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Maori/Polynesian language, and haka vs maori dance performance explained from my previous blogI was about to reply to some of the messages in my previous blog, then realized I needed to write a whole new blog instead. Many Polynesian langua...

tame9737323 hrs ago22 hrs ago

Hawaiki Nui Hawaki Roa Hawaiki PamamaoThis is a common saying in Aotearoa (New Zealand) and I am sharing it with the world of what it means and the purpose behind it Ha = Breath, breat...

tame971087Dec 11Dec 14
Glimpses of His Image

Glimpses of His ImageGlimpses of His Image I see each of you as a canvas. A unique piece of art. Each one entirely different from the next. A form of expression, captur...

HealthyLiving1484Nov 10Dec 13

'Alone with the Alone''Alone with the Alone'...…………………....

jarred123-Dec 13

What is Prophesied Next for Europe?given what is going on in Europe now found this timely.

stringman370Dec 12

judas a traitor or notwell in the bible they say judas betrayed jesus for money at that time now at the present what is the church doing and the Vatican they r still sellin...

Genuis21424Dec 10Dec 12

Deep listeningDeep listening...………….....

jarred129-Dec 11
stringman26628Dec 9Dec 10

Time and Godwe are in end time,time is short,Don,t lose time because soon will end, then is judgement and you could lose salvation.but find a bible and learn ne...

starrayfil27-Dec 10

Watch this if you want..To kill 25 mins and a few brain cells

Onthcrestofawave1002Dec 4Dec 5

Heaven and hellHeaven is place of Beauty and Life,would be good when people go there,is great joy ,is Beauty,Peace and desireful to live there. Those that believ...

starrayfil47-Dec 1

(That tells a lot about Christianity)............ (That tells a lot about Christianity)

jarred161-Dec 1

How Satan Deceives after all, he has been doing it since the beginning of time....

stringman25524Nov 29Nov 30

blow my mind.......................blow my mind...

jarred142-Nov 30

A Secular HymnEver feel left out in Church? Here's a little something to take along with you on your next visit. All things bright and beautiful, All creatur...

Harbal27641Nov 29Nov 30
stringman28732Nov 17Nov 28

Biblical Faith: Rational/Irrational? - 'God, I don't want to die,' U.S. missionary wrote before he wAn American missionary trying to meet and convert one of the most isolated hunter-and-gatherer tribes in the world offered them fish and other small g...

socrates4482462Nov 22Nov 27

Let’s go back to those days........................... Let’s go back to those days.

jarred176-Nov 26
A messiah a day

A messiah a day....How many have there been? Reincarnation or fairy tales? Poor Jesus. Just another hamster on the great wheel of karma

Midnitecwby24630Nov 17Nov 26
It is weird to me

It is weird to meas I look at the blogs and see all the obsessive compulsive s whining either about Trump kicking Hillary off the line, or, asking Jesus to please come...

Ken_1925617Nov 20Nov 21
stringman44955Nov 20Nov 21

YOUR SALES PITCH IS ALL WRONGRespectfully, can I advise all the people who come in good faith on here to the CS Blogs to bring souls to God, that they are doing it the wrong way....

goldengloss48656Nov 21Nov 21

Hell exist and is not eternalProtestant christians say that hell is eternal,forever. This is wrong and not true,also in bible is translated as hell is eternal,forever,so is wrong...

starrayfil46-Nov 21
Looking for Religious Testimony

Looking for Religious TestimonyIs there anybody here who belongs or used to belong to an organized religion, and who would like to give a testimony about it? If the answer is yes...

Kidwell_1197Nov 18Nov 19

DOES DEVIL REALLY EXIST?"When man and woman are suitable for each other and have got in love, devil is so evil that he fight to share them..." This is a quote in one of the...

WhyNotAgain4love19819Nov 17Nov 18

Thoughts of Barnsley from AbroadOn their journey to Italy, after secretly marrying in September 1846, Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett travelled through South Yorkshire and rest...

Harbal13613Nov 17Nov 17

God is GoodJesus said:no one is Good but God is Good. The Goodness comes from God to Jesus,to Angels and to men. some people who know not God say:many children...

starrayfil53-Nov 15
stringman1086Nov 12Nov 14

An honest deathRest in peace to a hero I was unlucky not to meet...

tatami19613Nov 11Nov 14
Hans47111187Nov 8Nov 9
stringman34022Jul 28Nov 6

can true christians take arms to fight?Jesus said: i am not of this world, if i were of this world,my disciples would fight! So why people take arms? Jesus said:if you take up the sword yo...

starrayfil68-Nov 4

Gods needs ....I've got to admit, I'm kind of struggling with one a bit Why does he need us to believe in him when really its us that needs him to believe in us...

itchywitch1,885113Sep 30Nov 1

Love your neighboursWho are your neighbours? Neighbours are men you see daily. God,s commandment says: love your neighbours as your self. Jesus said: Your other self yo...

starrayfil61-Oct 31
Ken_1930720Oct 26Oct 31

Love and peace healsHave you wonder why people become sick and suffer ? Why they have troubles in life and wars ? IS BECAUSE THEY DON,T OBEY COMMANDMENTS OF THE LAW OF...

starrayfil60-Oct 25

do we need obey God?Jesus said: i came not to destroy the law but to fulfil. Jesus said to his disciples: if you obey my commandments (of the law),you showed to love me...

starrayfil68-Oct 21
If you say dont read it you know I will twice

If you say, don't read it; you know I will, twice..Do not read this blog: I always thought about why the Jews and Gentiles (Christians) could never see eye to eye when it came to Jesus being the Mes...

seaworthy3409Oct 14Oct 20
stringman1215Oct 18Oct 19


stringman39730Oct 10Oct 17

seek Truth and know GodWho so ever seek Truth from bible or other place, will know God by believing and obeying his commandments,and will be saved from evil and from sin....

starrayfil1313Oct 11Oct 11
Read what The Sign Read

Read what The Sign Read.We docked in the dark so we didn't read what the sign read. - Tho simple enough it was demure and tough "The Ground Needs To Be Fed"...

InstincThis102-Oct 9
"Are You an Exercise Addict?"(meet us in the quizzes)

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