- Chapter I:


“People ask for justice upon the lawlessness of the earth, but most of them partake in crimes, in ways that they don’t even imagine, until they are placed in front of a large mirror to show the facts, the deeds, the actions, the reactions, and then, they start to hate the truth shown plain and clear in front of their eyes, up to the point on which to take anything they can into their hands to break that reflection in thousands of pieces which even more, would show why they deserve such a world in which each of them to reap what they’ve sown. Even more, there is a different Justice, happening all over the earth, who could shock most of those trying to comprehend; that is because it enters in conflict with human ways of life, those things happening does not belong to the world and it is even beyond human capacity of thinking. One can not know and should not dare to find why one is in a wheelchair for life, although did no harm to others around, while those inflicting as much harm as they can to this world, are safe and prospering in madness and evil deeds. It is even harder to comprehend for a common human being why a tyrant is beset on power and under its command a whole city is erased from the map once with thousands of people dead along burnt alive, and nothing seems to count, there is no one to apply a proper punishment for such extreme evil. Quite extraordinary, to even see people complaining of how the elites of this world rule them from the shadow, with their edicts, naming them as psychopathic elements of society, while for these royalty faces they – the accusers – are nothing more than rats, bugs and worms, if not better calling them as worthless, waste of society, ready to crush the heap of ants under their boots, with just an order or a wave of hand. It is the same like tyrants edicts mentioning: you all shall know your place, under the whip or the sword, under the chains or mining a quarry, in a deep dungeon or a pit with garbage, confessing that slaves are as many types as they have been trained since childhood, to serve their purpose. But the angry crowd, pointing out the fingers to their elected leaders, are drawn in a strategy game of world dominion, and slowly by slowly face the times when in order to protest, needs approval, and even that, being counted by a timer; they are to face even worst, coming down the pipe, as whatever the govern will say it is allowed, and when it is permitted, under what terms and conditions, as long as for the parties are secured for the next railway to change and the train move to the next track in tightening the mechanism of ruling state, with new decrees, orders and declarations, with new stamps, signature and deals; and such a world, indeed, who raise monsters so that later be cheered by the crowds under an order, or just the escaping goat ready to face the trial and the sentence, to satisfy the beasts sneaked among the masses, - such a world, indeed, who worship the ego of man, sinking in darkness and evil, in wandering and confusion, in oblivion and ignorance, in lies and deceit!.. In this world, people ask for justice, but Justice already happens beyond their comprehension; in this world, people searching for a savior, and the salvation coming only from God, is as much as denied as the modern society is clearly against all what truly comes from God, shown by edifying sin, partaking in crimes against humanity; the earth is filled by ignorance, pride, vanity, rebellion, in the new age of deceit.“

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- Shall be continued…

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