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Don't judge all Muslims into the same category, before you have dig in first to the facts.This equal to a a comment from me, but I think it is so important, that it should be as a Blog,there are 3 different part of Islam, that ma...

Bekard27721Mar 1922 hrs ago

come to God and be savedIn this world are two roads: One that lead to life and Heaven, is narrow road and second road is that lead to death and hell. Many people travel thro...

starrayfil28-Mar 20

Perception" Nothing in life has a meaning except the meaning that I give it." Unless your god Or speak in his name As I now assume that mantle the...

Onthcrestofawave63-Mar 19Mar 19

Ireland & Snakes ; Myth DebunkedAh religion , stuffing the simple-minded with tales of inaccurate grandeur, in order to get them to be controlled to do ridiculous things like human s...

JimNastics23829Mar 17Mar 18
Holy Father Francis the fix is in

Holy Father Francis.......the fix is in............ now has his work cut out for him. The formidably politically astute homosexual power block in the Vatican Curia loves the centuries old fake po...

Vierkaesehoch1470Mar 18
What about before

What about beforeHave you ever thought about what you may or may not have done before to deserve what you got now? Reading about karma....not only karma in this life...

Johnny_Sparton46349Mar 13Mar 17

ForgivenessWhat forgiveness is about? Man in angry ,he don,t forgive,is too hard to forgive if he is hurted so much from him who done bad.But God said if you do...

starrayfil36-Mar 16
Terrific timely book

Terrific timely book....In the Closet of the Vatican, by French open homosexual, F. Martel. Fits nicely in with the hypotheses I acknowledge in the memoirs. In particular, th...

Vierkaesehoch24410Mar 14Mar 15
In the Closet of the Vatican

In the Closet of the Vatican.........more dirt. This author claims, with believable, but probably anecdotal evidence, that the stronger the dissing of gays by these Church functionari...

Vierkaesehoch1250Mar 15
stringman824Mar 13Mar 14

LENTthe Bible does not mention Ash Wednesday or Lent, and the early New Testament Church did not observe these days. Here is how the BBC Religion page des...

stringman561Mar 10Mar 11

What Is the Great Tribulation? given what is going on in the world today this is an insight into what is coming in the near future....

stringman1358Mar 7Mar 8
Nature and Being Human

Nature and Being HumanSome animals can do amazing things, but no matter what an animal’s speciality, there is usually something else that is almost as good at it. A cheeta...

Harbal42361Mar 4Mar 6

It is weird to meas I look at the blogs and see all the obsessive compulsive s whining either about Trump kicking Hillary off the line, or, asking Jesus to please come...

Ken_1935018Nov 20Mar 6

Feeling like Mrs String here .. LOLExcuse the pun Mr String ... but given my below clip along with the type of music you may understand why.... Ps, hope your sense of humour is mig...

itchywitch37741Mar 1Mar 3
The Methodist tradition

The Methodist tradition.These kindly folks have just wisely voted to prohibit those whose s*xual choices are abnormal, happily in the vanishing minority, and can be unhygieni...

Vierkaesehoch1188Feb 27Feb 27

Does God Exist?For me a big yes. As a believer may I greet everyone a very Merry Christmas and peace to all as well. What a fitting time to celebrate the birth...

lindsyjones2,329185Dec 25Feb 27
stringman490Feb 22
stringman23317Jan 29Feb 18

Which Is More Moral With Respect To Islam?If it's considered immoral to exclude Muslims from living in your country, how can the spread of Islamic terrorism be prevented? Let's assume that...

Diamond_Rain16311Feb 13Feb 15

Islamic Jihad Versus Christian Crusades: There Is No Moral ComparisonLet's cut right to the chase: The purpose of Islamic Jihad was (and still is) to enslave people, the purpose of the Crusades was to free Christians...

Diamond_Rain36127Feb 5Feb 12

Purpose in life...What’s your purpose in life? And what’s the actual purpose of life? The purpose of life is simply.....not having a purpose in life! Mimi so...

MiMiArt97-Feb 8

amenamen …………………….....

jarred177-Feb 5

Christian Terrorism - Victims of the Christian FaithMission Emperor Karl (Charlemagne) in 782 had 4500 Saxons, unwilling to convert to Christianity, beheaded. Peasants of Steding (Germany) unwill...

socrates4430027Feb 3Feb 5
stringman600Feb 1
Arabic word for Allah

Arabic word for 'Allah'..........................- Muslims have lambasted Nike for selling a brand of Air Max sneakers with a design on its sole that resembles the Arabic wo...

jarred1106-Jan 31
stringman791Jan 28Jan 28
Cursing Jesus God

Cursing Jesus/GodOf all the insolence sent out towards mankind's fellowmen when they disagree, none is more hurtful, acidic, heart dropping, shocking and awful than he...

Unika_41104-Jan 23
stringman33135Jan 17Jan 20

Only some years is left that this world will endsigns of the end time are happening more and more till this world is end. Those that believe and obey commandments of God will be saved. Two gre...

starrayfil91-Jan 18

The Truth About... Hellsince we are on the spiritual mode.

stringman24227Jan 14Jan 17
What is a Soul

What is a Soul?It cannot be seen or measured and there are no scientific instruments that can observe it. So how do we know we have a soul? Well we’ve been told so...

Harbal1,286113Jan 14Jan 16

Psssstt Molly!! Over here!!! LolMolly the best of my knowledge, I don’t think so... I bought this resin Buddha statue about a month ago. I saw this statue 2 months a...

MiMiArt452-Jan 13Jan 14
The Islamic Doctrine of Migration

The Islamic Doctrine of MigrationThe Islamic Doctrine of Migration...

jarred1111-Jan 13
Does freedom of speech give the right to offend

Does freedom of speech give the right to offend?Does freedom of speech give the right to offend?...

jarred177-Jan 12
Does evidence undermine religion

Does evidence undermine religion?Does evidence undermine religion?...

jarred167-Jan 12
Trump Building A Wall For The False Messiah Dajjal Awakening

Trump 'Building A Wall' For The False Messiah - Dajjal Awakening!Trump 'Building A Wall' For The False Messiah - Dajjal Awakening!....

jarred180-Jan 10


jarred186-Jan 10

Salvation From GodSalvation is important for will end suffer when he get saved from God. Salvation comes when man believe and obey commandments of God. Two...

starrayfil45-Jan 9
how religion spread around the world

how religion spread around the worldhow religion spread around the world………….....

jarred172-Jan 8
The Future of World Religion in 2050

The Future of World Religion (in 2050)The Future of World Religion (in 2050)...

jarred170-Jan 8
What is God

What is God?What is God?...………....

jarred179-Jan 7
2intrigued: "Garden Art 7"(meet us in the puzzles)

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