with women and dies with such thoughts.

Baesavaa jon val val aoutarai

is reincarnated as a courtesan over and over again.

Ant kaal jo larrikae simarai aisee chintaa meh jae marai

At the final moment, whom so ever remembers children, and dies with such thoughts.

Sookar jon val val aoutharai
is reincarnated as a swine over and over again.

Ant kaal jo mandar simarai aisee chinthaa meh jae marai

At the final moment, whom so ever remembers houses, and dies with such thoughts.

Praet jon val val aoutarai

is reincarnated as a ghost over and over again.

Ant kaal naaraa-in simarai aisee chintaa meh jae marai

At the final moment, whom so ever remembers the Lord, and dies with such thoughts.

Badat Tilochan tae nar mukataa peetanbar vaa kae ridai basai

Saith Trilochan, that person is liberated and the yellow robed Lord abides in that one’s heart.”
This all you got doh what a crock of shit no one's gonna read all this, bring back the bible that's easier to understand..
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