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Who Made God? some may wonder who made GOD this vid may explain it....

stringman48150May 294 hrs ago
stringman23728Jun 15Jun 16

Small door of Heaven,Big door of hellFor those that want good for their life:they need heaven to be saved from all bad. For those that want bad doing:their way is broad to hell. If you...

starrayfil45-Jun 14

Should I write about the story of Adam and Eve?Its a very dark story, one which brings great sadness to my self just thinking about it. I have been wanting to write this story for a long time, but...

tame9724219Jun 12Jun 14
stringman24214May 18Jun 14

Is there a place for Paganism, Witchcraft and Wicca in today's world.We hear so much talk and see the repercussions of the so-called formal and accepted religions. We are subtly influenced from an early age with, Protes...

ooohmissus75775Jun 11Jun 12

Good deeds and bad deedsHave you wonder where comes evil attacks,sicknesses and suffer? They come in bad deeds when you do. If you do good deeds,comes blessing and healthy...

starrayfil25-Jun 11
LincolnsCousin752Jun 8Jun 9
stringman18216Jun 7Jun 7
stringman19127Jun 1Jun 3
stringman1519May 12May 27

DO CHRISTIANS Go STRAIGHT To HEAVEN When THEY DIE this video will explain just what happens when you die. I think people don't know....

stringman955May 22May 22

Does God Exist?For me a big yes. As a believer may I greet everyone a very Merry Christmas and peace to all as well. What a fitting time to celebrate the birth...

lindsyjones2,639186Dec 25May 20

Men need GodThere are many men who say they need not God,but they are misleaded from evil by saying so. men are created from God therefore they need God,without...

starrayfil56-May 18
So what exactly is Truth

So what exactly is "Truth"?Is it one's own perception of reality, individually as men? Is it a lie carefully constructed to make us hate one another? Is it a hidden wisdom reser...

SwingOnTheSpiral12213May 17May 18
Bentlee21617Apr 18May 17
stringman35029Apr 18May 16

Truly EXCELLENT article on Trump and his supportersToday In Salon; Donald Trump is revealed as a billion-dollar fraud: That probably won't hurt him If the "Resistance" hopes new revelations a...

JimNastics652May 11May 11
stringman510May 5
Too much really too much

Too much.... really too muchI went to the toilet at a local restaurant. While taking a peaceful pee I looked at the notices on the walls. One looked very much like it has a cross...

ekself23318May 4May 5

do we need fight our enemies?where comes war and fights? Jesus said:Love your enemies,do good to those that hate you. devil is all evil,he start the fight and cause killings. s...

starrayfil66-May 5

Closed gates........................... Do you ever question if you are being selfish or not? and if and when you can answer yourself honestly, we're not alw...

itchywitch19511May 1May 2
stringman692May 1May 2

THINGS OMITTED FROM THE BIBLEWhen the bible was assembled, why was the Book of Enoch omitted? After all, it was discovered amongst the Dead Sea Scrolls. Perhaps the church leaders...

CROWNAFFAIR1769Apr 24Apr 29

Ashes to ashes...Ashes to ashes... to a lump of semi-burned remains. After reading what the cremation process involves, I'm disputing what we are/were taught to believ...

chatillion1342Apr 29Apr 29

VATICAN FILESI understand that the Vatican has thousands of files locked away and access to these documents is forbidden. What could the Pope be frightened of to c...

CROWNAFFAIR19217Apr 24Apr 26

Faith is needfulFaith is needful to believe in God. devil gives doubts. So have faith and obedience to God,that you may be saved from evil and from sin. Seek truth...

starrayfil63-Apr 25
Who is God Does God exists

Who is God? Does God exists?This is one concept many people don't want to talk about, because they claim it is Religion. Others don't want to, because it is controversial and do...

WhyNotAgain4love49748Apr 11Apr 20

Joy or sorrow,seek GodThere is no third option but Yes or No,Joy or sorrow,Healthy or sick,being with God or without God, Light or Darkness,Good or Evil. Some people say...

starrayfil58-Apr 15

North Hollywood ShootoutI learned from an Uber driver yesterday that I'm currently about three blocks from the scene of the crime. I remember it well and at the time I though...

BadlyDrawn915Apr 14Apr 14

See through people...This I must post here, if its believed or not isn't very important .... but I am sharing for all the right reasons. It was Christmas eve 2014 I ha...

itchywitch65713Jun 2017Apr 13
stringman1572Apr 12Apr 13

Two worlds,faith and obedienceWe live in two worlds,The perfect world in heaven and imperfect world on earth. Imperfect world gives imperfect foods,Perfect world gives perfect foo...

starrayfil51-Apr 9

PROPHECY! Election of Pres Donald Trump Prophesied in 2007, Impeachment Attempts Prophesied in 2014PROPHECY! Election of Pres Donald Trump Prophesied in 2007, Impeachment Attempts Prophesied in 2014

stringman1253Mar 26Mar 28

NOOOOoooooOOoo!I have been lying awake at mind racing. Trying to be productive, trying to stay focused. I had invested so much emotionally that I would st...

BadlyDrawn1687Mar 25Mar 27

come to God and be savedIn this world are two roads: One that lead to life and Heaven, is narrow road and second road is that lead to death and hell. Many people travel thro...

starrayfil61-Mar 20

Perception" Nothing in life has a meaning except the meaning that I give it." Unless your god Or speak in his name As I now assume that mantle the...

Onthcrestofawave89-Mar 19Mar 19

Ireland & Snakes ; Myth DebunkedAh religion , stuffing the simple-minded with tales of inaccurate grandeur, in order to get them to be controlled to do ridiculous things like human s...

JimNastics30429Mar 17Mar 18

Holy Father Francis.......the fix is in............ now has his work cut out for him. The formidably politically astute homosexual power block in the Vatican Curia loves the centuries old fake po...

Vierkaesehoch1840Mar 18
What about before

What about beforeHave you ever thought about what you may or may not have done before to deserve what you got now? Reading about karma....not only karma in this life...

Johnny_Sparton52749Mar 13Mar 17

ForgivenessWhat forgiveness is about? Man in angry ,he don,t forgive,is too hard to forgive if he is hurted so much from him who done bad.But God said if you do...

starrayfil93-Mar 16

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