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Folk law urban legend and superstition

Folk law , urban legend and superstitionIn this "modern age" does anyone still believe in witches,curses, and other old wives tales Vampires, goblins and things that go bump in the night...

Onthcrestofawave21520Apr 19Apr 21
stringman793Apr 17Apr 17
Seek God while single

Seek God while singleI have been single for almost 2 years now, and when I ended my previous relationship in January 2016, I was hoping to start dating within 3 months' ti...

KindKay1356Apr 14Apr 15
Spiritual But Not Religious

Spiritual But Not ReligiousI have noticed that many people on this site – and elsewhere – describe themselves in this manner or, is it just a convenient box to tick? I find t...

daniela7771,152131Mar 16Apr 15
stringman491Apr 14Apr 14
Abortion and Excommunication

Abortion and ExcommunicationAny Catholic who obstinately denies that abortion is always gravely immoral, commits the sin of heresy and incurs an automatic sentence of excommunica...

Willy341137138Apr 14Apr 14
itchywitch76589Apr 12Apr 14
Do you believe about Karma

Do you believe about Karma ?What do u think about Karma ? some people not believe about Karma, they can be bad person, till they win, same like Politics in my country, make me an...

xinchen1569Apr 12Apr 14
Who created this world God or Devil

Who created this world? God or Devil?First of all sorry for my weak English. Who created this world? God or Devil?This question was disturbing me since childhood. People told me that G...

Mr_Amor45840Mar 28Apr 12
stringman13320Apr 11Apr 11
Anthropomorphism Theism and Atheism

Anthropomorphism, Theism and AtheismWhen the term “God” is mentioned, it seems it is generally assumed that everyone has a clear and common understanding of what it refers to. But is th...

socrates4436740Apr 1Apr 10
Do We Really Live Forever

Do We Really Live Forever?For thousands of years there have always been those who believe in past lives and reincarnation. The reasoning behind this belief is that many people...

daniela77759560Mar 27Apr 6
Did the Pope commit Rank Heresy

Did the Pope commit Rank Heresy ?"Pope Declares No Hell?" So ran the riveting headline on the Drudge Report of Holy Thursday. Drudge quoted this exchange, published in La Repubb...

Willy341138837Apr 1Apr 4
stringman35642Mar 30Apr 1
Chag Passoversameach

Chag Passover sameach -Happy Passover...

miclee774Apr 1Apr 1
Theres not enough love to go round

"There's not enough love to go round"Everyone in this world wants love but why is then "There's not enough love to go round"? 'Sympathy' Rare Bird. The way I see it is, what we do with t...

Bunyi8882219Mar 2Mar 30
stringman21518Mar 27Mar 28
God will appear to you at the right time

God will appear to you at the right timeIt may not happen on your timetable or the way you thought, but He is a faithful God. What He promised you, He will bring to pass. Have faith...

shevy00729814Aug 2017Mar 26
A Beautiful Season too You

A Beautiful Season too YouIndeed . It is Sunday 3/25/2018 Sunny and Bright and The Mocking Bird Sings His Trill and the Robbins Out Bopping Around the Ground Indeed and The Red...

kyacheo540Mar 25
Offerings please

Offerings please!I am starting a new Religion. All votive offerings, in form of anger, hatred, dispair, disappoint, failure, envy, anxiety, depression, pain sho...

usha12363561Mar 22Mar 25
Change And Evolution Of Humanity

Change And Evolution Of HumanityI thought I´d share this for those interested in the evolution of our planet – some might relate to this, while others may think it´s a lot of bollock...

daniela77718120Mar 23Mar 24

Om Shanti OmPeace. When you chant, "Om shanti shanti shanti," it's an invocation of peace. In Buddhist and Hindu traditions you chant shanti three times to repres...

MiMiArt168-Mar 24
My Grandfather

My GrandfatherMy Grandfather passed away on Saturday. Please say a prayer for my family and Thank you in advanced...

hotkmp8320515Mar 19Mar 19

The most honest Muslim everShockingly true. Finally someone in the Muslim world sees and expresses the truth. Way to go Yousef Al-Husseini....

lindsyjones1,15478Dec 29Mar 17
Loneliness looking in the wrong direction

Loneliness - looking in the wrong directionEveryone is lonely when they don’t feel love but we cover our loneliness and lack of love by keeping busy, doing endless activities and also by resent...

Bunyi88825420Mar 6Mar 16
Flower power

Flower powerI was walking along a street near my home and my gaze was drawn toward the bright yellow flowers planted in the troughs at the side of the road. As I...

Bunyi8881224Mar 11Mar 12
stringman1,198114Mar 3Mar 10

The FoolIntroduction to The Fool, I have not read a book for 6-7 years now for, I decided that all books read up to then was more than enough to be overwhe...

Stargazer1111,89997Feb 17Mar 9
stringman87676Jan 3Mar 7
stringman1838Feb 22Mar 1
Resurrection of Babel

Resurrection of BabelBabel meaning an idiom of confused noises came from the Biblical Old Testament when people tried to build a tower reaching out to skies, God scattered...

psiberite791Feb 22Feb 22
The Ten rules that are not

The Ten rules that are notI am here to tell you a story and a lie, for what is a lie-brary? A Brary full of lies :) So what is a brary? Have no idea and THAT, dear readers w...

tame9722421Feb 19Feb 19
Casting spells real

Casting spells....real?About a year ago a friend of mine introduced me to one of his friends. This gentleman approached me first by saying he was a Wiccan. I try not to be...

Johnny_Sparton1,112109Feb 6Feb 17
stringman24325Feb 12Feb 13
Atheists in heaven

Atheists in heavenWhen Pope Francis announced to the world Atheist too have a place in Heaven... to be honest at first I felt a bit like the brother of the Prodigal s...

itchywitch3,178175Sep 11Feb 13
The Supernatural thesis of Catholicism

The Supernatural thesis of CatholicismI've been thinking recently about the unique spiritual occurrences that have appeared through the years of the Catholic Church. These mysteries of my...

seaworthy39430Jan 21Jan 21
tatami16014Jan 14Jan 14
I would rather

I would rather .......I would rather sing a song of love rather than write a complaint of rejection I would rather rejoice in the truth than live a lie I would rather wal...

Akeldama401251Jan 10Jan 10
The Bible Secret no one want for you to Know

The Bible Secret no one want for you to KnowThe Bible Secret no one want for you to Know...

jarred1130-Jan 7
Charter III

Charter IIITo; My Beautiful Friend '' Britishcolumbia. The Land We Were Giving Is Right Here, Red Rocks Streaked With Brown Up High All Around Our Homes, a...

eagle5520161724Dec 30Jan 4
Charter II

Charter IITo; Johnny-Sparton. Native American Wisdom is Deep, Profound, Simple and True. is been passed from the Elders and is very perintinent to the time...

eagle55201623412Dec 28Dec 30
First Charter

First CharterThank You to All of You for That Warm Welcome. My Relatives Is Not About Been Lakota, Is About Been Part Of One Human Race. I believe that everythin...

eagle5520162528Dec 25Dec 26
riannie: "Does anyone really know me?"(meet us in the quizzes)

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